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Lucky Cup – Chapter 4

By GratDelay

male bondage fictionAaron

There was a package waiting for me when I got home. It was a green cube-shaped box, big enough to hold a football helmet, but heavier. Something shifted around in it when I picked it up off the floor in the hallway. I carried it inside and shouldered the door closed as I inspected it. There were no markings besides the shipping labels. Just a uniform plasticky green. The return label said it was from Toben.

Did he think I was stupid enough to open something from him? I decided to find a bigger container to seal it up in. But before I could even set it down, the bottom dropped out of it.

Or rather, it poured out, like a thick stream of green latex paint. Uh oh. It fell on my feet and spread surprisingly rapidly into a smooth round puddle about 3 feet across.

My instinct was to drop the box and get away from the puddle, but it was already too late for that. My hands were stuck to the sides of the box, and my feet were stuck to the floor. Things were happening all at once, so it was hard for me to process. As I was trying to shake the box loose, the paint-like stream falling between the box and the floor suddenly flared out horizontally into a thin sheet which curled abruptly around my legs and lower torso. As quickly as it moved, it was suddenly as hard as rock. The puddle made a solid base, keeping me from tipping over.

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The Story of Dax – Chapter 1

By TheBadOne

Chapter One – At Attention, On Display and Isolated

I’m standing at attention. I don’t know what that means for the army, or anyone else for that matter, but when Master has decided that I’m to stand at attention, this is what it means for me.

First, I strip naked if I’m not already. I can’t just throw my clothes in a pile, either. I have to fold everything as I remove it and make a tidy stack, so that it draws out the undressing process longer. My posture is ramrod-straight, every muscle tightly holding me in the most upright possible position. My eyes are straight forward and not to move, even slightly, no matter what else is going on. My legs are apart- only slightly more than hip width apart. Not wide enough that it’s an obvious show of submission, but enough that it’s wider than I’m used to, and he has easy access to every inch of my body. And, I hardly need to add, I’m to keep my lips shut until I’m given permission to make any sort of noise.

It sounds hot, and easy. Which, sure, at first it’s easy. In the beginning you feel your sexiest and most confident in your submission when you are at attention, and master is appraising you- praising you, too, for your successful fitness routine, your painstaking grooming to make sure you’re a specimen both while at play and in the general public. One day he leaves the room while I’m at attention, coming back shortly with a glass of water for himself. A few days later, he’s pulled away from minding you for a business call. He puts you at attention in the corner while he takes a fifteen minute call. You feel like a sexy statue, your erection saluting your master for every second as you focus on your posture.

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Lucky Cup – Chapter 2

By GratDelay

GratDelay bondage storiesDisclaimer: The characters in this story are above the age of consent, but that kinda goes out the window since they engage in non-consensual behavior. The fact that it turns out all right for our fictional protagonists’ relationship doesn’t make it OK IRL. Always keep it safe, sane, and consensual. Even if that means you have to learn how to communicate better.

Some details I left vague intentionally, so you fill them in however will make you more horny.

This story is dedicated to Strappeddown, who inspired me to go back to work on it. And to Padlock86, who forced me to finish it.


It was a good thing the box was still in the equipment room and not at my place last night, or I would have broken down and jumped to Phase 3 ahead of schedule. Now I had classes to keep me away from temptation until practice. Toben was looking pretty haggard, but surprisingly, instead of looking desperate he looked focused and determined. What plan was he hatching?

I had backed off on the brem seeping into his body before I went to bed. I didn’t actually want him to get expelled for trying to rape someone. In fact, I didn’t even want him to lose the game this weekend. So I was trying not to send him over the edge. Yet. So I didn’t add any more to his system until practice was over.

I had to grin with satisfaction when I heard some of the other players talking about him. Word had gone around about his “lucky jock”. I bet Toben was surprised as I was when a few of the other players kept theirs on too. One of them had stuck a team decal on his. So then Toben was free to take showers after practice again. The three guys took a lot of shit from some of the other players, but they were all popular enough that they when they did crazy things they were more likely to be imitated than shunned. Who knew how many would be wearing them tomorrow?

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Tier Four – Part 2

By BoundLongAndHard

BoundLongAndHard speedosSeth affirmatively responded without hesitation. He did want to hear more. He tried to suppress any apprehension about what additional expectations and requirements came with the “higher tiered work.”

Having gone through precisely this discussion with countless young guys before, Creighton loved the combination of ambition and fear that kept them listening without knowing what would be in store for them. He got off on the power this gave him over them. They were so easy to control and manipulate it almost wasn’t challenge any more. And this one seemed especially worthy. He had a superior body and the right attitude. He would fetch a high price and bolster Creighton’s brand.

Creighton began explaining that the additional requirements of tiers 3 and 4 were straight forward, but again, not for everyone. Tier 3 required the sketch model to be hairless from the neck down. Like an uncontrollably excited student who happens to be the smarted kid in the class and raises his hand immediately to broadcast to all that he knows the answer the teacher’s next question, Seth interrupted Creighton to remind him that competitive swimmers – like he had been – shave their bodies before swim meets. Though he hadn’t done that in a while, this wouldn’t be a big deal for him. Offended by the interruption, Creighton disdainfully explained that he wasn’t talking about shaving. That wasn’t good enough for the higher tiered work here. Seth was confused. Did Creighton mean body waxing? Seth had never done that, but he would be willing to try it, perhaps. Seth took care not to interrupt Creighton again and waited for him to explain further.

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