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Metal Frame – Part 01

By X363430

It wasn’t a normal meeting. It was one of strict finality. This was one that I chose to do willingly without regard to anything or anyone. I had looked long and hard all over and finally found the one person who had a similar idea to me. One of a slave encased in steel in a perm service position. It took a lot of discussion and measurements to get things ready to go. But I think that in the end, I will be totally happy.

Master was a Master out in Nevada that I had seen online but was quiet and allowed the normal leather queens to do their thing but to overall ignore them. Master was looking for a slave that Master could add to his household that was very extreme. This was no small feat since most slaves are not wanting to cut off ties to the outside world. Many do not fit into the profile. Master had very specific requirements. One, the slave had to be disowned, no family whatsoever; two, most if not all his friends were either into S&M or were supportive of him doing it; and, three, he had to be willing to be put into one position for the rest of his life, never to move again, only to be used for torture and sex.

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Bondage R&D

Experimentation never seems to stop at Serious Male Bondage. There always seems to be gear — and willing test subjects — at their disposal. In a video titled “Vertical Stocks Test,” rubber guy Rank is locked into rigid stocks. Dalton uses black leather straps to further enhance Rank’s helplessness, although the rigidity of the stocks is more than enough to keep Rank in place.

rubber guy Rank is locked into rigid stocks

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Title: Bondage R&D

male bondage video rubber guy Rank is locked into rigid stocks

Isaac gets bolted to the wall

Axel Johnson doesn’t kidnap his latest captive, Isaac; he seduces him, promising to make his bondage fantasies come true. Young Isaac eagerly agrees and strips down to a tiny jock. He has a well-built, naturally hairless body, but it is his face – its innocence and eagerness – that really attracts Axel. Isaac is totally turned on as this man in leather bolts him to a wall, kissing and tonguing him then cutting off his jock, revealing a Prince Albert. Turns out Isaac is kinky as fuck! Still, he is shocked by Axel’s aggressive cock-sucking and the sharp pain of a riding-crop striking his cock, balls and nipples. He likes the pain, but his eyes widen with fear when Axel drops the crop and puts on hard-rubber training gloves. The blows to his gut nearly knock him out. “Please….” he begs, but it is too late.

Isaac gets bolted to the wall

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Title of this video: ISAAC – The Hookup – Chapter 1

Dream Boy Bondage

Bondage gear: Ultimate Psyche Ward Arm Binders

Visually stunning and terrifying in any medical-theme bondage scene, the Sinvention Ultimate Psyche Ward Arm Binders are almost 16 inches tall and are constructed using heavy English Bridle leather.

high quality leather bondage restraints

Use these to attach arms together, to the wearer or to something else. Features 12 welded D’s and 5 lockable 1-inch roller buckles on each arm. Fits a wide range of sizes. Very sexy and functional for all bondage scenes.

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