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Jimmy gets chained in a solitary confinement cell

In this video from Serious Male Bondage, Jimmy couldn’t move at all. He was connected tightly in all four directions using metal shackles, metal waist belt and metal collar. The solitary confinement cell is 5-foot-by-5-foot and has anchor points all over the walls, so they were able to attach and tighten the chains in all four directions.

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The Speed Trap – Part 07

By Rubrpig

The next morning the house was besieged with media crews trying to get statements from us. We refused as we did not want to perpetuate the frenzy but the media had turned this into a major story. The son of the governor illegally convicted along with his friends and turned into sex slaves for a judge, prosecutor and state troopers. All of the details came out and were endlessly exposed on TV etc.

When we left the house we simply got in the truck and left trying to ignore the clamor of the press and after a couple of days, the frenzy began to die down as the media moved on to another story. The morning we woke and saw the house was no longer surrounded by a hoard of media made us feel much more relaxed.

That day I even felt like playing with the boys so we headed down to the dungeon and I soon had the boys trussed up and I began to play with their nipples. After a while I just clamped their nipples and then began to tickle their feet while tugging on the connector chains for the clamps. They squirmed and beg for the tickling to stop as their feet were very sensitive. But I just smiled and tickled them some more. What I really wanted to do was fuck them senseless but the full-time boy was still healing from the gang rape so I did not want to fuck his brother and let him feel like he was being ignored as he was not well enough to be fucked.

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Twelve States of Bondage: Part 02

By BondageChallengeGames

Leave your freedom at the door

When you arrive strip and put on the gear I have left for you. Save the blindfold for last. Once you have the blindfold on, say loudly ‘I’m ready sir.’”

Sir Nguyen, or Jon Nguyen as he’d introduced himself to me in our ‘intro to geology’ throwaway class back in college, had a very one-track mind when it came to kink. Sir Nguyen was obsessed with inescapable bondage, and when it was time to play a scene that was the only thing he was obsessed with. When he got you locked up he didn’t care much for fucking you, or hurting you, or pushing you to the limit, or humiliating you, or letting you cum, he just wanted you immobile and with no hope of escape. The only thing Sir Nguyen would do once he got you restrained was use an electro violet wand on you, not for pleasure or pain, but to make you jump and test your restraints. Once he was sure you couldn’t escape, he would simply leave you restrained until he decided to tie you up a different way.

This wasn’t to say Jon didn’t like sex. We’d sucked each-other off and fucked plenty of times back in college, probably more often than we’d do a bondage scene. Jon Nguyen was a great partner: caring, fun, able to not take himself too seriously, and always eager to reciprocate. Sir Nguyen was a completely different person.

And Sir Nguyen, not Jon, was the one I that would meet me at the door.

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