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ImmobileRestraint – Chapter 6

By Nitro

Hey everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve added to this story. Recently at an event I was approached by a fan who said he’d missed the installments, and it really motivated me to start writing again. Thank you all for your patience, there’s a lot more to come! To start at Part 1, click here.



When we last left Ian and Jake they were leaving the gym after a grueling workout. In the gym Ian calls the shots for them both, but outside the gym Jake controls everything. Jake has been locked in a metal ball stretcher for two days now and his large thick cock is safely sealed in a steel cage. After their workout Jake worked an XL butt plug into Ian’s tight hole and they are heading out to start what will prove to be a hard weekend.

“See you at the house, fucker. Go straight there, you won’t need anything from home,” Jake said, leaning in close and pressing on the base of the thick plug as he talked to his new property. Just a couple days ago this boy had no idea that his friend was also “ImmobileRestraint” online, the pics he had jerked off too so many times. He still has no clue just what the man behind that profile is capable of.

Ian carefully got into his truck sitting down very gently on the massive invader in his hole. This is by far the biggest thing he’s ever had in there, and according to his cock spreading the huge wet spot on his shorts he is really enjoying it. He watched SIR start to drive away and he put the truck in gear to follow him. Thinking about the weekend ahead the wet spot just kept growing. Every small bump in the road translated to a groan of pleasure from the firetruck parked in his hole. The drive took about ten very long minutes before pulling up in front of SIR’s home. If the neighbors had any idea what was kept in that house…

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In Bronze

By ty dehner

The rope was tight around his wrists as his hands formed into fists while he was struggling. At times his toes would curl with the rope snug around his ankles.

When he entered the front door, I left a note for him to strip naked. I didn’t care what he was wearing when he arrived, but he will be wearing what I want when he leaves. I will decide when he leaves, and it won’t be the same way as he arrived.

As he turned and looked at the door I came up behind him and placed the leather blindfold on him. His mouth opened and left a slight moan as the first of his senses were removed. He placed his hands behind his back and spread his feet slightly to stand at attention. That was impressive, as he wasn’t even ordered to do so. With my leather-gloved hands, I gently stroked his naked body. I could tell he was truthful in our online chat that he was a firefighter. He was firm but not overly built.

While stroking this body in front of me, I could hear his breathing increase and his cock was growing in front of him.

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A bondage contraption

Check out SFdom and his Aussie visitor BondageBiker. This guy traveled all the way from Australia to play with SFdom and be in a video for Serious Male Bondage. Check out how these guys use a bondage rig and have fun with its comfort and 100% inescapability. Mark from Serious Male Bondage says, “As I always say, the best combination for bondage is rubber and metal because the rubber protects the body from the harshness and severity of the metal restraints.”


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