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Twelve States of Bondage: Part 02

By BondageChallengeGames

Leave your freedom at the door

When you arrive strip and put on the gear I have left for you. Save the blindfold for last. Once you have the blindfold on, say loudly ‘I’m ready sir.’”

Sir Nguyen, or Jon Nguyen as he’d introduced himself to me in our ‘intro to geology’ throwaway class back in college, had a very one-track mind when it came to kink. Sir Nguyen was obsessed with inescapable bondage, and when it was time to play a scene that was the only thing he was obsessed with. When he got you locked up he didn’t care much for fucking you, or hurting you, or pushing you to the limit, or humiliating you, or letting you cum, he just wanted you immobile and with no hope of escape. The only thing Sir Nguyen would do once he got you restrained was use an electro violet wand on you, not for pleasure or pain, but to make you jump and test your restraints. Once he was sure you couldn’t escape, he would simply leave you restrained until he decided to tie you up a different way.

This wasn’t to say Jon didn’t like sex. We’d sucked each-other off and fucked plenty of times back in college, probably more often than we’d do a bondage scene. Jon Nguyen was a great partner: caring, fun, able to not take himself too seriously, and always eager to reciprocate. Sir Nguyen was a completely different person.

And Sir Nguyen, not Jon, was the one I that would meet me at the door.

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Video: RubCop in arms-down spread eagle bondage

This is a classic arms-down spread eagle bondage position with the added excitement of a heavy rubber suit. The guy in the rubber is RubCop from Recon, and he’s fully enclosed in his own diving dry suit. Normally his face would be the only part of his body exposed, but he is also wearing a nose-only heavy rubber anatomical hood. So as a result, the only parts of his body exposed are his nostrils! This is complete nirvana for any rubber guy, but with the addition of institutional restraints and a vibrator, this scene is over the top.


Many other videos featuring RubCop are available at SeriousMaleBondage.com

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Bondage gear: Ulitmate Psyche Ward Arm Splints

Available from Sinvention, these Ulitmate Psyche Ward Arm Splints are visually stunning and terrifying in any medical-themed bondage scene.

Ulitmate Psyche Ward Arm Splints

They are almost 16 inches tall and constructed using heavy English Bridle leather. Use them to attach arms together, to the wearer, or to something else. They features 12 welded D’s and five lockable 1.5-inch roller buckles on each arm. They fit a wide range of sizes. Sold in pairs of two cuffs. Padlocks sold separately.

Find these and much more at Sinvention

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Locked in a bondage erector set

Did you ever play with an erector set when you were younger? If so I bet you never played with a bondage erector set! Check out what happens to a red-rubber-suit-wearing guy named Pooka, when he ends up under the control of the men at Serious Male Bondage and their bondage erector set!

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See the VIDEO at Serious Male Bondage


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