What would you decide to do?

Hey guys, here is a challenge from Metalbond and Mister-X: Read the story below and then post a comment or send me an email about what YOU would do, and what you would like to see happen next.

What would you decide to do?

By Mister-X / Spartan

Many of us who live alone dream about having someone always available at our beck and call to put us into bondage.  But how many of us, when suddenly given this opportunity, would trust a perfect stranger to now live in our home and perform this task?

Rick checked everything he’d carefully laid out.  Rubber ball gag, duct tape, rubber hood, handcuffs, ankle cuffs, belt to tie his legs, hard rubber posture collar and accompanying padlock, ear plugs, everything he could think of was ready.  His cock was already in chastity, his butt plug secure, his wet suit over them, plus neoprene gloves and booties on his hands and feet.  A mattress was laid out on the floor with a rubber sheet on top, next to the timer safe that he would put the keys in for his cuffs.  Everything was ready for a fun overnight self-bondage session.

He put the keys into the safe and set the timer for ten hours later, about the time he expected to wake up after struggling in his bondage and finally falling asleep.  He first strapped on the ball gag, then tightly wrapped the duct tape over it and around his head.  He lay down on the rubber sheet and cuffed his ankles with hinged cuffs.  Next he belted his legs.  Having the hinged hand cuffs ready at hand, he put in the ear plugs and pulled on the rubber hood, zipped it down the back and pulled the strings tight, then pulled the strap through the buckle at the back of the neck.  He strapped the posture collar on tightly over these and padlocked it.  Then he clapped his hands to have the lights go off.  Finally he lay on his stomach and put the hand cuffs on behind his back, making sure that he could reach the lock with his fingers with the key the next morning.  Then he turned back over, his cuffed hands pushing into the butt plug.  He was ready for a night in self-bondage.  The only part of his body exposed were his nostrils, as everything else was covered in neoprene or rubber.

It wasn’t until he lay for a few minutes that he realized he’d forgotten to close the drapes.  Being in the summer in the northern part of the country, it had still been light out in the evening, though he needed the lights on in the darker part of the room in which he lay.  But he figured with the lights off, no one was going to see him there away from the window and near the front door, or in the morning when the sun was out, since it would be a Saturday morning when the neighbors slept in.

The butt plug soon started having its effect, touching his prostate.  His cock was straining to get erect in its chastity.  The painful frustrations from a week of work were replaced by the pleasant frustrations of wanting to get his rocks off from his bondage, but not yet being able to.  Rick’s mind had drifted off into his special bondage world.


Joe put down the binoculars.  The guy whose apartment he had been staying in was going to be returning that weekend after his month vacation, and Joe had been trying to figure out where he would be staying next.  What he had witnessed with the binoculars told him.  Joe returned the binoculars to where he had found them, packed his two suitcases, made sure that any garbage had been cleared away and disposed of, that there were no telltale signs that he had been there, other than the disappearance of a lot of food.  He left the apartment, a suitcase in each hand.

Joe had one talent.  He was good at picking locks.  Before leaving the room he was in, he made sure which room he would want to get into in the building across from him, counting windows and floors.  The building had a system whereby you press a button in the front entrance to be buzzed in, or used a key.   But Joe had experience entering such buildings.  Joe just waited across the street for someone else to do that for him, stepped out from a parked car like he’d just arrived, telling them, as he was standing holding a suitcase in each hand, that he’d just returned from a trip, and he appreciated them sparing him the bother of digging his keys out from his luggage.

When Joe got to the room, he was quickly able to pick the front door lock and gain entrance.  The first things he did on entering were to turn on the lights and move the key safe out of range, since he didn’t know for how long it was set.  From across the way, it would look like the guy’s roommate had returned from a trip.

An unexpected noise brought Rick out of his special bondage world.  Since his ear plugs didn’t completely block out all sound, Rick became aware of the fumbling at the lock, and then the door opening with someone entering.  Since he lived alone, and no one else had a key, he quickly started panicking.  He was obviously in no position to do anything to stop the intruder, but even so, he was thrashing about and yelling as best he could into the gag and hood, with not much in the way of sound coming out.

Before closing the drapes, Joe told the guy to calm down.  Joe said that he was just looking for a place to stay, was not a crook, but was otherwise homeless until he could find a job and save enough money to afford a place.  Then he said that he realized the guy liked to be put into bondage, and that he would be willing to do whatever was needed to be done in exchange for a place to stay.  He told the guy to think about this while he was there over night, that he had moved the little key safe away so that, like it or not, the guy would be staying like this until at least the morning, depending on when the safe would open.  Then he would remove the posture collar, hood and gag to have a chat so they could get to know each other.  After that, he would let the guy out of his bondage.

Joe said that doing self-bondage like that was dangerous if something should go wrong.  So he would sleep there nearby on the couch to keep an eye and ear out for any problem that should arise.

Rick had a lot to think about.  He was sweating a lot.  This guy was a total stranger who had entered his room illegally and was now in charge.  But it sounded like he didn’t want to dominate, but preferred to work with Rick.  Rick had always been a loner because of his bondage desires.  He had wanted to have a bondage partner that would put him in bondage, but was afraid to approach anyone else.  With a partner he could experience a lot of bondage that he’d always wanted to do, but otherwise couldn’t.  It was very tempting.  It could be an opportunity.

But could he trust this guy?  Rick didn’t know anything about him.  It would mean beginning to live with a total stranger who would have access to all of Rick’s belongings when he was away at work.  And how could he learn whether he could trust the guy?  Could he rely on the image obtained in the following morning’s chat?  What would he like to know about the guy then?  And how could he make sure that if the guy should prove to be honest and forthright, that he wouldn’t later change and take advantage of the situation?  Rick was going to have to make a decision in the morning after they had chatted and after the guy let him out of his bondage, assuming the guy kept his word.  At this point, Rick didn’t know what he should then do.


If you are a loner yearning for a bondage partner and found yourself in Rick’s position, what would you decide to do, assuming Joe kept his word and let you out?  And which part of your anatomy would you use to make the decision?  Your answer will tell you something about yourself, your frustrations, your priorities, and how much risk you are willing to take to get rewarded.


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11 thoughts on “What would you decide to do?”

  1. i very much enjoyed and appreciated reading the story and questions you put forth. i appreciate your creativity and your thought process. To answer the questions, if i was in Rick’s position, and assuming Joe kept his word, i would engage in an open-minded conversation with Joe and i would make any ultimate decision with my mind, not my dick.

  2. Interesting problem, would make my decision with both heads i am sure lol. Oddly i have been thinking about getting a roommate for just this purpose.

  3. There’s something erotic about having a stranger break into your home and then effectively agree to play with you, to help you out in what your doing, to acknowledge that self bondage by yourself has some dangers. But so does allowing someone who’s broken into your house raise some red flags. Out he goes.

  4. After having a through conversation and freed…I would want to test him in bondage. I want to experience something before I’m willing to inflict it. Being that he is homeless, would want to keep his hands contained and body secured while gone until mutual trust happened.

  5. An interesting situation. Bondage is built on thrust but can you trust someone who has just broken into your room? I don’t think so!!

  6. Just thinking about your question got one of my brains hard. I think I would have to listen to Joe in the morning and voice my concerns and listen to his answers. If I accepted his answers I would ask him to stay with me on a trial bases lets say 3 months. At the end of the three months If he did as I wanted and didn’t take any of my things, I would extend the agreement for the next 6 months and start the bondage with him. After that I would keep extending it by 3 months till its forever. I would also tell him that part of the agreement is that he get a job during the trial months and keep it permently or he was out.

  7. I agree with bigboy.
    I would ask revealing questions before I agreed to let him stay. I operated under the assumption that people are essentially good and listen to the guys responses while watching body language. I have a weird ability to see and feel a person’s energy so I would employ that ability. I’d let the guy stay on a conditional basis until I decided to make it permanent.

    This is not a decision to make with your cock.

  8. He could steal from you regardless. So after a few follow questions, I would let go and submit to my bondage savior.

  9. At this point, in this scenario Rick doesn’t have much choice. Panic and anxiety was forfited when he clicked that last handcuff closed. He’ll find out in ten hours if Joe’s intentions are malicious or dangerous. Rick may as well enjoy his bondage scene for now and see what tomorrow brings.

    Joe doesn’t know what tomorrow will bring, whether Rick might have someone checking on him. If he gets the sense that Rick isn’t dealing well with all of this he needs to be ready to flee after he makes sure Rick can get out out of his bondage.

    If Joe is true to his word then he’s gained some credibilty and there are possibilities to discuss. Trust is built one act at a time.

  10. This is a very precarious situation. It all depends on what happens in the morning. If Joe let’s him out of the bondage and I think the conversation should happen after being freed. Rick should think with is brain and nothing else. He should tell Joe that he to see his ID and do a background check. He should tell Joe that he can sleep on couch at night, but during the day, he must look for a job and never break into his apartment. And Rick should suspend bondage until gets to know Joe better.

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