10 Days in Detention – Part 19

By socalbd

The scream echoed through the cell. Even from behind the muzzle it was loud or at least I thought it was. As I was in a dark cell, isolated with hard walls where the sound bounced around, anything that had a level of volume to it seemed louder. Then again, the pain I was in so quickly from this compression position was more than intense.

At first the immediate concern was breathing. John and Dan did a first-rate job of making sure my knees were as tight against my chest as they possibly could be with the ankles pulled in just as tight. My ability for lung expansion was labored, at best. Being in complete darkness didn’t help. Without sight the head can only focus on touch and the other senses. They become magnified. Like the scream, the sound of air inhaling and exhaling when it’s the entire focus of your existence takes on a completely higher status.

Being chained off and head held up also meant little to no body movement of any kind along with the compression position. Muscles throughout my body were aching quickly.

And I was still dripping from the water drenching. A slight shiver went through my body, too. It was never exactly cold in the cell, but it wasn’t ever warm either. Sitting bare naked on the concrete floor and water pooling around my butt was acting as a sort of air conditioner as the cold concrete was winning out over the body heat. The body never generated enough heat to warm the floor. That was something I learned from many stays in this cell so far.

I was able to gain some composure back. I concentrated on the shallower than normal breathing. Every now and again I would attempt some movement, even if it was just a fraction of an inch to try to move muscles. Lifting my butt off the concrete ever so slightly moved the water around a bit, and it sloshed as I went back down again. It almost became a game at one point of how much could I move just a bit of water. It’s interesting what the mind wills the body to do when it needs to concentrate on anything to escape the current conditions.

The aches and pains were getting worse, and I wasn’t sure I would be able to continue, although I didn’t have a choice in the matter. I think I felt a tear or two dropping down my face as the realization of this situation continued to sink in.

I have no idea how long it was when the door finally opened. Again, only the dim light from the main dungeon let any kind of illumination into the cell. Dan walked in, still wearing the camo pants and shirtless. He moved around me, checking the chains.

For some reason my breathing became more labored and loud while he was in the cell with me. I think I was trying to send him a message of how tough this situation was for me to continue.

He bent over in front of me and looked into my eyes. I looked down towards the floor to avoid eye contact. He snapped his fingers in front of my face, which snapped my eyes back to locking with his. He sort of tilted his head, indicating I was to stay in eye contact with him. His look was cold and hard, just like when he and John had put me in this predicament. He continued to just stare into my eyes for about two solid minutes before getting up and walking out.

When he came back in, he had a bucket again and proceeded to pour water over me. It was so cold. I screamed into the gag. He just stood over me for a moment and then walked out, closing the cell door behind him.

Over what seemed like the next few hours I rotated between screaming into the gag every now and again and just crying as the pain got worse and worse throughout my limbs and the cold from the water and air temperature did their work.

When the door opened again Dan and John were together. Without saying anything they proceeded to undo the chains from the corners and overhead, leaving the head harness on for the moment. With John behind me holding me, Dan began the process of removing the belts. As each one was removed and blood started to circulate again, a new wave of pain hit me and another scream came from behind the gag. Even with all the belts off I could hardly move my body, as it was so sore from being confined in a ball for so long. I was eventually able to get my legs stretched out in front of me with John holding on to me the entire time of this process for stability.

Once I could move, the head harness was taken off. I took a few moments to gather myself and then attempted to get on my knees, which John helped with before he moved and stood in front of me with Dan.

With the two of them in front of me I bent of and moved my head towards their boots. I leaned in and kissed each of their boots and then began to lick them. This went on for a few minutes before John reached down with his hand and pulled on my hair to get me back up on my knees.

Looking into my eyes, John said, “Good slave.”

John then looked at Dan and said, “He’s yours for the next few hours. Make sure to put him in a good place physically before we start number three.”

“With pleasure,” Dan responded.

John left the cell, and Dan helped me to my feet with my wrists still cuffed behind my back. He guided me out of the cell and into the main dungeon space towards the large bed. Once I was standing in front of the bed, he removed the handcuffs.

“Lie down on the bed on your stomach spread eagle, and I’ll be right back.”

I did as was instructed and waited. I heard Dan walk over to the far side of the dungeon, and a few moments later he came back to me and the bed. I didn’t dare look up to see what was going to happen next.


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Metal would like to thank the author, socalbd, for this story!



One thought on “10 Days in Detention – Part 19”

  1. This is one of the best stories I encountered. Really fantastic! In particular, I like how the mindset of the slave developed gradually after the repeated training from John (and later Dan). Everything seems real.

    It would be even better if scenes like forced chastity, public humiliation, tattoo and piercing, etc. were added. Anyway, great work!

    I wish I could be that slave!

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