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You’re in No Position to Negotiate – Part 06

By nyc49

After I had been sent home with my dick locked up for an indefinite period of time, you would think that I would have learned my lesson. Eventually I got the key to the chastity device, and eventually I got myself unlocked. Still, I wanted to give my friends another try and see what challenges they could come up with. I arranged for another overnight session. By now it was winter, so I knew we wouldn’t be playing outdoors, and when we got to Ted and Bill’s house, I wasn’t asked to strip until I got inside. I thought maybe I would at least be allowed to keep my jockstrap on for awhile, they put everything away in a bag and told me to go down to the basement.

“You’ll see some instructions on the table and some toys,” Bill told me. “Read the instructions more than once, because once you start following them, you won’t be able to go back and double check.” This was intriguing. I turned on the light at the top of the stairs and walked down into the room where I had spent the night trying to escape from a duct-tape mummification. This time there was a roll of duct tape, a hood, a padlock and a pair of handcuffs laid out.

The instructions read: “First lock one cuff on one of your wrists. Then place a strip of duct tape over your mouth. Keep track of where the padlock and key are, because you won’t be able to see anything through this hood. Put the hood on, and when it’s comfortable, lock the padlock on the strap around your neck. Pick up the key and turn around two or three times. Then throw the key as hard as you can. Finally, attach the remaining cuff around your other wrist with your hands behind your back. Then wait.”

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Video: Bryan Cole gets roped to a cage and whipped

At Roped Studs, Bryan Cole is roped face-first to the cage, his hard abs pressed tight against a wooden platform pressed tight against the cage. Rope man Anthony’s simple, elegant ties at Bryan’s wrists and ankles hold him perfectly, allowing him just enough movement to flex and show off his amazing muscles. Rope man J.J. has first dibs on the stud, grabbing his rock-hard ass cheeks, then getting out his horse whip. Soon Bryan’s V-shaped back is crisscrossed with gorgeous, red stripes.


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Chronicles of a Slave Trader – Chapter 02

By PredicamentBondage

The slave that was once Stevie has been in the pod for 24 hours. Twelve of those hours were spent forcibly walking, jogging and running. It’s now sitting on the floor of the pod, sobbing uncontrollably, shivering from exhaustion, sitting in a puddle of piss having just lost control of its bladder, again. Too tired even to touch its now rampant, 7-inch, Viagra-induced hard-on. All it wants to do is sleep.

The odour inside the pod is intense. There’s a thick oily film all over the slave’s body, reeking of boi-funk. The body aroma mixed with the stale piss, is intoxicating and shows how comprehensively the slave has suffered over the last 24 hours.

Its balls are bruised from perpetually slamming into the heavy padlock hanging behind its genitalia. Deprived of sleep and totally depleted, it should now be completely compliant and easy to instruct. At least until it starts to recover.

I know from experience that the new acquisition will pass out from fatigue in short order. As soon as that happens, I’ll drag it from the pod and get it cleaned up, ready for Stage 2.

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