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Video: Frat stud gets roped, tickled, caned and fucked

MetalbondNYC_tied_up_01 MetalbondNYC_tied_up_02

At Roped Studs, Muscular Jordan is roped on his back to a steel ladder dangling in mid-air, arms spread wide, legs spread even wider. “Oh fuck!” the frat stud screams. He knows why his legs are spread so wide: He is about to be fucked while bound and helpless. But first things first: Rope man J.J. wants to enjoy the beautiful, supple soles of Jordan’s feet. He alternates between tickling them and caning them, eliciting nervous laughter, then shriekes of pain. A little later, J.J. greases up that stretched asshole – and rams in a huge, black dildo. “Fuuucckkkk!” Jordan screams as his ass is drilled.


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Rope Studs gay bondage video



By Zac Loughty

This story is about adults, to be read by adults only.

The author would like to thank his Discipline Monitor for his ‘encouragement’ to get this story finished, and for proofreading this story.


Crap! It’s as if a boy scout has tied one of his fancy knots in my calf. I knead it with my fingers, trying to get it out.

This is what happens when you spend a night folded up in your cage.

I’m being punished. Sir says I was rude to our server last night. Whatever! I mean, isn’t that what a server’s supposed to do… SERVE? Geesh!

I need to piss! I reach through the bars and grab one of the wide-mouth bottles set within reach for this purpose. I remove the cap, position myself on all fours and drop my caged dick in the hole. What a pain in the ass!

Relief! My warm piss fills the bottle. I screw the cap back on and set the bottle outside my cage.

I wonder if Sir unlocked the padlock yet!

I turn around, reach through the bars, and grab the padlock. Crap! Still locked. I yank on it a few times just to make sure. I push on the cage door, but I know I’m not getting out. I want out!

I lie back down and wrap my scratchy blanket around me. It’s cold in the basement! I’m naked except for my collar and chastity cage. It would be really nice to lie down next to Sir’s body right about now.

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Pictures and video: Bryan Cole gets tied and tortured

Bryan_Cole_tied_up_01 Bryan_Cole_tied_up_02

Bryan squirms and moans in pain. A plastic “glue clip” with an extra-strong spring and sharp teeth digs into the tip of his cock. Dozens of clothespins dig into the underside of his pecs and pinch his nipples. He is so beautiful standing there, rope and displayed, in long-term pain. Even with his cock clipped, he gets semi-erect when rope man J.J. strokes his cock. Then J.J. gets out his black and blue flogger.

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Pictures and video: Kory screams as he spews a huge load while roped

gay_male_bondage_Roped_Studs_kory08RS_2 gay_male_bondage_Roped_Studs_kory08RS_4

Kory’s hot twink body looks amazing as he struggles against the tight hemp and cotton ropes digging into his flesh, binding him upright to a cage. He has been standing in that awkward position for hours. Rope man J.J. strokes the boy’s cock, getting him hard instantly. Then J.J. uses the boy’s erection against him, pushing down on the pulsating cock with his razor-sharp pinwheel. Then J.J. uses his bamboo cane to smack his captive’s nipples. Now it’s time to fuck him with the dildo and jerk off that amazing cock. “Oh god, oh god!” Kory screams as he spews a huge load of cum while roped and fucked.

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Rope Studs gay bondage video

Island Paradise – Part 1: Chapter 25

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 25: The Experiment Can Be Considered a Success

In a second the twins were dragging me out.  “Roger!” I shouted, but his expression of calm benignity never changed.  The door slammed.  I was back in the passageway, being propelled toward a room at the distant end.  If that was “the room,” then I was the “it.”

Champ and Chimp dragged me in, and Roger followed.

“Put the slap on the wall,” he said.  “And fluff.”

“Sir thank you sir.”  They moored my cuffs to a ring on the wall.  Then they stripped out of their browns and began to kiss and grope each other, groping and sweating and grinding and making each other hard, so hard that if their boots hadn’t anchored them to the floor they could have climbed to the sky on each other’s dicks.  Were they fighting or making love?  It didn’t matter.  They were two volcanoes, ready to erupt.  Then spotlights came on.  The windowless room was boiling with light.  And there were other lights—little red lights in the corners of the room.  Roger was filming this!  The lights seemed to set the boys off even more.  Molten mountains, beasts in a colosseum . . . .

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