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Video: Riley gets striped

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After a fresh back and ass single-tail whipping, lean stud Riley is flipped around, arms roped high above to the bondage pole, legs spread, chest and abs fully exposed. Rope man J.J. proceeds to match front to back, striping Riley’s chest, abs, and just above that pretty cock bright red. J.J. then gets Riley hard, followed by another series of lashes. Riley’s arched torso looks mighty fine banging against the bondage pole as his smooth skin is painted up and down.

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Video: Noah at Roped Studs

Check him out. Noah is roped to the X-cross on his back, blindfolded, arms overhead, legs spread, wearing a cut-off A-shirt and see-through undies. Additional rope binds his exposed stomach to the cross. He is the perfect young man: blond and smooth and nicely built, lean, with just the right amount of definition. Rope man J.J. strokes his prize, inspecting him like a piece of meat, caressing his skin and rubbing his cock and balls.

Gay_Bondage_Roped_Studs_Noah_01 Gay_Bondage_Roped_Studs_Noah_02


Noah is terrified but moans with sexual pleasure, especially when J.J. rips open his shirt and tweaks his nipples. He moans in pain when J.J. slices his flawless, creamy skin with a small horsewhip, leaving several nasty welts. A little more cock rubbing and Noah is rock hard, his cock bursting out of those sheer briefs, pointing straight up to the ceiling. This is going to be fun.




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Male bondage video: Riley is roped

At Roped Studs, Riley is roped on his back, a half dozen clothespins biting his nipples, struggling, with a hard dick.


Rope man J.J. loves to watch him squirm and moan in pleasurable agony. Then, in classic fashion, J.J. strings Riley’s cock and balls with more pins, finishing it off with a more painful, spring-loaded biting clamp right at the tip of his cock! J.J. watches as his captive moans and grunts as he twists and turns, the pain from the pins and clamps increasing every second as he lie bound in rope, helpless. Just as Riley thinks he might get some relief, J.J. decides to spice it up and play with those pins, nipples, cock and balls!

Roped_Studs_Riley_02 Roped_Studs_Riley_03


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Check out the video: Doug is tied and double-dildoed


Doug is roped on his back – legs spread wide, asshole quivering – and fucked hard with a huge – and they mean huge – dildo. Then rope man J.J. flips him over and fucks that juicy ass again. But it gets even better: J.J. inserts a second dildo in Doug’s ass and literally double-fucks him.

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