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Wesley is roped to the red bondage chair, ass out

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Wesley Ryder is back with his long, lean body, curly hair, creamy skin, and juicy ass. Watching him squirm, arch, twist and turn is a beautiful sight. Not long after Rope Man J.J. arrives to play with that ass! J.J. fucks his captive senseless, while jerking that rock hard cock until it blows a load of cum onto the chair below. Wow. Wesley is a stud.

wesley07RS_3 wesley07RS_4


Here is a free video clip:


There are TEN videos of Wesley Ryder posted at Roped Studs


Pictures and video: Jordan gets crucified in the bondage dungeon

Check out this video from the men over at Roped Studs.



Jordan is a quintessential frat stud — thickly muscled, totally smooth and handsome as a model. Rope man Jared has him roped in a crucifixion pose, displaying that hunky body perfectly while also exposing it to the whip. He slices Jordan with a nasty, little single tail – sometimes just an inch from his cock – then rubs down the raw wounds with his hands. Then he ropes his prize stud’s cock and balls with white twine and gives them a nice yank. After torturing the frat boy for hours, he releases Jordan’s right hand and orders him to jerk off. Jordan does not disappoint, pumping out a massive load of cum.

Here is a free video preview — and be sure to click to watch this one in full screen mode!


There are NINE videos of this guy at Roped Studs


Risk – Part 09

By lthr_jock

As Gordon walked away, Mike wondered what he had agreed to – he always knew that Gordon would respect his boundaries but he had no such confidence in the Polish skinhead. He turned towards Gordon’s retreating figure and tried to yell around the gag, but his head was twisted back by Jan’s strong fingers who pushed his head back and poured more beer down his throat. As Mike coughed and choked around the beer, Jan grabbed another bottle and did the same. Mike gulped the fluid down as fast as he could. As it went down, Mike could feel several small objects as they passed over his palate – Jan had put some kind of pill in the beer!

Mike started to struggle against the restraints but found they were solidly in place and, hampered as he was by them, there was little he could do. The alcohol in the beer seemed to be affecting him quicker than normal and he shook his head as the world took on a fuzzy appearance. At the same time, he started to wonder why he had been worried and he stopped struggling. Jan leant in close to him. “Good lad, Mikey.   Now just tipping your head back again?” Mike did so and Jan poured another bottle of beer down his throat, this time not hiding the small green tablets that he had in his hand. Mike gulped it all down.

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10 Days in Detention – Part 19

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy socalbd

The scream echoed through the cell. Even from behind the muzzle it was loud or at least I thought it was. As I was in a dark cell, isolated with hard walls where the sound bounced around, anything that had a level of volume to it seemed louder. Then again, the pain I was in so quickly from this compression position was more than intense. At first the immediate concern was breathing. John and Dan did a first-rate job of making sure my knees were as tight against my chest as they possibly could be with the ankles pulled in just as tight.

My ability for lung expansion was labored, at best. Being in complete darkness didn’t help. Without sight the head can only focus on touch and the other senses. They become magnified. Like the scream, the sound of air inhaling and exhaling when it’s the entire focus of your existence takes on a completely higher status.

Being chained off and head held up also meant little to no body movement of any kind along with the compression position. Muscles throughout my body were aching quickly.

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