Copdar – The Submissive State Trooper

By Cuffsandcops

During the early part of my 20s, I spent a lot of time on various websites and in chatrooms figuring out who I am and what I like. It was in these forums that I discovered my Copdar. This is a story of an officer who made it blatantly obvious who he was and what he liked. I regularly checked into chatrooms that were within a reasonable driving distance from my home. While in a room that was 2 hours away, I noticed a screen name with the words bound, cop, and some number that I cannot recall now. I immediately struck up a conversation with him.

During our chats, it was revealed that this man was a State Trooper, married to a woman, and sought being bound up by other men. He made it clear that he did not want sex of any kind. He offered to get a hotel room near where he was located if I was willing to make the drive. Of course I took him up on his offer.

I was not very experienced at the time. I thought about the kinds of scenes I wanted to do with this officer, knowing that the hotel room could be limited in terms of items to use during play. A list was created to help spawn ideas. I packed up all of the gear that I had and set off on the 2-hour drive. The officer was instructed to be in his full uniform including duty belt when I arrived. I located the hotel and parked outside the room number where the officer was waiting for me.

Upon entering the room, I saw a man in his 50s, dressed in a State Trooper uniform with all the patches and flair I had seen many times before during traffic stops. Around his waist was his duty belt. I noticed that his firearm was not in his holster. He explained that for safety reasons, it was not in the room, which I appreciated. His belt lacked a lot of the equipment that a patrolling officer would utilize, so I assumed that he was more of a desk jockey at this point in his career. On the bed were a blue uniform shirt and black clip-on tie that the officer brought for me. They did not match his State Trooper look, but he claimed they came from a fellow officer from a local department. I put the shirt on along with uniform pants, boots and duty belt that I brought with me.

I am one who always likes to learn from the pros, so I asked the officer to show me the arresting techniques that he was taught and expected to use as a State Trooper. He had me place my hands on the wall and spread my feet as wide as I could. He demonstrated how to do a pat down properly. Next he pulled my right hand behind my back and pressed a handcuff on my wrist, repeating the motions with the left hand. He held the cuffs and walked me around the room as one would with a prisoner to the cruiser. He then took out a cuff key and removed the cuffs and placed them back in their case on his belt.

It was now my turn to practice what he did. I gave him commands to place his hands high on the wall and spread his feet wide. I kicked his feet out further, causing him to become unbalanced and reliant upon the wall. I completed the pat down, mimicking his demonstration. I then reach for the cuffs on my belt and secured the officer with his palms facing out and the key holes facing up. I took control of the officer by the cuffs and walked him around the room. His head was down in shame. I stood him in front of the mirror so he could see himself cuffed, in uniform, and under my control. I then removed the cuffs and reset.

I arrested the officer again following proper procedure. I threw him down on the bed once secured in the handcuffs this time. I then took out a pair of shackles. One was hooked on the officer’s ankle, the chain was put around his already cuffed hands, then the other shackle was locked on his leg creating a hogcuff. Next a blindfold was put over his eyes. I enjoyed watching the Trooper struggle against his bonds and squirm around the bed. Periodically I would force my crotch in his face and apply pressure to his arms and legs, reminding him who was in control.

I investigated the structure of the bed to see if there was a way to put the officer in a spread eagle position, but did not find anything to tie ropes or restraints to. I then entered the bathroom and came up with a great idea. I returned to the bound cop on the bed and removed his boots. The shackles came off next, followed by his duty belt and pants. The shackles were then reapplied and double locked. The handcuffs were unlocked and taken off. The officer’s uniform shirt was then stripped off of him as I sat straddling his back so he wouldn’t be able to go anywhere. I added a head harness on top of the blindfold in order to gag the officer. The officer was helped to his feet and one handcuff was placed on his wrist. He was then lead blindly to the bathroom. I ordered him to kneel and quickly cuffed his other hand around the toilet. The officer’s head was right near the bowl of the toilet and he had nowhere to go, so I decided to take a piss. Some may have splashed on his face and he pulled on the cuffs and moaned against his gag. I turned off the light and closed the door, leaving him in more darkness and quiet.

I returned to the bed where the officer’s uniform and gear were spread. I took a closer look at the patches that were sewn on his shirt. His duty belt then became the focus of my attention. As I mentioned before, it was lacking most of the items that an active officer would use. I took his cuffs out of their case and noticed that he had the same make and model, standard Peerless chain cuffs model 100, as were on his wrists around the toilet. Knowing that his vision was blocked, I took his cuffs and placed them in the case on my belt, which was around my waist. I checked in on the Trooper in the bathroom. He sat on the floor like a defeated man. His head picked up when he heard the door open and he tried to mumble through his gag.

I decided to uncuff the officer from around the toilet and led him back into the room by a single cuff. He was knocked onto the bed, this time on his backside. I pulled his shackled legs up, brought the handcuffs around, and secured the second cuff on his wrist creating a front hogcuff. I then got behind the officer and grinded on him as if he was about to get his ass filled with my cock. He hollered through his gag and tried to thrash his body away from me. It was easy to hold him in place given his position. I rubbed my hard cock through the uniform pants I was wearing on the crack of his ass. The head harness and gag were removed, and I placed my crotch on his face and mouth. I had no intent to fill his holes, but it was sure fun to screw with his head.

A few hours had passed at this point and the agreed upon time for our session to end was approaching. The shackles were removed first and placed back in my gear bag. The Trooper was stood up and pushed toward the wall. I took the handcuffs of off him that were in front and directed him to place his hands on the wall. The handcuffs were placed in his belt and the cuff case was closed. I put his belt on the bed along with his uniform shirt and pants. I couldn’t resist one last chance to play with his head, so while he was bracing himself on the wall I got behind him and thrusted against his ass a few times. Finally I removed the blindfold and told him to get dressed.

While he clothed himself, I asked for feedback on the session. He said he enjoyed himself but wished I had been more organic with the scenes instead of working from an idea list. I needed something to help me stay organized with what I wanted to do, so that comment didn’t bother me. Once dressed, he popped open his cuff case, saw there was a pair in there, and put his belt on. I gathered my belongings, changed out of the uniform, and packed everything away. We vacated the room at the same time and said goodbye.

I drove home with a huge smile on my face. He hadn’t bothered to check his gear over, and I left with his duty cuffs in my belt. Some time later, I saw the officer in a chatroom and hit him up. I had noticed that his last name was etched onto the handcuffs after I had taken a closer look at them. I asked the Trooper if the name meant anything to him. He freaked out and stated he needed those cuffs back in order to retire. I asked for his address to send them to him, which I had zero intent on actually doing. Periodically I would receive a message from him inquiring about his cuffs, but they were my trophy from the experience. I still have these cuffs and tell this story to folks when I show off my handcuff collection. I located the Trooper on Recon when I joined it a few years ago, and we have had some conversation, but he seems to have given up on getting his cuffs back.

I imagine he is retired now and doubt that was impacted by the pair he had to turn in.




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