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Handcuff harness made and modeled by boy Blake

Not to be outdone by the likes of James Bondage and Nick, as well as the Hollywood costume designers for the movies “Infamous” and “Capote,” @bondageboyblake made a handcuff harness of his own, which he also models at his home, and on a recent visit to Hampton Jail. Check him out:

Handcuff harness made and modeled by boy Blake


See more of boy Blake and his bondage adventures by visiting him on Twitter.

My Marine

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90 handcuffs“U-ughhhh…” I groaned softly through my ballgag as I blinked my eyes open. My neck had a crick, and my jaw ached terribly.

“Hey bud,” a deep voice spoke from above me.

“Huuuuhh…?” I looked up at the handsome face of my partner, Jake. He smiled warmly as he stroked my face.

“Yeah, you fell asleep there for a bit,” he said. I tried to stretch, but quickly found I was still in bondage. My hands were handcuffed to a chain around my waist, and my legs were cuffed and drawn up to the belly chain as well, essentially pigtying me.

“You’re so cute when you sleep,” Jake hugged me closer and nuzzled the top of my head. “I’ve missed this.” I nodded in agreement, nuzzling into his broad, muscular chest.

Jake was still wearing his uniform, boots and all. He liked wearing his uniform at least as much I liked seeing him wear it. Not only for the kink reasons, but personal too.

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