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Show me your cuffs at Folsom Street East 2018

Check out BoundMike at Folsom Street East — he got locked in a set of Irish 8 rigid handcuffs. He is also wearing a Noke padlock on a chain around his neck and, and a metal cock cage!

rigid handcuffs


You can look BoundMike up on Recon. He’s also showing off a postcard for the New York Bondage Club.

Speaking of the New York Bondage Club, be sure to check out their after-Pride party this coming Sunday (June 24) after the parade!

New York Bondage Club

Nice cuffs

Check out this image from FuriousFotog


Photography by FuriousFotog

The Sneaker Boy models his new American Handcuff N-520 cuffs

Here are more pitures from The Sneaker Boy:

American Handcuff N-520


The Sneaker Boy writes,

“I recently got in a pair of cuffs I had been trying to find for a while, American Handcuff N-520. These cuffs are oversized hinged handcuffs, intended for large prisoners, but also great for use as a hobble. One of the photos shows them next to a pair of N-400, the standard AHC hinged cuffs.”

Thanks for the hot pictures, Sneaker Boy!

See more from The Sneaker Boy here — and also find him on Twitter and Tumblr

Show me your new high-security Rivolier cuffs

Check out Cutieboy90 and his new cuffs!

Cutieboy90 Rivolver cuffs


Cutieboy90 writes,

“This is an older pair of their high-security cuffs. The double lock uses a tumbler requiring a key, unlike the type where it’s just a push button that engages the double lock. And of course, the two-toned look of the aluminum body and steel arm is modern, sleek and sexily stylish!”

Here are more pictures from Cutieboy90’s growing cuff collection:

high-security handcuffs


Hey fellow prisoners: Cutieboy90 is author of Milking Day — Be sure to check out his story, and watch for Part 2 later this week!