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Axel sadistically tortures a muscular slave

At Dream Boy Bondage, college athlete Jesse Stone is living a nightmare of pain and humiliation. He has been whipped and crucified, forced to suck cock and fucked. Now he is chained, facedown, to a table, his muscular body spread-eagled, with just enough slack so he can flex against his bonds. He remains, of course, completely naked. The expert sadist torturing him, Axel Johnson, is back to business, inflicting great pain on Jesse’s perfect body without causing permanent damage. Using a leather cat-o-nine tails, he whips the supine prisoner from his shoulders to his thighs, covering his alabaster skin with deep, red welts. Jesse thrashes and cries out in agony, but the whipping goes on and on. The pain is unbearable. And it will only get worse.

Axel sadistically tortures a muscular slave


Video at Dream Boy Bondage

Title: JESSE STONE: Political Prisoner – Chapter 7

Cole is tied up and gets fucked by a machine

Hard Time cocksucker

Alexander Gustavo has been taken into custody and turned over to officer Angelo, who has a very unique indoctrination process for new prisoners. The muscular 6-foot-4 cop puts Gustavo onto his knees and uses his nightstick to persuade the young stud to suck his huge uncut cock. Gustavo protests at first, but judging from the sloppy deep throat blow job he gives Angelo it’s pretty obvious he’s done this before. After gagging on his captor’s giant meat Alexander gets on the desk and surrenders his tight hole to Angelo’s probing tongue. Angelo alternates between eating out Alexander’s hot ass and sucking his long, thick, pierced cock then flips him over onto his back and shoves his cock in the guy’s ass. He fucks him deep then kicks back on the desk so Alexander can hop on his massive tool and bounce up and down. Alexander squeezes a load out of Angelo’s dick with his tight ass and attempts to get his nut but Angelo won’t give him the satisfaction. Instead he spits in his face, slaps him and drags him off to his cell.

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Title of this video: Hard Time – Scene 2

Site: Hot House