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Cutieboy90 shows off some of his newest cuffs

Metalbond Prison Library author Cutieboy90 is often adding to his handcuff collection. Earlier this year, he sent the pictures and information below about some of his latest additions. Check these out:



Cutieboy90 writes:

“Smith & Wesson 100EL and Peerless 700-6X. Both have longer chains that the standard models, so they don’t dig in as badly. Of course, this means you can keep them cuffed longer! Also got a waist chain. Fun stuff, and now I’ve rounded out my cuff collection with some good American cuffs.”

You can read Cutieboy90’s stories by clicking here

Also check him out on Pornhub

TBT: Jim Stewart and the history of Fetters

I think in all of bondage, my favorite restraints are the “darbies-style” handcuffs and leg cuffs, shown here:

Jim Stewart and the history of Fetters


The picture above is from the website of a guy named Louis, who has a site on Tumblr dedicated to “Straitjackets, medical restraints and more.” You can click to see his blog (which has NOT been censored by Tumblr!) by clicking here.

As Louis writes on his site, these cuffs and much more were sold by Jim Stewart (of blessed memory) and his company, Fetters.

You can learn more about Jim and the history of Fetters by clicking here.

Also, be sure to check out Jim’s very extensive website, featuring tons of content — including lots of stories — available here.

Pictures and video: Blake takes a severe whipping

Scroll down for a free video preview from Dream Boy Bondage. In this update, a naturally submissive 23-year-old nerd is manipulated by a dominant friend, who makes him work out and shave his body. Today he submits totally. He becomes a slave.

handcuffed and collared at Dream Boy Bondage

Blake Ellis and Alex Killian have been friends for years, working at the same computer repair shop. They are both nerds but surprisingly good looking. You know the type: the guy who shows up to fix your computer, a geek with an awkward personality, but you can’t help but notice a sexy body under his dress shirt and polyester pants. Alex has virtually taken over Blake’s life in the past year, making him work out, shave his body and continue to wear shirts that are now a size too small for his new, muscular body, raising eyebrows at work. In recent weeks Alex has become even more demanding, making Blake suck his cock in the break room and call him “Sir.” Today, Blake will take the final step in his relationship with Alex: He’ll become his slave. He will be fucked and whipped and tortured. Blake is terrified, but he will do it. Alex is in his head and has manipulated him to this point of total submission.

Here is a free video preview — as always be sure to click to watch in full screen mode!


See the whole thing and much more at Dream Boy Bondage

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