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Bondage stories by PFC Pflege, Mister-X/Spartan and others



Check out these stories in the Prison Library:

Vasquez by PFC Pflege

PFC Pflege (of blessed memory) is one of my favorite authors. He writes for the Bondagezine site, but Master Jack has graciously allowed this to be shared here on Metalbond.

And here are some other stories:

Bondage Fantasy World (one of many by Mister X/Spartan)

The Box

How to Kill a Superhero: A Gay Bondage Manual

There will be more stories in the coming days and weeks, so keep coming back to check often. If you want to try your hand at writing, let me know.

ALSO, AN UPDATE: I was contacted recently by a Prison Library reader who suggested a number of enhancements, including better navigation between chapters of the multi-part stories. This is very good advice, indeed. But I would have to pay somebody for an update to this site’s architecture, and that could get complicated (and expensive). But meanwhile I have gone in by hand added “click for next part” and “click for previous part” to several of the multi-part stories, including Bondage Fantasy World and its sequel, Another Bondage Fantasy World Client, and The Box — plus to the popular 10 Days in Detention series. So check those stories out and let me know if the flow between parts works better.

Coming soon to the Metalbond site: Lots more gay bondage stories!

Starting tonight (Monday, Feb 15) there will be new gay bondage fiction in the Prison Library each night, though the end of the month.



For more information about the Prison Library, click here.


For those of you who are writing stories, definitely keep them coming! (But please remember that this is a gay site for men, so no more female characters or references! Because girls are yucky.)



New stories by Kevin’s Path, slavebladeboi and others

Hey fellas, time for another STORY WEEK here on Metalbond.

Starting tomorrow, there will be a new addition to the Metalbond Prison Library each day for the whole week. For those of you who like to play solo, the author who goes by Kevin’s Path has something that is going to be a real game-changer, when it comes to self-bondage. There will also be a new work by slavebladeboi, and yet another chapter of the popular “New Year’s Resolution” series by lthr_jock. So come back every day this week, and let everybody know. Tell your bondage buddy friends. Post it on Twitter and Tumblr. And feel free to copy this banner to your own social media channels, all over the internet:



NOTE: It’s always best, if you are going to read gay male bondage stories in the Metalbond Prison Library, for you to be in some form of physical restraint yourself. Collars, leg cuffs, gags or chastity devices are all acceptable. For more details on this policy, click here.


Speaking of the Metalbond Prison Library, we are fast coming up on what will be the 500th story posted. I’m going to have to think of a special gift or honor for the author who sends in the 500th story.


More details soon.