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Prison Library update about Johnny Utah

Johnny Utah — author of the popular “Florida Trap” story that was originally featured in the Metalbond Prison Library back in 2021 — has recently ADDED to this series! There will be at least one and probably TWO brand new parts to this male bondage fiction, and to get everyone ready for the conclusion to this saga I have decided to re-post all the earlier chapters, every day or every other day, starting later today.

male bondage stories by Johnny Utah


If you enjoyed this story when it originally appeared, this will give you a reason to refresh your memory. And if you are NEW to this story, I hope you will enjoy! As I mentioned to the author, in my view this is one of the best in the male bondage prison story genre.

I have corrected a few typos from the original and made a few other very minor edits. Please note that the “click for next part” link will not work for 1-2 days in each part until the next part re-appears.

—Metal (July 26, 2023)

A reader sends feedback on the Prison Library

cufffed11 sent this email recently:

Hi Metal,

I have been a silent lurker for at least 10 years. Lots of horny content, amazing pix, good info, but it’s your Prison Library that I get lost in. During Covid, the huge selection of stories provided me with lots of wank sessions, as well as a re-think on my fantasies. Surprisingly, it also kept me sane, allowed me to dream, and be safe.

I am a transplanted American living in the UK, living here for over 23 years and loving it. I have re-read lthr_jock’s depictions of fictional London numerous times. I recognise some of the areas he describes. Most of it has been razed over now and re-built by the rich, but it still sparks fond memories of my early encounters with warehouse fetish parties, clubs that no longer exist, and encounters with a lot of good guys. (Oh, the memories!)

The reason I am writing is because of Joshua Ryan’s three tales on your site. I have been holding off reading them, as they are very intense and detailed. I was avoiding them as they hit close to some on the “mistaken identity,” “swapping places to go to prison” fantasies I have. I finally took the plunge and read them and studied them over a three-day period. WOW. What a journey. While similar in construction, the journeys, both mental and physical, are very different! He hit the right amount of inner soul-searching for the various protagonists depicted. The three expansive tales re-set my perception of my fantasies and gave me a “wake up” call as to the meaning of “the rest of your life.” Sheesh. What a rollercoaster. Very, very good writing.

Yea, I know of “The Prisoner Fantasy,” “A Game of Chance” and “Darkness.” They get me going also, as do many of the other stories on your site. There are so many!

Thanks a lot for all the work and love you put into your site!

A loyal Fan,



Thaks, cufffed11, for the feedback! I am so glad to hear you like those stories, which are among my own personal favorites!

Links to some long-standing bondage stories in the prison library

The Corporal Performs – Part 1

The Corporal Performs – Part 2

Glass and a Half

Stud Poker

Many more stories are coming to Metalbond in the coming days and weeks, so keep checking back early and often. For those of you who have been sending me stories, you are all awesome! It sometimes takes me a while to read the stories and beat off to them a few times before I post them. Thanks to all the story writers, and please keep them coming!

Coming to the Prison Library

Hey fellow prisoners! I hope you are enjoying the male bondage fiction that is being added almost every day to the Metalbond Prison Library! In the coming days and weeks, there will be new chapters of ongoing stories by Kinkytwinkboy, AlphaMetal and Practicerestraint. There are more chapters yet to appear of A Game of Chance by Robmacz. There will be a new and twisted Halloween-themed story from Nephilim, and Aenyse will update us on the continuing adventures of Liam and Isaac!

There will also be a brand new, sci-fi themed bondage story by POW. It’s called Captain Jack, and it’s going to be presented in 11 chapters, many of which are quite long and hot, so plan accordingly. It takes place on a spaceship equipped with a virtual reality sim space. I for one have been beating off all week thinking about what happens in this story. This one is going to be an exciting ride, quite literally, so get ready!

As always, remember that for best results, it’s recommended that readers be locked in some form of bondage or chastity, or have someone else locked, to help set the mood for male BDSM smut reading, and to help enhance the overall experience!

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