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Aug 23 update from Metal

I work on the Metalbond site in advance, and I always have it set to auto-update with fresh content each day. But unfortunately, since Aug. 9, a technical glitch was preventing the updates from showing. I also could not add new postings to let readers know what was going on.

The good news is that now, the past two weeks’ worth of missing postings are visible. So frequent visitors to the Metalbond site will want to scroll back using the “NEXT” tab at the bottom to catch up on all the posts. (I still cannot add new pictures, but working on that.)

Thanks to everyone who has been reaching out over the past two weeks asking about my welfare. I really appreciate that, as well as your patience.

– Metal (Aug 23, 2017)

Update on the Prison Library

Hey prisoners,

Just an update on the Prison Library. A number of you have sent me stories recently, and I have not forgotten to post them. It’s just that I have been having some technical difficulties with the website lately that I am trying to get resolved. I will get the new stories posted as soon as I can.

The good news is that there are some really hot stories coming to this site, from the likes of Rubrpig, ty dehner, lthr_jock and others — plus a really special surprise coming that you definitely won’t want to miss. In just a few minutes, I am going to post Part 2 of “Wanted Karl” by rts, and there will be a final Part 3 of that tomorrow.

Oh and speaking of stories, I have a brand new idea for one — so if anyone wants to write something and needs an idea, send me an email.

Update from Metal: Story week starts Monday night in the Prison Library

Hey prisoners, just an update that “story week” will start tomorrow (Monday, April 24) with one new gay bondage story or chapter update posted each night. There is newly written fiction or chapter updates from lthr_jock, Unowned in NYC, Mister X-Spartan, Bikermike and Greg Alexander — so be sure to come back often to see what’s new.


Oh, and speaking of stories, it is really nice of you guys when you contact me via email or instant messenger on Recon to tell me how much you enjoyed a particular author’s work — but please remember to leave a comment on the Metalbond site as well, so that the author of the story you like can see. You don’t have to leave your real name or even a real email address. But please write something in the comment box for the stories you like!

Update on the Metalbond site

Hey prisoners, I recently moved the Metalbond site to a new, dedicated server, so this site should be loading faster and better now without that “resource limit reached” white screen that had been coming up occasionally.

The actual move took place on Feb 10. Since the site has been moved, though, a few have reported to me that images have not been loading. What are you seeing?

My site host tells me this is an ISP issue and that if you empty your cache and restart you should be able to see the pictures, but if you still don’t please let me know via email or you can hit me up on Twitter or Recon.

The more details you can provide about problems you might be having (if any) the better. Or if you just want to leave a general comment about the site you can do so as well.

I would like to hear from you.