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What to wear while visiting the Metalbond Prison Library

Behold, the sleek black Cobra chastity device. It is lightweight and perfect for long-term wear. It comes in various sizes from XL to micro. RbbrStorage wears the micro. The accuracy of the 3D printing process removes any possible pinch points, so you’ll almost forget you have it on — until you start to harden while reading stories in the Metalbond Prison Library!

Metalbond Prison Library


Click for Complete Cobra Chastity Kit

Many more chastity devices are available here

Handcuffs available here

RbbrStorage stories (highly recommended!) are posted here

Metalbond Prison Library chastity stories

Update from Metal: Lots more bondage stories and male BDSM porn coming!

Hey there fellow prisoners,

An update: I’ve been totally swamped with life in general these past few weeks, as I am in the middle of switching day jobs and this has taken up much of my time. As soon as I can come up for air, I will be posting lots more content.

There is brand new fiction coming from Kinkytwinkboy, Practicerestraint, ty dehher and others. There will also be a big announcement coming about the “10 Days in Detention” series!

There’s also a brand-new website that just launched — called Bound Twinks — so watch for some scene previews in the coming days and weeks, featured here on Metalbond!

kinky twinks

Here I am chained up to work on the Metalbond site

Last night Nitro had me put on a prisoner jumpsuit and then lock myself up in leg irons, wrist manacles and a chain and padlock around my neck, which I wore for three hours as I worked on the Metalbond site:

Metalbon in chains


Thanks, Nitro, for instigating this!

You can read Nitro’s many stories in the Prison Library by clicking here.

Also be sure to check out Nitro’s impressive Just For Fans page, where he has lots of hot male BDSM action and where he also reads his bondage stories aloud!

Metalbond as home page

Hey bondage fanatics, prisoners, guards, trustees, Masters, porn addicts, chastity slaves, wankers and lurkers (you know which one you are),

I was just wondering if any of you guys have Metalbond set as your home page in your web browser?

MetalbondNYCIf you do set Metalbond as your home page, you should have it set to this URL:


which is the “daily thread” here, usually updated twice a day and sometimes more.