10 Days in Detention – Part 10

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy socalbd

“Stay put,” Dan said. “Remain on your knees with your hands behind your back.”

With those instructions I stayed where I was kneeling in the dungeon. I could hear Dan behind me moving around. When he came back to me he once again threw the transport hood over me and plunged me into darkness.

More sounds came from around me over the next few minutes. I could hear a door open here and there and movement of heavy items yet I had no idea what Dan was preparing for my punishment.

Eventually he returned to me placing leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles. He ordered me to stand up and guided me through the dungeon. My feet felt the cold concrete of what I thought was the cell since it was the only space so far I had been in that was not gym flooring under my feet.

Dan guided me in, turned me around and then pushed me back until I came in contact with what felt like a thin wooden post. My wrists were pulled from my side to behind the post and were padlocked together. I also felt some sort of clip attached to the padlock. Next my ankles were slightly pulled to each side a few inches and secured leaving my legs slightly open with my cock and balls hanging free.

The hood was pulled off of me and I could see. I was indeed in the cell and the post I was secured to was in the center of the space. It somehow was locked into place at the floor and again at the ceiling so no movement was possible to dislodge it. A small crossbeam at the bottom was what kept my ankles and legs apart as they were padlocked to the ends. Dan was standing in front of me still only wearing his jeans. When I finished looking at the setup my eyes met Dan’s.

There was no smile coming from Dan now. His expression was very businesslike and stoic.

He reached out and used his hands to explore my body while he stood there. He rubbed my torso from my chest down to my cock and back up again taking my head in his hands and tipping it forward. When he was done with that he used his fingers to massage my nipples and the hard on I had was now at full mast and I instinctively closed my eyes and moaned. The massage became gentle pinching and then harder as I opened my eyes and he then squeezed with all his might eliciting a scream from my throat. When he released my nipples my breathing was hard and labored. He smirked. Bending down he attached a parachute stretcher to my balls and gave a good tug to ensure it wasn’t coming off.

Dan stepped out of the cell and returned carrying a couple of more items. The first was a very large ball gag which he forced into my mouth. He padlocked it on around my head and very quickly my jaw started to ache from its size. The next item was a long piece of rope. He took it and tied it to the parachute stretcher ring and pulled it down to a pulley that was hanging slightly off to the side at the bottom of the cross beam. He disappeared behind me and a few moments later he was above me standing on something. I couldn’t see what was happening behind me but I figured it out fast.   The other end of the rope was being looped through the padlock that connected my wrist restraints. Dan started pulling on it and forced my wrists in the air effectively putting me in a strappado position but unable to compensate since my back was forced against the post. The effect was to have my wrists pulling on my balls from behind.

Dan had put me in a very effective predicament bondage set up. I was going to torture myself. I had to keep my arms up behind me or pull on my balls. I had a little bit of play but not much due to the solid post.

Dan stepped around in front of me. He played with my nipples a little bit to get me hard and said, “By now you’ve figured out the first part of your punishment. The predicament position you are in will torture your balls, arms and shoulders without yielding. It will be fun to watch you suffer for a while. That’s just the start though. Every fifteen minutes I will add something to your torment. The punishment will last an hour and there will be no pardon coming for you. This is to remind you of what happens when you forget your place as a slave to your master. If you think an hour isn’t that bad you will soon understand.“

My cock was at full mast again. Dan noticed and starting stroking it.

“This is not about your pleasure. And to ensure you realize that we’ll take care of that right now.” He continued stroking my cock and found a rhythm that brought me to orgasm quickly. I shot my load all over the floor.

Dan said, “I bet you want out now that you’ve shot. No way. Let’s see how much you are willing to submit to in order to achieve your fantasy. I’ll be back in fifteen minutes.”

Dan stepped out of the cell and closed the door. It was pitch black in the cell. My arms were aching. My balls were aching. There was no way I could deal with this for two hours. I started to regulate my breathing hoping that would help. It didn’t. I tried to lean forward and see if that would take some pressure off the arms or balls and give me some slack. No luck there either. A few minutes passed and I heard a loud screeching noise come from someplace. It was me trying to scream through that ball gag. It was like an out of body experience. I started to cry.

I got control of myself or so I thought. My emotions went from crying to anger. How could Dan do this to me? This was really torture. The pain was becoming unbearable and he expected me to last an hour. This was crazy. I tried to shout through the gag but nothing happened. The door didn’t open. The cell was still pitch black. What had I gotten myself into?


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