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Milking Day – Part 1

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90 gay bondage storiesI had one goal. Just one. Over and over again I repeated that one rule, just the one; no matter what, I was not to cum within the next minute. And when that minue was over, then set the goal again for the next minute, and so on and so forth, until my boyfriend wished it.

I was on all fours, naked save for the blindfold tied over my eyes, the ropes keeping me in place, and the steel chastity cage that had been locked on my junk for the past three weeks. Now, this really wasn’t anything unusual, as my boyfriend Mark and I are bondage addicts, and while we’re both switches, I tend to be more submissive. Chastity, of course, brings out my submissive side, making it easier for both of us. Today was my milking day, and I was just so fucking ready for it.

My body was shivering with anticipation and horniness. Mark had said he had a surprise for me, and had left me here blindfolded, what seemed to be hours ago. Whatever surprise he had in store, no doubt it had something to do with my milking, or with bondage, or something fun for one of us. My mind would go crazy with all the wild ideas I could think of, each one making my dick strain in the cage, and my full aching balls churn. I’d shoot my three-week load if I didn’t mindfully tell myself not to.

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An Important Day in the Life of Don Stewart

By Mister-X/Spartan

The alarm went off. It was set to only last 2 seconds before turning off and not coming on again, but it was enough to awaken Don. He stretched and turned over to his side of the bed. His partner, Jake, was on the other side. Don knew that Jake was awake and waited for Don to get up. Jake enjoyed watching Don try to get his morning duties done.

Don brought his cuffed ankles up and pushed against the covers. He was able to get his legs outside the bed. He turned his body to the left, and with his hands cuffed behind his back, was able to reach the top of the covers and throw them down onto the rest of the bed covers. Without the covers hindering most of his body, he was able to bend his legs, and by supporting the edge of the bed with his cuffed hands and by bending his knees, was able to get upright. He started walking over to the bathroom, able to do so because of the chain between his cuffed ankles, though having to take small steps due to the short length of the chain. Don knew that Jake would be watching with a smile on his face.

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Never Done This Before – Part 2

By Hotch Rider

We pulled out of the parking lot and onto the main road, heading away from the city. It took Jack around 15 minutes to get off the main road onto a bumpy path. The walls of the truck blocked my sight of where we were. All I could see was the almost completely dark sky with even the moon and stars hiding behind the clouds. It was a chilly night.

Another 15 minutes passed before the truck stopped. The engine went quiet, Jack opened his door and got off. I didn’t hear the door closing. Instead, there was some ruffling of metal and, I’m guessing, the sound of the glovebox closing. Jack walked over to the back of the truck and lowered the tailgate. At this point, I felt the discomfort in my shoulders for the first time. I had never spent this much time in handcuffs before and certainly not in this position. Then it hit me: I couldn’t get myself out of these cuffs. They were locked and I didn’t have the key. I couldn’t just unlock my hands because I couldn’t reach my dick. No, I had to beg this man whom I’d met just a few hours ago to please have the courtesy to free me.

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Up Your Alley: The Next Year – Part 2

By ty dehner

Things were silent as I was chained over Master Kevin’s bike and left with a stranger in my own living room. Encased in full leather, including my head I can’t speak, I can’t see and I am helpless with this guy. Slowly he moves behind me and he finds a zip in the leather pants that I didn’t know existed. It exposes my ass.

“I’m going to fuck your ass, pig. I don’t give a shit what your Master says, he isn’t here and I make my own rules.”

Without warning he pushes his hard dick into my dry ass and I moan loudly into the hood. He uses me hard and he takes his time punishing my asshole. But if he thinks I’m going to spill the beans for that he is mistaken. I’m pissed that he broke Master’s rules but I won’t be giving into him. His fucking of me lasts a while until he reaches climax and must shoot his load into me.

He collapses on my back and talks to me.

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You’re in No Position to Negotiate – Part 05

By nyc49

The sun was almost completely down by the time Ted and Len emerged from dinner.

“Come on inside. We’re almost ready, and Bill is looking for the combination to that lockbox.” They brought be into the kitchen. Apparently they had been enjoying a nice meal, which reminded me of the fact that I was getting hungry.

“We made something for you, too,” said Len, pointing to a bowl of oatmeal on the kitchen counter.  Ted took out the handcuff key and unlocked one cuff, re-locking it with my hands in front so that I could eat. I picked up the bowl and moved to the table.

“Nope,” said Len. “I don’t want your naked ass on my nice chairs. You can sit on that stool with the vinyl cover. Here’s a spoon.” I shuffled over to the counter and ate, though I had to bring both hands to my mouth with each bite. It was also a bit of a challenge getting up on the stool, with my ankles chained together. My butt cheeks stuck to the vinyl, and every time I shifted I had to be careful not to lose my balance, with my limited range of motion on all my limbs. It also felt really strange to be completely naked – apart from the chains and chastity device – in a room with three fully clothed men. My position and ranking in this scenario was abundantly clear.

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By Bikermike

It was my own fault; I should never have contacted them on Recon in the first place.

My life is now one of abject slavery, a pain-slave to three lads, the oldest of which is twelve years my junior.

I have to report to them every weekend and undergo degradation, torture and humiliation for the full forty-eight hours. I am forced to do this through blackmail. However, there is always a frisson of enjoyment on my part: I’ve always fantasised about being a slave, especially to younger men.

Each Friday I turn up at their house and once let in I have to strip naked. The oldest gives me my ‘uniform,’ which consists of a tight butt-plug, which he inserts brutally; a steel collar, a ball and chain attached to my right ankle and a heavy steel ball-stretcher or a scrotum shackle.

I am then forced to fellate each of them in turn: failure to please results in a flogging across my arse or back, the number of lashes depending upon the whim of the flogger.

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