10 Days in Detention – Part 12

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy socalbd

I was breathing heavily through the gag, still not recovered from the nipple pain Dan had just unleashed on me. Drool was pooling in my mouth and started to drip down slowly from the gag. It was like a very slow waterfall that was cascading in slow motion until it reached my engorged cock. I could feel the liquidy mess as it landed.

Why was my cock hard? Dan had just put my nipples through their own private hell while my arms and shoulders were dealing with their own torture and them in turn causing the constant pulling and aching on my balls. Did I really like what was happening to me? Dan had given me an out to stop what was happening and end it all. It would have ended the fantasy for me, too – those ten days in detention I thought I was craving. Yet, here I was. I didn’t take the out. I submitted mentally and verbally to Dan essentially asking for him and John to continue what they had started with me.

The thoughts were a respite from the physical ordeal I was subjected to, but only for a few moments. My arms instinctively started to pull down, and when they did the pull on my balls became almost too much for me. It took every ounce of inner strength to hoist the arms back up and relieve the stress on my balls.

The door opened again, and Dan walked in. He circled behind me, inspecting the ropes and restraints. He took his hands and squeezed my hands several times. I wasn’t losing circulation at all, and I’m sure he was checking to make sure that wasn’t the case. On the one hand, if I had, maybe he would have adjusted something and given me some relief. No luck, though, with that. He was apparently good at being a sadist who hurt but didn’t harm.

Dan stopped in front of me and said, “You’ve made it half way. It’s been an hour. I’m guessing you lost track of time while I was in here last time. You’re probably thinking each time I leave and come back it’s fifteen minutes, but you forget the time I spend in here is also time for you to continue to endure this punishment. You can thank me later.”

How does this guy know how to read my mind? He’s continually one step ahead of my thoughts, and we only just met a few hours ago.

“It’s time for you to endure your next torment, boy.”

Dan left the cell for a moment and returned with the hose nozzle pointing at me. He sprayed water at me full-force, starting at each nipple taking time to concentrate on those parts. Next he aimed for my cock and balls. After the water went toward my shoulders, it then hit my head and mouth area. He was making sure to spend time in each spot. The water was cold and hard as it hit my body. The iciness of the spray elevated the discomfort and pain in my joints.

When he stopped spraying me, he left the cell, pulling the hose with him.

As he came back to me he leaned in close again and started talking in my ear, saying, “Nothing that is happening to you is not by design. The water was cold and soon so you will be, too. As you drip dry that cold water will become another aspect of your captivity to deal with while you’re in here. Your cock continues to tell me there’s some enjoyment. You’re hard again. It’s a pity that won’t get taken care of. You’ll just have to wish I would touch that cock of yours.”

Dan stepped away from me toward the door. He looked at me for a few moments, and I sort of whimpered through the gag. He smiled at me when he heard the sound. My eyes were pleading again, but there was no response from Dan. Eventually he left me, leaving the door open this time. I heard the sound of the outer dungeon door open and close, and then silence.

He was right about the water. I started to shiver as the beads of water worked their way around my body. I could feel it everywhere, including in the crack of my ass as some of it dripped down from my back. My hair was soaked, and beads of water made sure to get into my eyes and ears. Even with a short haircut, I managed to mop out a considerable amount of water from that hose.

My body was really hating me right now. The positions of my arms, the shoulders, my balls, the constant water dripping down me, the shiver of cold that would happen every few minutes were all constant reminders of my predicament. I closed my eyes at some point and decided to just will myself through it all. There was nothing I could do about it but try to endure and wait.

I must have been so concentrated on my inner need to cope that I never heard Dan return. I felt him. When I opened my eyes he was standing there, looking at me no more than a few inches from my face. He reached around and started to unlock the gag and remove it. My mouth ached, and I stretched it around at the same time as I swallowed the saliva that had pooled in it.

Dan leaned in and kissed me. I kissed him back. This was tender. It wasn’t forced. It felt good. When he pulled away, he still kept himself close to me.

“Do you have anything to say?” he asked.

“Thank you, Sir. I’m sorry I didn’t remember my place with Master John. It won’t happen again, Sir.”

“You learn a little slower than I would like, but still you learn,” Dan responded to me.

He continued, “There is still fifteen minutes left in your punishment session. I intend to flog you on the front of your body while you are still tied as you are. Make no mistake, you will be in pain as I work the flogger. The gag will be left out. If you need to scream, then scream. No one can hear you down here but me. Understood?”

“Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir.”

“Thank me, huh. We’ll see if you are thanking me here in a few minutes.”

With that he went to get a flogger and came back. He didn’t start out slow. The first whack was hard and on target on my pecs. When my body responded it caused me to let me arms down, which pulled on my balls and erupted in a scream from my mouth. Dan smiled at that. He targeted the pecs a second time. He was extremely methodical in his approach. The pecs, abs and inner thighs were all targets, and he was very good. He was always in control, not going about his work quickly but rather with deliberate focus.

Throughout most of it I was yelling and screaming, as the targets were meant to cause reactions that would also mean arm movement or such to torture my balls without his ever hitting them. At some point I started crying, but I never begged him to stop or pleaded with him. I took everything he put to me during that time.

When he finished, he walked out of the room and left me in the same position. The tears were coming down my eyes, and I was panting heavily. He returned carrying a very large towel, which he used to dry off the little water that was on me from the hosing and then he folded it over several times and placed on the floor in front of me.

Dan knelt down and released the parachute stretcher from my balls. The blood flow back into my balls caused me to yelp. He was careful to still be holding on to the cord with his other hand so my arms didn’t immediately fall down. Instead he slowly released tension, causing my arms to slowly fall to a natural position behind my back. Again the blood flow to my arms and shoulders caused intense pain, and I let out a scream.

Dan continued to work his way around me and the post. He released my ankles from the cross beam.

“Kneel,” Dan ordered.

I started to sink down my arms still secured behind the post and my knees landed on the towel Dan had put there a few moments ago. My head leaned forward. Dan came close to me and I instinctively nuzzled his legs with my head. This went on for a few minutes with no talking between us or any other contact.

Dan eventually stepped away and behind me and undid the cuffs. I was fully free from the post and fell forward onto the cell floor. I lied there for a few minutes and let my body attempt to return to normal.

“I’ll help you up,” Dan said as he reached under my arms and helped me stand upright. Dan led me out of the cell and toward the corner of the dungeon space. I noticed a mattress, probably queen size, was now sitting in the space underneath the wooden posts. I had to assume the spacing was deliberate. Even though the bed wasn’t centered at the ends with the posts I could imagine the cleverness of being able to put a mattress under that setup. Dan was guiding me to the mattress.

He helped me put my body on the mattress, which was covered in a black vinyl-type fabric. Dan grabbed a pillow that was there and put it under my head. Then he jumped on the mattress beside me and pulled me into his body, holding me tight. I started to sob. Dan just continued to hold me until I regained my composure.

I looked into his eyes and said, “Thank you, Sir.”

He motioned for me to flip over on to my stomach. I felt him straddle my body with his legs on either side of my butt. Dan took his hands and started to run them along the skin of my back. What was light touching slowly turned into a massage. He was kneading the knots out of my shoulders and back and taking his time doing it. It felt so good. This man that had put me through hell for a couple of hours with little mercy shown toward me was now helping me to recover. His technique was amazing, and his touch felt so good. The massage must have gone on for twenty to thirty minutes as I just lay there and hugged the pillow, allowing Dan to knead my muscles.

When the massage was complete, he tapped me on the shoulder blades and moved next to me on the bed. I rolled over to face my captor, and I smiled at him.

Dan smiled back at me and kissed me. We kissed for a while, and I could feel his hand reach down and start to stroke my cock. It didn’t take long for me to shoot. My body convulsed in a way it hadn’t done in a long time. All through it, Dan continued to kiss me.

When I was drained, Dan pulled away from me. He came back with a warm towel that was damp and cleaned me and the mattress. He threw the towel on the floor and once again took his place beside me.

He looked into my eyes and said, “Bed or cage for you tonight?”

I smiled and said, “Cage, Sir. It’s where the slave belongs.”

He smiled back and left for a few moments. I heard clanging, and when he came back to me at the bed he was holding the heavy five-way shackles. I got off the bed, and he proceeded to lock them on me. I closed my eyes as he finished the last shackle and breathed in deep.

Dan guided me to the cage, opened the door and in I went. He locked the cage door and looked down at me still smiling.

I smiled back at him through the bars and curled up. He walked away toward the dungeon door and left. I was alone in the cage and in the dungeon. It wasn’t long before I drifted off to sleep.


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4 thoughts on “10 Days in Detention – Part 12”

  1. I can’t wait to read each chapter of this series. Love how we get to follow along in Dave’s thoughts as he suffers and lives his bondage slave fantasy.

  2. This is a great story, I really like when the Master is hard but tender with his slave : I thinks that BDSM should always be like that.
    Slaves must suffer in a safe and affectionate environment !


  3. This is an amazing story. The writing is excellent throughout, and the detail is incredible. This pig savors the reading and re-reading of each chapter. PLEASE keep it going. It seems like forever since a new installment has been posted.

  4. I’ve been waiting for the new chapter. It is well written and shows a natural balance of tenderness and “play” that goes with a long term relationship.


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