10 Days in Detention – Part 15

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy socalbd

There were so many thoughts running through my mind as I knelt in the center of the dungeon. Dan had cuffed my wrists behind my back and blindfolded me, leaving me on my knees and naked, waiting for John’s return.

It was quiet in the dungeon. I kept thinking about the last 24 hours or so and how Dan had put me through an intense regimen of bondage, torture and sexual service. Even with all that had happened, I realized all of that was just an appetizer for what could come if they decided and agreed to subject me to 10 days in detention.

Trying to keep my kneeling position was difficult. I was very tried from what I had experienced, and maintaining my balance was a chore.

When I heard the dungeon door finally open, it had to have been anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour that I had been left there alone.

The door closed, and I felt someone’s presence walk up next to me. He stood there for a minute or so. I could hear breathing but knew not to say anything until spoken to.

“You don’t look any worse for wear, but based on what Dan told me I’m thinking you are very tired and sore from your punishment.” It was John’s voice. “How is the slave?” he asked.

“Good, Sir,” I responded.

“Did you experience what you wanted?”

“In a way, Sir, yes. It was very intense from time to time, but I guess I made it through all right.”

John placed his hand under my chin and lifted my head up slightly. He reached around behind my head and removed the blindfold, so I was looking at him. He was shirtless, in jeans and black leather boots. There was a smile on his face.

“You did very well, from what I understand. We need to further discuss the future. Should that be today, or would you like to be released and pick up the conversation another time?”

“Sir, it’s your call. I know I said I could stay through today because I thought a full day to recover tomorrow would be best before heading back to work on Monday. I can continue through tomorrow if you would like, Sir,” I let john know.

“I think you are right in going home today and having tomorrow to yourself. Stand up,” he commanded.

I stood up, and John helped by putting his hand under my arm. I was a little wobbly standing up, and John sensed that and kept a hold of my bicep. He guided me over to the bed and stopped with me facing it. He released the handcuffs from me and positioned me to lie down on my stomach.

John mounted the bed next to me and started to massage my body. He didn’t say anything to me. His hands and touch felt so good. He was very good at kneading the muscles and helping me to recover a bit from the experience. He took his time and spent a good 30 minutes on my body.

He motioned me to flip over, and when I did my cock was rock hard and at attention. He smiled when he saw this and commented, “I think it’s already had enough attention from what I understand,” and he sort of chuckled as he said it.

He sprawled down next to me so our bodies were touching. He took his arm and weaved it under my neck so that my head was cradled in his shoulder, and he made sure to scoot very close to me so we were cuddling side by side. His tenderness toward me was very welcome.

We just lied together like that without any talking for a long while. Every now and again he would take his free hand and run it along my arm or across my chest just to let me know he was there. It felt good physically and emotionally to be next to him.

He finally broke the silence, by asking, “Are you OK?”

I responded with, “Yes, I think so.”

“It’s all right if you tell me this is all moving too fast for you. It’s only been a few months since we’ve known each other, and you just met Dan and know we are talking about putting you through your ultimate bondage and BDSM fantasy in a few months’ time. It may not seem quick, but it is. Dave, you need to be all right with this,” he finished.

I just lay there for a few minutes contemplating what he said. It was a lot to take in as he suggested, but I was comfortable with it and with what was happening. I knew I needed what Dan and John were offering both in terms of the physical play and the psychological aspects of submission.

I looked over at John and made sure to make eye contact. I said, “I’m very comfortable with what is happening and very lucky to have met you and now Dan. I want to continue however you think we should.”

John smiled at me and continued to hold me. It felt good.

“Sit up,” he said, and we both sat up on the bed.

“As we mentioned at dinner yesterday, it’s time you start a workout and diet regimen. You don’t need to lose that much weight, maybe 10 to 15 pounds is all in the next nine months. That’s very doable. And we want to see some better body definition to go with the weight loss. You’ll need to do this to handle 10 days as our bondage slave. Trust me when I say we will not go easy on you, and there won’t be any safe words.”

“I can do it,” I responded.

“I hope so,” John replied, and then he continued. “You are going to do weekly weigh-ins here to make sure you are making progress on that front. The physical body definition and overall endurance we will determine how and what to measure soon. For this first three weeks you simply need not to gain any weight. If you lose any weight you cannot gain any back. Each pound down becomes the new hard limit. Gaining any weight means severe punishment here in the dungeon. For starters, the first punishment will be 100 lashes of the flogger.”

I gulped when he said the last part.

“Yes,” John said, “you should be worried. And I have no doubt you will fuck up at some point here at the start and have to take it. It won’t all be at once, but you will be strung up and left to take all 100 until complete. If that takes an hour or five hours you won’t come down until all 100 are administered by me. Remember, you took quite a few once from me already. You know what that will be like.”

I think he could see the fear in my eyes. I was visibly shaken by the thought of having to take 100 of his flogging lashes.

“Do you trust me?’ he asked.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good, then fear the lashes but don’t fear that you won’t endure them.”

That was an interesting comment.

“What do you think 10 days in detention will be like?”

I said, “It will be very hard, Sir.”

“Yes, it will be,” he responded. “Your motivational punishments will prepare you for that very extended experience. We will need to break you down and build you back up before you submit for that experience.”

I thought about it and replied, “I understand, Sir.”

“Good, then,” he said. “Let’s get you weighed.”

We got off the bed, and he guided me to the bathroom. There was a scale on the floor in the corner. He pulled it out, stepped on it and took his foot. It went through a series of displays and landed on zero, apparently having reset itself.

“Stand on it,” John commanded.

I stood on it and waited for the reading. It displayed 184.

“We’re going to get you down to 165 at the most. 184 is your limit for next week’s weigh in. Do not gain any weight. Do you understand?” John asked.

I responded, “Understood, Sir.”

John guided me to the dungeon door that went toward the storage room and eventually to outside. As we went through the door and into the storage space, he stopped me and had me kneel. He reached down and unlocked the collar from my neck and put it in his pocket.

“Remain here on your knees for ten minutes,” John instructed me. “Your clothes, keys and wallet are by the outer door. After ten minutes you may dress and leave. We will set up a time later in the week to arrange for your first weigh in. Good luck this week, boy.”

John went back in to the dungeon and closed the door. I waited the ten minutes, dressed and left. I took another shower when I got home. It was long, warm and felt good. I slept very well that night. Partly the exhaustion of what physically I went through and the mental affirmation that I was good with what has happening put me into a nice deep sleep. In some ways I was very happy.


Metal would like to thank socalbd for this latest installment of his story.


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  1. One of my favorite stories. Was so happy to see another great installment. Eager to see what happens at the next weigh-in.

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