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Forced workout with a shock collar

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forced workout with a shock collar

In this episode, it’s finally Colin Steele’s turn to do the training, and he chooses a leg curl that you’ve never seen before! Jessie Balboa curls his massive legs, which leaves his ass free to be paddled and swatted to a purple hue.

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Title of this shoot: Exercise Gets Hard, Part 6

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Colin Steele and Jessie Balboa at Daddy's Bondage Boys

Corporate Takeover – Chapter 03

By lthr_jock

Brian was feeling highly aroused – which was very clear in the tight leather trousers. He headed back to the car where he stowed his new purchases before grabbing his sports bag and heading into the gym.

After taking his supplements, he started working out. As with yesterday, time seemed to fly by. He found himself pushing heavier weights than before and by the end of the session, he was dripping with sweat. As he looked at some of the massive guys in the gym, he knew that he wanted to be their size – or bigger. He headed for the locker room, where he sat for a couple of minutes with his towel around his shoulders. While he was sat there a man walked in – hugely muscled with a t-shirt plastered across his torso that said “Personal Trainer”. He walked up to Brian and held out a hand. “Name’s Chris. Saw you here yesterday too. Mind some comments on your style?” “Not at all – what am I doing wrong?” Chris sat down and went through some things with Brian that should improve his technique and then went to leave. “Hey Chris, how much are personal training sessions?” “£50 an hour.” “Seems reasonable. I’m only in town for 2 weeks. Can I book you for 2 hours each evening?” Chris nodded – it was always good to have regular bookings like that. “Definitely, Brian. What time tomorrow?” Brian thought about the meetings he had scheduled. “6:30?” “Ideal. See you then.”

Brian smiled to himself – this trip was proving far better than he had thought it would. He took a leisurely shower, then changed and headed back to the hotel, enjoying the way his new leathers creaked and stretched as he moved. When he got back to the hotel, he ate in the dining room and spotted several people eyeing his leather trousers. He enjoyed the attention and made sure to stretch when he left so that they could get a good view. He then headed to bed, lulled asleep by the blu-ray.

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Leg day at the gym with ball weights and shock collar

At DaddysBondageBoys.com, it’s time for squats, nice and deep. Weights are tied to Jessie’s balls and when he goes up he feels the weight. When he goes down the weight is lifted. How long can Jessie hold that squat position? Colin Steel is going to make sure it’s a long time.

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Colin Steele and Jessie Balboa male bdsm


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Title of this shoot: Exercise Gets Hard, Part 8

Models: Colin Steele, Jessie Balboa

gay bondage Colin Steele and Jessie Balboa

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Corporate Takeover – Chapter 01

By lthr_jock

Brian Watling exhaled sharply as he completed his last bench press and put the weights bar back in place. He sat up, grabbing his bottle of water and his towel as he sat for a moment before standing up and stretching his aching muscles. As he did, he looked at himself in the mirror – for a 53 year old man, he was doing pretty well. At 6ft tall, he still retained a good deal of the muscle mass from his youth. Regular workouts had ensured that he didn’t put on the paunch that so many of his colleagues had developed and a couple of minor operations had ensured that he retained a good head of hair. Most people assumed he was in his late 30’s – until they considered that he had been the chairman of Watling Inc for over 20 years.

Brian headed for the showers but before he could get there, the intercom chimed. “Sorry to disturb you Mr Watling but your son is here to see.” Muttering a curse, he wondered what that useless parasite wanted now. His only son had been a constant disappointment to him, more interested in lazing around than hard work. As a result, Brian had kicked his son out three years ago and now lived alone in the sprawling mansion. “Tell him to wait in the drawing room. No, wait, send him through. Let’s get this over with.”

He took a long swig from his water bottle and sat down on the weights bench waiting for Geoff to arrive. The door to the gym swung open after a few minutes and Geoff walked in – both shorter and less muscular than his father, he reminded Brian of his long-deceased mother. As usual, he was wearing what Brian though of as chav couture – shiny black Adidas tracksuit and baseball cap and undoubtedly ruinously expensive trainers. Brian sighed. “Geoff. What do you want?”

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Bodybuilder Stefano is tortured on the bench press

The saga of a bodybuilder sent to Dream Boy Bondage to be trained as a pain slave by a rich Italian landowner continues. Stefano will suffer any torture to save his family back home. You won’t believe his muscles in bondage and on the cross, his cock erupting with cum, all at the hands of top man Anthony Martin.

Bodybuilder Stefano is tortured

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Title of the scene shown here: STEFANO: Blind Muscle

Dream Boy Bondage


Borstal Boys

By Bikermike

Nick and Trev often met at the bikers’ cafe to exchange general bike talk, or more often than not, a talk about their sexual adventures. These included tales and anecdotes concerning their experiences and desires in the world of male-to-male bondage and sadomasochism. They had experimented together on a few occasions; once or twice within a group of three or more men. However, Trev had a regular BDSM ‘partner’, whom he called Roger and sometimes referred to him as his Master, while Nick had to make do with whoever he could find on Recon and who also lived within a reasonable distance.

One hot day during the summer both men met at the cafe and spent several minutes ogling other male bikers, some of which were posing minus their leather bike jackets and T shirts exposing their muscled torsos. Nick said ‘I sometimes fantasise about life in a borstal; y’know, how it was several decades ago when the gaolers wouldn’t hesitate using canes and the birch to maintain discipline. I have read accounts of boys who had been birched and abused, which have really turned me on. Wouldn’t it be great if you and I could somehow live that fantasy for a weekend? Punishment and birching and all?’

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By Bikermike

At 28 years old Jack was dissatisfied with his body despite spending as much time in the local gym as he could spare. True, he was 6 feet 3 inches tall with a 39-inch chest and 29-inch waist, but he was not getting anywhere as much sex as he wanted. For some reason, his Recon profile got hardly any response. But one morning as he was reading the very few messages that Recon had forwarded to him, a “ping” announced that someone had cruised him. He had a look and read the guy’s profile. It read:

Strict physical training offered. Limits pushed. Encouragement given where appropriate.

Send respectful message.

The photographs were of a very gym-fit man, shirtless, his chest and arms replete with tattoos, wearing tight fitting shorts that accentuated his genital bulge. He looked as though he had last shaved his face and scalp a fortnight previously. His profile stated that he was 40-something years old. Other photographs were of a gym with free weights, chin bars and benches; they also showed heavy steel manacles and instruments of punishment, including whips, canes and paddles. The guy lived some 30 miles distant. That made a change: most of the men that interested Jack seemed to live on the other side of the country or even abroad. Intrigued, he sent him a message.

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