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Casey More’s bondage birthday

In this vintage bondage porn shoot from Bound Gods, two muscular hunks are in a hard and passionate BDSM session. Click any of the pictures below to go directly to the video:

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It’s Casey More’s birthday, and Connor Maguire aims to deliver a hard BDSM session as his gift to the cut stud. Bound to a pillar and blindfolded, Casey gets his cock sucked while Connor crops him relentlessly. Connor then puts Casey’s muscled body to work by making him perform twenty-seven push-ups over candles while using the Cat-of-Nine on his ass. In a full suspension, Casey gets the final gift of Connor’s cock up his ass and his Master’s load on his face.


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Bodybuilder Stefano is tortured on the bench press

The saga of a bodybuilder sent to Dream Boy Bondage to be trained as a pain slave by a rich Italian landowner continues. Stefano will suffer any torture to save his family back home. You won’t believe his muscles in bondage and on the cross, his cock erupting with cum, all at the hands of top man Anthony Martin.

Bodybuilder Stefano is tortured

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Title of the scene shown here: STEFANO: Blind Muscle

Dream Boy Bondage

Christian Wilde abuses and fucks Brock Avery and Seth Santoro

Here’s another vintage shoot from Bound Gods. This one features muscled studs Brock Avery and Seth Santoro with Van Darkholme and Christian Wilde as doms.


Brock and Seth are ordered to their knees to present their holes for Mr. Wilde as he warms up their meaty asses using the riding crop. After swallowing Christian’s hard cock, both slaves are put to work as they’re made to lift weights, do pushups and jumping jacks all while painful clover clamps pinch on their balls. Mr. Wilde then beats the bound studs down with the flogger as Van suspends them in the air. With their asses exposed, Christian pounds away on both of their holes before they are tied down on the table for another fuck. Cock is replaced with electric butt plugs shoved up Seth and Brock’s asses as they are ordered to blow their loads. Finally, Christian rewards both studs by covering their faces in his hot cum and having them lick up every drop.

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Bondage training at the gym

In this vintage shoot from Bound Gods, Derek Pain endures a torturous forced BDSM workout as administered by Connor Maguire:


Connor puts the muscled stud right to work, doing squats as heavy weights are tied to his balls. Derek’s training continues with bench presses as painful clover clamps tug on his nipples before he’s made to run on the treadmill. With flogger in hand, Connor beats the muscled hunk before having him endure an intense suspension, hanging by his ankles. Derek’s flogging continues before he is made to swallow Connor’s hard cock. Tied down on the bench, Derek takes a rough fucking up his ass before receiving a face full of cum.

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Anton gets a bondage workout

At BreederFuckers, Anton arrives wanting to work out. But they are going to give this sexy fucker a harder workout then he ever imagined. He’s the type of shy straight bastard who refuses to strip in front of other men because he doesn’t want them perving over him. After he’s tied up, there’s no way he can stop them from groping his big dangly cock through his trackie bottoms. He’s a hard man that refuses to show emotion but if he doesn’t comply the punishment will be severe.

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Twenty-First Century Slavery – Part 02

By convict 975468

On the third or the fourth day—it was hard to keep track of time–the 12 civilian prisoners were allowed to dress in their own clothes.  Then they were chained up and moved by truck to the airfield, where they were taken into a military plane and locked to benches running along the side.  After a flight of several hours, they landed at another military base.  MP’s boarded the plane and unchained them from the benches.  They were led off the plane to an army truck, placed in the back, and secured.

Upon arriving at the base stockade, they were removed from the vehicle and led inside.  They went through two barred doors into a room with barred doors leading in several directions.  Their handcuffs and leg irons were removed and they were told to strip and put their clothes in the plastic bag given to each of them.  They were taken through the barred door to their right into what turned out to be a shower area.  They were sprayed with a foul smelling chemical and after a few minutes were allowed to shower it off.  They were issued olive-drab towels.  When they were dry, they were returned to the first room. The bags containing their clothes were gone, replaced by two stacks of skivvies and tee shirts.  One of the MPs said, “Civilians are not allowed to wear a uniform, so you’ll have to make do with these.”

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