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Beau Sinclair experiences the humiliating pleasure of being finger-fucked

Master Callahan likes to tease and let his subjects think it’s over. Making the football player work out is perhaps the easiest torment for him. There is a shock collar encouraging him. With his body tightly bound in position and his smooth muscle jock ass open, he soon experiences the humiliating pleasure of being finger fucked!

Beau Sinclair experiences the humiliating pleasure of being finger-fucked

VIDEO at Bound Muscle Jocks

Scene Title: Beau Sinclair and Dire Callahan

Scene Short Description: The Wildcats Suck – Part 4

Beau Sinclair and Dire Callahan gay bondage video

The forced workout from hell

If it weren’t for the shock collar, big man Beau could take out Master Callahan, or maybe he doesn’t want to? His punishment continues, his cock and balls squeezed and tugged, the rope applied with a weight at the end. He complies, his nuts being tugged as he performs squats, but it’s not enough to satisfy his sadistic master.

VIDEO at Bound Muscle Jocks

VIDEO at Bound Muscle Jocks

Scene Title: Beau Sinclair & Dire Callahan

Scene Short Description: The Wildcats Suck – Part 3

Beau Sinclair and Dire Callahan

A Marine with a 10-inch cock is tied up for gay bondage porn

At Bound Gods, Christian Wilde smirks as he feels the leather on his riding crop. At Osiris Blade’s prompt arrival, Mr. Wilde examines Osiris’s chiseled body, cut by service in the Marines. But Mr. Wilde isn’t impressed just yet. He orders pushups from the marine, counting with hits from the crop until Osiris collapses.


Osiris gags on Mr. Wilde’s thick cock, waking up his own 10-inch dick. Mr. Wilde take Osiris to a raised platform and attaches his arms to a steel bar. Osiris is commanded to do pullups as Mr. Wilde flogs his lean abs and meaty ass. Mr. Wilde flips Osiris, suspending him from his ankles in an aerial 69. He drags Osiris back to the throne and fucks the marine, covered head to toe in clothespins. With his mouth pried wide open by clothespins stapled to the throne, Osiris gets a face full of Mr. Wilde’s hot cum. Mr. Wilde orders Osiris off the throne and commands him to milk a load from his own gigantic cock.

Christian_Wilde_gay_bondage_02 Christian_Wilde_gay_bondage_03 Christian_Wilde_gay_bondage_04

Models in this shoot: Christian Wilde, Osiris Blade

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Captain Jack and the Race to Redula – Chapter 10: Keep Moving


Voices erupted from the gallery.  The shabby small-town lawyer blinked as if blindsided, his face somehow managing to comically express both consternation that he wouldn’t need any of the arguments he had assembled and relief that they wouldn’t get eviscerated by his opponent.  The opponent, meanwhile, simply opened up his briefcase and started packing papers into it, just another day’s work, this one easier than most.  Bystanders in the courtroom gossiped with their neighbors; the deputies smirked knowingly at each other; the bailiff watched the judge for a cue what he should do.

The sheriff was the only one actually looking at Sam and the expression on his face was that of a cat eyeing a trapped mouse.  Sam met his eyes and stared, letting the clamor in the courtroom wash over him until Judge Jack banged his gavel on the bench.  “Order!”  The voices died down and calm settled once again over the courtroom.

“Let the record show that the defendant has pled guilty to all charges.  Sam Green, I hereby sentence you to hard labor, sentence to commence immediately and continue until restitution for your crimes has been made.  Sheriff, you’ll see to the details?  Dismissed!”  The gavel came down again.  Bystanders stood and began filing out; the maître d’ and the various Jack clones in their various outfits left through other doors, and in short order the space was empty save for Sam and Sheriff Jack.

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Bondage Workout


A sexy stud endures a brutal bondage workout including flogging, electro, and a hard suspension fuck from a sadistic trainer with an enormous cock. This is a gay bondage porn shoot from Bound Gods. Click any of the pictures to go directly to the video:

12890_p_08 12890_p_12 12890_p_13 12890_p_21

Sexy Kyle Quinn answers an ad for a bondage workout. Being a newbie at this, Kyle drove around the blocks for a long time before he builds up enough courage to come inside the bondage gym. Trainer Josh West is pissed because of Kyle’s tardiness and he punishes him for it. Josh ties up Kyle’s huge cock and balls, suspends a heavy metal bucket from them, and makes him do squats while he edges the young stud’s cock. Next, it’s off to the workout bench where Kyle takes all of Josh’s enormous cock in a hard bondage fuck. The workout gets even more twisted as Kyle is bound to the inversion table where he endures electro-play and a rough throat fucking. Josh finishes Kyle off with an intense flogging and a crazy suspension fuck.

12890_p_22 12890_p_26 12890_p_29 12890_p_30

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gay bondage video forced workout

Cock-Caged at Military School – Part 05

By AlphaMetal

Trey was back in his room after a long day of class. It was time to change into gym clothes for his afternoon workout.

Trey sat on his bunk and unlaced the military boots he wore during the day. It felt good to slip off one boot, and then the other, and take a moment to sit on the edge of the bunk in his socks. He liked wearing the boots — they made him feel tough, like he could walk over anything, and he liked the way they gripped the ground, firmly anchoring his body so he could make full use of the strength if he needed to. And, to be honest, he thought the boots looked hot; sometimes he would look down at his own boots during the day and feel… sexy. In fact, before they locked the cage on his cock, sometimes he would drop his pants when he got back to his room and jack off looking down at the boots on his own feet. But while he liked the boots, they were also warm and heavy and made his feet sweat, and so it felt good to take them off and relax for a moment.

But it was time for the gym, so Trey pulled off his thick socks and the rest of his uniform. He walked naked across the room and grabbed his PT clothes from an open shelf, but he paused before putting them on. Standing naked reminded him of yesterday’s procedure in the medical room, and instead of getting dressed he sat down on his bunk and allowed himself to think about what happened.

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Milking It (For All That It’s Worth)

By RotherhamMan

“That one there.”

Frank looked up to where Luis was nodding. “The one with the cap?”

“Nah, next to him, the one with the shorts on.”

Frank wasn’t subtle as he looked the guy up and down, taking in his clothes and how they fit him and speculating on what was beneath, “Oh, yeah, not too bad.”

“Nice lips,” muttered Luis. He could tell even from this distance that they were full and pouty lips that were rare for a guy. He was as open as his friend was in checking the guy out but more so when he palmed his erection. “I’d like them on my cock.”

Frank snorted as he finished a swig from the can of beer. “You’d like any lips on your cock.”

“Nah, I like a pretty face and lips. I have standards.”

The guy and his friends had noticed the two young men staring at them and after a few moments of shifting, clearly uncomfortable, moved on somewhere else. Luis rolled his eyes, couldn’t they take the compliment of being checked out? Probably straight, a waste of good lips in his opinion.

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