10 Days in Detention – Part 30

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Matt and I were kneeling hooded and cuffed next to each other in the center of John’s dungeon having been just delivered there after our weekend at Daniel’s property. The chain collars were also still locked around our necks. We talked for a few moments and had agreed on Matt coming home with me to spend the night as it would give us a chance to talk about the weekend. That’s when the door leading from the dungeon into the house opened.

We stopped talking and waited. The door closed and I felt someone walk over to us. The hood was pulled off of my head and John was standing in front of me. He was dressed in what I started to call his trademark look of camo pants, a black tank top, barefoot and looking hot as usual. He leaned in to me and rustled my hair with his hand. He gave me a smile and nodded his head yes up and down several times. I felt like I had his approval.

John stepped to his side to be in front of Matt and he pulled off Matt’s hood.

“Hello, Sir,” Matt said.

“Hello, to both of you,” John responded. “I heard you had a good weekend.”

“Yes, Sir,” we responded in unison. Matt and I looked at each other and chuckled after we did that.

John pulled up a chair and placed it in front of us and sat down.

“Tell me about it,” he instructed.

For the next few minutes we went over my experiences and how I thought I had handled them along with some thoughts on what I had expected and what actually happened to me. Matt was very complimentary of my ability to get through the weekend and the various challenges. Matt also told John about his becoming a prisoner and our mutual experiences the team subjected us to over the last day and a half.

When we had finished talking John sat in the chair and just looked at the two of us without saying anything. I could tell his mind was processing information and I didn’t want to say anything while he thought. Matt must have clued in, as well, as he also remained silent.

John asked, “What’s next for the two of you today and tomorrow?”

“Matt is going to go home with me tonight and we are going to have dinner and discuss the weekend in more detail. I’ll take him home at some point since he let me know we live near each other,” I said. Matt nodded his head in agreement.

“I was able to talk with Daniel throughout the weekend,” John started to say. “He kept me up to date on what was happening with both of you. Dave, you did well. We think it’s time to start seriously discussing the extended captivity you keep referring to. Matt will go home with you and stay the night as you discussed. More about that in a few moments. The two of you should talk in detail about the weekend and how it might differ from the extended experience. Dave, to give you a preview, it will involve a level of pain and suffering you haven’t experienced yet as well as humiliation beyond what we’ve put you through so far. Daniel would like you to spend another weekend with him soon, just the two of you. Work it out between you. After that, you will schedule a time to submit to Daniel, Matt and myself here in this dungeon for an extended weekend as a final trial before scheduling the extended session.” John stopped talking for a moment and allowed what he said to sink in for me. Matt had looked over at me when John mentioned his name.

“Matt,” John started up again, “part of your responsibility tonight and tomorrow is to let Dave know what type of weekend he will be in for from the three of us. Be honest and don’t hold back. He needs to be mentally ready.” Matt nodded his head yes and smiled at me.

“Dave, do you trust Matt?” John asked.

“I do trust Matt,” I replied, turning to look at Matt.

“Good, since Matt is going to need to trust you for the next 24 hours,” John said as he grabbed one of the hoods from the floor and put it over Matt’s head blinding him.

“Matt, stay there and stay quiet,” John commanded.

John motioned for me to stand up and together we walked over to the corner of the dungeon where two backpacks were sitting. One of them was mine. John removed the handcuffs and legcuffs along with the chain collar. He let me know to open my backpack. Inside were the jeans, tee shirt and flip flops I had worn to John’s place several days ago. My toiletries bag was also inside along with my phone and keys. John told me the other bag had Matt’s things in it. John indicated I should get out of the camo pants I was wearing and get back into my own clothes.

John asked if I had any gear at home. I explained I had some basic leather cuffs, some handcuffs, rope, a blindfold and a few other items. I didn’t have a lot but I had some gear. John asked if I would like to keep Matt as my prisoner for the overnight. How I treated him was up to me but he suggested a mixture of prisoner, slave and bondage buddy. I think I understood what he meant.

“Do you think Matt is going to be OK with that?” I asked.

“I think he’s going to be more than OK with it,” John responded. “Matt told Daniel he thinks you’re a good looking guy and as much as he enjoyed putting you through your paces he wouldn’t mind submitting to you. He doesn’t know Daniel told me that so this would be another surprise for him just like his being pressed into service to be a prisoner along with you. He kind of likes the unknown when he feels safe so if you are for it I think the two of you would have a good time.”

It had been a long time since I had tied anyone up as I usually like the sub role. Matt is a super cute guy and I thought it would be fun.

“I think I should ask him if he’s OK with it,” I said. John nodded in agreement. After I was dressed we walked back over to Matt. I pulled the hood off and stood in front of him.

“You look good all dressed normal,” Matt said looking at me. I smiled back at him. I kneeled down so I could make eye contact.

I started, “I have a plan. I think I want to take you home like this,” I said pulling on the chain collar around his neck. “I like the idea of having you as my prisoner until tomorrow. What do you say?” I said smiling and pulling the chain collar so his body was pulled forward and our faces were almost touching.

“Yes, Sir,” Matt said with the biggest shit grin on his face. I leaned in and up and kissed his forehead.

“I promise we will have a good time in addition to having that discussion about the weekend. You can also tell me about the final test weekend.”

“All of Matt’s things are in the backpack,” John said. “Let’s get you two out to Dave’s car and on your way. It’s still early enough for you to have several hours together tonight and dinner before heading to bed depending on how tired the two of you are after the weekend.”

I helped Matt up onto his bare feet. John went to the corner and picked up both backpacks. We started to walk towards the dungeon exterior door and Matt stopped.

“Am I going out like this?” Matt said realizing the restraints weren’t coming off.

“Yes,” is all I said as I made direct eye contact.

“Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir,” Matt responded. That shit grin appeared back on his face.

“You may not be so happy a few hours from now,” I said pushing him along towards the door.

We made our way outside and around the house to where my car was parked placing Matt in the front passenger seat and belting him in. John loaded the backpacks in the backseat and wished us well.

I got in the car, pulled out of the driveway and started the drive to my place. Every now and again when stopped at a traffic signal I would take my right hand and touch Matt. From his crotch to his belly to his nipples and behind his neck my hand would find a spot and lightly stroke. I discovered Matt’s nipples were hard wired just like mine. This was going to be fun. The moan that elicited from Matt was music to me when I made contact with his nipples.

As I was lightly massaging the left nipple at one stop Matt said in a low voice, “That’s how to control me, Sir,” with his eyes partially closed and his tilted back as he said it. It was hot! He was in the zone.

We made it home and I pulled into the garage and closed the garage door before getting out. I removed the backpacks from the back seat first and took them into the house leaving Matt still belted in the passenger seat. When I came back I opened his door, unbelted him and had him step out of the car closing the door when he cleared it. I then pushed him up against the car with his back to it and pressed my body against his. Looking directly into his eyes I took my fingers and started to lightly massage both nipples. His head tilted back again slightly and he closed his eyes. Matt’s breathing became shallow and he let out a moan here and there as I continued to just lightly massage the nipple tips. I could feel his cock growing inside his camo pants along with mine.

“You like that, boy,” I said to him.

Groaning Matt responded, “Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir.”

Then I stopped and pulled my hands back. Matt took in two deep breaths and opened his eyes looking at me.

“Thank you. You have no idea how much I enjoyed that and wanted that from you.”

“The pleasure is all mine,” I responded. “We are both going to enjoy this night.”

I escorted Matt into the house. We walked through the kitchen into the living room and I guided Matt to my favorite chair and as I fell into its softness I guided Matt to his knees in front of me. I pulled him in close and had his head resting on my chest. He scooted forward as far as he could between my legs and he settled into me. He felt good on my chest and I stroked his hair with one hand while using a couple of fingers to massage the back of his neck. I felt Matt relax as his entire body just melted. We didn’t say anything to each other for the longest time. We just enjoyed being physically close.

After about ten minutes Matt whispered, “Thank you, Dave. This means a lot to me.”   I continued to hold him and do what I was doing for another minute or two before lightly pushing him up on his knees.   I leaned in and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips which he returned.

“Are you hungry, Matt?” I asked.


“Here’s my plan, then,” I said. “We go get dinner and talk about this past weekend.   When we come back you’re going to be my boy until tomorrow morning. I’m in charge the entire time including while we are at dinner. Understood?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Tomorrow morning we can talk about what John wants you to tell me about the final test the three of you will put me through. I’ll take you home at whatever time you want tomorrow. Does that work?”

“Yes, that sounds perfect. And thanks again for bringing me here like this. Remind me to tell you something at dinner before we come back here.”

“I’m guessing you want to tell me what you hope will happen later tonight?”

“Yes, if you’re OK with that, Dave,” Matt said.

“I would have asked you if you didn’t tell me,” I said.

We both smiled.

I left Matt kneeling in front of the chair while I went to grab his backpack. I sat back down in the chair, opened the backpack and pulled out Matt’s clothes. He had a jockstrap, shorts, tank top and flip flops. I smiled when I took those out.

“You have a thing for feet, don’t you?” Matt asked.

I replied, “I do. And I especially like a seeing a guy in flip flops. I’m just wired that way.”

I reached into my pocket and grabbed a set of keys John had given me. I unlocked the legcuffs and handcuffs that were on Matt.

“OK, boy. Off with those camo pants and get dressed. I’m hungry.”

“What about the collar?” Matt asked.

I looked at him and smiled saying, “That stays on. You belong to me for the night, remember?” I could tell Matt was hesitant about going out with a chain collar around his neck and completely visible with a tank top.

“Would it help if I were collared, too?” I asked. “After all, as much as you are my boy tonight I belong to you as your dom. Perhaps you should claim me?”

Matt asked if I had a chain collar and I said I did. The links were smaller than what he was wearing but I would go get it and he could lock it on me. I suggested Matt get dressed while I went to get the collar. He started taking off the camo pants as I left to get the collar from the bedroom. When I came back he was dressed with his chain collar looking good against his skin framed by the fabric from the tank top.

I handed my chain collar and padlock to Matt and said, “You should put this on.” He took them from me and placed his hands on my shoulders to indicate I should kneel. I got on my knees and placed my hands behind my back. Matt took the collar and placed it around my neck. He showed me the padlock and then moved it close to my lips. I kissed it and Matt then used it to lock the collar on. The sound of the padlock shutting is a sound that instantly gets me hard. He motioned for me to stand up. He put his hands on my waist and pulled me in close for a kiss. We then just leaned into each other touching foreheads and stayed like that for a few moments. I let out a heavy sigh.

“What was that for?” Matt asked.

“Nothing,” I said.

“Tell me,” Matt asked. There was silence between us. I looked past Matt and to the wall behind him.

“You like Daniel,” Matt stated repositioning us to make eye contact. Matt has good intuition, apparently. “It’s OK. Nothing is happening here other than two men who are into bondage becoming good buddies. At least I hope that is what is happening here,” Matt chuckled. I laughed at that. “I know you like Daniel and he likes you. The type of experience we shared this weekend and what is being planned is bringing us together. That’s all. And it’s OK to enjoy it.”

I thanked Matt for that and he pulled me into the tightest bear hug.

“If you don’t want me to kiss you going forward that’s OK. Don’t worry about it,” Matt said. I looked at him deadpan and then pulled him in and gave him another kiss.

“Does that settle that,” I said.

“Yes,” he said with that grin he made and I liked.

“Let’s go eat,” Matt suggested.

I turned Matt around and grabbed his wrists and pulled them behind his back.

“Seriously,” Matt commented.

“I told you that you would belong to me tonight until tomorrow morning. So, yes, you are getting cuffed. I’ll take them off when we get to the restaurant but I want you to know that I own you for now.” With that I grabbed the handcuffs and put them on Matt. I double locked the cuffs and placed the keys in my pocket.  I pulled his body against mine and wrapped my arms around his chest. I nuzzled my chin against his neck and held him tight.

“That feels good, Dave,” Matt said in a low tone. “Thank you.” Matt relaxed into me and we enjoyed the moment.

As we started walking towards the garage Matt asked for his wallet and I told him he wouldn’t need it. He rolled his eyes at me. I gave him a slight tap to the head. There was a fun dynamic to the way we interacted. It was almost like two brothers that went out of their way to annoy each other in a humorous manner. I decided I liked Matt in that context and I could see us becoming fast friends.

We drove to a nearby restaurant we were both familiar with that had a large outside patio. The weather was nice and we felt it would be a good place to take our time with dinner and talk about the weekend.

When we arrived I removed the cuffs from Matt and we walked to the host’s stand. When the host looked up he did a double take that was noticeable. We were seated in a quiet corner of the patio without anyone around us, which was perfect for the conversation we were going to have over dinner.

“Do you think he noticed the collars?” I said jokingly to Matt. Matt laughed along with me.

We ordered our meals and started to talk about the weekend. I told Matt I liked being arrested and transported. The act of having to surrender someplace else and then taken to the location and not knowing where it is appealed to me. It reinforced the sense of helplessness and dependence by me on them. I thought the sludge pit was a great way to start. It was completely unexpected and something unique. It was part bondage and part humiliation for me being in the sludge with it being lapped towards me from time to time and having to keep it away from my mouth. Matt asked about how I felt with Brian dumping the can of sludge over my head. I told him I was surprised by that and thinking back it was kind of hot. The sludge was oozing into every body cavity I had so including the head made sense to complete the experience. I told Matt I’d like to be put in the pit again. He smiled and said that could be arranged and then asked for how long. I said that shouldn’t be up to me. He had that shit grin on his face again.

“Be careful what you ask for,” Matt cautioned.

We talked about the box I was put in, and fell asleep in, along with the walking in circles and having to move the bricks around. Matt explained it’s important to exercise the prisoner to keep the body limber and not static so while the chores were meant to be demeaning, boring and slightly challenging there was also a secondary purpose behind them. It would help me handle the other experiences they put me through. Matt told me an extended session would be paced but depending on the goal wouldn’t have so many of those periods. If the intent is true punishment, some torture, and getting me to completely submit in a way I had yet to do I need to be prepared to be treated as an object to be broken. Matt stopped talking to let that last comment sink in.

As we continued talking I said I wasn’t a fan of eating from the floor and out of the trough but I understood why and how it reinforced our submission. Matt smiled and said that’s the idea.

Having Matt end up being staked out next to me and also being a prisoner for the rest of the weekend was unexpected but welcomed. I told Matt I enjoyed getting to initially know him when we were able to talk but most importantly it helped me get through the rest of the experiences having him with me. Matt reminded me that was unexpected for him, too. He’s glad it happened and glad that he was going to submit to me later. He also said having a buddy to help get through the experience won’t likely happen again.

Matt was up front that the weekend just finished was more a primer for me than what real pain and suffering would be like. What and how things happened were carefully planned to pace out my energy, rest intervals and intensity. Matt reminded me not much of what I experienced could be considered real pain. Most of the experiences were uncomfortable and mentally challenging, but not much of the weekend would have caused me to safe word if that was a possibility. I had to agree with him. It was an amazing weekend but and I want to do something similar again but it wasn’t overtly painful or difficult in most senses.

I asked Matt how the flogging was in the last experience for him. He said it was hard. They chose a flogger that was meant to inflict pain. Matt explained how different types of leather provide different experiences when being flogged. I thought back to the flogger John used on me in our first session. He broke me down that time slowly, methodically and without concern based on what I asked him to do. An entire week or more of that intensity is frightening.

Matt then started talking about the weekend with John, Daniel and himself and the ten days experience. He didn’t mince words and said both would involve pain meant for me to safe word out, if that was even going to be an option. There would also be levels of humiliation far more difficult than the sludge pit or eating off the floor. Some of what Matt said scared me making me think twice about continuing and I told him so. Matt asked if I trusted him and, of course, I did. He said the weekend then will be about trusting myself. Will I trust myself enough to take everything that is happening to me and keep going knowing the three of them are attempting to make me quit? That was the intent of the weekend to come. I told him I would need to think about it. Matt said he would do whatever necessary to help me understand and come to a good decision.

We finished dinner and I paid the check. I looked over at Matt and reminded him he had something to tell me.

“Yeah, about that,” Matt started. “It’s been a while since I submitted to someone other than Daniel or the guys. I just want you to know I’m a bit nervous and I’m not sure why.”

“What if I told you all I had planned for tonight is a mixture of some light torment and touching?” I said. “I really just want to spend time with you tonight and use this evening as a way to say thank you for being with me throughout the weekend.”

Matt smiled and a sense of relief seemed to come over him. I slipped my foot out of the flip flop and took the barefoot and ran it up Matt’s leg rubbing up and down.

“How’s that?” I asked.

Matt moaned and said, “That’s perfect.”

“Let’s get going then.”

We got up from the table and walked back to the car. Along the way I walked slightly behind Matt and used my right hand to rub up and down on his spine on top of the tank top fabric. It was a small gesture but I wanted Matt to understand I liked him and appreciated him.

At the car I had Matt remove the tank top and recuffed his hands behind his back. I also had him remove the flip flops and get in the car barefoot. It’s a small gesture of dominance but I like those when they happen to me. We made the short trip back to my house and found ourselves in the living room. Matt leaned his head into my shoulder and rested it there while I pulled him into a hug and ran my hand up and down his lower spine.

“Ready to start?” I asked.

“Yes, Sir,” Matt replied.

I reached over and undid the belt around his shorts and then unzipped the shorts. I pulled apart the opening and touched his cock through the jock strap that Matt was wearing. Matt moaned. I got down on my knees and pulled the shorts down leaving Matt in just the jockstrap. Standing up I continued to play with his genitals through the jock fabric. Matt closed his eyes. While one had continued to play with his cock the other found his right nipple and started a slow, sensual massage. Matt’s head tilted slightly back and then forward coming to rest on my shoulder. I continued what I was doing.

“Thank you, Sir,” came the soft comment from Matt.

“You’re a good boy,” I said back.

My gear bag was sitting on the floor and stepped away from Matt for a moment to dig into it. Finding the blindfold I grabbed it and came to stand in front of Matt. Showing it to Matt he nodded his head in agreement and then leaned in for a kiss which I returned. While we were kissing I slipped the blindfold onto his head taking his sight away. I then guided Matt over to the chair and I sat down while I had him kneel in front of me.

Both nipples this time were the object of my fingers. Slowly they circled each tip and lightly ran across the tops. Matt’s cock was straining at full mast inside his jock strap. Matt let out a long, tortured moan.

“Sir, permission to worship you?” Matt asked. I wondered what he had in mind.

“Permission granted.”

Matt scooted back from me a bit and bent his body over. His head went down to my bare feet. He found the top of my right foot and started to kiss it. For the next ten minutes Matt orally worshipped my feet. He was good at it. He had me moaning in pleasure. To show my appreciation I nuzzled his hair with my hands. He finally lifted up his head, scooted back in close to me and put his head in my crotch.

“Is that what you want,” I asked.

“Yes, Sir,” he replied.

I unzipped my shorts, pulled them down and pushed aside the jock strap I was wearing. Matt leaned in and took my cock in his mouth and went to work. He was good. I leaned back into the chair and closed my eyes. It felt amazing.

When Matt came up for air I pulled his head up and gave him the best kiss I could muster in that moment. Both of us were slightly panting.

“Let’s move this into the bedroom”

“Yes, Sir.”

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