10 Days in Detention – Part 31

Socalbd 10 DaysBy socalbd

After moving into the bedroom I stripped Matt out of his jock strap and tied him spread eagle to the bed. His cock was still at full mast and pulsing in rhythm with his heartbeat. He was still blindfolded and highly responsive to the slightest touch as I worked to secure his wrists and ankles to the corners.

I stripped down and climbed onto the bed and scooted up next to Matt so our bodies were touching with my right arm between his head and the pillow. My cock was pressing against his bare skin and the pre-cum was keeping me hard as I gently moved it up and down the side of his body. My left hand was moving up and down Matt’s chest and abs making slight contact with his skin. Matt’s breathing was regular but heavy.

He was enjoying this as much as I was. For the next ten minutes I just continued what I was doing without any verbal interaction. Every now and again my left hand would stop on one or the other of his nipples and give them extra attention which would make Matt moan and his cock pulse faster. I also made a point to run my fingers along the chain collar grabbing the padlock from time to time. I was still wearing the chain collar Matt locked around my neck before dinner. I felt he should be the one to remove it when the time was right. For this evening, we belonged to each other.

“Thank you,” Matt said in an almost quiet under the breath kind of way. He repeated it two more times in succession.

“Thank you for what?” I chuckled. “I haven’t done anything to you yet.”

“You don’t realize it but you’ve done more for me already than has happened in a long time,” Matt commented. I didn’t respond thinking there’s a story there that needs to be told but on Matt’s terms and not now. I leaned over Matt turning his head towards mine and kissed him softly.

“What do you want me to do to you?” I asked Matt.

“If Sir could do a mix of pleasure and some pain, please,” Matt whispered as I continued to touch him. I gave him a few seconds without responding and he continued on his own.

“If Sir has some nipple clamps, use those. Pull on my balls every now and again. Clothespins, if you have them, Sir. Feed me your cock, Sir.” He stopped there but I could tell he was thinking and didn’t say anything yet.

“Dave, please just make me know that I’m the center of your attention and that I’m here to please you by my submission. I want… I need to be your sub tonight, please.”

The fact that Dave used my first name in that moment hinted to me he really wanted and needed this type of interaction tonight. It was a request and a real plea at the same time. I moved our heads together and told Matt we would have a good time and to enjoy the ride. I then kissed him deeply. When I broke off the kiss I got on my knees, straddled myself over Matt, and fed him my cock which he eagerly took in and serviced like a pro. He had me on the edge several times before I pulled out.

I extricated myself from Matt and off the bed to get to the gear bag. Funny thing, I had everything Matt had suggested. I guess nipple clamps, clothespins and ball weights are the standard beginners gear after restraints.

I grabbed the parachute stretcher I had along with the ball weights and a cord and mounted the bed. I gave Matt’s cock a couple of strokes using the pre-cum he was expelling. He winced a little as I grabbed his balls and pulled them away from his body to put the stretcher on. Matt was trimmed so I didn’t have to worry about catching any hair. I tied the cord to the stretcher and at the other end of the cord created a loop to hang the weights from. Adding a single weight to the loop I gently moved it over the edge of the bed and let it down until the weight’s full pull was on the stretcher. It wasn’t much to start with but it would give Matt a good tug on the balls.

“Thank you,” Matt said when he felt the weight pulling on his balls.

“Don’t thank me yet, boy. We are just starting,” I said in return.

Over the course of the next couple of hours I made sure Matt had the full experience of the clamps on his nipples, the clothespins on and off his cock skin and ample opportunity to service my cock. Of course, his cock got plenty of attention with stroking and sucking of my own on him.

“Please, please, please,” Matt whined over and over again as I edged him so close yet wouldn’t take him there quite yet. At this point I had removed all the toys and Matt was simply back to the spread eagle tie down as we had started.

“Do you want to cum for me boy,” I asked.

“Yes, please, Sir,” Matt moaned while bucking off the bed as I continued to stroke his cock.

“Do it now boy,” I commanded as I took him from the edge and he moved his body in unison with the strokes reaching climax and shooting a giant load all over his abs and chest.

He was breathing so hard it took some time for Matt to come down from the experience. I had gone to the bathroom and grabbed a wash cloth and soaked in hot water. I took that back to the bed and used it to clean Matt up. After, I scooted up against Matt and let my hands roam his body gently as he continued to come down emotionally and physically. Matt finally turned his head towards mine and I leaned in and accepted the kiss he wanted to give me. I knew he was good at that point and started to release his wrists and ankles from the corners. I also removed the restraints and finally the blindfold. When all of that was complete I took my spot in bed next to him again and just held him.

Matt rolled over onto his side so that we were facing each other. He took his arm and pulled me in closer so our bodies were touching and he intertwined his leg with mine. It felt so good. He nuzzled my neck with his head.

“Thank you,” Matt said. “That was amazing. It’s been a long time for me.”

“You’re welcome, Matt.”

“You didn’t cum?” he said to me more as a question than a statement.

I responded, “I’m still wearing the collar you put on me. It’s not my choice if I cum or when.” I smiled at him as I said it.

Matt took his hand and grabbed the chain collar around my neck and gently tugged on it. Then looking at me eye to eye he grabbed the collar and pulled it towards him until our foreheads were touching.

“Too bad you’re still hard then. It’s not happening tonight,” Matt said with that shit faced grin I’ve grown to know and love.

“Yes, Sir,” I responded back.

“Good answer, boy,” Matt shot back at me. He then pushed me onto my back on the bed so that he was straddling me with his full weight. He grabbed my wrists with his hands and moved them over my head and held them down. Leaning into me he kissed me and at the same time was grinding his cock into mine. Our pre-cum was slick and he was getting the desired effect as I grew hard and pulsed.

“That’s how I want you as we go to sleep, hard, frustrated and mine,” Matt said as he pulled back on to his knees, scooted up and then fed me his cock. The roles were clearly reversed.

When my breathing was hard and my body shaking Matt pulled out, unmounted me and told me to turn over onto my stomach. He pulled my wrists behind my back and held them in the small of my back as he leaned down on me with his throbbing cock aligned with my butt hole just lying there. I could feel the slickness of his cock from the pre-cum that was oozing out again. He gently moved it back and forth. He moved my arms down to my sides and lied down on top of me completely with his head next to mine.

“Do you trust me, Dave?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir, completely,” I responded. He continued to grind his cock between my butt cheeks. I started to wonder if he would penetrate me. Anal play was one of my limits when I first engaged with John, Daniel, Matt and the rest of the team. None of us had talked about it since the beginning. Matt continued to move his cock back and forth. It felt so good.

“I’m asking again,” Matt said, “do you trust me?”

Without hesitating I said, “Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir. I’m your slave, Sir.” A part of me wanted to give Matt whatever permission he was looking for. Matt stopped moving. He rolled off of me, had me turn to my side and moved his body alongside mine so we were face to face.

Looking into my eyes, Matt said, “You trust me. I would never break that trust. I want you to know that now. You will need to grab hold of that knowledge in the future. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

I thought about what was in the future. The weekends that were coming up and the long stretch of ten days as their prisoner were part of the future. Matt wanted me to know there would be times I would need to lean in on that trust I had for the guys. Deep down I knew what he was communicating without saying it. My life in those moments was going to be physically difficult, if not, painful, and emotionally very difficult. Also, and I had to trust they would push me without crossing lines.

“Yes, I understand,” I responded.

Matt looked at me intently for a moment and then slowly a smile started to come across his face as he nodded his head up and down.

“Thank you again for tonight, Dave. I needed that.” Matt said as he scooted our bodies together.

“Tomorrow morning I’ll return the favor.” With that we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms, and my very hard cock having to wait until tomorrow for release.

The next morning I woke up while lying on my side. I felt Matt’s breath against my neck as he was cuddling me with his arm over my chest and our legs intertwined. What a way to wake up.

“Someone is finally awake,” Matt said in my ear.

“Good morning,” I said back. “I could get used to this.”

We continued to enjoy each other’s company until Matt rolled away from me and headed to the bathroom. After he finished his business I took care of my morning routine.

I took Matt into the kitchen, both of us still naked and collared, and prepared breakfast. While we were eating I asked Matt about last night and his comment about needing it and not experiencing it for a long time.

Matt got quiet for a few moments and then started to talk.

“Daniel, the guys and me do play from time to time and it’s great. It’s also very prisoner, POW, captivity type play we engage in. There’s not any intimacy to it in the sense of bonding if that makes sense. When I first met Daniel it was the normal bedroom bondage like last night. The other guys were into that, too. As our collective needs and desire to do more captivity and prisoner type play developed along with Daniel building out the barn and the outdoor space to accommodate it, the bedroom intimacy stopped. Don’t get me wrong, we are all really close to each other as brothers in experience can be, but I think we lost something with each other along the way, too. I’m not sure how else to explain it.”

I gave it a few moments to sit there while I thought about what Matt said.

“Is there anyone in particular you would want to be more intimate with?” I asked.

“You mean like you and Daniel,” Matt shot back. “You’re blushing by the way,” he continued.

“Yes, I do like Daniel. I want to spend more time with him and see where it goes.”

“Honestly, I think Brian and I would be good together. We share common interests outside of this stuff. We even hang out, go to dinner together, and do social things. We are good friends.”

“And you haven’t pursued anything beyond that?”

Matt thought for a moment and then said, “I’m not sure if he’s interested.”

“There’s only one way to find out,” I said.

Matt nodded his head and smiled back at me. I thought best to leave the subject go after that.

As we were cleaning dishes Matt sidled up next to me and yanked on the chain collar slightly. I looked at him and smiled and he had that grin on his face that told me the morning was going to change direction shortly.

When the kitchen was all cleaned Matt grabbed my wrists and pulled them behind my back and crossed that holding them with his right hand. He took his left hand and brought it around the front of my body and pulled me into him with our naked bodies fully engaged against each other.

“Are you ready to talk about the 10 days and experience some more time tied up?” Matt asked.

“Yes, Sir,” I responded allowing my head to fall back onto his shoulder. Matt took his left hand and moved it slightly up to my chest and started to massage my nipples. He owned me from that moment as my body reacted to his touch.

“You’re mine.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Matt guided us back to the bedroom and pushed me onto the bed. He motioned for me to get into the spread eagle position and he wasted no time in getting me tied down. Then he mounted the bed and straddled my chest looking down at me.

“Let’s talk about the 10 days.”

For about 20 minutes he explained to me the different scenarios we could play out from POW but more intense than the past weekend, Master and slave roles, inmate prisoner, and all the way down to objectification. He was up front and descriptive about each and my cock was rock hard as he and discussed them in detail. He said a combination of any of them was possible. What I decided would give the team guidance on how to prepare the facility and gear necessary for the week plus experience. Matt was also very clear that there would be no safe words or early ending the experience once it started. The same would apply to the long weekend at John’s place before the 10 days would happen.

I told Matt I would need time to think about everything we discussed and also chat with Daniel about it when he and I spend the weekend together soon. I told Matt I knew I wanted it to be a challenge, that I wanted to suffer in a way and be taken near the breaking point only to be able to continue through. In a few words I wanted a life changing experience.

Matt nodded his head at the last part and reminded me to be careful what I asked for.

“Speaking of which, what do you want to have happen right now, boy?” Matt grinned at me.

“I’m your slave, Sir. Do unto me as was done unto you,” I replied.

Matt smiled and off he went playing with my body in much the same way I did with him. After a couple of hours of edging, nipple play, ball slapping and pulling, and taking his cock orally, Matt finally edged me to completion with the largest load of cum on my body and chest that I could ever remember happening.

It was late afternoon by the time we left the bed, showered together and cleaned up the place. Matt asked if the keys to the collar padlocks were on the keyring and I said yes. He pushed me to my knees and then unlocked my collar and took it off. Next he took my hands, brought me to my feet, handed me the keys. He dropped to his knees. I likewise removed his collar and brought him back to his feet. We embraced and kissed. The hug between us lasted a long time.

“I’m happy to do this with you again any time, Matt. I really enjoyed last night and today. I don’t always need dungeon or prisoner play with a good friend.” As I said that Matt pulled me in tighter and I could feel his body shudder a bit. I just held him and let him have his moment.

When we pulled apart there was a small tear in his eye. I smiled and kissed him again. There was a friendship and bond that started between us from this day.

After doing dinner out I took Matt home which was only two blocks from me. We lived super close to each other.   We arranged for me to spend time at his place next weekend. Matt promised me 24 hours of difficult, strenuous, and limit pushing bondage that would make me suffer. When he said that I didn’t respond right away. Matt continued to look me in the eyes and he could see I was processing what he said. I finally nodded my head in agreement and his facial expression went to his shit grin look. It made me smile but I also knew there was determination behind his comment and his look. We said our goodbyes and he left the car and went into his house. I drove the short distance home and started to think about the next weekend. What would happen?

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  2. Wow! What a great story. My cock is always super hard while reading each part. When Dave submits to whatever happens; i submit. i want to submit to John, Daniel, Brian, Adam, Matt, and Dave. i want to be on my knees kissing and licking their boots and feet. i want them to shove their dick down my throat or any other hole i have.
    Socalbd please write more, please don’t torture me. You are a talented writer I beg you to edge me closer with more.

  3. Have just binge read all 31 chapters, this is super hot and given me many ideas
    I hope this isn’t the end and there will be further chapters
    Many thanks for writing and sharing

  4. Here’s hoping that you’re able to add another chapter or two soon. Your writing has been keeping me on edge both figuratively and literally!

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