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Bliss Slave Collar

For those who want a little love sewn into their leather restraints, behold the Bliss Slave Collar, which is handmade by Sinvention in Canada. It comes with a locking buckle.

Sinvention is a “mom and pop” shop that has been creating fine leather items for the kink community since the 1990s


Note that Sinvention is a “mom and pop” shop that has been creating fine leather items for the kink community since the 1990s. This is high-quality gear. They are based in Canada.

Sinvention is a “mom and pop” shop that has been creating fine leather items for the kink community since the 1990s

Gay bondage: Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey

Spencer Reed takes Phillip Aubrey on a BDSM journey


This is a vintage shoot from Bound Gods

Spencer Reed brought his partner, Phillip Aubrey, to Bound Gods. Phillip was new to BDSM and had wanted to do Bound Gods for the longest time with his partner. With some reservations, Spencer agrees but he’s not going easy on his boyfriend. In the playroom, Spencer is wicked. It’s his way or the highway. Phillip’s journey is real and raw. He takes everything Spencer throws at him. Trying to process the connection to Spencer as a dom and also lover, Phillip lays it all out for us to see. This is one brave couple.

MetalbondNYC_02_Spencer_Reed MetalbondNYC_03_Spencer_Reed MetalbondNYC_04_Spencer_Reed MetalbondNYC_05_Spencer_Reed MetalbondNYC_06_Spencer_Reed

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Bondage sex amongst two insatiable twinks

Insatiably horny twink Tyler Tanner has a raging hard-on that won’t go away, no matter how many times he fucks submissive bottom Myott Hunter. Myott is hanging by his wrists and ankles in a swing, and his moist, pulsating hole quivers at the mere thought of Tyler’s gigantic, bobbing fuckrod. Myott’s eyes widen as Tyler’s dick has somehow impossibly gotten even thicker and harder!

Even though Myott, the little twink slave, has currently already been fucked and fucked hard several times by twink master Tyler, neither sex craving horndog even thinks about stopping. And as far as Tyler is concerned, a moment’s rest is a moment too long. Seeing his own personal twink fucktoy hanging in the swing, unable to get away or escape, turns Tyler on like nothing else.

Tyler plunges his cock the entire length of Myott’s well-used fucktunnel in one swift motion. Myott cries out with a simultaneous mixture of both exquisite pain and exquisite pleasure! The pain/pleasure-delirious bottom doesn’t know whether to beg his dominator to stop or continue, go faster or slower. And as Tyler plows into Myott’s perfect twink ass, he is delighted by the fact that even though he has fucked the captive multiple times and delivered multiple loads, Myott’s hole is still fabulously tight!

See the VIDEO at BoundTwinks

See the VIDEO at BoundTwinks.com

Title: Tyler Tanner & Myott Hunter Encounter 3

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Joey – Part 06

By slavebladeboi

Joey skidded to a halt and leapt off his bike, leaving it resting against the fence with his safety chain over the cross bar and hoping Jack, who was close behind, would use it for both their bikes. Taking the steps two at a time, he punched the code into the lock and shoved his weight against the door, leaving it ajar for the figure already within sight. Jack had only taken 30 seconds to get his backpack closed and over his shoulders, and he was gaining rapidly.

Unlocking his apartment door, Joey immediately sent a text to Chris telling him he was in, safe and going to bed. He was in no mood for any interruptions to spoil the next few hours. He tossed his phone onto the chest of drawers and stood, panting, facing the door, his body glistening from that 15-minute race, the damp lycra suit clinging closely to his firm, muscled body.

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10 Days in Detention – Part 35

By socalbd

socalbd metalbond prison libraryAs I started to stir, I felt the warmth of Daniel’s body against mine.  Sometime during the night, I had rolled over to my other side and Daniel must have pulled me in tight.  Our midsections were touching, and our legs were intertwined.  His arm was over my torso pulling me close with my head in his chest.  It was a warm and safe place to be.  I snuggled into him to get closer, not that I could really be any closer than I already was to him.

“You are such a hot guy, you know that right?” he whispered in my ear.

“How did you know I was awake?”

“Your breathing pattern changed and that cock of yours started pulsing.  That, and the smile that came across your face after you realized where you are.”  He chuckled to himself when he said that.

I opened my eyes and looked up at him from where I was nestled into his chest.

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Leather bonding

Check out Jason Luna and Damian in Leather Lovebirds. It was originally filmed for Frock The World. This film truly shows Damian’s Dom but passionate side that his captives long for. Jason and Damian gear up, and Damian starts warming him up with some deep passionate kissing before Damian collars him. Before long Jason is sucking Damian’s uncut cock. Once he’s gotten Damian good and hard, Damian bends him over and starts flogging and paddling his ass. Jason takes it like a champ. Once Jason has proven himself, Damian returns his devotion by satisfying his needs and driving his cock deep into his hole.

Jason Luna and Damian in Leather Lovebirds

See the video here

Site: DamianXDragon

Title of this video: Jason Luna – Leather Lovebirds

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Liam and Isaac: Distraction

He walked quietly across the landing and gently knelt down just inside the doorway of Isaac’s study, looking up at him submissively as he waited for Isaac to notice him.

Liam’s and Isaac’s date night has gone a little bit awry. What had been intended to be a night for just the two of them has been interrupted by one of Isaac’s work meetings. But with Liam bored, and the perfect movie scene getting him the mood, he decides that if he must wait, he’ll wait on his terms.

By Aenyse

Huffing to himself as he went searching for yet another show to watch on the television, Liam glanced over to the door. He could still hear Isaac from his study, in his meeting with work. Going to get another cup of tea, Liam looked up the stairs to see if Isaac looked to be any closer to being done, not that he could see anything. All he could see was into Isaac’s bedroom, which just rubbed salt in the wound.

Liam wanted to be in there, playing. He and Isaac had organised their date night the previous weekend, when they’d gone to London together on a whim. But that morning, Isaac had suddenly been roped into a business meeting with the New York end of the company. Apparently they’d been offered a big settlement, which needed to be discussed since there were tens of millions of dollars on the line. Isaac had explained it to Liam, but Liam had a tendency to glaze over when Isaac started talking about insurance. He’d also been changing into some smarter clothes at the time, since it was a video call, so Liam had been distracted. All he knew was that Isaac’s presence was needed on the call for a twenty minute meeting about whether to accept or not.

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10 Days in Detention – Part 31

Socalbd 10 DaysBy socalbd

After moving into the bedroom I stripped Matt out of his jock strap and tied him spread eagle to the bed. His cock was still at full mast and pulsing in rhythm with his heartbeat. He was still blindfolded and highly responsive to the slightest touch as I worked to secure his wrists and ankles to the corners.

I stripped down and climbed onto the bed and scooted up next to Matt so our bodies were touching with my right arm between his head and the pillow. My cock was pressing against his bare skin and the pre-cum was keeping me hard as I gently moved it up and down the side of his body. My left hand was moving up and down Matt’s chest and abs making slight contact with his skin. Matt’s breathing was regular but heavy.

He was enjoying this as much as I was. For the next ten minutes I just continued what I was doing without any verbal interaction. Every now and again my left hand would stop on one or the other of his nipples and give them extra attention which would make Matt moan and his cock pulse faster. I also made a point to run my fingers along the chain collar grabbing the padlock from time to time. I was still wearing the chain collar Matt locked around my neck before dinner. I felt he should be the one to remove it when the time was right. For this evening, we belonged to each other.

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