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Leather bonding

Check out Jason Luna and Damian in Leather Lovebirds. It was originally filmed for Frock The World. This film truly shows Damian’s Dom but passionate side that his captives long for. Jason and Damian gear up, and Damian starts warming him up with some deep passionate kissing before Damian collars him. Before long Jason is sucking Damian’s uncut cock. Once he’s gotten Damian good and hard, Damian bends him over and starts flogging and paddling his ass. Jason takes it like a champ. Once Jason has proven himself, Damian returns his devotion by satisfying his needs and driving his cock deep into his hole.

Jason Luna and Damian in Leather Lovebirds

See the video here

Site: DamianXDragon

Title of this video: Jason Luna – Leather Lovebirds

gay leather bondage Jason Luna and Damian in Leather Lovebirds

Liam and Isaac: Distraction

He walked quietly across the landing and gently knelt down just inside the doorway of Isaac’s study, looking up at him submissively as he waited for Isaac to notice him.

Liam’s and Isaac’s date night has gone a little bit awry. What had been intended to be a night for just the two of them has been interrupted by one of Isaac’s work meetings. But with Liam bored, and the perfect movie scene getting him the mood, he decides that if he must wait, he’ll wait on his terms.

By Aenyse

Huffing to himself as he went searching for yet another show to watch on the television, Liam glanced over to the door. He could still hear Isaac from his study, in his meeting with work. Going to get another cup of tea, Liam looked up the stairs to see if Isaac looked to be any closer to being done, not that he could see anything. All he could see was into Isaac’s bedroom, which just rubbed salt in the wound.

Liam wanted to be in there, playing. He and Isaac had organised their date night the previous weekend, when they’d gone to London together on a whim. But that morning, Isaac had suddenly been roped into a business meeting with the New York end of the company. Apparently they’d been offered a big settlement, which needed to be discussed since there were tens of millions of dollars on the line. Isaac had explained it to Liam, but Liam had a tendency to glaze over when Isaac started talking about insurance. He’d also been changing into some smarter clothes at the time, since it was a video call, so Liam had been distracted. All he knew was that Isaac’s presence was needed on the call for a twenty minute meeting about whether to accept or not.

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At Last

By Cutieboy90

stories by cutieboy90 male bdsm“Oh fuck!” I’d finally hilted. I bite my lip, fighting the urge to make this pleasure quick. My cock throbs its frustration, squeezed into the silky softness of his tight ass.

I smile down at him, giving slow rolling thrusts as we acclimate to the tight fit we are. Kissing the sweat from his forehead, I caress his shoulder with one hand as I pant in heat. I feel his cock hard rubbing against my abs. His eyes tell me he’s ready for the ride I promised. I give his sweet mouth a sensual kiss, muffling his moans with my tongue as I pick up the pace.

It’s like the feeling you get as the roller coaster reaches the top of the track, or the airplane starts to take off. The anticipation is almost more exciting because you know exactly what’s about to happen, but you’re not there yet. Then you get faster and faster until you outrace time itself, even if for a moment.

Faster and faster, my heart pounds. Harder and harder, my cock drives. I break our kiss, only to growl in pleasure.

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10 Days in Detention – Part 31

Socalbd 10 DaysBy socalbd

After moving into the bedroom I stripped Matt out of his jock strap and tied him spread eagle to the bed. His cock was still at full mast and pulsing in rhythm with his heartbeat. He was still blindfolded and highly responsive to the slightest touch as I worked to secure his wrists and ankles to the corners.

I stripped down and climbed onto the bed and scooted up next to Matt so our bodies were touching with my right arm between his head and the pillow. My cock was pressing against his bare skin and the pre-cum was keeping me hard as I gently moved it up and down the side of his body. My left hand was moving up and down Matt’s chest and abs making slight contact with his skin. Matt’s breathing was regular but heavy.

He was enjoying this as much as I was. For the next ten minutes I just continued what I was doing without any verbal interaction. Every now and again my left hand would stop on one or the other of his nipples and give them extra attention which would make Matt moan and his cock pulse faster. I also made a point to run my fingers along the chain collar grabbing the padlock from time to time. I was still wearing the chain collar Matt locked around my neck before dinner. I felt he should be the one to remove it when the time was right. For this evening, we belonged to each other.

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The Chain Won’t Break

By ty dehner

ty dehner male bdsm authorAs I lifted the shaft of the right boot, the leather scent became stronger. That polished scent was challenging the smell of the other leathers I was wearing, but boot leather is very special, especially this pair that I am about to lace on. The rich red color will make these boots stand out against the black of the leather pants I wear. But I think my man wanted that.

Sliding my socked foot into the boot, I feel the leather close snuggly around my foot. This was a moment when I was unsure that I would ever experience this feeling again. My right foot has changed, healing after a long time that made me understand myself and my relationship with my Boss.

As I pulled the shafts around my leathered leg, smoothing out the gusset and covering the white boot sock, my cock started to grow. Well, trying as my manhood is locked up under the leather jeans, so it doesn’t have much space to expand.

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Excerpt From Leather Affection

By ty dehner

ty dehner authorLance is in bed, naked. The bed covers lay across the lower part of Lance’s body, leaving his chest exposed, as he listens to the rain falling on the roof. His uncovered arm moves from his side, sliding over the edge of the bed. On the floor is Sean, laying on his side facing away from the bed. The boy wears a thick two-inch leather collar, a pair of Lance’s lace-up Wesco Jobmaster boots, spiked leather codpiece and leather chest harness. His ankles are bound in leather restraints that are locked together. Leather restraints on Sean’s wrists keep his arms together before him.

The boy is a bit chilly on the floor, but he likes being captive in his Master’s bedroom. Lance reaches down, running his hand on Sean’s arm. As Lance touches the boy, Sean opens his eyes, turning his head toward the Master.

“You awake, Sir?”

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My Adventures With Billy – Part 14

By Robmacz

‘Name?’ I was asked, and the inmate looked me up on the computer, then looked at me strangely. He turned to the other inmate behind the counter, who seemed to be more experienced and pointed to the screen.

‘I’ll deal with this one, you carry on with the next.’

He collected two lots of underclothes, towel, blanket, and toiletries from the place the other guys had had theirs issued from, but then he left the counter and went to the back of the room. I was wondering what was going on when he reappeared with two yellow jumpsuits, which instead of having DOC on the back like all the others had SSU printed on it. Then unlike the other guys who had been issued with black boots, he put a pair of orange canvas shoes on top.

‘Why I am I getting a different uniform?’ I asked.

‘Cuz you goin to the Special Segregation Unit. You’d better watch your back in there.’

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By Siratpdx

Recently, I connected with a young man of 25 over Scruff who was interested in me and wanted to explore and experience a deeper and more intense session with an older, more experienced person, focusing on impact and e-stim.  Our connection was very happenstance.  I had made a car trip from the west coast to Chicago a few months before, and I spent a night in a town near when he lives.  I am far from certain how the algorithms work, but I suggested that I ended up in his Scruff feed as an ‘echo’ of my presence from being in the area a few weeks before.

We chatted a few times over the phone and video.  I was impressed with him, and for me at least, it is not that often that I come across man who invokes more than a sense of chemistry, but a more intimate and spiritual connection that I would describe as limerence.  He is more than young enough to be my son, and in some ways we connected in that dad-son dynamic that only gay men really understand.

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