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Buying Love – The Admiral’s Origin Story: Part 04

By Cutieboy90

“Ahhhhhhhhh…!” Shane Matthews sighed contentedly under the hot cascade of the shower. His voice echoed on the white marble tile as peppermint perfumed steam rose to caress his body. “Ahh fuck yeah…”

Matthews ran his hand across his chest, leaving a trail of thick lather clinging to his hair and skin. The muscular sailor leaned against the wall and idly lathered his cock with a fistfull of bubbles. Though spent after fucking Tyler Clark’s cute butt for over an hour, Matthews’ virile cock grew hard at the touch and memory of its latest conquest.

“Two for one. Kinda?” Matthews stroked himself gently working the luxurious oil-rich soap along his seven-inch length, replaying in his mind how he’d been the top of the dogpile. Sexy fucker Brent Charles all roped up and gagged, his alpha top ass being plowed by virgin Clark who was himself impaled on Matthews. “Yeah, it totally counts…” Matthews purred as he fondled his nuts.

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By Cutieboy90

Chris squeezed his eyes shut, trying for the dozenth time in the same number of minutes to force himself to sleep. He tried not to toss and turn too much, though he couldn’t help it. Not five seconds later, Chris’s eyes flashed open, and his lips cracked back into a big silly grin. He looked to the clock on the nightstand, finding the time still too early to do anything.

With a whimper, the excited pup curled himself around his body pillow, his back to the clock. Next to him, sleeping cozily, was his boyfriend and owner, Brian. Brian was only a few years older, but had some salt and peppered hair, and a strong, beefy build. He was a playful, kind, but firm master, and a very loving boyfriend.

Yet another rush of excitement coursed through the boy’s body, his hard cock throbbing now too. Typically, Chris would spend the night in some form of restraints, in his cage next to the bed, or if he’d been naughty, on the floor. Tonight was the rare occasion he was allowed to sleep without any restraints, save for his collar, and Brian’s arms around him. Even his cock cage had been unlocked for the night, though Chris wasn’t allowed to cum. He still had his dogtail butt plug stuffed in his butt, which didn’t help anything. A night like this always meant something really amazing was about to happen…

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Leather Xmas

By Stormbound

stormbound boy gay leather gimpIt is a frosty morning outside, but inside the house is warm and cozy. In the living room a fire crackles merrily in the fireplace, while a man reclines casually on the couch with a cup of fresh coffee in hand. The man is quite the leather bear, tall and strong with a well-groomed, short black beard and gray-green eyes. His beefy muscular frame is clad in a leather jacket over a white t shirt, leather pants, and a pair of crisp leather boots. A leather biker cap on his head over his cropped hair. As he takes a sip of his coffee, he hears the door to the kitchen open.

He looks over to see another man come out with his own cup of coffee. This man is a little shorter and a bit broader than the first, with a slightly shorter beard of fine dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. But he is dressed in the same leatherman style as the man on the couch, the thick quality leather creaking with the movement of his burly muscles as he walks over and sits down on the couch with a smirk next to the first man.

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New chastity story for Locktober 2023: ‘Promises’ by Eirzirn

Hey prisoners, I know many of you are locked up for Locktober! Which is great, because a gaymer, kinkster, and friendly dude named Eirzirn has written a really hot bondage and chastity story just for the occasion! It’s called ‘Promises’ and you can read it on the LockedMEN.net site, in the forums under Chastity Fantasies.

lockedMEN male chastity stories


LockedMEN requires registering, but it is free and well worth it, if you ask me!

The author is also on X (formerly Twitter)

Good book: Tempered By Fire

Not long after Andrew finds true love, new and unexpected life challenges emerge. While trying to face the difficulties of his partner’s HIV diagnosis, he begins to explore deep desires that he had repressed until now. After an exciting weekend of kinky experiences in Seattle, his desire to delve further into the world of bondage and domination only grows.

As Andrew explores the gay leather scene in Southern California, he soon discovers personal strength, both mental and physical, that he has gained from the challenges of submitting to other men. Unexpectedly, the deep bonds he has formed with others enhances his commitment and love for his life partner.

In this heartfelt and deeply personal account of loss and redemption, the author describes how exposing himself to complete submission has made himself stronger. This is a story about how BDSM can be a positive and empowering force.

the author describes how exposing himself to complete submission has made himself stronger


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Bliss Slave Collar

For those who want a little love sewn into their leather restraints, behold the Bliss Slave Collar, which is handmade by Sinvention in Canada. It comes with a locking buckle.

Sinvention is a “mom and pop” shop that has been creating fine leather items for the kink community since the 1990s


Note that Sinvention is a “mom and pop” shop that has been creating fine leather items for the kink community since the 1990s. This is high-quality gear. They are based in Canada.

Sinvention is a “mom and pop” shop that has been creating fine leather items for the kink community since the 1990s

Gay bondage: Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey

Spencer Reed takes Phillip Aubrey on a BDSM journey


This is a vintage shoot from Bound Gods

Spencer Reed brought his partner, Phillip Aubrey, to Bound Gods. Phillip was new to BDSM and had wanted to do Bound Gods for the longest time with his partner. With some reservations, Spencer agrees but he’s not going easy on his boyfriend. In the playroom, Spencer is wicked. It’s his way or the highway. Phillip’s journey is real and raw. He takes everything Spencer throws at him. Trying to process the connection to Spencer as a dom and also lover, Phillip lays it all out for us to see. This is one brave couple.

MetalbondNYC_02_Spencer_Reed MetalbondNYC_03_Spencer_Reed MetalbondNYC_04_Spencer_Reed MetalbondNYC_05_Spencer_Reed MetalbondNYC_06_Spencer_Reed

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gay bondage videos

Bondage sex amongst two insatiable twinks

Insatiably horny twink Tyler Tanner has a raging hard-on that won’t go away, no matter how many times he fucks submissive bottom Myott Hunter. Myott is hanging by his wrists and ankles in a swing, and his moist, pulsating hole quivers at the mere thought of Tyler’s gigantic, bobbing fuckrod. Myott’s eyes widen as Tyler’s dick has somehow impossibly gotten even thicker and harder!

Even though Myott, the little twink slave, has currently already been fucked and fucked hard several times by twink master Tyler, neither sex craving horndog even thinks about stopping. And as far as Tyler is concerned, a moment’s rest is a moment too long. Seeing his own personal twink fucktoy hanging in the swing, unable to get away or escape, turns Tyler on like nothing else.

Tyler plunges his cock the entire length of Myott’s well-used fucktunnel in one swift motion. Myott cries out with a simultaneous mixture of both exquisite pain and exquisite pleasure! The pain/pleasure-delirious bottom doesn’t know whether to beg his dominator to stop or continue, go faster or slower. And as Tyler plows into Myott’s perfect twink ass, he is delighted by the fact that even though he has fucked the captive multiple times and delivered multiple loads, Myott’s hole is still fabulously tight!

See the VIDEO at BoundTwinks

See the VIDEO at BoundTwinks.com

Title: Tyler Tanner & Myott Hunter Encounter 3

kiss me bondage twinks