10 Days in Detention – Part 33

By socalbd

SoCalBD authorI started to stir out of my sleep.  I was lying in a fetal position with naked skin pressing against most of the backside of my body.  Matt was pressed up against me with one arm under my head and the other over my body lying on my chest.  I could feel his engorged cock pressing between my butt cheeks pulsing.  His breath made my neck tingle as be inhaled and exhaled.  He was awake.  He took the hand over my chest and lightly massaged my nipple.  I moaned.

“Morning, sleepy head.  I was starting to wonder when you were going to wake up,” he whispered in my ear.

“I could wake up like this every morning,” I said.  I grabbed his hand that was on my nipple pulling us into a tight hug.  It felt good to wake up with someone else you cared about.

Matt leaned in and said, “Well, you might want to have that conversation with Daniel, then. I’m going to have that conversation with Brian this next weekend.”  When he said that I rolled around to face Matt while keeping us partially intertwined.

“So, you made the decision to come clean?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Matt responded while smiling.  Then almost like a light switch his demeanor changed and he had a concerned look on his face.

Looking at me, he started, “Are you OK?  How are you really this morning?  I’m not liking myself for what happened yesterday.”

“What are you talking about?” I shot back.

“I was an ass towards you.  I took the consensual/nonconsensual too far,” he said and rolled on his back looking up at the ceiling.  It was time for the conversation we both avoided yesterday.

“Did you do anything you promised me wouldn’t happen?  You were very clear on the type of SM play, and I agreed to it.”

Over the next 30 minutes we talked about the experience.  Yes, there were moments I was angry with Matt.  Actually, it was more than moments.  I also kept telling myself over and over we had talked about it before we started and logically, I agreed to the situation.  That’s part of what kept me going.  Matt told me how emotionally difficult it was for him to not stop when I begged, screamed, yelled, cried, sobbed and so many more emotions as it was happening.  He said he felt like he was raping me or worse and he didn’t like that feeling.  I asked why he kept going.  He said he had asked so many times about whether I trusted him that he thought if he stopped, he was breaking the trust and bond we had made prior to starting.  It was one of the reasons he gave me an out right after the first nipple clamp went on.  If I continued at that point, it was really OK to continue and not stop. And of course, I did tell him to keep going in that very colorful language.

I told him I could see he had been crying a couple of times when he returned after leaving me alone.  Matt said he had called John during the session to talk, and John said it was up to Matt how to proceed and whether to keep going.  Matt also reminded John what happened the time John put Matt through a similar experience.  Matt volunteered that John had gone through the same emotional roller coaster on the dom side that Matt went through with me yesterday.

We both ended up sitting cross legged facing each other for most of the conversation holding hands as we each talked through the emotional ups and downs we both experienced. Matt apologized repeatedly and said it wouldn’t happen again.  I had to stop him and ask if he did anything I hadn’t agreed to, and he said no.  I asked if he had given me more than enough opportunities to stop things and he agreed he had.  I told him he had nothing to apologize for and I’m sorry he had to go through what he went through.  I also told him, though, as selfish as it may sound, I’m glad it was hard on him.  He gave me a funny look and I explained it was because he cared about me.  That fact, that trust, I had in him was even deeper now than it was before the session.

“I’m scared now,” I said to him.

“Why?” Matt asked.

“I won’t be able to take that for 10 days.  I’m not built for that kind of real torture.  Probably not even for a long weekend with John, Daniel and you.  I’m going to have to call it all off,” I said looking down and away from Matt.

“No,” Matt responded.  “The last 24 hours was the test in a way.  As I said John put me through something similar a few years back when I asked for something like what you are asking for, just different.  I made it through and so did you.  John and I talked long and hard about this session before I agreed to do it with you and to you.  He warned me what would and could happen to both of us if it didn’t end up well.  But as far as you not going forward, you can do it.  You will do it.  There will be intensity like this, but it won’t be sustained like this.  You learned about intensity.  It’s up to us to pace it out so you can, and will, make it through.  Consider what I’m telling you.”

He pulled me in tight to a hug and then kissed me.

When we pulled apart, he asked, “Are you and I, OK?”  Matt asked with pleading eyes.

“I asked you to stay the night, didn’t I?” I said smiling at him.  We were good.

“I have a question to ask you, then,” Matt started, “and you can say, no.  You saw my play space.  Would you be interested in keeping me prisoner in there for a short weekend?  I know you said you really haven’t tied anyone up much beyond some bed play but I do trust you and I think I can give you enough instruction ahead of time that you will be good.  And, I think I should offer you the opportunity at revenge.”  He looked away when he said that.  Then turning back towards me he continued, “Please consider it.”

“Why me?” I asked.

Matt took my hands again and started, “What you did the other weekend here was perfect.  It was just the right balance of bedroom play I need right now.  You were caring, safe and put me through a good combination of pain and pleasure dynamic.  It’s almost a gift you possess.”

“I’m not quite sure what you mean, but OK, as long as you give me some instruction and know that I’m not going to be able to keep up the head space the entire time.”

“I’m not looking for head space.  I’m looking for a connection.  And I think you and I have that.  Maybe Brian and I will have that, too.  Who knows, maybe you’ll tie us together,” he laughed as he said that.

Matt and I were in a good place when Matt left after lunch to head home.  I was sore.  And my nipples were still on fire almost a day later.  I had to take my shirt off after Matt left and go bare chested the rest of the day as the fabric rubbing against the nipples kept feeling abrasive against them.

Daniel and I started connecting more regularly during the week.  It started as text messages and then migrated to hour long phone calls.  We were both making an investment in us, whatever that was going to look like.  We set two weekends away for me to drive out to his property and spend the weekend.  We agreed if there was any play it would be simple and that the important part of the weekend was really to spend time and see how we were together just the two of us.  We both had feelings for the other and it was time to figure out what that meant.

Matt also stayed in touch all week, which I’m glad he did.  I felt bad that he felt bad about our session.  I was hoping he would get to a better place as I had, just a bit more quickly.  His tone changed for the better throughout the week as his “hot” date with Brian on Friday night was getting closer.  I wondered if Brian knew it was a hot date that was approaching.  We talked on the phone Thursday night and he was like a kid on Christmas Eve wanting to open all the presents.  I was glad for him.  He was taking a big step and he was confident in how it was going to go.  He kept thanking me for pushing him to tell Brian how he felt.  I thought, it was only one comment.

The weekend arrived and I had no plans for once.  For me it was errands and what I hoped would be a well-deserved Saturday afternoon nap.  Around 2:00 my phone buzzed from a local number I didn’t recognize.  I almost let it go to voice mail but decided to pick it up.


“Hey Dave, it’s Brian!”

Well, this is a surprise, I thought.

“Hey Brian, how are you?  This is a surprise,” I said.

“Well, let’s just say I’m glad you picked up.  I wanted to thank you for whatever you said to Matt.  Let’s just say the feelings were mutual and neither of us was going to say anything apparently.  Thanks for helping that along.”

“I’m glad it’s working out for the two of you.  Did Matt give you my number?” I asked.

“He did.  I hope that’s OK. I didn’t give him much of a choice seeing I wasn’t going to let him out if you he didn’t give me the number.  He’s a little tied up, at the moment.”  Brian chuckled as he said that and I heard a loud “hmphed” in the background.  I chuckled to myself.  Someone was gagged.  It seems last night hasn’t ended yet.

Brian continued, “Matt and I want you to join us for dinner tonight as a thank you.  It’ll be our treat including dessert.  Say, yes.”

“Are you sure I’m not intruding?  This seems awkward,” I said.

“No, not at all.  We really want to be with you tonight,” Brian continued.

“What time were you thinking?”

“How’s 5:30?”

“That will work,” I responded.

“Perfect,” Brian said.  “We will pick you up.  Dress is casual, in fact, super casual.  I expect jeans, a tank top and flip flops on you.  Yes, Matt and I talked about you.  And go commando under those jeans.”  Brian laughed again.

“This is dinner, right?” I asked laughing at the same time.

Brian interjected, “I said dessert, too.  The dessert might not happen at the restaurant, though.  You can trust us,” Brian said.  Then his voice lowered, and he got mellow.  “Seriously, for a moment, though, thanks again for whatever you said to Matt.  I, and Matt, do owe you and we would like to show our appreciation.  Please let us do that.”

How could I say no.  After we ended the call, I decided I still wanted my nap and there was time to do that.  Saturday afternoon naps are the best!  I set the alarm for 4:30 to give me enough time to wake slowly, shower and get ready for their arrival.  I stripped down and fell onto the bed.  Hugging one pillow while my head was on another I drifted off.

I woke up to the alarm and got ready per Brian’s instructions.  Right on time the doorbell rang at 5:30.

I opened the door to see Matt and Brian almost dressed identically to me.  Both were in jeans, tanks, and flip flops.  Brian was in a black tank that accentuated his chest, so hot!  Matt was in an olive tank that fit looser on him.  Both of them were wearing chain collars with padlocks around their necks and were holding hands.  The smiles on their faces lit up the porch and made me feel good.

I invited them in and closed the door.  As soon as I turned around Matt was there, pulled me into a hug and a deep kiss.

“Thank you,” he whispered in my ear.

As he pulled away Brian did the same thing holding the hug for a long time and squeezing me with all his strength before kissing me deeply and looking directly into my eyes and saying, “Thank you for doing what you did that I’m so happy today.”  I think I blushed.

As Brian stepped back, he took a good look at me and said, “You look good.  The gym is doing wonders.  Nice chest there, stud.”  It felt good to be complimented.

“There is one thing missing, though,” Brian continued.  He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a similar chain collar and lock.  He stepped forward and I instinctively lowered my head.  Matt stepped around behind me and grabbed my hands pulling them around my back and holding them there.

Brian lifted my chin and asked, “Are you good with this and where it’s going?  We haven’t told you anything other than dinner and dessert.”

“Yes,” I replied.  “I trust you both.”

Brian smiled, nodded his head towards Matt and placed the collar around my neck locking it on.  At the same time, I felt handcuffs being placed on my wrists locking them behind my back.  These guys had a plan.

“Just so you know,” Matt started while still standing behind and pulling my face towards him, “we are going to dinner.  We are both hungry and hope you are, too.  Dessert will be at my place and we intend to properly thank you for bringing us together.”  Matt turned me around, kissed me and thanked me again.  He asked where my keys were to lock up the house and Brian grabbed them.  I was assured I wouldn’t need anything else but I did convince them to at least bring my phone along.  Cuffed and collared I was led out of my house to the car and off to dinner we went.

The cuffs were taken off when we got to the parking lot and we went to the outside podium to check in.  Again, another beautiful night and perfect to sit outside and enjoy a good meal with new friends.  The young host took a good look at the three of us, smiled and then took us to our table.  I swear he wasn’t wearing underwear as he checked us out.  I was right about his interest.  During the meal I got up to use the restroom and had to walk past the host stand.  On the way back he excuses himself and I stop.  He asks me if the three of us are together, and I say they are, and that I’m a good friend joining them tonight.  He makes mentions of the collars and I smile.  Then he drops his head slightly and asks if we are into anything kinky and I said yes.  He blushed.  I said he’s welcome to come over and chat with us if that is allowed and he said that wouldn’t be appropriate but thanks.   He just had some questions and wasn’t sure how to get started.  I nodded, smiled, and walked back to the table.  I tell Matt and Brian the story.

Brian, says, “I got this,” and gets up and goes to the restroom.  Matt and I are watching as he starts to come back.  Brian stops at the host stand and asks for a pen and a piece of paper.  The host is watching what he writes.  Brian finishes it, hands the pen and paper back to the host and returns to the table.

“What did you give him,” I ask half laughing.

Brian chuckles and says, “I gave him my profile web address and the email I use for play dates.”  We all looked back at the host stand and the host is holding the paper, reading it again and again. He then folds it, pulls out his wallet and places it inside.  He looks over at our table and mouths, “Thank you,” to us.

“We all have to start someplace, right,” Brian says.  “I’ll let you know if he reaches out.”

Our conversation over dinner did cover Matt and Brian’s date last night.  Brian wanted to tell the story.  He said they had gone out to dinner and after paying the check Matt said he wanted to tell Brian something and Matt just started laying it all out there.  Brian said he had the same feelings toward Matt but was too scared to tell him for fear of being rejected and maybe ruining the friendship they had established.  Brian said as Matt kept talking and putting himself out there that he started crying and Matt had to ask what was wrong.  Then it was Brian’s turn to verbalize his feelings and Matt started crying.  When they got back to Matt’s place it was an evening of slow, sensual time getting to know each other in a different way.  As Brian continued, he said it was the first time he made love to someone else.  It wasn’t play.  It wasn’t sex.  Brian had started to tear up at our table.  Matt leaned over and kissed him.  Then they both thanked me again for pushing Matt to think about Brian and what he wanted and to take the chance.

Brian paid the bill and then it was time for dessert.  At the car Matt asked if I was OK with not knowing what he and Brian had planned as a thank you and I repeated I trusted them both.  Matt promised it would be very similar to what he and I had done at my place when I had Matt tied to the bed.  I smiled and said I was in.  Matt pulled my tank top up and over my head and had me turn around to get cuffed again.  He then took his hands and started massaging my nipples.  I was moaning and closed my eyes.  After about a minute we all got in the car and drove to Matt’s house.  We were inside in a matter of moments.  Matt took me to the playroom while Brian went to get changed.

Matt placed me to the middle of the playroom and had me kneel.  The bondage table that was in the center last weekend was pushed up against the one wall creating a lot of space in front of the thick bondage frame.  Matt had kicked off his flip flops when we first arrived.  He stood in front of me and slowly removed his tank top.  He had an amazing body.  He started to open up the jeans one button at a time being sure that I was watching him.  How could I not watch him?  His bush became visible and then he stopped.  He took his hands and placed them behind his back and then slightly bowed his head.  That’s when Brian walked in.

“Good boy, there,” Brian said walking over to Matt and tousling his hair.  Brian had changed into leather chaps, a leather jock and leather bulldog harness.  He looked like a stud!

“Like what you see, Dave?” Brian asked me.

“Yes, Sir,” I responded.

“No need for you to use, Sir.  You are our Guest tonight.  This one on the other hand is my alpha tonight.  And he’s a little over dressed still.”

Brian placed his hands on Matt’s hips, pulled him in close and they started kissing and making out in front of me.  It was sensual and it was loving.  Brian then pulled Matt’s jeans completely off leaving him naked except for the chain collar he was still wearing.

Brian looked over at me and said, “Time to get this one strung up.”

They approached and each took me by a separate arm, had me stand, and then moved me over and under the bondage frame facing me out into the room.  Matt grabbed a set of keys and went behind me to remove the handcuffs.  Brian had retrieved a set of leather wrist cuffs and small padlocks and they each worked a wrist to get them on and locked.  Ropes looped through a ring in the top corners of the frame were then secured off to each wrist restraint with the ropes then being pulled and raising my arms in the air out and away from my body.

Matt moved in front of me, placed his hands on my chest and slowly touched me moving his hands all over my skin.  It felt amazing.  My eyes and his kept in constant contact.  He next bent his head down and orally started worshipping my left nipple sending me into orbit with his tongue circling it again and again.  I felt my cock pulsing inside my jeans.  He finally came up for air.

“How are you doing?” he whispered.

“I’m doing great, thank you,” I said while trying to lean forward and kiss him but he pulled back slightly.

“Not yet,” he smiled at me.  “Who’s in control here?” he asked.

I responded, “You and Master Brian are in control.”  He smiled when I said that.  Brian overheard that comment and walked over and behind me.  Brian was touching my back and spent a good amount of time slowly caressing the back of my neck.  These two were figuring out where my hot spots were and they were scoring.  My cock continued to strain inside the jeans.  Matt must have noticed and started rubbing my crotch.

I started to say something and Brian put his hand over my mouth from behind.

“No talking for a while,” he whispered in my ear so I felt his breath.  “Just feel and enjoy.”

Matt’s hands found the button and zipper and soon the jeans were off of me and I was as naked as Matt.  Leather ankle cuffs were next to be placed on me and then the legs were pulled to the corners of the frame placing me in a tight standing spread eagle.

Once that was accomplished Brian grabbed the handcuffs that had been on me and placed them on Matt.  Brian then had Matt kneel of to the side and watch.

Brian came to stand in front of me and used his fingertips to gently massage my nipples getting me hard, dripping and moaning.  He took his fingers, lapped up some of the precum and put it to my lips.  I opened my mouth and accepted his deposit licking his fingers.

Looking in my eyes, Brian asked, “What has Matt told you about me and SM play?”

Between my heavy breathing, I said, “He said you were a sadist with limits and very good at it.  He said you can take a guy to the edge and keep him there taking more and more pain to your amusement.  He said you are very good at what you do and that you won’t take crap from anyone once roles are established – Sir.”

“I see,” Brian said looking over at Matt while never stopping the nipple massage.  “He’s right,” Brian continued.  “I do like to think I can take a guy to the edge and keep him there but not let him break so he’s forced to take what I dish out.  Like right now.  How long do you think I can keep this up massaging these nipples and keeping you horny and dripping all over the floor?”  He stopped talking for a few moments and looked into my eyes.

“It’s not always about pain, Dave.  Matt and I want to thank you and the best we thought we could do was to provide you with pleasure tonight.  Good, stimulating pleasure.  And yes, we will have you get off at some point this evening.  Are you OK with that?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir,” I responded with my eyes starting to roll into the back of my head from the constant erotic stimulation.

“I promise you a very enjoyable evening.  If you want to talk some other time about a different kind of experience with me, we can table that conversation for a future day.  Tonight, enjoy what we have planned.  And from this point forward, no more talking.  Just feel,” Brian said as he finished talking.  He then leaned into me and lightly kissed me on the lips repeatedly.  Ever so lightly.  Ever so sensual.  Brian is a stud!

Over the next couple of hours Matt and Brian gave me the most sensual, erotic ride.  They did use clothespins and ball weights on me but nothing too stressful to take me out of the erotic bliss they were creating.  The pain application was light to medium and used to offset the pleasures they were providing.   Brian had Matt on his knees several times orally servicing me while Brian was simultaneously making out with me.

Eventually I was moved to the bondage chair after Matt had been released from the handcuffs.  Securely tied to the chair Matt showed me a blindfold and a nodded my head yes.  It was the first time all night I was blindfolded and couldn’t see.  For what seemed like forever but was likely only an hour the two of them edged me and worked me into a sensual frenzy to then pull back and stop.  Matt must have been the one manually stimulating me when Brian started speaking into my ear ever so quietly asking if I wanted to shoot.  I said yes as I my breathing labored.  He asked again and again I said yes. Matt knew what he was doing and would back off from time to time until he finally didn’t back off and I shot and shot and screamed in ecstasy.  When it was done, I was sobbing quietly in the chair.

“Thank you, thank you…” I said in between sobs.

The blindfold was removed, and Brian was standing next to me and Matt was kneeling in front of me both smiling.

I made eye contact with each and smiled.  Matt hunched up, leaned in, kissed me and said thank you to me.

He then looked over at the cage and back to me and asked, “Do you want to stay the night?”

I looked over at the cage and smiled and said, “Yes, please.”

When all the restraints were removed, I got off the chair and onto my knees next to Matt.  I placed my hands behind my back and bent forward kissing and worshipping Brian’s feet.  He looked so hot in the chaps and leather jock.  Brian reached down and rubbed my head saying, “Good boy,” to me.

After a few minutes I propped back up on my knees and looked up at Brian who was smiling.

“It would be fun to lock the two of you together in the cage.  But not tonight.  I think Matt and I had some more bonding to do.  Are you really good staying in the cage?  We can drive you back home if you would rather sleep in your bed tonight.”

“It’s up to you, two,” I said.  “Honestly, you two have just discovered your desires for each other.  I don’t want to intrude.”

Matt looked over at me, and said, “You can’t intrude if you are locked away.”  We all started laughing.

Brian made an executive decision that I would be locked in the cage overnight.  He considered it another token of appreciation.  After doing our evening bathroom routines, Matt put five-way steel shackles on me and walked me to the cage.  Brian had the padlock in his hand and locked the cage door once I was settled.  Brian nodded to Matt with some unsaid communication between them and Matt walked out of the room for a moment.  When he came back he had a pillow and a blanket which he pushed through the bars to me.  I smiled, got situated and went into a fetal position under the blanket.  I was very content.  Brian kneeled next to the cage.

Using his hand to ruffle my hair, he said, “Sleep well, my friend.”

“Thank you, Sir.  —  Thank you, Brian… and Matt.”

With that Brian stood up and the two of them walked out of the room shutting off the lights but leaving the door open.

They must have also left the door open to the bedroom as I could hear some talking from time to time.  I’m guessing if I needed something they wanted to be able to hear me call out.  The last thing I heard before I drifted off to sleep was “I love you” and “I love you back.”  Yes, I was very content.  I was happy for Matt and Brian.  They made a good couple and a good team.  I wondered what the future could be for Daniel and me.  Would next weekend be our moment?  The difference was we already had revealed we had feelings for each other.  A few days from now would be our first time alone together.  I was starting to get that kid on Christmas Eve feeling Matt had during the week.  Yes, it was going to be a long, but wonderful week ahead.  Content in so many ways.

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  1. The exquisite character development together with the detailed storyline makes this so very compelling reading. You can almost live their lives with them, their emotions and actions pull you into the same space. It’s more than just a bdsm story.

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