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What happens in jail

These are shots from “Hard Time” at Hot House.

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As soon as the officer on duty heads off to make his rounds, Sam Barclay reaches for JP Dubois’ huge uncut cock. JP puts up a fight at first, but as soon as he feels Sam’s hot mouth on his thick meaty dick he can’t resist. Soon both inmates are naked and JP has backed his juicy bubble-butt up against the bars so Sam can get his tongue in there and lube him up in preparation for his big cock. Sam takes his rock hard cock, shoves it deep in JP’s ass, and power-fucks him while JP strokes his hefty cock. JP rolls over and opens his hole even wider so Sam can continue to fuck him through the cell bars. Both sexy prisoners stroke their giant uncut cocks and blow thick white loads.



Models in this shoot: JP Dubois, Sam Barclay

Key words: Anal Sex, Ass Shot, Oral Sex, Rimming, Uncut, Uniform Sex

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10 Days in Detention – Part 33

By socalbd

SoCalBD authorI started to stir out of my sleep.  I was lying in a fetal position with naked skin pressing against most of the backside of my body.  Matt was pressed up against me with one arm under my head and the other over my body lying on my chest.  I could feel his engorged cock pressing between my butt cheeks pulsing.  His breath made my neck tingle as be inhaled and exhaled.  He was awake.  He took the hand over my chest and lightly massaged my nipple.  I moaned.

“Morning, sleepy head.  I was starting to wonder when you were going to wake up,” he whispered in my ear.

“I could wake up like this every morning,” I said.  I grabbed his hand that was on my nipple pulling us into a tight hug.  It felt good to wake up with someone else you cared about.

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Becoming Humble – Part 05

By RotherhamMan

Clint had been tasked with keeping an eye on the strange man and had tailed the van transporting him to the town. He knew full well what was happening on the van, whenever it stopped at a turn or lights he could see the way it rocked slightly and new someone inside, probably this Thor character, was getting pounded hard. He had been the guy getting fucked in the van and seen others fucked in them to spot the rocking no matter how slight.

He rode his motorbike at a careful distance and when the van pulled into its final destination he jumped off and climbed the building nearby to watch from above. He saw the whole thing—he wasn’t called Hawkeye for nothing. Thor was dragged naked from the van and thrown in the trash. He could see the cage on his cock. He watched as the agents, the names of who he was sure to memorise, jacked off and pissed on the guy who was clearly too defeated and demoralised to do anything. As the van drove off, leaving the poor guy naked and soaked, Thor crawled into the trash and curled up, hiding from the world.

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Enter Reality – Part 01

By ty dehner

It starts with an email

ty dehner gay bondage storiesSetting the glass with orange juice on the table, it was another perfect morning in the desert. Sitting at my writing table on the patio, the sun rose about an hour ago as it was March. Opening my laptop, my morning ritual is to check my email. The emails I look forward to the most are communication from readers of my short stories or my novels. As a leather scribe here in the Coachella Valley, anytime a reader takes the time to share their thoughts with me starts my day off well. Most of the time, I receive good comments about one of my writing, on occasion there is an email that is critical, which I’m fine with. A storyteller has to be open to criticism along with praise. Both are useful when I work on my next piece of fiction.

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The Speed Trap – Part 07

By Rubrpig

The next morning the house was besieged with media crews trying to get statements from us. We refused as we did not want to perpetuate the frenzy but the media had turned this into a major story. The son of the governor illegally convicted along with his friends and turned into sex slaves for a judge, prosecutor and state troopers. All of the details came out and were endlessly exposed on TV etc.

When we left the house we simply got in the truck and left trying to ignore the clamor of the press and after a couple of days, the frenzy began to die down as the media moved on to another story. The morning we woke and saw the house was no longer surrounded by a hoard of media made us feel much more relaxed.

That day I even felt like playing with the boys so we headed down to the dungeon and I soon had the boys trussed up and I began to play with their nipples. After a while I just clamped their nipples and then began to tickle their feet while tugging on the connector chains for the clamps. They squirmed and beg for the tickling to stop as their feet were very sensitive. But I just smiled and tickled them some more. What I really wanted to do was fuck them senseless but the full-time boy was still healing from the gang rape so I did not want to fuck his brother and let him feel like he was being ignored as he was not well enough to be fucked.

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Island Master UK – Part 12

By Wakeysub

I was stood there at the top of the ramp with the wheelbarrow firmly locked to my wrists. What was I to do? I had been set my task but I also remembered from my very first minutes on the Island that I always had to obey an order from one of the visitors. I had no other option but to stand and wait for his instructions.

He walked casually out of the wood and moved towards me. He was confident, handsome and well dressed. He ran a hand over my shoulders.

“Nice to see that they have you doing real manual labour. I have to say that seeing a naked man tethered to a barrow sweating is a sight to behold. You stink – in the best possible way. Last night I was one of the many men who got to experience your mouth and it was a unique experience. I’m ready for a second go. Here’s how it’s going to go – I’ll lay in the barrow and you can go to work on my cock. Give me a memorable blow job and I’ll submit a good report on you. If you fail then I get to try out my remote. I see that you have that chastity locked and I’m assuming that that is chock full of circuitry as well.”

He moved his hand to his watch and scrolled through several options before he clicked on the screen and my mouth opened wide.

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Todd’s Transformation: Chapter 01 – Prison Release

By Cowjam40

This story is fiction. It is total fantasy. There will be themes including: intergenerational relationships, male-only sex acts, BDSM, corporal punishment, confinement, and mental manipulation, among others.

Since it’s my first ever erotic story, I’d love to hear from you if you love it, hate it, or have any feedback: cowjam40@yahoo.co.uk


He’d left the train station behind, the town was long gone, and he was now passing flat green fields with hills bubbling up in the distance. The road twisted and narrowed into tiny lanes and high-sided hedgerows. His head knocked against the backseat window, jolting him out of his sleepy state. He was convinced the driver was deliberately trying to hit EVERY. FUCKING. POTHOLE.

Wiping condensation from the window, he saw bursts of green through the trees. Fields dotted with sheep, and barns, and white walled cottages. But it was mostly wet, and miserable. And the drive seemed endless. HIs reality was miserable, made all the worse by the arsehole sitting next to him WHO. COULD. NOT. GIVE. A. FUCK.

He thought about his time in prison. He had few hassles, it wasn’t that tough, he just kept out of trouble. But then he got the offer of early parole, tied to the “Restart Rehabilitation Programme”. He’s now signed up to a good behaviour contract and two-year carpentry apprenticeship in the backend of no-where. WALES. CAN. FUCK. OFF.

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