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Leather daddy Kristofer Weston breaks in Brendan Patrick

At Bound Gods, leather-clad Kristofer Weston lights up his cigar in his dungeon and fills it with smoke. Brendan Patrick is driven wild, and his hairy holes beg for his Master. Kristofer unleashes brutal corporal punishment on his prisoner!

Leather daddy Kristofer Weston breaks in Brendan Patrick

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muscular god Pierce Paris decides to help him out with some psychology

Leather bondage: Vector Ultra-Padded Straitjacket

For the bondage man who can never have too much gear, check out the new Vector Ultra-Padded Straitjacket, available from Mr S:

According to Mr S, features include full body padding in the front and back; a more fitted body so prisoner will LOOK amazing in it; more comfortable cockstraps; velcro closure at the back; numerous D-rings along the sides; an “arms-down” option; and six belts.

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Raunchy male leather sex

Check out these images from “Prowl 3”at Titan. In Prowl 3, an amazing bunch leather studs go at each other nonstop in a massive gang bang at a local sex club. Lean and tattooed Brad McGuire fucks Diego Alvarez’s well-greased muscular ass while tall, lean fuck machine Michael Brandon slams Carlos Morales’s beefy butt. All around them, more handsome, hairy muscular studs bang away at each other in slings, suck hungrily on each other’s fat cocks and tongue some mighty tasty holes through glory holes and toilet seats, finishing up with an explosive finale between hot and hairy studs Colton Ford and Blake Harper.

an amazing bunch leather studs go at each other nonstop in a massive gang bang at a local sex club

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male leather bdsm


By Norm

Norm gay bondage storiesI was curious, seems to always get the best of me, but I couldn’t help it. I was walking along an unfamiliar deserted street, when the unmistakable smell of leather came across my nose in front of this imposing abandoned building that reminded me of someone’s castle. Looked like it must have been a boarding house in its final days. Right now it looked tired but grand, but that smell pulled me toward it. I had to try and go in to see what it was like. Didn’t look dangerous, and my fantasies were in high gear. I told myself nothing could happen, this is a safe part of town.

I tried the old wooden door, heavy and solid, needing some cosmetic help, but impressive nonetheless — and it swung open, easily. Odd I thought, but it didn’t stop me.

This must have been someone’s mansion at some point I thought as I entered a dusty but elegant entry. Leathery smells wafted around the room. Sunlight filtered down from the stairway windows, glittering on the remaining crystals in the chandelier as I moved into the room. Caught up in the moment, I sauntered up the massive staircase like an Earl of the Manor. As I got to the top enjoying the feeling, I heard and felt the vibrations of the massive front door slamming shut.

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Video: Blake takes heavy corporal on his bare ass

Scroll down for a free video clip from Dream Boy Bondage. In this shoot, a young slave gets his ass and back whipped.

muscle boy bare butt spanking

Muscular, young Blake is strapped to a padded bench, his ass exposed and ready to be fucked. He is helpless, flexing and struggling against Velcro straps holding his wrists and ankles to the bench. His master told him nothing while binding him an hour ago, leaving him to stew all alone, but he is sure he will be whipped and fucked. Sure enough, Master Alex returns, barefoot and shirtless, chains hanging from his leather pants, a leather paddle in his hand. Crack! The short, leather strap smacks his ass cheeks, leaving a deep, red welt. Blake screams, throwing his head back, every muscle in his body contracting, the bench shaking from the power of the blow. Crack! Crack! Crack! The brutal spanking continues, blow after blow, until the slave’s ass is bright red and bruised, covered with welts. Now it’s time for the flogger. That ass has to be fully tenderized before it is fucked.

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Title of this shoot: Blake Ellis – Total Submission – Chapter 5

spanked on his bare ass


Pictures: Cole Tucker in ‘Fallen Angel III Initiation’

Check out these images from Fallen Angel III Initiation, featuring Cole Tucker (of blessed memory). This hard-edged leather-sex video is in the style of a mainstream feature: real locations and real men living out their leather fantasies — all tied together by the watchful Fallen Angel. As the feature opens, Tucker recalls his fall after studying truck mate Keith Webb’s dreams. A desolate moonlit road is where the fallen Tucker remembers surrendering his wings. Trucks and truckers had been his downfall, and he has been exploring that gritty world of man-sex ever since. Tucker takes Webb on as his initiate during the course of their truck route.

hard-edged leather-sex video

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Cle Tucker gay bdsm