A Harness Built for Two – Part 8

By BigMouthfla

Ok here is the breakdown of the belt and being locked 24/7.

I guess I should explain how this all started. We’ve been together a while now. Never thought it would develop into this type of relationship. But I’m happy it has.

We met at a coffee shop. I’m a sucker for good coffee shops. The one place I used to go was fantastic and was always a good place to engage in great conversation. I had seen him in there before. Always cordial with everyone. I would frequently bring my laptop and surf some while there. He would from time to time. We must have seen each other a good dozen times or so. One day he asked if I happened to have a charger that he could use for a bit, as his battery was running low. I did and was glad to share.

As typical of the place, we engaged in some good conversation. As the day went on and the time started to pass, we were about ready to pack it up and move on when he asked if I felt like grabbing a light snack. I hadn’t eaten yet so gladly accepted. Now, at this point, I had no inclination that he was into me at all. I really didn’t even think that he was gay. Not to stereotype, but he gave off absolutely no clues whatsoever. I wasn’t even sure if he knew that I was. I did find him quite attractive in many ways, but I don’t cross lines. If he’s not interested, it stops there. I’m also not one to make the first move.

We went a place a block away which was nice as it was a short walk. During the dinner, he blurted out, “Are you seeing anyone?” I replied, “No, I don’t have a boyfriend,” figuring that would eliminate any doubt right then and there. He smiled and said, “I was hoping you’d say that. Means I have a chance to spend more time with you.” That was nice to hear! Ok, so this guy is very attractive (to me at least) and he wants to spend time with me. Not bad. I was liking that a lot.

After diner, we went back to the coffee shop and talked for a bit longer. As the evening was coming to an end, we exchanged phone numbers and vowed to keep in touch.

The next day I got a text from him, thanking me for a great afternoon and evening. How nice! He asked if I was free that day and I had one or two things to do, but could re-arrange things. Most of the time I’d simply fill my time with unimportant busy stuff as I really didn’t have anything better to do. Until we met, that is.

As the days and weeks went on, we ended up spending more and more time together. We talked about being how we each felt about being exclusive to someone. I was all for it, as was he. Although we didn’t really need to, he wanted us to get tested so that there could be no boundaries if we ever got there. Not like we were planning to exchange fluids, but if it happened it would be fine. We could then be free to do as we wish when we wish. Nice to have that level of trust and be free of boundaries.

When we spent our first intimate moment together, it was really nice. We hadn’t talked about it or anything, but I prefer to be on the bottom side of things. Not weak or anything, it’s just what I prefer. Luckily, he was the complete opposite. I guess the first time we were together stated that all without either of us saying a word. He went to take the lead, and I was happy to follow accordingly. So we were physically compatible as well, which was great. I absolutely love having a man in me, particularly my mouth. I just feel so connected to him. Really enjoy feeling that connection and energy. He actually enjoys the opposite side — being in someone’s mouth for the same reasons. Basically, I really love having him in my mouth a lot, and he totally enjoys being there. This was really a great situation.

Tasting and feeling him in me was always so nice. Feeling his presence, taking in his essence and scents is just something so very pleasing to me. He always loved feeling me down there, and I loved being there. And actually on the very first time we were together, he shot off right in my mouth. Oh that was so nice. We didn’t plan on it, but in the heat of the moment it was just the right thing to do. I remember the very first time he shared that gift with me. It was magical. Feeling him share that with me, tasting him (he was so very delicious) and that energy exchange was exhilarating to us both.

After that first time, it pretty much set the standard that every time we were together, he’d share that with me. I was always so very happy to receive it. Actually got quite used to it and started to really crave it.

When he was done, I’d lay back and he’d grab me and kiss me so passionately while slowly jerking me to climax. His touch always felt so amazing to me. Oh how I love his touch. He’d always push my hands away and take care of things himself. I noticed he was starting to go slower and slower, prolonging my climax more and more.

One night after he climaxed, I grabbed myself and started to jerk my own self. He said, “Hey why not save that for a little while. Like maybe tomorrow.” I was OK with that. I was a once-a-day jerker once we got together, but waiting another day or even two wasn’t an issue. I used to withhold for days and weeks at a time, as I do enjoy ‘edging.’ So I just let it relax, and we drifted off to sleep.

The next night I was happy to have a release. He didn’t object. The very next night, he again suggested that I wait to release. So I did. The night following he suggested that I wait again. It would be two days that I had waited. Realizing how good it felt when I was holding out, I was OK with waiting.

Progressively more and more he’d want me to wait and hold out, and before long I was holding out for days at a time. This was an interesting feeling. I was staying more horned up as time would go on. He was starting to enjoy this. I have to say that I was as well.

One evening, he pulled up a picture of a cb6000 on his laptop and asked my thoughts on it. I know very well what it was and had worn one previously on and off for fun. He asked if I’d be willing to wear it for a while. I was quite intrigued. I told him I’d be happy to … for a little while anyway. Not too long, but willing to if he wanted me to. “It would make me very happy if you wore this for me,” he said.

He put the device on me — I liked that he actually put it on. We went to bed that night with me locked in it, and I don’t know what it was but I was on fire. I was so horned up. This was awesome. I couldn’t get fully hard, but that certainly didn’t stop my horniness from being jacked up into high mode. We were so passionate that night, even more so than normal.

I wore it for a couple of days before he took it off and proceeded to give me one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had. Right after that, without even saying anything he put the device back on. I didn’t object or even say anything. Again, I was OK with it.

I had experimented with these devices previously and have been turned on by prolonged edging through one of these. I used to have one a while back, but it broke and I just never got around to getting another. I did enjoy wearing it. So the fact that he wanted me to wear one was quite fine with me and I looked forward to that type of excitement. I was not at all opposed to it. I was actually enjoying it. Being intimate while wearing it was such an awesome experience. To feel that tight grip while feeling him near me … oh wow what a feeling. Don’t know what it is, but feeling that tight restriction was something I was really starting to like more and more.

I was getting quite comfortable with wearing it, but it would often start becoming painful. I liked the concept of wearing it, but physically sometimes it would be painful. I shared that with him and he’d always remove it immediately. Never wanted to cause any pain, harm or discomfort. There was a lot of trust here.

One day he asked me how I’d feel about having a custom-made metal belt. I had seen some, but never thought I’d have one. They’re pretty intense. Now I have to say that I’ve always thought they are super hot, but never sure that I could wear one. I have to think that they’d too difficult to deal with on a day-to-day basis. We looked at several models and brands and finally decided on one. They’re not cheap, but he wanted me to be comfortable. We took measurements a couple of times and sent the order in. I was still wearing the cb6000 daily for the next few weeks. I’d have thoughts here and there about the belt arriving. I’d get very worked up sometimes. A bit scared other times. I knew he’d want me to wear it when it arrived. I was a bit apprehensive, as I wasn’t sure I would be able to handle it.

A couple of weeks went by and on a Friday night, shortly after I got home, he had a big smile on his face and just looked at me. With a big smile, he looked at me and said, “It’s here…” He had already opened the package and cleaned the belt thoroughly. He was already familiar with it. It was still new to me. He showed it to me. My heart sank a little because it was becoming clear that this was actually real now and I will be wearing this shortly. I just realize quite how shortly. I studied it then looked at him and said, “This is a bit overwhelming.” “Are you OK? Is there a problem? Does this frighten you or anything?” he asked. He said, “Hey look, I’d like you to wear this, but when you’re comfortable with it. You know I’d never want to cause any harm, but I want to put this on you now so we can try it out.”

He assured me that he thoroughly cleaned it many times. Right there in the living room, he told me to take my pants off. I used a bit of lubrication and put the belt on. Well, really he put it on me actually. I couldn’t believe how it fit. It fit like a glove. Really, like a tight glove. It didn’t feel bulky and felt quite good. The tube for my dick was quite small and pointed severely down, preventing erections. The big downside is that I’d have to sit to piss. I knew that was going to be the downside. I simply HAVE to figure that out, as it’s not a pleasant thing to do while not at home. I knew that was going to be an issue. He sympathized, but still wanted me to wear it if I could.

So the belt was on and fitting very well. I could move around easily in it. I put my clothing back on, and it could not be noticed at all. Wasn’t even the slightest bulge in front. If anything, it was smaller than my normal ‘package.’ So all OK there. I could stand, sit and bend over all without any issue. It really fit very well.

After I was fully dressed I sat on the couch. Instead of him sitting there, he stood in front of me and said, “I want you to suck me off now that you are in that belt. I want to know how you feel now.” I could feel my own dick starting to try and get hard. But … it couldn’t. I mean, it really couldn’t. Oh wow! I mean, like really WOW. I can’t describe how it felt to ‘not’ be able to get hard. I was really shocked. I mean, the cb cages would still allow at least a decent amount of growth. But this … this allowed for NOTHING. This is definitely something I have to get used to. “Can you get hard?” he asked. “No, I can’t!” I replied. “I really can’t.” He smiled. “I don’t know if I can handle this…” I said. He said, “Well, what if I told you that I wanted you to wear that all of the time from this point forward?” I replied, “I … I don’t know. This is something very different. I simply cannot get even a little hard. I don’t know if I can handle this.” He said, “Let me make it easier for you. Instead of you deciding whether you can handle it or not, I’m going to leave you in it. You won’t have to decide if you can handle it because I’m going to make the decision for you. You will wear it full time, all the time. I will not take it off. It will stay on, so you will learn to deal with it, as you will have no choice.” His words … those words … made me so damned horny, but I couldn’t get hard. This will drive me CRAZY! I was going mad already. He must have known that deep down inside, I wanted to hear that. I cannot explain, but hearing him tell me that it was a matter of fact somehow brought me comfort. I guess it’s easier to wear when you have to wear versus choose to.

“So you’re not giving me any choice here? I thought you said we could negotiate this? You are going to leave this belt on me? For how long?” I asked. He said, “You need not worry about how long. Just realize that it’s on and it will stay on. I need you to get in your mind that you are now going to be belted 24/7. I said we could negotiate that, but I know it’s what you want deep down inside.”

I didn’t know quite how to take this. I mean, I could NOT get hard at all. How could I handle this? I was so horned up. He grabbed me by the chin and pointed my face up to him and said, “Tell me honestly … is this what you want? Tell me if this is what you want.” I nodded. He said, “Tell me that this is what you want.” In a soft and fragile voice I replied, “This is what I want…” He smiled and said, “Ok it’s a done deal. You will be a belted boy from now on. I need you to understand that it is not coming off.” “I understand.”

At that point, he pulled me closer and shot a huge load down my throat. My gosh, was it good. It felt so different now.

One he was drained, he zipped up and sat on the couch and we went on about our business. I was still constantly trying to get erect, to no avail. Eventually, I had to use the toilet. I was eager to try and see what I could do. I went to the bathroom and pulled down my boxers and pants (boxers won’t really be needed anymore now). I knew it would be easier to just sit, but I was determined to find other ways. I stood on top of the toilet straddling it. That didn’t work, as it started spraying everywhere. I stopped quickly. I tried facing the other way, but it just sprayed in the other direction. I tried squatting, but again, it still went all over the toilet seat. Disappointed, I had the sad realization that I would have to completely sit. So after wiping off the toilet, I sat and finished. My pants had gotten wet, so I went to put on others. I came back to the living room, and he noticed I changed. I told him that I was trying to find a way to stand while pissing. He just laughed and said, “I wish you luck with that, but I doubt you’ll have any success. You should just do yourself a favor and get used to sitting from now on.” Ugh!

From that point forward I was in the belt always. It never did come off. He’d remove it from time to time to make sure all was ok and for a good cleaning, but it would go right back on. He meant what he said … it was on all of the time. Never came off. For anything. Even long road trips where I’d have to use public toilets. Didn’t matter. It was on all of the time. It simply became a part of my body. I hated having to sit to piss though. Every now and then he’d poke fun at me for that. Sometimes fun and sometimes he’d say things like, “you have to sit to piss … and you can’t do anything about it…” It would turn me on when he’d say stuff like that. And he knew it. To make it even more stimulating, I was still holding his dick the majority of times when he’d stand to take a leak. Oh how I wish I could still do that.

I was so damned horny ALL of the time. I mean constantly horny. And I could never get any physical relief. He’d tease me with it sometimes. Not in a mean or hurtful way, but would remind me that I have no access to my own dick and no matter how horny I get, I couldn’t get to it because it was secured in metal and locked up tightly. In fact, he even told me that he was going to remove the keys from our house. He told me one day that he brought the only two keys to the belt to another location that wasn’t close. “There is absolutely NO way you can get free of that belt … the keys are in another state…” he said to me once. Damn, that turns me on so much. And I can’t do anything about it, except deal with it. AH!


To be continued …


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  1. Great chapter for being lock 24/7 I have always thought about getting a belt but haven’t yet, I wear a chastity cage right now and have been locked for over 4 months will stay locked for 2 full years with no release. can’t wait for the next chapter.

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