Professor gets seduced and tied up by one of his students

At My Friends Feet. In this scene, the student wasn’t too impressed with his D grade. Professor Link claims that the student deserved the grade he received, as he didn’t work hard enough. He soon changes his mind though. Professor Link turns out to be extremely ticklish, with even the slightest touch of his socked feet with the student’s fingers driving him insane. The good Professor held out for quite some time, enduring an all-out, bound, tickle torture before finally giving in to his student and bumping his grade up to an A!

Gay_Bondage_tickling_My_Friends_Feet_01 Gay_Bondage_tickling_My_Friends_Feet_02 Gay_Bondage_tickling_My_Friends_Feet_03 Gay_Bondage_tickling_My_Friends_Feet_04


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