A Stable Headspace (A True Potential Story) – Part 01

(Cowboys, Country, TPE, Bondage, Animal Roleplay; dog/pig)

Written by BootDeputy

A year had passed since Logan’s first night in Officer Rick’s apartment and a lot of change occurred. It was only three more months of contact before Logan moved in as a submissive under Officer Rick.

Overtime the dynamic diminished as Rick’s work started to swallow him whole. Less time was put into the lifestyle they started with, and more was put into compromising what things they could do with each other; a movie, dinner out, etc. But it wasn’t fulfilling for what they were wanting in life.

So, one night, when Logan returned from his night job, Rick was sitting at the kitchen island on a bar stool. He was wearing biker chaps stuffed inside his Wesco boots. A leather bar vest and his cover framed his upper body.

“Hey, looking good there, Sir! Hope your day went well.” Logan asked, thrown off a bit by Rick’s appearance. He hadn’t dressed like this for almost three months. Logan stopped trying to wear gear around Rick because he didn’t want to disrespect him when Rick didn’t have time to participate. But the one thing he continues to wear is chastity. Not on a continuous schedule, but during times when he wanted to express his submissive self when he felt he couldn’t around Rick.

“Come here,” Rick demanded, “Kneel.”

Logan complied, instinctively looking down at Rick’s boots. A gloved hand gripped Logan’s chin and then he was staring into the piercing eyes of Officer Rick.

“I know the past few months have really disrupted things in our lifestyle, but the power exchange dynamic is something I want to bring back for us. What about you?” Officer Rick was straight to the point, something that Logan loved a lot about him.

“I’d say that I feel the same, Sir. I also want you to be happy and feel that is part of my true purpose and potential, Sir.”

“You know I appreciate all that you have done for me as I have been riding through this low point. But now, I know that I want to be able to have you as My property and to be able to enjoy and explore that more together. Is that something that you would like to try to do as well?” Officer Rick asked with a serious inflection on the ‘you’.

Logan relaxed his shoulders, strengthened his eye contact, and replied, “Yes Master, it is, and will do whatever I can to help with that.”

“Well, I have a plan. I must restructure my work life which is going to take a lot of my time to do. My plan is to send you to different members of my family to learn from them and help get you better connected with your submissive identity. I can’t do that while I’m working on this unfortunately, but I trust these Men to do what’s right for you. It may be some tough work and some tough nights, but nothing you won’t be able to handle. I wouldn’t put you through anything I wouldn’t myself.” Officer Rick spoke these words plainly, creating a serious tone.

Logan hesitates to answer, “I’ll do it, Sir.” He could tell that this was a solution that Rick had true faith in, and Logan had to put his faith in it too.

Officer Rick studied Logan for about a minute before relaxing his own shoulders, “Good. You leave in three days to meet with Master Dallas on His farm. I’ve known him for 23 years and is a bother to me. Call your work, say you have to help with a family emergency that’s forcing you to move.”

Logan leaned into Officer Rick and hugged one of the boots.

“May I ask how long I’ll be gone for?” Logan asked softly.

“I’d estimate about a year, ideally less if things go smoothly for me.”

Logan hugged the boot tighter. Rick smiled down at him, “No worries though. It will fly by, and when you get back it will be for the better.”

The rest of the night Logan spent on Officer Rick’s boots and cock. He really poured all his affection and pleasure into his work, knowing that this would probably be the last time he serviced Officer Rick. A year away from someone can feel like a long time.


On the day Logan was to leave, Rick showed up in a 2-door, short box truck. The word U-Haul printed on the side. Logan loaded his 2 bags (one of clothes, and the other with hygiene, and personal items like medication, food, first aid etc.) into the back seat.

“Alright, I left your destination in the passenger seat. It’s a U-Haul drop-off location. It’s about a nine-hour drive.  Master Dallas will pick you up there. Message me when you are about 3 hours away and I’ll let Him know when to expect you. Nervous?”

“A bit but not in a bad way. Can I ask what kind of Man Master Dallas is?”

Rick thought for a moment and replied, “He… he has a focus on mental play. He likes to fuck with your mind by playing with your identity. He may seem intimidating at first, most Men in my family do. Just prepare an open mind and know that you’re capable to be under His control. He is good Man, and always takes good care of His animals.” He finished his answer with a wink.

Logan leaped at Rick for a final hug goodbye and drove off.


About an hour away from the destination, filling up on gas, Logan received a message from an unmarked number that said:

This is Master Dallas. After you drop off the truck,

Look for a Ram truck on the side of the building.

Four doors, extended box, black. Travel safe.


Logan felt a nervous excitement grow inside of him. His cock grew in its cage. He didn’t even notice it for most of the drive trying to mentally prepare himself to be away from Rick for a year. He had to get a motivated mindset to make it through. Rick had said that they were all good Men.

Logan replied:

Getting gas, about an hour out.

Thank you, Master Dallas.


Logan then remembered Officer Rick’s animal comment, and that Master Dallas owned and lived on a farm.

Logan paid for the gas and got back in the truck. The cage got a bit tighter.


He paid for the rental using the credit card that Rick had given to him and then placed it, the key to his chastity, and his phone in a padded envelope with ‘MASTER DALLAS’ written on it in black marker.

It was approaching 2100 and light was still slowly falling beyond the horizon, but Logan could still see. There was a large black truck parked between the building and a line of short trees that acted as a privacy screen.

The headlights were blinding and the smoke from the diesel exhaust clouded the ground around the truck, like it was a thick fog. Logan approached it as the driver door popped open. A booted leg stepped out onto the gravel. It was a roper, judging by the heel, and a nice patina on the leather. The large Man wearing them fully stepped out of the truck.

To state again, he was large. Not like Rick, whose muscles brought him to about 100kg. This Man was beef, about 130kg of it. From the build of His shoulders and arms, there was a thick layer of muscle underneath it all.

“Logan.” He called out in a deep and sharp voice.

Logan approached the Man, nodding his head, “Master Dallas.”

The man extended a large hand toward Logan who shook it firmly. Then the Man surprised Logan by pulling him into a tight embrace, “Nice to finally see you again! I met you once about a year ago at Rick’s place. You couldn’t see who I was, but you downed my piss like a proper drain, boy! Now get on your knees and worship each of my boots quick before we head out.”

The Man had a strong presence with an unexpectedly kind demeanor that Logan submitted to instantly. He dropped his bags and got on his knees and licked the vamp and toe of each of Master Dallas’s boots with a nervous tongue.

Yeah, they were definitely ropers.

Master Dallas bent over and grabbed both bags, tossing them into the back of the cab. He looked back down at Logan who was still working on his boots and smiled large and wide.

He took his free boot and tapped Logan on the neck with it twice, “Get up know and come to the bed of the truck.”

Logan followed Dallas to the back of the truck and noticed a large steel box in the back of it. He dropped the tailgate and pulled out a step. He walked up to the steel box and opened the panel facing them. Dallas then stepped away gesturing Logan to step up and inside.

There were shackles chained to the three sides of the steel box. Logan could see that one was for the neck and the others seemed to be for the wrists, “Get inside we still got another hour to drive, boy.”

Not wanting to make the Man wait, Logan got into the small steel create and allowed Master Dallas to lock him up inside. He then gripped Logans crotch squeezing on his cage, “That’s damn nice. And don’t worry; suspension on this bitch is top-o-the-line.” Then Master Dallas closed the door, fitting a lock on to it.

Logan sat in the metal box, listening to the tailgate slamming shut and the Man’s boots as they walked across the gravel. It wasn’t until he heard the driver’s door close that he tested the shackles. They were high quality with a bit of age, but it was hard to tell. The box only had a 6”x6” square of perforation with holes the diameter of pencils.

I’m locked in a steel box in the back of a stranger’s truck. Logan thought this as the he heard the truck shift.

Master Dallas pulled out of the small alley and onto the road. Logan sat leaning his shoulder against the wall of his crate, and watched as the normalcy of small-town living passes by through grated holes. Chain links clinking over every bump.


Logan watched the landscape change into planted fields and small spans of trees until it got fully dark. Other than the headlights of passing cars, Logan might as well have been wearing a hood.

At the end of the trip, the truck made about 14 turns before slowing down to a stop, deep in rural America. Logan heard Master Dallas exit the truck and go up to the metal crate. He removed the lock and opened the door again. From the height of the crate and the collar locked on, Logan could only see up to the Man’s waist, and his cock was out.

It was the thickest cock Logan had seen in person. A beer can may not do it justice as a comparison.

“Hope you’re thirsty.” A stream of piss fell onto Logan.

He flinched a little, unprepared for it, but then leaned as forward as the collar allowed. If he stuck his tongue out, he was able to lap at it.

“Yeah animal, reach for Master Dallas’ piss.” Master Dallas raised his cock, splashing his stream into Logan’s face.

Logan was half drenched by the time Master Dallas had emptied his bladder. He released the metal restraints on Logan. But the metal collar stayed on him.

He stepped down from the truck bed and said, “Crawl out and strip, boy.” Logan followed the Man’s instruction, bunching the wet clothes in his hands. Master Dallas gestured Logan to step down from the truck bed.

Dallas then hooked a finger into the collar’s front ring and pulled Logan close. He attached a leash to it that was clipped to His belt loop.

“I’ll take you to the mud room. toss those clothes in the trash as we pass it up ahead.” Master Dallas then started to walk around the truck and toward a large house surrounded by a forest of trees.

Logan followed just behind him trying to keep some slack on the leash. Far off on the other side of the driveway was another building surrounded by a fenced field and more trees around that. A single light fixture focused on a pair of barn doors. It was as if all the open space Logan had saw on the drive had been replaced by a large, thick forest boxing them in and away from society.

Master Dallas approached a door next to a garage door that large enough for a fire truck and stood there.

Logan noticed the garbage bin next to it and tossed his clothes inside. Logan was then pulled inside a long hallway that separated the garage bay and the exterior wall.

Master Dallas turned and clipped the leash to a D-ring on the wall. A chest was next to a bench behind him and Dallas opened it. He tossed Logan a pair of knee pads and told him, “Put these on, then hold out your hands to me, boy.”

Again, Logan followed the Man’s orders. When he held out his hands, Master Dallas buckled wrist restraints on each one, “Heel.” He unhooked the leash from the wall and pulled Logan to the door at the end and opened it.

The inside of the ranch style home was very clean, but the walls were covered in a variety of art of Men, boots, and animals. Country and farm equipment were scattered between the photos on log style walls. The living room area had one long couch facing a fireplace with a large T.V. mounted above it. A leather-padded platform was placed on the ground in front of the couch.

Master Dallas positioned Logan on it, “Get on all fours now.” When Logan did, Dallas bent down and pulled out another pair of shackles and locked Logan’s ankles to it, “Now sit up pup, face Your Master.”

The statement made Logan feel a bit selfish for not being able to consider Officer Rick his Master for now but reminded himself that he had to focus on becoming better property for Him. And this Man was supposed to help.

“Yes, Master.” Logan replied when he got up.

“I do enjoy hearing you call me that pup, but animals aren’t allowed to speak unless permitted by me. I got a solution right here.” Master Dallas pulled out a dog hood that seemed to fully cover the wearer’s head.

He fixed it on Logan without removing the metal collar, and Logan was plunged back into darkness. He felt something probing at his mouth and he opened it, allowing a rigid leather gag and snapped it into place.

“Good pup. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly until your lungs are empty and hold it there.”

Logan followed Master Dallas’ instructions, and as soon as the exhale reached its peak, Logan felt something wet enter the muzzle of the hood and a zipper closing.

Logan breathed in deeply and knew that a strong wave was coming from the popper rag Master Dallas and stuck in there, “Yeah breath in deep pup, and get on your back.”

Logan complied, his head already starting to swim. Dallas spread his bent legs and Logan felt another probing at his anus.

“Now relax and take your tail. Go slow, I know it’s been a while.” Slowly Master Dallas inserted a large plug, and once it was in place, Logan could feel the weight of the tail hanging out of his ass. He moaned in pleasure at his filled hole and the strain to take the large bulb.

“Good pup, now stay here and rest while Master does some work.” He unzipped the muzzle and pulled out the popper rag. Logan sucked in the fresh air as he heard Dallas walk away from him.


Master Dallas looked back once at the dog that was now shackled to his floor, head in a daze and smiled. He brought the popper-soaked tissue to His nose and breathed it in rubbing at his thick cock.

He was happy to be able to have an animal in the house again. The last one was about two months ago, and that one was only here for two days. He walked back outside and pulled the truck into the garage bay.

Inside was a large space that he kept as his office and indoor dungeon. Various equipment was organized around the unoccupied side of the garage. He walked over to his humidor and pulled out a JFR 8×80 cigar and prepped it. He grabbed the two bags his animal arrived with and tossed the one filled with clothes against the wall in front of his truck. Lastly, he grabbed a light-woven, white Stetson cowboy hat and walked back to the couch.

Logan had moved to lying on his side. Master Dallas sat on the couch with the dog right in front of him. He gently kicked Logan’s side, and Logan sat up at attention. Master Dallas then lit the cigar staring at his new animal.

“Alright for the next six weeks you are my property. The kind of property I like to keep are animals, livestock, and that’s what you’re gonna learn to be and see yourself as. Tonight, you will be my dog and rest under my boots while I smoke my cigar. I’ll feed you dinner in your dog bowl and allow you to sleep in the bed with me tonight, understood?”

Logan faced Master Dallas and nodded his head clearly.

“Good, when you are my animal, your name is Tread. Your favorite part of the boot as Officer Rick tells me. Now lay down on your pad and you can have the pleasure of being under my tread for a while.”

Logan, now Tread, laid down on the mat prone, arms folded to support his hooded head. Master Dallas placed his ropers on Tread pressing the right heel into the dog’s ass, “yeah good fucking dog.” He reached for the T.V. remote and turned it on while he smoked his cigar.

Two hours passed before Master Dallas was finished with the cigar and got up heading into the kitchen. He opened a low cupboard and pulled out a dog dish. He then heated up a rice-and-chicken mix in the microwave.

Back to the couch, He unlocked Tread from his shackles and removed the dog hood. Guiding him over to the dog bowl. He watched as Tread bent down to the ground to eat out of the bowl. His cock grew hard again and placed his boot on the dog’s neck, watching him eat.

“Fuck yeah Tread. Be a good enough animal and maybe you can earn my brand on your ass at the end of it. Mark you as owned livestock of Master Dallas’ ranch.

Tread the dog didn’t really react to that, but Master Dallas just wanted to plant a seed of the idea in his head. Give him something to think about when He stores his animal in the barn for future hours to come.

After he ate the whole bowl Master Dallas told him, “Looks like my piss dried up on ya. You can sleep in it tonight as well. Follow me to bed now.”

Master Dallas led Tread to the bedroom and put the dog hood back on him, “If you still have that tail in by the morning, you might get a treat. Bark twice that you understand Tread.”

Tread the dog barked twice, “Good boy,” Dallas spanked his dog’s ass three times and heard a small whine on the last one. He really liked it when his animals got into the proper headspace, and he had a long time to play with this one’s head.

Master Dallas undressed and got into bed himself. He pulled Tread into his arms pressing his hard cock against Tread’s back and feel asleep.


Logan woke up to the tail shoved in his ass being removed and a gloved hand pressed over his mouth. At some point the dog hood was removed and he hadn’t noticed. He slept all night undisturbed, which didn’t happen often for him.

He felt Master Dallas crawl on top of his body. His thick cock rubbing at Logan’s loose hole, “Good working keeping that in at night. Most of my plugs are XL to help prep my property for my rod.”

Logan tried to flatten himself a bit more and noticed that his wrists were bound to the headboard at the restraints, “Don’t worry boy I got ya. Just take some Dallas Dick.” Master Dallas slid His cock inside Logan who was surprised to find out that His cock was bigger than the plug.

Master Dallas started to fuck, almost bucking into Logan’s hole. Logan had not been fucked like this before. He reminded himself to relax and keep loose and to breathe. Make it as easy for this Man to fill his hole as easily as possible.

Master Dallas fucked Logan’s hole for a solid three minutes before he said, “Fuck yeah. Gonna be my ranch boy today. Show you some ropes. Be my barn bitch, faggot.” His rhythm picked up faster, and with one final slam into Logan’s ass, Master Dallas collapsed on top of him.

His weight was immense. Logan struggled to breathe with his face shoved into the mattress. Slowly Master Dallas’ arm wrapped around Logan’s neck, “Yeah struggle for me boy. I like to feel you buck like an animal under me.” He held Logan in the headlock for a few drawn out moments and then released, hopping off the bed.

He spanked Logan’s ass before continuing, “Alright shower’s over there. There will be clothes for you on the bed when you are done. Get dressed and meet me outside the mudroom door. Hussle up now, boy.” And then He left the bedroom.

After Logan dried off and drained the cum out of his ass (eating some of it), he found a set of nice clothes on the bed. A soft cloth jockstrap, a nice pair of pants (a bit tight in the thighs) and a button up shirt with western flare on it. The collar of the shirt folded under the metal collar still around Logan’s neck.

The last thing was an old pair of ropers like what Master Dallas was wearing last night. He slid them on with a little effort and found them to be the best fitting boot he had ever worn. It gripped in all the right places and left room to breathe.

Then he put on the belt with the shirt tucked in and made his way to Master Dallas.

When he opened the door from the mudroom, Logan saw Master Dallas in his truck.

“Hop in the passenger seat, boy.”

Logan walked around to the passenger door and hopped in, “You look good in those threads. The boots were once mine from a time long past. You will be taking care of them and many other pieces of gear while you stay here. At least on the nights I allow you too.”

Logan took a chance and responded freely, “Understood Master Dallas.” The man himself was wearing a similar outfit. A lighter colored shirt, darker jeans, and brown leather vest. A Stetson on his head and a pair of work gloves as he gripped the steering wheel.

Dallas smiled as he put the truck into drive and headed towards the barn, “As I said this morning, you’re gonna be my ranch boy today. Boys tend to have the ability to speak. What you are to me will change and you will learn to do so on command. The purpose of this is for you to feel comfortable enough to adapt how you think and see yourself, not just in the privacy of home… or kennel. But in real life too. But I’m not gonna overload you on info. Right now, we are heading to the barn and learn the operation there.”

“Understood, Master Dallas.” Logan looked at the barn they were approaching. It wasn’t a big one but looked like it was recently fixed up, almost brand new looking.

Master Dallas pulled up to the double doors with the light overhanging them. He ordered Logan to follow him as he stepped out of the truck and towards the doors. They swung open on high-quality greased hinges. The doors opened to the wide main aisle with six stalls, three on each side. A wash area was set up to the right of the doors they walked through. Two walls squared off a room in the corner of the other end of the aisle. A sign on the door said ‘OFFICE’ with a horseshoe underneath it.

The wide aisle bent to the left making an L-shape, and down that shorter side were doors marked ‘STORAGE’, ‘MILK ROOM’, and two other unlabeled doors. Numerous steel O-rings and chains hung from the posts and girts along the exterior walls. At the very end was a stool and a sawhorse supporting an old saddle on it.

Master Dallas walked toward it with Logan just behind him. Logan could smell the transition of hay, dust, and organics to leather, acetone, and stained wood. The sawhorse was made of steel and bolted to the ground. A pair of shackles wrapped around the leg closest to the stool. A tall tool bag was next to it.

“Take a seat, boy,” Logan sat on the stool, and saw Master Dallas hold out a hex key, “Lock those around your boots.” Logan did as he was told and handed the key back to him.

“Alright, I know you had some experience cleaning and doing minor restoration on Rick’s gear. Today you are gonna explore it further by restoring my saddle here. Strip, clean, and dye it with the equipment in that bag there by your shackled boots. Put the stained rags in plastic bag inside of it. I’ll be in my office doing work.” Master Dallas looked Logan up and down and then turned towards the office door. A sharp echo was produced when the door closed and left Logan in silence.

There was no airflow in the barn and the temperature was already climbing for morning, or maybe noon. Logan didn’t see a clock since he woke up. A thermometer was hung on the wall to the left of him and it showed 79F.


Logan worked stripping the old dye off the saddle for hours cleaning around the metal hardware. He tossed the shirt once the temperature rose past 85F. It was now 93F in the barn and Logan could feel the thick denim wrapped around his legs and butt feeling soaked. The tool bag had also contained two one-liter water bottles and he was almost done with the second one.

Master Dallas walked out of his office as soon as Logan emptied the last bottle and walked over to him. He was on his knees picking up some rags that he dropped, “Doing good work there. Damn stifling in here ain’t it.”

“Yes Master Dallas. Thank you for the water.” Logan replied while turning on his knees to face Dallas directly.

“I saw that you went through them. Glad to see it, don’t need you shuttin’ down on me now,” Dallas looked down at Logan, “You want some more?”

Logan nodded, shifting his knees closer to Master Dallas, “pull the pants down to your shackles. Arms behind back.”

Once Logan was in position, Master Dallas pulled out his cock and came up close to Logan. He pissed on his head and moved the stream down to the jock, “Drink up, faggot.”

Logan gulped the piss. It was the easiest one to do so with. Even after all the water he was a bit dehydrated. Once the stream stopped, Dallas shook his cock a few times and started to stroke it a bit, “want this in your mouth?”

Logan took a few breaths after swallowing the piss and said, “Yes, please Sir.”

Master Dallas then put his cock back in his pants, “MASTER DALLAS, faggot. If I wanted to be your Sir, I’d have you cleaning my house, and getting groceries instead.” He reached into his vest pocket and pulled out the hex key, “Unshackle yourself. Get the pants off and get up in the saddle.” He spoke sternly and Logan followed His orders to a tee, putting the boots back on.

He didn’t dare speak out of turn to apologize. The dominate Men that Logan had interacted with before usually have no use for an apology. Better awareness and precision are what makes up for mistakes. Master Dallas seemed to be of this variety.

He put a boot in the stirrup and a hand on the horn and lifted himself onto the seat. Master Dallas reached into the storage room and pulled out a bundle of rope. He tied a sort of harness around Logan and tied his wrists together in front. There was a gray plastic box on the bench behind Dallas and he pressed the button on it.

Above logan a length of steel cable lowered, a large metal link on the end of it. Master Dallas attached Logan’s wrists to the link and raised him off the saddle. Dallas then started to rope up his legs and boots, linking them together at the ankles. He lowered Logan this time keeping the legs up and attached them to the same link.

Dallas then raised Logan a final time at waist height, ass exposed, “This is part of showing you the ropes faggot,” He walked around to Logans head and placed a gloved hand around his throat, “Now what am I to you?”

Logan felt nervous, “You’re Master Dallas!” Logan replied loudly, feeling the hand grip a bit tighter.

“And what are you to me?” He had called Logan several things since he arrived last night and wasn’t sure how to answer.

“It is Master Dallas’ property!”

“Wrong.” A loud snap echoed in the barn and Logan jumped in his ropes as a crop smacked his ass, “That is a question I will only ask you one more time during your stay here. I really hope you learn what it is before then, faggot.” He smacked both of Logans thighs and he tensed himself for another one, but it never came, “Don’t shy away from me know. Open your mouth and work on my cock while I use you, bitch.”

Logan’s mouth was filled the moment he opened it. Master Dallas’ cock filled the space without room to spare. Logan put extra effort into recessing his teeth as the log slid in and out of his mouth.

More cropping on Logan’s ass and thighs, and the sting was already starting to build up. He had to focus on not biting on Master Dallas’ dick. Logan focused as best he could on how good it felt going in and out of his mouth.

The beating went on until Logan could no longer contain his yells of pain from the crop. Master Dallas stepped away from Logan, giving him a small spin. The red marks were vibrant.

“Got that mouth trained pretty well, there faggot. Would expect some teeth marks at this point.”

Dallas walked around the corner and reappeared with a hose in his hand. He covered the port partially with his thumb and started to spray Logan down while he hanged there.

“That oughta cool ya down.” He sprayed Logan down, removing all the sweat and dirt, then turned off the hose once Logan was drenched and disappeared behind the corner again.

Logan was still spinning slowly when he heard the diesel engine roar and approach the barn. Master Dallas backed up the truck, so Logan was hovering just over the bed. The truck parked, and Dallas came around to lower him on the truck bed. Logan’s back landed on the bed and the winch stopped, keeping his extremities in the air and his ass on the edge of the tailgate.

Master Dallas came around and rubbed his gloved hand over Logans reddened ass, cigar smoldering from his maw, “Oh yeah, that’s a nice red ass there, pig.”

He took the cigar from his mouth and started to tease Logans hole with it, “Pig want some smoke?” he laughed as he penetrated Logans ass the cap, inserting it up to the ring, “Yeah, that’s how a pig should be smoking.” Logan could feel the cigar inside of him and focused on not baring down on it, potentially ruining it.

He extracted the cigar, tongue sliding across the cap of it, “Left a damn good taste on there too.” He removed Logan from the winch clip and released him from the rope bindings.

He told Logan to stay in the truck bed as he drove the truck back to the house. Inside, Master Dallas prepared his chicken and rice dish in the dog bowl. Logan ate the whole bowl like a deprived animal, savoring every bite of it. And by the time Master Dallas took him to the bed, Logan had passed out within seconds, jocked ass up in the air.

Master Dallas stared at his property smiling.


The next day started out the same all the way up to Logan being shackled to the sawhorse again. This time he was able to dye the saddle a light brown color. This process was much less intensive than the stripping and finished with all his clothes still on, but the temperature was still the same even though it was dark out.

“Good work on that boy. Seems like you deserve a reward. The next step of your training with me.” Master Dallas unshackled Logan and told him to strip down to the chastity cage, including the boots.

Logan did so only wearing the cage and the collar that Master Dallas planned to stay on for the next six weeks. He hosed Logan down and dried him off, “You ready for your new identity this week Tread?” He asked, using Logan’s animal name that He gave him.

Logan tried to make it so that his headspace was more simple, direct, and instinctual. He had never been made to be an animal before and felt that was a good start.

He looked at what was held in Master Dallas’ hand. It was a tail plug, but the tail was spiraled like a pig, “You’re gonna stay in the pig pen this week, like the animal you are. Present your ass.”

Logan knelt down and felt the plug push against his hole. Once inserted, he took a few deep breathes while he adjusted to the bulb, “Looking good there, pig.” Master Dallas produced a leash and hooked it to the collar. He dragged Logan to one of the unmarked doors and opened it. Inside was a dark enclosed room without windows. A small, exposed lightbulb produced a low level of light, but enough to expose a section of the room that seemed to have a mixture of straw and mud cover the floor. A small three-foot steel fence cornered the area off.

Master Dallas opened a locker on the opposite side and took out a rubber pig hood. Turning back to Logan and he slipped it on him.

“If Tread has to piss or shit, it’d be smart to keep it to one corner of your pen, unless you like to sleep in your own filth.” He smiled and drew on his cigar, “Night pig, see you in the morning.” Master Dallas exited the room, audibly locking the door behind him.

Logan, now Tread the pig, stepped over the small fence, and found a spot to rest in the mud. Even though there was still light out before entering the windowless pen. The first night was going to be a long one.


The following week, Logan had spent on his hands and knees for almost 60% of the time. And most of that in the secluded pig pen. Master Dallas had made him spend one or two hours a day in a rubber pig suit that forced his arms and legs to fold on themselves. Logan lost all privileges of speech beyond squealing and the word ‘oink’.

He had a lot of time to think about his training, and the answer to Master Dallas’ question. Surrendering one’s own identity to be an animal was a bit of an adjustment; learning how to just focus on the basics like food, water, and hygiene. Each day Logan would clean out his waste and be hosed off by Master Dallas. Otherwise, there wasn’t much interaction beyond being fed ground beef from a small trough that hanged over the pig pen fence.

At the end of the week, when Dallas had put Logan in his rubber pig suit, He had roped up Logan again, this time suspending him from the harness belly-down. After Master Dallas put another popper rag into the pig snout, he pulled out Logan’s tail and shoved His cock inside him.

“Pig like you don’t deserve a fuck as good as from me, don’t it?”

Logan squealed softly as he swam through the drowsing effect of the poppers. It felt so good to be filled and touched like this again after almost 6 days of animal routine. The simplicity of thought, being taken care of by the Man that fucked his ass right now. His cock was screaming in its cage. The mindset made it easy for Tread the pig to forget about his locked cock, but the tail plug evened that out at times.

Master Dallas pumped his pig for about 90 minutes before he slipped out and cam all over Tread the pig’s rubbered ass, “Oh, fuck pig. You did a great job this week.” He stepped away and dragged a chair in front of Tread the pig and sat in it staring deeply into his eyes.

He took a drag of his cigar and blew it in Tread’s pig face, “Now you get your reward for next week. Going to be my steed and put the saddle you worked on to good use.”

Logan moaned a weak ‘oink’ in response, still recovering from the hard fucking and poppers. It was hard for him to really focus on anything right now.

“Yeah I bet you would like to be my pony boy. We will set that up tomorrow. But for tonight you earned a spot in my bed.”

Master Dallas lowered Tread the pig into the truck bed and drove him up to the house. And again once he hit the bed, Logan passed out in seconds.

To be continued …

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