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A Stable Headspace (A True Potential Story) – Part 04

(Cowboys, Country, TPE, Bondage, Animal Roleplay; dog/pig)

Written by BootDeputy

The next morning, Logan woke up to the metal collar being locked back around his neck. Master Dallas hooked it to the bed forcing his head against the mattress. Logan looked up at him standing naked on the bed. His cock, standing stiff at attention, covered Dallas’ face at Logan’s angle.

He then stepped between Logan’s legs and fell to his knees, spreading them. Logan’s legs pushed open by Dallas large thighs. He grabbed the base of his cock and slapped it against Logans balls and cage.

“Last morning as my boy for a while now. Gotta make the most of it.”

Dallas lowered the head to Logan’s hole pressing against it. He put his arms on either side of his chest and pushed his hips forward. Logan swallowed his cock whole, leaning back against the bed in pleasure.

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A Stable Headspace (A True Potential Story) – Part 03

(Cowboys, Country, TPE, Bondage, Animal Roleplay; dog/pig)

Written by BootDeputy

After the night in the barn as Tread the horse, Logan is taken to the city for a night of rest from the ranch with the boys.  

The next morning, Tread woke up to the barn doors opening letting sunshine in. It was already high up in the sky. He didn’t know what time it was, but it was the best night of sleep he got as a horse, and his body was sore from yesterday. Master Dallas stepped into Tread’s stall wearing only a pair of coveralls, his chest pushing on the straps that hung over his mountain-like shoulders.

He didn’t say anything, just started to remove the gear on Tread who was still in a half-dazed state. The silicon hood and suit were removed. There were some bruises forming on his back. Even the metal collar that had been on since day one was removed. Logan suddenly felt like he could float off the earth.

He moved Logan, who again felt untethered outside of his horse skin, to the washing station. He cleaned himself up and shaved while Master Dallas stepped into his office. When he came back out, he was wearing a western dress shirt and pressed jeans. A shiny leather belt and buckle holding them up. Black ostrich boots gave off a clean shine.

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A Stable Headspace (A True Potential Story) – Part 02

(Cowboys, Country, TPE, Bondage, Animal Roleplay; dog/pig)

Written by BootDeputy

The next morning, Logan was ordered to do proper hygiene; proper shower, shave, and deep clean his chastity. The first time it was removed since he left his home and Officer Rick. It felt good to let his cock breath.

Logan thought about last night, how he was strung up like a pig and fucked by Master Dallas. About being turned into another animal for this week. He couldn’t put the cage back on because he was getting so hard.

When he finally got it back on, he walked downstairs naked, no clothes on the bed this time to change into. Master Dallas was waiting not in the truck but the mudroom holding a duffel bag of gear. Logan walked up to him; head lowered. Transitioning from boy to animal states, he greeted him, “Morning Master Dallas.”

“Morning horse, ready for the day?”

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A Stable Headspace (A True Potential Story) – Part 01

(Cowboys, Country, TPE, Bondage, Animal Roleplay; dog/pig)

Written by BootDeputy

A year had passed since Logan’s first night in Officer Rick’s apartment and a lot of change occurred. It was only three more months of contact before Logan moved in as a submissive under Officer Rick.

Overtime the dynamic diminished as Rick’s work started to swallow him whole. Less time was put into the lifestyle they started with, and more was put into compromising what things they could do with each other; a movie, dinner out, etc. But it wasn’t fulfilling for what they were wanting in life.

So, one night, when Logan returned from his night job, Rick was sitting at the kitchen island on a bar stool. He was wearing biker chaps stuffed inside his Wesco boots. A leather bar vest and his cover framed his upper body.

“Hey, looking good there, Sir! Hope your day went well.” Logan asked, thrown off a bit by Rick’s appearance. He hadn’t dressed like this for almost three months. Logan stopped trying to wear gear around Rick because he didn’t want to disrespect him when Rick didn’t have time to participate. But the one thing he continues to wear is chastity. Not on a continuous schedule, but during times when he wanted to express his submissive self when he felt he couldn’t around Rick.

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True Potential – Part 03

By BootDeputy

“Keep it up, almost done.” A stern voice called from above Logan. He had been pissing in the funnel for what felt like three minutes now. It was mostly beer piss which went down the easiest for Logan, like drinking out of a warm water bottle.

When he finally finished, Logan mentally tallied his sixth load of urine being soaked up in his stomach.

Like pipework. Just like a real urinal, he thought to himself.

The Man had left the bathroom. He was only the second person to communicate something at Logan, making it feel a bit more intimate. The other four just simply walked in, pissed and left, which made Logan feel pulled toward a mindset that he could only describe as powerful and omnipresent in his own mind.

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True Potential – Part 02

By BootDeputy

Logan floated in space for a while, switching between struggling and stillness. His position wasn’t uncomfortable but if he stayed still for too long, he felt like he was spinning in zero gravity if he thought about it too much.

He tried distracting himself by thinking about Officer Rick’s boots that he was worshipping what was probably only an hour ago, or maybe two. It felt so good to be of use to a Man like Him. Logan had always loved the idea of being objectified as a tool or piece of furniture, but also knew that real challenge was to not let the desire for interaction to overwhelm while in “storage”.

The idea of being stored away was one of the elements of objectification that appealed to Logan the most and so far seemed to be one of the greater struggles as he hanged there, breathing in the Officer’s piss.

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True Potential – Part 01

By BootDeputy

Logan parked his beat-up car in a slot at the end of the lot of the apartment building. Sixteen stories of glass and balconies towering over him. He pulled out his phone and checked the messages describing his instructions.

Logan put one hand underneath his shirt and pulled the rubber layer away from his arm pit to adjust its fit. It was only his second time wearing it, and still getting used to it. Though it gripped his body nicely and he liked how it looked over his developing muscles. He had to switch to XL shirts two months ago. After he had met Officer Rick.

Officer Rick was an older, well-built Man that Logan met at an auto shop. Logan was trying to find parts for his water pump that needed to be replaced, and after about 20 minutes staring at the same shelf, Rick walked over to him and helped him out. He was getting cleaning supplies for his motorcycle Rick told Logan.

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Object Permanence – Chapter 04

By BootDeputy


The night continued; I recycled piss like it was the only thing I’m good for.

(What it’s good for) echoed in my mind.

After the fifth load I had calmed down a bit. I had no idea what to think of about the sleepsacks in the tree, but for my mental sake I just focused on my own situation.

I had no sense of who was around me. I was only ever approached as a utility and only realized it was happening when it flooded into my mouth. Sometimes coarse chunks were guzzled down in the process. It seemed to be ash.

Every so often, one of the men would adjust my chair from kneeling to sitting and back again with the next one before draining into the gag. A benefit of that was that I could rest my knees on the chair. I think they were adjusting me more for height convenience than my comfort.

Someone pulled my caged cock out of my catsuit at one point, and it wasn’t until then that I also realized that my bladder was full. I instantly started to drain through the urethral tube.

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