A Stable Headspace (A True Potential Story) – Part 04

(Cowboys, Country, TPE, Bondage, Animal Roleplay; dog/pig)

Written by BootDeputy

The next morning, Logan woke up to the metal collar being locked back around his neck. Master Dallas hooked it to the bed forcing his head against the mattress. Logan looked up at him standing naked on the bed. His cock, standing stiff at attention, covered Dallas’ face at Logan’s angle.

He then stepped between Logan’s legs and fell to his knees, spreading them. Logan’s legs pushed open by Dallas large thighs. He grabbed the base of his cock and slapped it against Logans balls and cage.

“Last morning as my boy for a while now. Gotta make the most of it.”

Dallas lowered the head to Logan’s hole pressing against it. He put his arms on either side of his chest and pushed his hips forward. Logan swallowed his cock whole, leaning back against the bed in pleasure.

Logan was finally getting used to its thick size, even after a whole night without being plugged. Master Dallas pumped his hole forcefully and slow, starring down at him.

“Yeah boy, gonna get you back in the barn today. Show you what it truly means to be my livestock,” He leaned in, scrunching Logan up against the headboard, inches from his face.

Logan leaned his head forward wanting to bury his face in Dallas’ beard, but the collar denied him.

“Try all you want faggot. I don’t kiss animals, just use and abuse them with my buddies. Just take it faggot. Come on!”

Master Dallas moved faster, slapping his balls against Logan’s ass. Logan stilled himself focusing on pleasuring the cock with his hole, working with his rhythm. If he tensed it at the thickest part (midshaft), he noticed that Dallas moaned more, and breathed harder.

“Yeah, bitch. Make you my fucking cattle this week,” He leaned back again watching how his cock disappeared and grew out of Logan’s ass, getting closer, “Gonna ma ke you my cow, fucking milk ya… brand your ass as my property!”

He nailed his cock as deep as it would go and flooded the inside. Logan took a moment to relax as Master Dallas pulled out, the last statement lingering in his mind. He opened his mouth as Dallas swung his leg over Logan’s head and pushed his cock inside for him to clean it off.

“Good boy, cleaning Master’s seed of His cock.”

Once clean, Master Dallas got out of the bed and removed Logan from it. After showering, Logan was given a pair of jeans and a plain blue tee shirt to put on with the ropers. The spurs are still attached to them.

Master Dallas gave him the usual chicken and rice in a bowl on the floor, then they got in the truck and headed toward the barn.

“Carter is inside putting together a pillory. You’re gonna help him out while Jack and I run some errands.” Dallas pulled up along side the barn doors and Logan stepped out.

He went inside and found Carter in full BLUF gear. Quilted leather pants tucked into a pair of Wesco’s, uniform shirt with tie under a Sam Browne, and cover. He was attaching stocks for wrists and neck on the edge of a low table, forcing the wearer to bend over. On the sides of the legs of the table were small platforms to place one’s knees on to. And where the crotch would rest was a hole.

Logan went over to Carter and helped put the pillory together.

“That’s quite the uniform you got there,” Logan was holding panels in place for Carter to screw into place.

“It was all a gift from Sir. It’s a great feeling to have on. I get a bit worried sometimes though wearing it in this sort of environment. I don’t have as much practice in taking care of gear like this.”

“Takes quite a bit of research to figure it out. But for uniform gear and softer leathers like it, start with glycerin soap. It’s like craft soap you can find at a hobby store. It has less lye in it making it less abrasive.” Logan offered the advice casually.

“People do crafts with soap?”

It only took them fifteen minutes to finish putting the pillory together, and Logan grabbed the stool and tool bag that had all the leather care equipment in it. He blacked Carter’s boots as well as his tie to show him the differences between the stiffer and softer leathers.

Then Dallas’ truck pulled into the barn. He backed it up to the corner of the aisle, a few boxes in the truck bed. Logan and Carter walked up to the tailgate as Dallas and Jack exited the vehicle and approached them.

Dallas dropped the tailgate; gear was placed in a pile at the end of it. A pair of hooves for all four extremities were on top and Jack ordered Logan to put them on, helping him with the ones that went on his hands.

Master Dallas then walked up to Logan and strapped a rubber muzzle gag around his head, keeping Logan’s lower jaw shut as he buckled it around the back of his head.

Logan stood there as the three men looked at him. Dallas then started to remove his clothes all the way down to the chastity cage. Jack unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Dallas fingered the metal loop on Logan’s collar and pulled him to the pillory, “Get yourself on there.”

Logan did as instructed, resting his hooved hands and neck in there respective holes of the pillory.

“Chin up now. Time for a new face for the cow,” Dallas then slipped a thick hood over the rubber muzzle, locking it in place.

Logan could again see a snout extending from his face and a larger weight on top of his head. He couldn’t speak, and when Master Dallas closed the stockade on him, he couldn’t see much other than what was straight ahead of him.

His hole was being probed again. Logan relaxed instinctively, but was surprised at the slimer size of it. Jack pushed his cock in and out of his hole slowly, gripping the horns coming out of Logan’s hood. He then replaced his cock with another tail plug. Spanking his ass as he walked over towards the truck.

Dallas squatted down to be face to face with Logan, “You are my dairy cow now. This should be your favorite week as I’m going to milk you dry every day as a cow should be.”

Logan glanced at either of his hooved hands. Seeing them dangling in the stocks brought back the idea that they were real. That he was an actual animal with three men around him to use him. He felt straps locking his legs into place on the pillory, and on around his waist and chest, keeping him in place.

Logan tested the restraints. Movement wasn’t an option other than the slight shifting of the wooden pillory. He moaned in the rubber muzzle, feeling a gloved hand rub up and down his ass. The rubber tail swinging between his legs. Then he felt a hand around his caged cock. A moment later the tube was removed as well as the base ring. His cock was free, and it quickly started to get stiff.

“Alright get the pump set up. I’ll get the winch ready for your son,” the men around Logan left his field of view and Logan was left struggling. He was hard as soon as he started working on Carters boots, and now his cock was a cement rod begging for contact and use. He bucked into the pillory.

Dallas lowered the winch cable that now had a spreader bar with hand restraints on either end. Logan watched while Jack was setting up behind him.

Carter’s Sam Browne was released allowing Dallas to remove the leather shirt. Carter’s muscled back faced Logan. Older whip marks prominent in the sunlight of the high window. His hands were strapped into the restraints. Master Dallas rubbed gloved hands along his back and neck.

A hand suddenly gripped Logan’s cock, stroking it lightly. Logan moaned into the muzzle and mask. Jack started to stroke his back as well.

“Hope you got a lot stored up. If not, we will see how long you last,” after Jack made his comment a whirring noise started behind Logan.

His cock was then put inside a tube that he couldn’t see but could definitely feel. It sucked on his cock at a controlled pace. A strong vacuum pulling on his cock through the crotch hole on the pillory.

Logan moaned heavily again, feeling the vacuum suck on his cock. The pillory kept his hooves locked in place. He had no control. The frustration was starting to grow inside him again.

He watched as Master Dallas lifted Carter, legs encased in leather pants and boots, into the air. Jack came to Dallas’      side leaving Logan, now Tread the cow, in his pillory being milked. It was hard for him to focus on anything other than the milker. He knew the moment he was released, that his predicament would be problematic, and tried hard to not focus on it. In the end his frustration grew more.

For the next hour Logan watched as Master Dallas and Jack whip Carter while suspended. He only lasted another few minutes until he surrendered to the milker and released his load, moaning loudly as he did so. It was months since his last release. He fell into a deep space of sensitivity as he flooded the tube, the pillory keeping him still. He shook in the restraints as his balls were emptied into the tube. The suction started to pull harder and faster.

Master Dallas walked over to him, cigar burning in his maw and stroked Logan’s back, “That’s a good cow. Keep it up that’s not coming off anytime soon.”

Logan struggled against the machine as his cock tried to go soft but failed as it pulled and pulled on his cock. Even after one load was extracted, he wanted out of the machine.

Red lines started to bleed out of Carters back. He was surprisingly silent as he took his beating. Master Dallas shoving his cigar into Carter’s ass, Jack running the burning end along the beads of blood before puffing on it again.

“You are doing your Daddies proud boy,” Carter nodded his head like a ragdoll in response, deep in his headspace.

This continued for another hour or so until Dallas lowered Carter to the ground who fell to his knees. Jack stood in front of him, using his crotch to support Carter’s head.

“You did damn well boy. Let’s clean you up now.”

Logan watched as Master Dallas and Jack escorted Carter behind Logan, leaving him in the pillory, the machine still sucking at his cock. Without any other stimuli to distract him, Logan took the abuse of the machine as it extracted a second load from him alone in the barn. He moaned loudly, wanting it to stop. Wanting to take Jack’s whip or even being buried alive than have this thing on his cock for a third load.

But that is what happened. Logan’s cock was manipulated by the milker for another two loads before Master Dallas returned, still pulling on his cigar.

“Looks like we got a lot out of you boy. Feels nice to be out of chastity I bet. I wouldn’t know of course,” a short laugh following his comment.

Logan moaned desperately into his gag, trying to look up at Master Dallas.

“Yeah, you look good in that cow hood. Best looking on you yet actually,” he walked behind Logan and pulled out his tail plug, fingering Logan’s hole.

Logan struggled in his stocks, feeling his hole penetrated by gloved hands and the machine on his cock. It was almost too much for him. It wasn’t until Master Dallas slid his cock in Logan’s hole that he fell into that deep headspace, trying to dissociate from the stimuli, just be a dumb animal for Master Dallas’ pleasure.

Master Dallas fucked him, another load was extracted from Logan who yelled passionately into his muzzle. Dallas cropped his ass at that point, pumping his cock deeper inside Logan.

“Yeah, scream for me boy. Feel my cock deep inside. Your true purpose is this right here,” Dallas shoved his thick cock inside Logan in and out for a long time. Logan kept slipping in and out of reality. He came to when Master Dallas cropped his ass as he fucked his hole harder.

After a fifth load was collected, Master Dallas removed the tube on his cock. Logan breathed heavily, recovering from the stimuli as Dallas inserted the plug and let him out of the pillory.

“The boys have already left for home while you were locked up in here. You did a good job keeping us happy in that time.”

Logan moaned again into his muzzle, floating between realities, trying to find a headspace to tether himself to. Dallas led Tread to the stall again, locking a metal chain from his collar to the wall. The last thing locked on was the chastity cage again.

Logan moaned again, not wanting to be alone in the barn for tonight. He missed having Jack and Carter around, and now just being an animal in solitude didn’t feel good.

“You will survive for the week. You got a lot of milking to get through yet. And if you behave you will have another guest later this this week. Sleep well now.”

The barn doors closed again, leaving Tread the cow in silent darkness. He tucked his hooves in a comfortable position and tried to fall asleep.


On the sixth day of being a cow, Tread had fallen back into his animal headspace. The lack of interaction helped encourage simple thoughts. Every time he looked at his hooves or felt the hood on his head he got hard in his cage and this time without the frustration.

He always looked forward to the first extracted load and dreading all the ones after it. But this time, when the barn doors opened, Tread the cow was surprised to see two men standing at the entrance. It was Master Dallas and Kyle from the rodeo. This time he was wearing a rubber apron and waders.

“Mornin’ boy. Today is a special day for you. And I brought a friend with me.”

Dallas and Kyle walked over to Logan and unlocked him from the stall. This time they walked him out of the barn to Master Dallas’ truck. A barrel laid on its side in the truck bed. A fire was crackling nearby. Dallas and Kyle helped Tread up onto the bed. A towel was laid down on the barrels curved surface.

“Lay down on the barrel,” Kyle’s voice was stern. His command followed by a smack on Tread’s ass.

Tread followed his instructions, and felt his hooved feet being tied down to the truck’s D-rings, same for his hooved hands. The fire roared in his ears as they restrained him. Once pulled taunt, Tread was unable to move, the sun beating down on his back. The hood and muzzle were removed but Tread didn’t dare to make a sound. He felt what was finally coming, he didn’t realize until the last rope was tied down.

“Alright boy, it’s time for an answer now; What are you to me?” Dallas asked plainly without any pomp and circumstance.

The moment came so suddenly that Logan forgot how to answer, how to speak at all. He had been reduced to an animal for so long he forgot what was really happening to him. Forgot that this was all for Officer Rick.

The thought of him was warm, it was home. It helped Logan to finally provide an answer.

“I am whatever Master desires me to be, Master Dallas! It’s identity belongs to it’s owner.”

Silence followed for longer than Logan would have wanted. The crackle of the fire was like thunder. He wanted to tense himself for punishment, but none came.

“Good boy. You learned what you needed to it sounds like, and for that Kyle will provide you this gift to remind you what you truly are.”

“This will only take a few seconds, and it will be permanent. Even though you missed a few spots on my boots, your answer does make up for it. Dallas, have him bite down on this while I prepare the rod.”

A piece of cloth appeared before Logan’s mouth, who was, again, floating between headspaces, but he embraced it this time. A state of transition with potential to become whatever the Men what him to be, it was something to embrace not to run away from.

Logan bit the cloth, a thick wooden dowel wrapped inside it, and breathed deeply. He heard the fire shift, like something was pulled out from it, and tried to focus all his energy on relaxing. It was about to come.

“I hereby declare this animal and object trained property of Dallas Ranch. Go ahead Kyle.” Dallas’ voice sounded distant in Logan’s ears, and then he felt something almost cold on his ass check.

The feeling flared into heat and sharp pain. He clamped down on the cloth wrapped dowel, letting the branding rod make full contact with his skin. He forced himself to relax his lower body while he tensed his arms against the ropes on his wrists. It hurt more when Kyle pulled the rod away, but tried to focus on the fact that it was over finally.

Master Dallas started to smack Logans unbranded ass check over and over. The impact was loud enough to echo out into the empty field, but he could barely feel it, even if he tried to focus on it with all his mind.

A cool substance was applied to the brand. Logan bit down harder on the cloth while Kyle applied the cream followed by a a few wraps of cling plastic around it.

“You’re all done now. Official property of Dallas ranch. What do you say?” Dallas asked rubbing his hand on Logan’s back.

Logan let the cloth drop out of his mouth and replied, “Thank you Master Dallas! Thank you, Daddy Kyle! Thank you, thank you. Oh god thank you.” Logan repeated his gratitude over and over as he adjusted to the cream, focusing on Master Dallas’ hand rubbing his back.

Dallas waited for Logan’s breathing to get steady and said “Good boy, you deserve a reward for that. Take your daddy’s cock in your mouth now. Focus on that.”

Without opening his eyes, Logan opened his mouth. Kyle’s cock slipped inside and moved in and out. Logan focused on making the cock in his mouth feel good. On servicing it, while the pins and needles on his ass roared. He switched between Master Dallas’s and Daddy Kyle’s cock. They felt so good in his mouth.

Right there, being bound on a barrel in a truck bed, with a burnt ass, sucking these Men’s cock was the happiest place he could be right now, and Logan cherished it.

After they unloaded inside of his mouth, Master Dallas and Kyle took Logan back to the house and let him rest on his stomach on the floor around their boots, while Logan healed and ultimately fell asleep. Cigar smoke filled the room.

To be continued in another story…

Metal would like to thank the author, BootDeputy, for this story!

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  1. Agree with s tom, very detailed and real.

    I’m not really into animal role play but this story was just so convincing I could understand the mind set behind it. A great read.

  2. Wow, what a story!

    Will we eventually read about the rest of his year away from his master?

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