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The Rules of the Game – Chapter 08

By Jackson Amacher

Dylan was gagged, handcuffed, his ankles chained to the concrete floor, and his ass still sore from a double-fucking. Yet Dylan felt like the most powerful guy in the room right now.

The Reds were turning on each other. Even before Colton had shouted down an offer that one of the six Reds could go free if he stripped and subdued the others, Rex had stripped Mark naked and tied him next to Colton. That’s one down, five to go.

The Reds, Dylan remembered, for the most part were not athletic types. Rex got to choose team members last, after all. Rex was, by far, the strongest guy left. He could take any of them in a fight.

So, that’s why the other four ganged up on their Supreme Leader almost immediately. They knocked him to the floor, right by Dylan’s feet. One of them sat on his chest, while the others started got his boots and pants off, leaving Rex wearing only boxer briefs and his shirt.

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Jocked and Locked in the Bathhouse

By Pisslurper

A few years ago I was on a business trip to a large city in the Midwest that has a great bathhouse. Luckily I had an evening free, so after my work was done, I put on my old skanky Bike jockstrap, Levis, boots and a t-shirt to head over to the bathhouse. Oh, and as I often am, I was locked in my metal chastity cage, horny as fuck since I had been locked up for over a week.

This establishment has a great gym, with all the free weights, benches, Smith machines, and other equipment any decent gym would have. Since I needed to work out, I figured I would work out first and then try to get in some trouble in the rest of the bathhouse. Every time I go the gym, I have this fantasy of working out wearing only my jockstrap, and this seemed like the perfect place to make that fantasy come true.

With me only in a jock, you (being a Metalbond reader) can definitely tell that I am in chastity; the outline of the lock is obvious. However, most non-kinky gays have no idea what chastity is, and while they may notice something strange, couldn’t identify a locked cock if it slapped them in the face. Feeling slightly embarrassed, and also slightly proud because I’m in decent enough shape and feel like I can hold my own in a jock, I set out to the weight room.

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Busman’s Holiday – Part 02

By lthr_jock

Clark looked up in shock as Vickers looked down at him grinning. “What — what the fuck?” He tried to pull free of the scavenger’s daughter, but it was solid and secure and even his impressive muscles were unable to make any headway against them.

Vickers laughed. “I’ll leave you to it then.” He headed out of the room and Clark heard the door lock behind him. Clark had no idea what Vickers had planned, so he continued to struggle despite his so-far futile efforts. He shook himself violently from side to side, but all he succeeded in doing was tipping himself over and he sprawled helplessly across the floor. He started to yell and bellow for assistance.

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Football Master

By ty dehner

The weekend was coming to an end. As the sun dipped below the horizon and the lights of Vancouver started to come on around us, Sir and i walked along the sea wall of Stanley Park. A little bit ago he had gently taken my hand in his and we walked along holding hands. It was a gentle night, as a light breeze went through my BC Lions jersey that i wore. It matched the one Sir had on. We had gone to the game on Saturday night and watched them beat the crap out of Toronto, which Sir thoroughly enjoyed. After we had hit a local spot and had nachos and beer, before heading back to our hotel room for the night. i looked at Sir for a moment and he turned to me and smiled, i did the same in return. i always love looking at him in his jerseys. They fit him so good, tucked into his Wranglers. He had gotten a fresh high and tight after i picked him up before the game.

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