A Week in Chains – Part 1

By asiancuffs

Background: In the south Pacific in SE Asia, there is a country that made up of thousands of islands – country P. The whole country suffers from the economy downturn so much that people were trying to make money in any way. After the removal of the naval base, some of our marines were still there. Among them, there was a guy (Chuck) into heavy metal bondage and POW programs. After liaisons with the local authorities, he came up with an exciting POW/Chain Gang role play.

He notified guys who were interested in the play and finally organized a 6 Days role play trip. Totally there were 6 participants. The cost of it was considered reasonable. Of course there were room for improvements and the local authorities were quite supportive to organize the next role play.

Part 1: The group meets to on the way to camp

Day 1

Participants flew into the capital city M and checked in the pre-arranged hotel. A briefing of the rundown was held that evening. The participants were as follows:

Chuck – Marine serving in P

Daniel – An executive working in Tokyo, Japan

William – An executive working in Singapore

Eric – A local executive

Vincent – An expatriate working in Hong Kong

Howard – Myself, an executive working in Hong Kong

We all have some nice time and get to know each other. However Chuck didn’t tell us too much about the plans and he wanted to leave it to us to experience the unexpected scenes.


Day 2

We have an early domestic flight to a city B that was in a higher elevation. As P was in the tropical zone, it was hot and humid. B’s climate was more comfortable for us. Our luggage was very handy and we arrived before noon. We were quite surprised when we were greeted by the local police and took a patrol wagon to the local police station. When we get there, the chief greeted us and gave us a briefing of what’s going to happen. We will be serving our next 4 days hard labour in a village about 40 miles from here under police surveillance. During the period, we can also try to escape from the camp and try to hide until the scheduled finish time. Whoever can escape and hide until the end can have their participation fee waived. This was so exciting and attractive and we started our discussion of escaping plans immediately. We were instructed to leave our personal belongings like passports, watch, wallets, cash and credit cards with the police station as we won’t need them for the next few days. We also changed into the appropriate outfits – all in same design T-shirts, camo pants and combat boots. We were also told that once we stepped out of the station, we will be treated without any mercy. However, we still haven’t get any clue of what is going to happen. At this moment, we were all excited as we know our fantasy will start very soon. During lunch, the chief gave us a random pick of our partners and we teamed up as follows:

Howard + William

Eric + Vincent

Chuck + Daniel

We were briefed that we have to trust our partners as we are going to take care of each other for the coming days.

After lunch, the chief told us that we are going to have some free time to walk around the city as we were still early before starting. He also instructed that we go in pairs giving us a chance to understand each other. So we split into 3 pairs and went on foot to explore the city. William and I walked to a nearby market and we enjoyed browsing at the stalls.

When we were looking at a stall selling handicrafts, suddenly I heard someone running in the market and I turned around and saw a couple of policemen running towards our direction and we kept looking around and tried to locate where the trouble spot was. But we finally found out that they were approaching us. They grabbed us and pushed us on the ground and we then understood that it’s show time now. The cops yelled loudly (can’t hardly hear what they yelled, something like hands on your head…..etc) and we can’t remember how we reacted as all these happened so sudden within 20 seconds. Next thing we realized was we have a large crowd of ‘audience’ watching us. Then my hands were pulled behind my back and I felt the handcuffs were applied to my wrists tightly. When I looked at William, he ended up the same situation like me – both have hands cuffed behind lying flat on our stomach. I found it was a good start though, totally unexpected – being arrested and humiliated in public, something that I can never dream of. I then started looking around and found there were 3 cops arresting us. One of them was talking on his radio but I don’t understand his language while the other two were having one foot stepping on our back and driving the crowd away from us. Then I started looked at the crowd, wow, layers of people, I guessed at least a hundred. After being cuffed at that position for about 5 minutes, they pulled us up and dragged us through the market in a very rude way. We were followed by a big crowd on the way to the police wagon. When we get to the wagon, we were pushed into it and the door was slammed closed. My handcuffs were too tight and I asked the cop to loosen them. What I got was a slap in my face and an order to shut up. Then we were left alone in the wagon but we could see outside from the barred windows. William and I enjoyed so much up to this point despite the tightness of our handcuffs. I also understood that we will be in a situation that no bargains and mercy will be given to us as we were treated like a 100% prisoner. The wagon tumbled away and headed for an unknown destination while we were thrown to the floor a few times as the bench that we were sitting has only a 6” width and was hard to keep balanced with our hands cuffed behind our back. It was quite a nightmare for me as every time I felt, the tight cuffs hurts a lot on my wrists.

It was about 10 minutes before the wagon stopped and the back door was opened. When we stepped off the wagon, it looked familiar to us – it was the same police station again. The market was not far when we walked there and it should not take 10 minutes driving back. I thought they drove through bumpy roads on purpose. We were leaded by 2 cops walking into the building. We were bought into a room that looks like an interview room. We were ordered to sit on a concrete sitting bench with our hands still cuffed while one cop watched us. I didn’t dare to ask for loosening of my handcuffs anymore as I was afraid to get another slap on my face. The cop looked so cool but he allowed me to talk with William. We were very satisfied with the start and wondering what would be the other 2 pairs’ adventure. William was also suffering for the tight cuffs but we decided to practice as we understood that we will be put in heavy metal bondage in the coming days.

The door of the room was opened and the chief walked in with the cop that arrested William. We say hello to him and he ignored acting like never see us before. He gave some orders to the cops and left. They took us down to the basement of the building and we ended up in the detention cell area. To my surprise, the cells were empty, it seems that B city was quite peaceful and we were lead into 2 separate cells that next to each other. After I entered the cell, he closed the gate, ordered me to turn around and move closer to the bars. He removed my handcuffs from outside the cell. After being cuffed behind my back for more than an hour, I felt my arms didn’t belong to me anymore. I checked my wrists, they were all red and have marks of cut by the handcuffs so I have to rubbed them to make them feel better. We chatted for a while and we saw Chuck and Daniel came in cuffs. After they were locked in separated cells, I asked Chuck if he know anything about this and he says even he have no idea about this arrest. We all loose track of the time and it seems about 15 minutes later the remaining guys arrived in cuffs. Our whole gang was here and we were all looking forward for the next few days as the starting was so excited.

We don’t know how long time has passed until we heard sound of dangling chains. The chief and 6 cops came into the cell with chains, handcuffs and leg irons on their hands making that noise. We understood that the time of transferring to our hard labour camp has arrived. Daniel was the first one escorted out of the cell and I heard sounds of chains and clicking of the ratchet of the handcuffs. I could guess that they were putting a set of prisoner’s transport restrains on him. It was another 2 guys before my turn. When I was led out of the cell, I saw Daniel, Eric and Chuck in restrains, all looked like those law enforcement officers escorting high risk criminals to/from court. The cop put a waist chain on me and locked with a padlock. There were 2 handcuffs attached on the waist chain and my wrists were cuffed. My ankles were also cuffed by a pair of leg irons and there was a chain connecting the leg irons and my waist chain. They use the end pin of the handcuff key to double lock our cuffs and irons to prevent accidental tightening and the cuffs were not too tight.

After we were all done with the restrains, we were led to the 2nd Floor of the building into a big room. We were ordered to stand against the wall and the chief came in and took his seat. He told us that we were going to serve our labour camp for 4 days. Our duties were to help the farmers to fix the road leading to their village. We will be immediately escorted to the village after he finished with his instructions. There will be 4 cops guarding us for the period and he warned us not to try to escape as the village was very remote and we might get lost. Then we started to walk to the parking area to board the escort wagon to serve our hard labour sentence.


NOTE FROM METAL: This is a true story that asiancuffs posted, in multiple parts, to the Yahoo groups back in the 1990s, about a real-life chain gang experience. Here on the Metalbond site, in the hopes of locating the author, I had posted Parts 1, 2, 3 and 5 several years back — but I was missing part 4 (and had been looking for it all this time). Recently, the author contacted me with the missing Part 4 — plus two additional chapters that I did not know existed. It is now posted here in its entirely, with permission of the author, who writes, “That was a wonderful hard labour experience for me some 20 years ago. At that time, I was still young and adventurous, wonder if I dare to do that now.”


To be continued tomorrow




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  1. Great story, thanks for posting it, and I’m looking forward to the rest.

    Side note – thanks, Metal, for all of the stories you post, they are appreciated. The pics and links you’ve included are great, too, but I really love the stories.

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