A Week in Chains – Part 7

By asiancuffs

Part 7 – The Men who break a thousand chains

My sleep was sweet and deep for the night and was waken up when they give us our breakfast. Shortly after we finished, 2 police came and escorted us away. Our cellmates see us led away in dangling chains and did not say a word. We were taken into the storage room and they were ready to break our shackles. Our collar and lead chains were removed and after hitting with the hammer, my ankles and wrists were free. I watched the shackle set that have been attached to my limbs for the dropped to the floor with a loud clanking sound. I don’t know why but I feel a bit sad at this moment. Then Chuck had his restraints removed also and we were a ‘free man’ now. The first thing I want to do is to take a shower and change all my clothing. My personal belongings were packed in a bag and was on the table. I took the bag with me and rushed to the shower room with Chuck. After a nice hot shower, I dressed myself up in nice, clean and soft T-shirt, pants, jocks and socks. My boots smells and the clothes that I have been wearing for the last few days were hard like rock with the dirt. Chuck threw his clothes away but I kept them in a plastic bag as a memorable souvenir for this adventure. I looked at the mirror and a nice T-shirt shape on my body was sun tan free. The worst was on my wrists there was a 2 inches wide un-tanned shackle marks. This will be hard for me to explain to my friends when I return home. Chuck told me that I can tell them that I put on elastic wrists supporters to play tennis under the sun and that’s why the marks were there. I put on my cowboy boots again and walked to the chief’s room with light and bouncy steps.

The chief was waiting for us in his room and we have some discussions about the play. The general comments were good and the public arrest at the beginning surprised us very much and we all liked it. Chuck and I liked it very much and this must be included in future plays. The chief told us that we should resist a bit or even try to run and escape in order to get the most out of the arrest play. This is a good idea and Chuck suggested that we try the public arrest again now so that he can concentrate and observe more for the planning of the next program. The chief agreed and he called 4 officers into the room to arrange the arrest and they were the same ‘guards’ in our camp.

The ‘guards’ now dropped their ‘cool’ mask that they were wearing for the last few days and we have a nice chat. They showed us 2 different locations on the may and we will be arrested in 2 different spots alone. They told us that we could resist and run if we like and they will try to apply necessary force to hunt us down. After the briefing, we started walking there and they can come anytime to pick us up. Chuck and I switched arrest locations, he went to the street market that I was arrested a few days ago and I went to his little shopping mall.

When I get to the mall, most of the shops were opened already. I started browsing around not only to the shops but also looking for the police but I couldn’t locate them. I realized that I didn’t really have time to take a look of this city yet so I start concentrating on browsing rather than looking for the police as I know they will come anyway. After a while, I walked outside the mall and walked along the street and they still haven’t come yet. When I approached an intersection, 2 officers sneaked out from no where and yelled out something I hardly can hear. I knew the time has come and I start turning right at that street and ran. I felt I ran faster than before and my body was lighter, may be I was wearing the restraints for too long and once it was taken off, I feel lighter. I turned around and saw them running after me and I slowed down a bit for them to catch up. Finally one got me and I pushed him away. He fell down and I started to run again. Suddenly there was a guy spread his arms in front of me blocking my way. I tried to run pass him but he gripped me and we were struggling. The police arrived within seconds and I was pushed to the wall by 3 strong guys. I felt my arms being pulled back and heard the clicking of the ratchet entering the handcuff bow. Something cool circled my wrists and the same good old felling of wearing handcuffs was back. I ended up in the same handcuff position as I started this adventure. The police officers thanked the civilian who helped them in hunting down this ‘criminal’ and I was gripped by the 2 officers on each side start walking back to the station which was about 5 blocks away. The walk was not long, only few minutes and on the way I can see a lot of suspicious eye sights from the audience wondering what this foreigner have done to get arrested. The handcuffed escort back to the station was one of my best experiences that I will remember for my whole life. I don’t think I could be handcuffed and walked by police officers in public at home UNLESS I really get into trouble with them. After we get back, I was led into the interview room, still handcuffed. The 2 officers asked me how was the arrest and I told them it was great. They told me that Chuck just got arrested and the officers radioed for a police car to pick him up. Chuck was not as lucky as I was because he didn’t have the chance to experience the ‘walk’. They left the room without any indication to uncuff me and I don’t mind the handcuffs stayed on my wrists longer. I sat down, walked around, looked out of the window to kill the time in back hand cuffing position. The window can look down to the parking area and I saw Chuck got out from the back seat of a police car with his hand cuffed behind. The 4 officers and Chuck entered the room and we started our discussion of the arrests. Some points were bought out to improve the arrest. There were wicked smiles on the officers’ face and they just pretend that didn’t know we were handcuffed. The time was 11:20 am already and our flight was at 13:45. I told them that I have to pack my things. They finally removed our handcuffs and we went back to the shower room to pack our stuffs.

I put all my smelly clothes inside a plastic bag and I checked my boots. There was a 2 inches wide scratch ring on each boot due to contact with the steel ankle shackles and the black leather turned white. I packed them carefully inside another bag as this pair of army combat boots will be a solid evidence of wearing ankle shackles for 5 days with a lot of walking and heaving exercise. The transfer to the airport was ready and we say goodbye to every one of the officers. We took the same police wagon that caged us to the camp to the airport. The difference of this ride was we have no physical restraints but only restraint marks that left on my wrists and combat boots.

After checked in at the airport, Chuck and I had a light lunch there. The flight back to city M was not long and the flight time was a good time slot for me to recall all the happenings for the past few days. When we get back to city M, Chuck went back to his home while I checked in a hotel and enjoyed 2 more days of my vacation without handcuffs or other restraints. I spend most of my time in the pool and I sun bathed with my arms covered hoping I could have a more even sun tan. The result does not came out as expected. On my flight home, I came out with an idea to post this adventure to the onelist. After asking permission and agreed by all participants, I started working on the script. Of course during our shackle camp, there were some adventures other than metal bondage that the participants were involved. Since these were not related to the subject of bondage and as per request by the participants, these parts were not exposed.

Hope you all enjoy our Metal Bondage Experience!


The End of the adventure

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Metal would like to thank asiancuffs for this story — and for granting permission for it to be published here!


5 thoughts on “A Week in Chains – Part 7”

  1. Hmm. This now could do with a double cross on their next visit … were they become permeant labour slaves.. Hmm Very good

  2. Sounds like the perfect holiday – would love to experience a week in chains. Thanks for writing this down and publishing it. Just the thought of rivetted shackles gets me hard.

  3. This is a very good story.

    Its my dream once to be shackeld as convict in a jail in Europ for some days.

    Who nows a place in Europ, where this possible. (a private jail or dungeon).

    I live in the Netherlands

  4. Great story. I’m a little surprised that some of these countries that are in bad shape don’t try something like this.

    From what I’ve been reading, you could get that experience again for real in that same country by having drugs on you, but then, your sentence would be a lot longer.

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