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Outstanding Warrant

By putsjess

I woke up early on a Thursday morning in July. It was going to be a hot day, temps getting into the mid 90s. I was going to drive over to my boyfriend’s apartment and hang out for a bit before heading to a BBQ and possibly to the clubs. Now let me say, I wear Levi’s everyday. I was a little worried about the abnormally warm day, but my legs are like chicken legs and so keeping them covered is important to me. Plus I love having denim hug my legs and my bubble ass.

So I decide to pull out my favorite tight Levi’s 501 light wash button fly jeans, my white “wife beater” undershirt, my calf high white socks with the red Levi’s logo on them, my white chuck Taylor converse, white canvas belt with the red Levi’s logo all around and a seat belt style buckle, and a light blue shirt snap down shirt. As you can tell, I love Levi’s!

I slip on my wife beater, then pulled on my Levis (no underwear), and then I pulled on my socks. I also put on my snap down shirt. I tuck in my shirt, and then button up the fly of my tight Levis. I slip on my belt and buckle it tight. I then put on my white converse high tops. I like to roll up my Levis to highlight my shoes and socks. So I roll up my Levis to show my shoes and the socks Levis logo actually is right above the height of my converse so I roll up my Levi’s above that logo. I do a look in the mirror and notice my tight bulge and ass and give a thumbs up!

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Old Warrant

By Hung in Handcuffs

I thought I would just be able to slide through that minor traffic ticket with a quick guilty plea wearing dark jeans and a bright white polo before catching the NE Regional to meet up at my buddy’s house to hang out. I was a young guy — and it was just usual traffic court so I would apologize, pay up, show the judge respect and call it a day.

Turns out there was a change of plans, there was a severely overdue fine from a parking ticket I had gotten back in college during finals that had somehow slipped my radar. Awkwardly the judge informed me that I was automatically remanded into custody since it was an outstanding warrant, in front of a packed courtroom of people who forgot to update their tags or had minor speeding tickets.

Shocked, I allowed myself to be quickly handcuffed behind my back before almost forgetting my bag. Still stunned, I quickly nodded back at my backpack sitting under the chair I had been waiting in for my ticket number to get called.

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Pictures: CREUSS gets arrested then placed in a straightjacket

CREUSS male bondage


How did this man end in this position?

We have no pix of him before, when he had been arrested. When guards lead him to the regimental prison, they managed to get him dressed in orange. Later they tried to get him ready for some interrogations, and get restrained.

For reasons no one had been able to explain yes, inmate did get insane. He fought back his captors, and they had no option but put him down and straightjacket him. First option as to send him for psycho tests, but when he understood what was happening, he did get unpredictable. They had to fix a sort of muzzle made of a metal grills protector, to prevent him from biting. He was getting insane and was grunting as a damn.

Eventually they had to cut his sight too and hooded him with the capture hood. Tighten to the neck breathing get harder. He eventually calmed down a little, and they managed to handle him a bit easier and took him away.

The straightjacket is a genuine Polish Army one, brand new, bought on a famous auction website.

male bondage CREUSS straitjacketed


Metal would like to thank CREUSS for these pictures of himself! You can read stories by CREUSS by clicking here

Ride Along as a Prisoner – Part 1

Ride Along as a Prisoner Part 1 – Riding in the Prison Wagon

By asiancuffs

15 Aug 2017

After lots of efforts, I finally can convinced two of my police friends (non-fetish) to ride along with them for a prisoner transfer assignment with me as a PRISONER. Below is an account of the short five-hour trip, and I try to make it short and brief. I am including some pictures to go along with the script, some of which were taken by me and some are just for illustration only.

I am not an “official” passenger on this ride, so we need to do some extra arrangements to put me in the picture. They are stationed in a big city “G” with population of 14 million. The assignment is to pick up an arrested person from city “F” to G. The person was arrested because of a civil case and needed to be transfered to G to testify. If he is involved in a criminal case, the escort level will be higher and we will not be able to do this. Although the distance between the two cities is only 140 km, each way may take more than two hours as the city traffic is always busy before the vehicle can get onto the highway.

On a hot sunny morning in August, I arrive G in the morning and checked in hotel. I left my backpack in the hotel and went out with only some cash and my mobile phone to the police station, where they are on duty. We met for lunch around noon, and I was excited already when I saw them come into the restaurant in uniform. After lunch we walked back to the station and they pointed a vehicle to me, a prisoner transport wagon and told me that we will be using this later. They then gave me instructions to wait for them half an hour later at a designated location, which is 10 minutes away by foot. Then they went back into the station to get ready for their assignment. I walked around the wagon and took a few pictures of it. Prisoner will be sat at the rear with a steel sliding gate securing the back door. The prisoner compartment is separated from the drivers with steel bars.

Ride Along as a Prisoner Ride Along as a Prisoner Ride Along as a Prisoner Ride Along as a Prisoner

During the walk to the meeting point, I was very excited already just to think about sitting in the back of the vehicle. I stood there and wait and when the time came, I saw the vehicle approaching with the two cops sitting in the front. They pulled the vehicle beside me and one came out with a set of prisoner transport restraints, which is a pair of handcuffs connected to leg shackles with a chain. He told me to give them my phone and start putting the restraints on me. There are some people walked by and they just looked at us and kept walking.

The reason why they need to do this away from the station is that I am not an “official” passenger. After my hands are cuffed and feet shackled, I have to climb into the wagon from the back door. The chains of the shackles are not long enough for me to climb up in one step even I lifted the chain to the extent. He then helped me by giving me a lift and finally I am inside the prisoner compartment. He sat me on the bench seat and took out a pair of handcuffs to cuff my shackle chain onto the steel bar underneath the seat bench. Now I am totally secured and ready for transport. He slides the gate closed and after the click of the gate is locked, I feel I am 100 percent prisoner.


To be continued …

Metal would like to thank the author, asiancuffs, for this true story!


30 Minutes of Torment


A Week in Chains – Part 7

By asiancuffs

Part 7 – The Men who break a thousand chains

My sleep was sweet and deep for the night and was waken up when they give us our breakfast. Shortly after we finished, 2 police came and escorted us away. Our cellmates see us led away in dangling chains and did not say a word. We were taken into the storage room and they were ready to break our shackles. Our collar and lead chains were removed and after hitting with the hammer, my ankles and wrists were free. I watched the shackle set that have been attached to my limbs for the dropped to the floor with a loud clanking sound. I don’t know why but I feel a bit sad at this moment. Then Chuck had his restraints removed also and we were a ‘free man’ now. The first thing I want to do is to take a shower and change all my clothing. My personal belongings were packed in a bag and was on the table. I took the bag with me and rushed to the shower room with Chuck. After a nice hot shower, I dressed myself up in nice, clean and soft T-shirt, pants, jocks and socks. My boots smells and the clothes that I have been wearing for the last few days were hard like rock with the dirt. Chuck threw his clothes away but I kept them in a plastic bag as a memorable souvenir for this adventure. I looked at the mirror and a nice T-shirt shape on my body was sun tan free. The worst was on my wrists there was a 2 inches wide un-tanned shackle marks. This will be hard for me to explain to my friends when I return home. Chuck told me that I can tell them that I put on elastic wrists supporters to play tennis under the sun and that’s why the marks were there. I put on my cowboy boots again and walked to the chief’s room with light and bouncy steps.

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