A Week Without Arms – Part 1

By Mister-X/Spartan

That night Spence could see that his roommate Brad had something on his mind that he wanted to tell him. He decided to wait for Brad to bring up the subject. Finally Brad spoke.

“Roomie, I’m going to need your help for a class I’m taking.”

“What help do you need?”

“It’s from my class to help rehabilitate people who have lost their arms. The teacher wanted one of us to volunteer to go through a week of not having use of their arms and report back to the class about the experience.”

“And you volunteered for that?”

“Well, not exactly. When the teacher asked for volunteers, no one did. Then he said that the person would need the help of a roommate, and he asked whether any of us had a roommate. I stuck up my hand. I was the only one in the class who did. That’s how I got the assignment.”

Spence was thinking about having his roommate without the use of his arms. The more he thought about it, the more he was enjoying the thought. Spence was the more dominant of the two, but that had not yet progressed into them having a relationship. He had wanted to have one with Brad, who was obviously a physical hunk and seemed not to be attracted to women. But he hadn’t figured out how to broach the subject. This seemed like the perfect opportunity. He smiled and said, “Sure, I’d be more than willing to help you out.”

Brad visibly brightened. “You would? That’s great! I’ll give my teacher the good news at class tomorrow.” Spence spent the next couple of hours thinking about how he was going to go about this. It was a couple of weeks before Brad was to begin his assignment. By that time Spence was ready.

Brad was to start the following Monday without the use of his arms. But Friday night Spence said “I’ve gotten things ready for you. I’d like to try this out now to see if I’ve forgotten anything, and to see how you like it.”

Brad had been reluctant to get started. He was not looking forward to a week without use of his arms. He also wondered how Spence was going to go about it. “How do you plan to do this? Are you going to just tie my hands together behind my back? I can’t exactly go around in public like that.”

“I know. I’ve given it some thought, and have come up with a way that should work. To show you what I have in mind it’ll be easiest if I just put you in everything now. So strip and stand there and I’ll start getting you prepared.”

This was happening faster than Brad had wanted, but he knew he had to get this done before Monday. So he obeyed and was soon standing there in just his briefs. First Spence got a pair of handcuffs and cuffed Brad’s wrists together behind his back. Then he brought out leather arm binders and started putting those over Brad’s arms. It took some time to pull the strings together. Soon they were on and secured, the straps at the top going over Brad’s shoulders and coming back under his arm pits to prevent him from removing them. That’s when Spence started tightening the strings. Brad was noticing that his arms were starting to get painfully close together. He finally said something about it. “Hey, surely you don’t have to bring my arms this tightly together. C’mon, Spence. This is starting to hurt.”

Spence stopped and said “your cock seems to like it.” Brad looked down to see his cock sticking up erect, pushing his briefs out noticeably. He turned three shades of red, but didn’t say anything, being too embarrassed to comment.

Finally Spence was finished. He went over to pick up the next item. It was a leather top which closed with straps in the back, similar to the way a strait jacket would do, but with no arms. As he was bringing this over to put on Brad, Spence said “this is the only thing I could find that didn’t have arms. I figured you wouldn’t want to have empty sleeves hanging down.”

When Brad saw that it was leather, he said “I can’t go out in public wearing leather. I’d be too embarrassed.”

“C’mon, Brad. Lots of guys wear leather clothes nowadays. You wouldn’t be any different than those guys, except that you wouldn’t have use of your arms.”

Brad started thinking about seeing guys wearing leather clothes. He’d always secretly wanted to try that, but had never gotten up the gumption to do so. He figured that this assignment would provide the opportunity. He just remained silent in his thoughts. Spence continued “let me get you dressed and then look in the mirror to see how you look. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to get started tonight, in case you want a change.”


Spence got the front of the leather top loosely over Brad and pulled the middle strap around to get it secured. Then he started pulling the straps closed. He had pulled them loosely at first before buckling them to make sure that everything was in place. It had a stand-up collar which went around Brad’s neck. Brad reacted a bit when that was strapped and buckled, since it forced his head up. It also had a strap which went under Brad’s crotch before being buckled in the back, and he reacted to this as well.

Then Spence went to tighten each strap as tight as he could get them. When they were getting noticeably tight, Brad said “hey, what are you doing?”

“I notice that you like your clothes to be skin-tight, so I figured you’d like this one that way, too. Besides, you look better if this is skin-tight.”

Brad knew that he did like his clothes to be skin-tight over his muscles, and since Spence said that he looked better that way, he accepted this and looked forward to seeing himself in the mirror. It was when his collar was pulled skin-tight, and when the crotch strap was pulled skin-tight, that he was starting to have second thoughts. But he decided to wait and see.

After Brad was covered tightly in the leather top, Spence got Brad’s tight jeans and helped Brad to sit down so he could get them on. The leather top had gone down far enough to cover Brad’s hands, and when the jeans were brought up, after Spence helped Brad to stand back up, Spence tightened the belt which covered Brad’s hands as well. Finally Spence got a used suit coat that he’d found which had the arm holes sewed over, probably one that some double amputee had worn, and put that on, buttoning the front buttons to make sure that it stayed. He also helped Brad get into his boots again.

Spence led Brad over to the mirror for him to see what he looked like. He had another mirror as well to show Brad the back. It was the first time Brad had worn leather, and he liked the look it gave him. He looked more macho than usual. The high stand-up collar forced him to have good posture, and seemed to make him look like he was wearing some kind of uniform, something else he’d always fantasized about. When Spence showed him his back, the loose coat hid any sign of his hands being cuffed, or the leather straps. He smiled and said “you done good, roomie. It’ll be a shock to the others in my classes to see me like this, but I think I’m going to like the change. But I won’t be able to take notes in any of my classes.”

“I’ll go to class with you and take notes for you.”

“Now let’s get this stuff off so we can get some dinner.”

“Now that you’re in this, you’ll need to get used to wearing it. It stays on. I’ll go with you to feed you.”

“Aw, c’mon, roomie. I want out of this.”

“One of the lessons you’ll soon learn is that, without arms, you don’t make the decisions. The one who is helping you makes the decisions, and I say you’re staying in this. You can get out of this if you want, but I’m not going to help you do so.”

Brad had to stop and think. He was already starting to learn about the difficulties someone without arms would have. He finally let out a deep sigh and said “you’re a mean, sadistic bastard.”

“You got that right.”

Spence’s response surprised Brad. He was starting to learn things about his roommate he didn’t know. Spence quickly followed this comment with “it’s called tough love. You know what is right for a person, and you have to enforce it on them even though they don’t want it. Now let’s go get some dinner.”

As they were walking down the hallway and to the elevator, a few of the other guys in the dormitory looked with surprise at Brad. A couple of them reacted with comments, but most just said nothing. The same was true in the cafeteria. Spence sat Brad down at a table and went to get food for the pair. One or two of Brad’s friends came up and asked what was going on, and he replied “it’s a class assignment. I’ve got to go for a week without use of my arms. Spence is helping me get started.”

Spence had to not only feed himself, but feed Brad as well. He also didn’t know what food Brad would like, and made a couple of wrong choices. He decided that the next time it would be better if Brad joined him in the line and said what he wanted. Spence was also having to learn. He figured he would also write a report at the end of this assignment for Brad to add to his.

When they finished dinner, Spence asked “what do you want to do tonight?” They usually joined the card game at the front room of the dorm floor after finishing their homework.

Brad thought a bit, and said “might as well do the usual. But you’re going to have to help me with my homework, so there might not be any time for cards.”

Brad was right. It took longer to do their homework, and by the time Spence had finished helping Brad, they were both ready for bed. That produced the next challenge. Brad always took a leak before turning in. Spence knew this, and asked Brad if he needed to do the usual. Brad did, but was reluctant to have another guy touching his penis. Bur he realized that this was going to have to be done. The pair went down to the communal restroom, went into a stall instead of using the communal urinals, and Spence helped Brad get rid of his accumulated piss.

Back at the room meant removing Brad’s coat, boots, pants and leather top. Brad let out a deep sigh when the leather top was removed. Spence smiled when he noticed the marks on Brad that the leather top had made. Brad was left in just his briefs, cuffs and arm binders. When Spence looked like he was going to put Brad into bed like that, Brad said “c’mon, roomie. Take these things off, too. I need to get some sleep.”

“You’re going to have to get used to that as well.”

“I can understand the cuffs, but this other stuff is too restrictive. They can come off.”

“You’re supposed to not have use of your arms, not your wrists. Those are needed to achieve that.”

“At least you can loosen them.”

“You forget. I make the decisions, and I say they stay on like they are.”

“God damn it! These things are bugging me! Take them off!”

“I’m getting tired of your lip.” Spence walked over to his closet and came back with a leather head harness.

When Brad saw that he started getting worried. “What’s that thing?”

“Something to keep you quiet. I don’t want to hear you complaining all night.” The mouth covering had a built in gag, and soon Brad had it tightly covering his mouth. Spence wasn’t too gentle in putting it on. Spence had tightened the sheets in Brad’s bed on the other side, and when he helped Brad lie down on his back, lying on his arms, he pulled the sheets tight and tucked them in.

“I don’t want to hear you tossing and turning in bed, either. I don’t want to wake up to the noise you’re making. If that happens, I’m going to tie you into the bed. Understand?”

There was a muffled response. Spence noticed that there was a noticeable bulge that had appeared above Brad’s cock. He went to bed with a big smile. Things were working out perfectly, as far as he was concerned.

The next morning Spence quietly got out of bed and looked at Brad. Brad was asleep, lying on his side. Spence figured that he’d let him sleep, so he quietly took care of his morning ablutions. At the communal bathroom Jeff said “what was that about with Brad?”

“He has a class assignment to go a week without use of his arms.”

“Wow. What a perfect opportunity for you. How is Brad taking being restrained?”

“His cock is loving it, but Brad isn’t. Give him time. He’ll start to realize that he likes it.”

“You lucky bastard.” Jeff had roomed with Spence the term before, but wasn’t into being restrained, despite Spence’s attempts to try it to get him interested.

Spence got some extra rolls to bring up to Brad in case he’d awakened, since the cafeteria would be closed. But Spence found Brad still fast asleep. Spence had a couple of items he wanted to purchase, so he left Brad in bed and drove into town to buy them. When he came back, Brad was awake.

“Morning, roomie. Ready to get dressed again?”

Brad shook his head back and forth. Spence expected this. “That head harness isn’t coming off until you get dressed. So which one is it to be?”

Brad thought a minute. Finally Spence asked again “ready to get dressed again?”

This time Brad nodded his head up and down. After Brad was tightly ensconced in his leather top, jeans and boots back on, Spence stepped back and took a look. He frowned. “There is one problem that you’re going to have.” He brought the hand mirror over to show Brad. “You’ve got a big bulge in front of your cock. People are going to notice that.” Brad looked down and got embarrassed again.

“It looks like I’m going to have to take care of getting you off in the morning.” He looked up at Brad, who still had the head harness on, and Brad nodded his head up and down. Down to the communal bathroom they went, and into one of the stalls. Brad had forgotten that he still had the head harness on. Spence hadn’t forgotten.

When Spence had lowered Brad’s jeans and briefs, Brad’s erect cock leapt out. Spence had Brad lean over the bowl, and Spence started stroking it. Soon Brad erupted. Brad would always shout when he erupted, something that Spence had noticed early on in their rooming. Even with the gag in place, the shout was noticeable to anyone else in the room.

After Brad was finished, Spence went to a wash basin and got a wet towel to bring back. Others in the room were curious what was going on. After Spence had finished cleaning Brad, he raised Brad’s briefs and jeans back up and buckled the belt. When the pair emerged from the stall there were several guys gathered around. At the sight of Brad in his get-up with the head harness still in place, several of them got smiles on their faces. Brad again started getting embarrassed. Spence just calmly walked on, escorting Brad. Spence had a smile on his face.

When they got to their room, Spence finally unbuckled and removed the head harness. Immediately Brad started complaining. “Jesus, roomie! I was so embarrassed by that. Why did you leave that thing on my head when you took me down there?”

“Because you let out a loud shout when you erupt. Obviously that gag wasn’t effective enough to keep you quiet.”

“But you didn’t have to make a spectacle of me wearing that. You could have taken it off in the room and carried it down there and put it on there.”

“Oh, for, … that does it. The gag goes back on.”

“No, no. I’ll be quiet.” But it was too late. Spence got the head harness, and it was soon back on.

“I’ve got to take care of a few errands. I don’t want you wandering around. Plus I’m going to lock the door to keep prying eyes out.” Soon Brad was tied to one of their chairs. He was ‘mmpphh-ing’ into his gag, but it didn’t do any good. Spence left and locked the door.

When Spence returned, Brad was slumped over asleep. It was lunch time. Spence started untying Brad from the chair, and this woke Brad up. When he was untied, Spence said “I’m going down to the cafeteria to get some lunch. You’re welcome to come, too, but that will mean removing that head harness. But if you start to complain, you’re coming back up here, head harness back in, and tied to the chair again. Is that clear?”

Brad nodded his head. “Will you behave?” Again Brad nodded his head. So Spence removed the head harness and the pair went down to the cafeteria to have lunch. But this time Spence brought Brad with him into the line to say what he wanted for lunch.

After they got back to their room, Spence said “we’re going out tonight to a place where guys are kept restrained. You’ll fit right in.” Brad wondered what kind of place they would be going to. He’d never heard of such a thing. He wondered if they were going to a jail.

They spent a quiet afternoon. Spence was surfing the internet, and would periodically either say something to Brad or show him something. They kept up with the news and sports, much as they did before this week. When it was time for dinner, they both again went down to the cafeteria and repeated their lunch way of doing it. The others had started not reacting to seeing Brad this way.

After dinner, Spence changed his clothes. Brad had never seen him dressed in leather before. He didn’t know that Spence had such clothes, since he’d never seen him wear them. Spence also put various items into a bag that he was taking with him. Brad saw him put the head harness in, and heard the sound of a chain. And there were other items. When it was time, Spence took Brad and they went down to his car.

Once in the car, they drove a short distance to a turn-off. No one else was in sight. That’s when Spence put the head harness back on, only this time he locked it. Spence also attached a chain to a ring at the front of the neck part of the leather top that Brad was wearing. Spence then got out some ankle shackles with a foot-long chain between, which he locked onto Brad’s ankles. Brad looked at Spence quizzically, but couldn’t say anything intelligible with that gag in his mouth. Then Spence drove off again.

Spence drove up to a club. There were others already there. Brad saw the guy in the car parked next to them get out and come back to the trunk. He lifted it up and helped someone who was in the trunk get out. This guy had a hood on his head so that he couldn’t see. He was dressed all in rubber, but had leather boots on. His hands were cuffed behind his back, and his ankles were also shackled. The guy helped him walk into the club. Brad was wondering what this was all about.

Spence helped Brad get out, and brought him into the club, bringing the bag as well, since other items he wanted to use were still in it. At the door Spence stopped and paid an admission fee. Brad looked inside to see what he could see. But he couldn’t see for long. Spence opened the bag and brought out a leather hood which only had two little pinholes at the nostrils. Brad reacted when he saw that, shaking his head back and forth, but Spence just ignored him and started putting the hood on. Soon Brad felt his head tightly in leather. He couldn’t see, nor could he breathe through his mouth. But the two pinholes were enough for him to breathe through. He felt a tug on the chain attached to his collar, and started walking.


To be continued …

Metal would like to thank the author, Mister-X/Spartan, for this story!

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