A Week Without Arms – Part 2

By Mister-X/Spartan

Spence pulled Brad into the crowded room. He was looking around to see someone that he knew when he heard someone address him from behind.

“Bind-em-tight, looks like you got a new one.”

“Oh, hi, bcman. How ya been?”

“I’ve been fine, but it looks like you’re doing better. Who’s your new sub?”

“This is my roommate at college.”

“You move fast. I see you’ve already lived up to your name with him.” The guy started inspecting Brad.

“His hands are cuffed behind his back, and there’s leather arm binders on. This is a leather top that has no arm holes that is strapped on. Then there’s this coat that has the arm holes seamed over.”

“He must be really into the scene. How did you get him bound up so tight so fast?”

“He’s got a class assignment to go a week without arms to see what kind of life a double amputee has.”

“Wow, that played right into you. Is he turned on by being restrained?”

“He is, but he doesn’t know it yet.” Brad had been listening into this conversation, not quite following it, but this statement gave him pause.

The guy continued. “Is he turned on by breath control?”

“We both have no idea.”

“Then it’s time to find out.” He felt down at Brad’s cock and saw that it was a good size, but wasn’t erect. Keeping one hand there, he put the other over the two little pinholes in the hood. When Brad tried to breathe, he couldn’t. He was starting to get concerned. He shook his head to get the fingers off, but they stayed there. The guy noticed Brad’s cock starting to get erect, but he also noticed something else.

“Isn’t he wearing a condom?”


“He’s responding, but I don’t want to cause a mess. I’ll get one and put it on.”


“Of course. It’s the only kind.”

The guy left and was soon back. He unzipped Brad’s jeans and briefs. He started to stretch the condom over the end of Brad’s cock, but Brad backed up. Spence said “let him put that on, Brad. It will avoid making a mess.” Brad calmed down and let him put the condom on.

Soon the guy was back, one hand pinching Brad’s nostrils and the other stroking his cock. Before Brad ran out of air he erupted, again with a shout into his gag. Bcman laughed, and said “I’d like to play more with this guy. He’s got a great response. I’ll be back later after he’s reloaded.” Bcman walked off.

Brad felt great about erupting, but he wasn’t pleased about having his air cut off.

Spence pulled Brad out of the crowded room and into a quieter one. He started explaining.

“Brad, you’re probably starting to wonder what’s going on. Some guys are turned on by being restrained, and/or by having their breathing cut off. You are one of those guys. I realized that when I put your arms into those leather arm binders. A lot of our society frowns on activity like that, but for those of us who accept it, it turns out to be a great way of getting sexually fulfilled. I’ll be happy to help you achieve this if you’ll let me, although I don’t want to get involved in cutting your breath off because I think that’s too dangerous. But you’ll have to think about all this, and come to grips with the kind of person you are.”

Brad had a lot to think about. He started realizing that those fantasies he would have, and those dreams he would have, had a reason. He realized that he would get sexually aroused by those, and that he was getting sexually aroused by being restrained like he was. It initially came as a shock, but then when he thought about it, he was surprised that he hadn’t realized it before. And here he was with a college roommate who was the kind of guy who could help him get aroused.

While Brad was thinking, Spence stood aside, wondering what Brad’s reaction would be. When Brad finally came to grips with it, he nodded his head up and down. Spence saw the response, and said “so you’re comfortable with this and want to continue?”

Again, Brad nodded his head up and down. Spence got a big smile, and said “great!” He removed Brad’s hood so he could see. He first took Brad around the quiet room, where there were guys who were bound and were servicing others. He also saw others who were just bound and gagged, waiting. There were small cages in the room, as well as slings and hanging ropes and chains. There was even a little box with a guy’s head sticking up out of it, gagged.

Back in the noisy room, there was other activity going on. Brad started noticing how guys were attired. Some of them were naked, some were dressed in leather, and some were dressed in rubber. A couple of them were completely covered in rubber. Brad wondered what that would feel like. He also noticed a fair amount of metal restraints. He also saw some guys looking at him with envy. It made him feel better, feel like he belonged here, made him want to belong here.

After continuing the journey around, looking at all the various men and devices, bcman came up to them again. He had a couple of others with him. He introduced the others to Spence, telling him that they also were at the same college and were looking for someone who could keep them restrained. Spence told them where his room was, and said to come over any time they wanted and he would accommodate them.

After the others wandered away, bcman again reached down, unzipped Brad’s pants, and grabbed hold of his cock with one hand while he pinched Brad’s nostrils with the other. The condom was still on. This time Brad noticed the studs more than he’d done the first time. That got him excited. It didn’t take as long for Brad to get erect and erupt as it had done the first time. This was partly because Brad’s cock was already somewhat erect before bcman even started.

When bcman finished, he looked at Spence and asked “think he’d be up for another in a few hours?”

“He probably would be, but we’ve got to be getting back. We’re not used to being up this late. We still have to get our sleep in to get to our 8 o’clock classes during the week.”

Spence pulled Brad out of the club and to his car. In the car, Spence removed Brad’s head harness, and asked “what did you think of all that?”

“I didn’t know what to make of it at first, but after your explanation, a lot of things started to click, and I realized that this is a lifestyle I would like, and that is a place where I would fit.”

Spence couldn’t help chiding him. “I thought you wanted to get out of these restraints.”

“I did before. But now I don’t.”

“Want things stepped up a bit at the room?”

“I don’t have anything going tomorrow, so why not?”

Spence locked the head harness back onto Brad and started the drive back to their dorm room. When they got back to their room, Spence pulling Brad by the chain to the amusement of others in the dorm, he first sat Brad down on the chair and put the hood back on. He attached some chains to the top end and the bottom end of Brad’s bed. He then helped Brad to lie down on the bed, still fully clothed except for the coat, and locked the ring at the top of the hood to the chain at the top of the bed, and stretched the chain connecting Brad’s ankle shackles down to lock to the bottom of the bed. Spence went to bed after this, again smiling to himself at the progress he was making.

The next day, Spence kept Brad locked onto the bed all day. Periodically he would come over and start stroking Brad’s cock, getting him to erupt. He had removed bcman’s condom after getting Brad’s morning Woodie off, replacing it with another which he had. Brad was enjoying this, though his arms had long since fallen asleep, what with lying on them. But he realized that he was to go an entire week without the use of them.

Monday morning meant getting ready to go to class. Brad hadn’t cleaned up in a couple of days, so Spence let him out of the arm binders and cuffs so he could do so. But he told him that for the rest of the week he was going to have to get cleaned by Spence. When Spence put the arm binders back on, after wiping the sweat off, he tightened the strings more than he’d done before. Brad noticed the difference.

At his other classes, Brad’s classmates were surprised to see Brad as he was. He had to explain, almost endlessly, about the class assignment, and why Spence was there. When they got to the class in which he was given the assignment, there was some amused response from his classmates, as well as the teacher. Brad was required to get up in front of the class to explain why he was dressed as he was. He wasn’t ashamed to explain that he was restrained, and why he was wearing leather. It was just matter-of-fact. Spence was surprised at how easily Brad was taking this.

The week continued, Brad asking Spence to keep him at night as he’d been Saturday night and Sunday. As a result, Brad was not getting as much sleep as he’d normally get, and had started to drop off a few times. He also had to forgo his usual gym exercises.

Then one night the guys dropped by that bcman had brought over to introduce to Spence. Spence and Brad had just finished their homework. When they told Spence what they wanted, Spence said he’d be happy to accommodate one of them, but Brad would have to accommodate the other. He cuffed the pair’s hands behind their back and had them kneel down on the floor. Spence took his cock out of his pants and held it in front of the one who would be servicing him. In anticipation of getting serviced, especially since Brad would be seeing what one does to do so, it had gotten erect. Spence hadn’t gotten his rocks off in several weeks, so he was ready.

The young guy did a good job of servicing Spence. He was obviously experienced at this. After Spence was finished and had zipped his pants back up, he went to Brad, got his cock out, and positioned him in front of the other guy. This was a new experience for B rad. To get his cock erect, Spence pinched Brad’s nostrils. His cock was now always kept in a condom, and he asked the guy whether he wanted Brad’s condom on or off. “Off, please, sir” came the expected response, so Spence removed it. Soon Brad’s cock was being serviced by the guy, with the inevitable eruption ensuing.

“Did you want to be serviced as well?”

“We can do that to each other, sir.”

“Would you like to remain restrained here while you do that?”

“That would be very kind of you, sir. Yes, please.”

Soon the two took care of servicing each other, taking a second load in the mouth. After they’d finished, Spence removed the cuffs and the pair left.

It was the next morning when Brad was able to speak that he asked Spence about that. “That’s one of the reasons men get bound, to be able to erupt.”

“Would you like me to service you that way?”

“Yes, I would, but I didn’t want to broach the subject with you until you were ready.”

“You don’t have to ask. Just do it. I’ll be happy to service you.”

Spence had finally gotten what he had been building up to. He was very pleased.

Spence kept Brad restrained through the following weekend, even though it was supposed to only be for a week. Both were satisfied to continue the arrangement. Brad was actually getting used to it. Spence took Brad that way to the club that Saturday night. Bcman was there as usual. He was looking forward to seeing Brad again.

“Have you been teaching your new sub about the various ways one can achieve satisfaction from breath control?”

“No, that’s your area of expertise. I’ve been sticking to mine. Besides, as far as I’m concerned, that’s too dangerous.”

“Then it’s time I teach him a few things. Let’s adjourn to the quiet room. I’ve got something set up there.”

Spence wondered how Brad would react to this. He knew what bcman had set up. He wasn’t sure that Brad would react favorably to it.

On the way, bcman had unzipped Brad’s pants and had his hands around Brad’s cock. He noticed the studded condom and was pleased. He was talking as they were walking. “All I’ve done so far is to pinch your nostrils shut, preventing you from getting any air that way. I could also put a plastic bag over your head and tie it off at the neck to achieve the same result.

Another way is to choke you. You could have a belt pulled tight around your neck to prevent you from breathing. You could have a cord pulled around your neck and kept taut to achieve the same result. And then there’s having a noose rope put around your neck and having you pulled up by it. Usually having you pulled up until you’re on the front of your feet is sufficient, rather than going all the way up with you off your feet into the air.”

Brad was thinking about having these various ways done to him and how he would feel. His cock was starting to react to each of these possibilities. Bcman was noticing Brad’s cock’s reactions. He figured that Brad would get turned on by each of them. He took Brad over to one of the hanging ropes, one in which he’d earlier made a noose out of the end. He removed Brad’s hood so he could see what he was soon going to be experiencing. Just the sight of that almost made Brad erupt.

At this point Spence stepped in. “Brad, you don’t have to go through with this. As I’d told you before, this is very dangerous. Something could easily go wrong. The neck is a very vulnerable part of the body. Bcman is experienced at doing this, but even with the most experienced, something can go wrong. Do you want to experience this?”

Brad thought about it. He finally said “I’m obviously turned on by having this done, but I think it’s something that I’d like to experience later, if I want to.” Turning to Bcman, he said “I thank you for the explanation of the various ways, but I’m very new to this lifestyle. I think I’ll first enjoy what I’m experiencing now, and maybe get into your area later, if I feel so inclined.”

Bcman was obviously disappointed, but he said “I understand. I’ll be here when you’re ready. Wait here a minute so I can show this to those other two guys.” Bcman left the area, while Spence and Brad waited there, Brad still looking at the noose, imagining what it would feel like to have his neck be in that.

Bcman soon returned with the two other guys, the ones who had serviced Spence and Brad. They were both cuffed behind their backs and had ropes tightly around their upper arms. They were both clothed in rubber suits which had zippers opened over their tits, and had clamps on their nipples. Bcman had chains looped a couple of times around their necks and had them walking in front of him, occasionally yanking back on the chains to tighten them. He also had a metal prod in the other hand that he would use to move them forward while he’d pull back on the chains. Both their faces were a bright red over their tight gags. When they saw the noose they both let out loud “mmpphh”s and tried to get away.

“Don’t worry my little lovelies, I’m saving that experience for you for another weekend, one in which your cocks are not in chastity, but will be in spiked cock sheaths. You know that you will want to experience that. Just imagine what it will feel like as the rope is slowly being raised, about an inch an hour, for you to savor the experience, your cocks being skewered as you get hard, your breathing restricted by those two little pinholes. The two were both shaking and “mmpphh”-ing into their gags. Bcman prodded them on after giving them a good look at the noose.

Spence had not realized that the pair was that into bdsm. He started thinking about what he could do to them when they’d come to visit. They’d been by a second time earlier today. He also was thinking about changing the restraints on Brad on his bed, making it one long chain pulled taut under the bed which connected the two ends.

Back at the dorm room later, Spence modified his bed arrangement for Brad. He made the change he’d been thinking of doing. He also got some other chains and used them to attach Brad to the bed up and down the length of his body. Brad wasn’t going to be going anywhere that night or the next day. It was the following Monday morning when Brad was let out of everything so he could get cleaned up, get dressed in normal clothes, and get back to normal again. But for Brad, there was no getting back to normal again after this week.

Brad produced his report, talking about all the daily tasks that people take for granted that someone who was without arms would be unable to perform, having to rely on someone else. He also pointed out that the guy’s life was totally dependent on that someone else, and would be dependent on that someone else making many decisions. He mentioned some of the things his roommate had done to him that he didn’t like, but couldn’t do anything about, like starting Friday night and not letting him out. Spence also wrote his report about the problems of knowing what to do and what not to do, what Brad wanted done and what he didn’t, which choices Brad needed to make, and which choices Spence needed to make. The teacher was pleased with both reports. They both made extra copies for each of the class attendees to keep. Neither mentioned the side aspects of the class assignment.

Brad started getting more and more into the bdsm lifestyle, as did the two guys who were now regulars. They all sat together at the cafeteria, and became regular nightly visitors. Spence had three guys to try to satisfy, or be satisfied by. He had everything he could wish for from this arrangement. His problem was concentrating on his schoolwork, but that was a problem anyone would have when they had too much of a good thing on the side while going to school. But Spence was in his Senior year, and didn’t have to worry as much about his final grades, having already qualified for his degree. Brad was only there for a short course of classes to prepare for the field he’d decided on from his time spent in the Army.

Brad never tried having that noose put around his neck by bcman, nor any of the other ways of cutting off his breath. He found that bondage was enough to get him to erupt, and subsequent health classes made him realize that Spence was right about breath control being too dangerous.

Inevitably, Spence and Brad became lovers, and eventually married after they finished college. It all started with a simple class assignment.


The end

Metal would like to thank the author, Mister-X/Spartan, for this story!

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