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Extreme bondage video: NoEscapeSlave in a full-body cast

NoEscapeSlave is casted in a full body fiberglass shell that holds him in one position until they decide to cut him out. They cut holes in the fiberglass to allow his friend DocRough to access his nipples and cock.


You can check out the full video on SeriousMaleBondage.com, which covers the entire casting process from beginning to end.

This is intense stuff!

Title of this update: NoEscapeSlave Fiberglass Casting

Male BDSM porn: Nick Moretti in Kink University

Here are some pictures from a vintage bondage porn shoot featuring Nick Moretti. Click any of the pictures to go directly to the video:

6703_p_02 6703_p_03 6703_p_06 6703_p_11 6703_p_12 6703_p_16 6703_p_17 6703_p_20

Zane Jacobs is a lousy student at Kink University. His parents harass Nick Moretti for giving him poor grades. Fed up, Nick keeps Zane after class to teach him a real lesson. Nick ties him up and flogs him for being lazy. Nick also introduces Zane to the Zapper, the cane, breath play and more. Nick rewards Zane at the end of the day with tough love in bondage.

b6703_p_00 b6703_p_01

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Amber gimp suit

In a video available at Serious Male Bondage, SFDom places EWMR in an amber-colored rubber gimp suit on his rubber-covered bed. SFDom brings his gimp to a fever pitch and allows the gimp to ride his own wave of sexual excitement. EWMR tries to communicate through the mouthpiece, but it was hard to make out what he was saying. The gimp’s continued moaning told SFDom he was on the right track. EWMR’s moans rise in pitch when he gets close to cuming, which was great for edging as SFDom could take the vibrator off his cock.

SFDom places EWMR in an amber-colored rubber gimp suit

See the video at Serious Male Bondage

Title of this video: AMBER GIMP SUIT

gimp’s continued moaning

Saxophone Lesson

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90Jason strode up the rhododendron-lined walkway to the front door, his alto case in one hand.

“OK Jason,” he swallowed. “You’re only meeting the greatest sax player to ever breathe. There’s nothing to be nervous about…” After a pause, he rang the bell.

Footsteps. The lock turned. The door creaked open.

“Ah, you must be Jason!”

“Y-yes Sir!” Jason stammered, star-struck.

“Please, call me Dave. Come on in!”

Jason followed Dave into the house and into the studio. He set his backpack and saxophone case next to a chair and sat down.

Dave adjusted the window shades and sat down in a chair across from Jason.

“Alright, Jason,” Dave said. “I see you brought your alto. I’m sure you’ve been working very hard to work up some impressive etudes for me as well. And we’ll get to all that. First though, I must impress upon you that I am very demanding of my students and my methods aren’t for everyone. Do you understand?”

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Video: BondageVienna locked in a vertical cage

At SeriousMaleBondage, BondageVienna from Recon enjoys hazmat gear and restraint. The men locked him in their vertical cage, and the captive soon discovered that once the gas-mask filter was screwed on, he couldn’t move his head. What fun! Total-enclosure rubber combined with inescapable bondage is a really awesome experience.


See the complete video at Serious Male Bondage

Title of this video: Zodiac Hazmat Overload