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Male BDSM: Adam Herst drags Brandon Moore into his lair

Adam Herst drags Brandon Moore into his lair and torments him with relentless fucking and pain


Adam Herst drags in his bound stud, Brandon Moore, and begins tearing away his clothes. He inspects the captive’s body before tearing a hole in his jeans and begins fucking the sub. Locked in his cage, Brandon awaits with a spider gag prying his mouth open, ready for Mr Herst’s hard cock. He fucks the stud’s mouth before giving Brandon a relentless flogging. Brandon’s bound face down ass up as Adam attaches mini-clamps all over his body. As Brandon moans in pain Adam shoves his cock in the prisoner’s mouth before ramming his cock up Brandon’s ass. After a rough fucking Adam pulls the stud’s head up and covers Brandon’s face in cum before leaving him helplessly bound.

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