An Offer He Couldn’t Refuse

By Mister-X / Spartan

Chris had finished the house work.  Danny was planning to take him to a party that evening.  It was at Vincent’s home.   Danny knew him, but Chris only knew his reputation as a very sadistic dom who would sometimes take other subs.  Danny had kept Chris in his house for the last two months for his slave training.

This was to be Chris’ first outing with his master.  He was apprehensive about it, but knew it was something that had to be done.  Chris knew that he was attractive to others, and that Danny, being on the short side, had an inferiority complex, and was looking forward to showing others that he had Chris as his sub.

When Danny arrived back home from work that evening, Chris was in the position he’d learned, on his knees at the door, naked, leather penis gag in his mouth, hands behind him in the ‘around the house’ cuffs which he’d put on at the set time, head bowed down, 15 minutes before Danny normally arrived home.  The ankle cuffs with the foot-long chain between were also on, as they always were.  This time Danny was a half hour late, and Chris was getting a little tired of having to wait in that position.  But he knew better than to say anything.  His feelings didn’t count.  Serving his master was all that mattered.

When Danny came in he just patted Chris on his bowed head and went to his bedroom to change clothes.  Danny had told Chris before leaving that morning which leathers he would be wearing to the party that evening, for him to make sure they were clean and fresh, and to put them out for him to change quickly when he got home.  Chris had dutifully done this, and before long Danny was in the living room wearing his leathers.  Chris always got turned on by that sight.

Danny went up to Chris, pulled out his cock, which was hard, removed the penis gag from Chris, and pulled Chris’ open mouth onto his cock.  Chris knew what to do.  This was the normal greeting after Danny had changed clothes after getting home from work.  In and out, in and out, sucking, massaging it with his tongue and lips, until Danny erupted down Chris’ throat.  Danny always did.  When Danny was finished, the penis gag was strapped back on, and this time, padlocked.  Chris could hear that Danny had put a lot of padlocks in one of his pockets.  Those leather pants had deep pockets and had lots of room.  Chris wondered what else Danny was taking to the party to put him in.

Danny took Chris to his dungeon to prepare him.  They didn’t have much time, since it took Danny time to get home from work in that heavy commute traffic, and the party was also a distance away, still having to fight that heavy commute traffic which lasted longer on Friday night.

Danny unlocked and removed the handcuffs from Chris’ wrists and brought out the leather arm binders.  Chris had only had those on for strict training.  He knew that they made his shoulders soon start to hurt.  Since they would be gone for about 6 hours, he figured his shoulders were going to be hurting a lot.

Putting the arm binders on properly took some time.  Danny would slip it up Chris’ arms almost to his shoulders, and start pulling the laces tight.  Chris’ arms weren’t used to being forced together behind his back, and Danny would have to start tightening after the laces had already been pulled tight, letting Chris’ arms get adjusted to being drawn close to each other behind his back.  The straps on the upper end went around the shoulders and over the arms, circling back under the arm pits to be pulled tight and locked.  This part didn’t need to be further tightened.

Before Danny did his last tightening, he got a packing bag and started getting other gear from the room.  Chris wanted to know what else he was going to have to have on that evening.  He saw Danny put in the thick, high, stiff, tight-fitting leather posture collar that he hated to have on, and the long chain that Danny liked to strap to the collar to pull him with.  But then Chris let out a shudder as he saw Danny put in a couple of those plastic bags.  Chris knew what that meant.  He hated that most of all.  But his cock, which was not in chastity, started to get hard at the thought.  The last item Danny put in was the spiked cock sheath in two halves.  Chris expected to be in a lot of pain this evening.  He knew Danny wanted to show Chris off to the other doms who would be in attendance.

Danny came back and did his last tightening of the arm binders on Chris.  When this was finished and he’d tied the two ends of the leather strip at the bottom of the binders tightly around the base of Chris’ balls and penis, locking his arms in place next to his body, he got Chatlet cuffs and screwed them on Chris’ wrists, hands palm-to-palm as he had kept them when putting the arm binders on.  Normally this would be very hard on the shoulders, but since the arm binders had gotten his elbows close together anyway, they wouldn’t add much pain to Chris’ shoulders, which were already starting to hurt.

Danny clipped the chain to Chris’ collar and started pulling him out to the car.  They were already late.  Danny helped Chris get into the trunk of the car on the sheet that was there, and helped him curl up so the trunk lid could be closed.  Danny got into the driver’s seat and began the long drive to the party.

When Danny pulled Chris into the party by the chain, the others had already gotten there and the party was in full swing.  As soon as they arrived Danny started showing off Chris to his dom friends.  After he’d talked to them about the training he had given Chris, how he had his cock sucked every night when he got home, he decided to show them the next part.  As he was unzipping Chris’ pants and pulling his cock out, he said “Chris hates this, but his cock loves it.”

Danny put the plastic bag over Chris’ head, gathering up the bottom and folding it over tightly so that no air could get in from the bottom at the neck.  He pulled out the posture collar and started strapping the two straps at the back.  He was putting some muscle into yanking them as tight as he could before putting the prongs through that next hole and closing them.  He put padlocks on after they were closed.  He said “I left the keys to all his padlocks back at my home, so none of this gear is coming off here at the party.”

Chris had been shaking his head back and forth at Danny, ‘mmpphh’-ing into his gag as Danny was putting the bag over his head.  But he had no say.  Danny wanted this done, so it was done.  Chris had about a minute’s worth of air in the bag before he used it all up.  By then the bag was clinging close to his head and he was fighting for air.  His cock had risen, was hard and was leaking pre-cum.  Suddenly he shot off as he was about out of air.

A crowd had gathered around to watch the show, and Danny had told them to leave some room around Chris’ cock, as it was going to shoot.  Being forewarned no-one else got splattered with cum when Chris erupted.  A lot of it landed on Chris’ exposed chest.  Just as Chris was losing consciousness, Danny got a pin and poked a couple of holes through the bag under Chris’ nostrils.  Chris was able to start getting a little air into his lungs through these little pinholes.  But he couldn’t completely fill his lungs for some time, and he couldn’t get any air into the bag to loosen it, since it was now clinging closely to his head.

Chris’ cock had subsided after its eruption.  Danny brought out the two halves of the cock sheath with the internal spikes, opening the two halves to show to everyone gathered around.  He placed Chris’ deflated cock between the two halves, closed them together, and padlocked them in place.  Danny then said “Chris really loves to have his tits lightly played with.”

He started running his fingers lightly over the tips of Chris’ nipples.  Chris started squirming.  Someone brought out a feather, and Danny started using that.  This got Chris’ breathing to become rapid, trying to breathe what air he could get through the pinholes in that clinging bag.  His cock started getting hard again, and he quickly noticed the pain, yelling into his gag.  Danny’s dom friends started laughing at that.  Several of the other subs who had been watching had their own cocks become hard, leaking pre-cum, seeing what had been done to Chris.  At least, those that weren’t in chastity reacted that way.

When Danny stopped his playing with Chris’ nipples to talk to one of his dom friends, one of the other doms started taking over for Danny, lightly tickling the tips of Chris’ nips, driving him crazy with ecstasy while punishing his cock.  The dom who had distracted Danny was Vincent, the host.  He was walking Danny toward another room in his home as they were talking about Chris, getting away from the noise of the crowd gathered around Chris.  Danny especially wanted to impress Vincent with how he had trained Chris, since Vincent was the leading dom in the city.

Then Vincent followed up his admiration with “Looks like you’ve trained your latest very nicely.  I’m looking forward to continuing his training.”

“Now look here, Vincent, he’s my sub.  I know you like to take any subs that others have trained, but you’re not taking Chris.”

“We can talk better in here.”  He opened the door to the room and the two walked in.  There were already a couple of beefy guys in the room hidden in an alcove recessed behind the door on each side, something that Danny didn’t notice, since he was completely wrapped up in his conversation with Vincent about Chris.

“One of the reasons I left the keys to the locks on Chris at my home is so that you wouldn’t be able to remove any of the restraints here.  He won’t be much good to you with all that on.”

As they were walking into the room, Vincent had nodded his head slightly to the two guys and they started silently walking behind the two, catching up to them.  “Oh that won’t be a problem.  I’ll just get the key to your home and have one of my boys go get the keys to the restraints.”

“You’re crazy.  I’m not giving you the keys to my home.  You’re not ‘mmpphh’.”  The two guys had gear with them and quickly had Danny cuffed and gagged with a hood covering his head, pinholes only at the nose accessing the outside.

“You know where to take him and how to treat him.”  The two guys left the room by another door at the other side dragging an unwilling Danny along.  Danny didn’t return to the party that night.

Vincent returned to the party, playing the role of host again.  Several of his guests commented on how they were enjoying it, and appreciated him hosting it.  There was plenty of food and drink.  Chris was still the center of attention for a group of doms, who were playing with him.  One of them saw Vincent and said “do you have a spare pair of nipple clamps?  None of us has brought a spare pair.”

“Of course.  I’ll go get a pair.”

Vincent left the room again, and was soon back with a pair of clover clamps.  He gave them to the dom who had requested them, and soon Chris had them on.  The doms had something new to play with, and were enjoying this.  The dom who had asked Vincent to get them said “before he leaves tonight, remember to ask Danny to give you your clamps back.  By the way, I don’t see him.  Where is he?”

“A couple of my boys are giving him a tour of my dungeon.”

“I’d like to see that, too.”

“I save that as a reward for the person who brings the best sub to my party.  At most one per party gets that honor, and for this party, Danny is the clear winner.”  On hearing this a couple of the other doms got a smirk on their face, knowing the irony of Vincent’s statement.

“I’ll have to keep that in mind.  Maybe at a future party I could be the one so honored.”  That almost got the two smirkers to start laughing.

“I wish you success.”

The party continued.  After about an hour one of Vincent’s guys came out and handed him some keys.  He said “these are the keys to his home.”

“You were gone quite a while.  He didn’t have them in his pocket?”

“No.  He’d hidden them in his car.  We had to use a little persuasion to find out where.  When we told him we were going to leave him like he was for the night and start adding to it in the morning, he finally told us.  I don’t think he’ll deny you anything you want in the future, but we’ll make sure.”

“Good.  I’ll be gone until Sunday night, so keep him until then.  And play with him while I’m gone.”

After the guests had mostly left, Vincent picked up the end of the chain to Chris’ collar and said “Danny asked you to join him in another room in my home.  Come with me.”

Vincent pulled Chris through the door into that other room, across that room, and through a door in the back, then down a hall and up to a metal door.  He pulled out a key from his pocket and unlocked the metal door, slowly pulling this thick door open and pulling Chris inside.  Chris saw that it was a dungeon with all kinds of devices, virtually all of which were designed for torture.  He saw several guys at the other end locked into small cages, and finally saw Danny.

Danny had a chain padlocked tightly around the top of his neck with the other end attached to the ceiling.  He had been pulled up until his spread feet were barely on the floor.  His ankles had been locked to a spreader bar, with the ends of it attached to the concrete floor of the dungeon by foot long chains which had some slack in them.  His wrists had been attached to chains which pulled them up and out, away from his body.  His leather jacket and shirt had been removed and were on the floor by him.  He had been beaten severely around his midsection, and was openly bleeding.  He was gagged, and his face was slumped down.

Chris let out a gasp and looked at Vincent, who just said “he didn’t want to let me have you.  I needed to encourage him to make that decision.  He finally realized I was making him an offer he couldn’t refuse.  You now belong to me.  Those other guys you see here are my other slaves.  I keep them in here when they’re not serving me.  You will also be treated the same.”

Vincent pulled Chris over to the other end of the dungeon and put him into a small cage.  On his way past Danny, he noticed that Danny had large clamps, the size of a fist, on his tits and his cock which was sticking out of his unzipped pants.  He also noticed that there appeared to be spikes stuck under Danny’s fingernails.  Danny seemed to be trying to yell from the pain he was having, but no sound was coming out of his mouth.  His face was beet red.  He saw Chris, and seemed hurt that Chris would see him this way.

Vincent locked Chris’ ankle chain to the bottom of the cage, and brought the pull chain through the top, locking it taut to the bars.  Vincent closed and locked the cage door.  Chris had to duck down to be in the cage, his arms still painfully stretched out together in the arm binders behind him, his wrists still painfully in the Chatlet cuffs.  “I’m sorry to have to keep you in those painful restraints over night, but Danny left the keys to your padlocks in his home, and I won’t be able to have one of my guys get those until tomorrow.”

Vincent left the dungeon, turned the light off, closed and locked the door.  Both Danny and Chris spent the night there.  Neither got much sleep.  Chris was still having some difficulty getting air through his nostrils.  After seeing what they had done to Danny, Chris realized that he had better not ever deny Vincent anything he wanted.  This guy scared him.  He obviously deserved his reputation.  And with all these torture devices at his disposal, Chris wondered what was going to be done to him.  The looks on the faces of the other slaves when they looked at Vincent had been one of fear.

The two guys were back in the dungeon the next morning.  They first went to Danny.  “Danny boy, it looks like your cock has gotten flaccid.  I think it’s time to get it pumped up again, don’t you?”  He walked behind Danny carrying a long butt plug and worked it up his ass.  This started to get Danny’s cock hard, which caused him to get into more pain with the clamp on the end of it.

The other guy said “your face has returned to its normal shade.  I liked it better when it was the nice deep shade of red.  I think it’s time to return it to that shade.”  He went over to a pulley and started pulling the chain up that was attached to Danny’s neck chain.  Soon Danny was lifted into the air with his feet off the ground, only stopping when the chain connecting his ankles to the floor  were pulled taut.  Most of Danny’s weight was now being supported by the chain around his neck, with some offset by his arms.  He was trying to yell, but the only sound that came out was a gurgling sound.  After about ten seconds he lost consciousness, and the guy started lowering him down until his feet were barely touching the floor.

The two guys went over to the slaves who had watched all this.  “Danny boy needs to learn not to deny the master anything he wants.  Let this be another lesson to you to never deny the master anything, or you might find yourself in that predicament, as some of you have found yourselves to be in the past.”

They went over to Chris and one of them said “the master told me to go to your house today and get the keys to your locks.  He didn’t say when, though.  And he didn’t say to get you out of your locks.  I’m enjoying seeing you like that, arms nicely pulled back and tied together, those severe cuffs on your wrists.”  Putting his hands on Chris’ shoulders he said “I bet your shoulders hurt, don’t they?”

Chris reacted to the sudden increased pain, letting out a yell into his gag.  The guy laughed and said “I heard you were in training.  I think you need some more training on how to handle pain.  And oh, by the way, the master left for the weekend, leaving us in charge until Sunday night.  It will be a while before I can get your restraints changed to that of a normal slave.  We’ll be back to have some more fun with Danny boy.  Until then, I need to get the keys to your locks.  But I can’t resist doing this every time I see you.”  The guy put his fingers over Chris’ nostrils, cutting off his air.  He kept them there until Chris passed out.

The two left the dungeon.  On the way out, one of the guys said after looking at Danny “that’s much better.  Danny boy’s face is that nice deep shade of red again.”

When he regained consciousness, Chris was thinking that he’d just gone from his nice pleasant position as Danny’s slave into this hell hole with these sadistic guys.  But he knew that if he just waited patiently he would be out of this, excruciatingly painful as the wait was.  He was just going to have to grit his teeth, try his best to ignore the pain, and endure until Sunday night when Vincent returned.

Another guy came in and started emptying and feeding the slaves.  They didn’t feed Danny, and couldn’t feed Chris due to his locked-on penis gag.  They didn’t empty Danny, but they did empty Chris.  He was at least grateful to have that done.

It was a few hours later when the two guys came into the dungeon again.  One of them went up to Danny, and the other one came over to Chris.  The one that went to Chris pulled out a bunch of keys and started checking to see which one would open each of the locks, leaving them open when he was able to open them.  Chris was visibly relieved to finally start to be out of his bondage which had become extremely painful.  When all of the locks were opened, the guy put the right keys down near the cage, and started closing all the padlocks again.  When Chris saw this, he started yelling into his gag.

The guy who had the keys started laughing when he heard that.  “Not yet.  You need to continue your training on how to handle pain.  You’ve hardly been here any time at all.  You’ve still got a lifetime of dealing with pain ahead of you.”  He put his fingers on Chris’ nostrils again, cutting off his air until he passed out.

The guy joined his pal, who had again pulled the chain up that was attached to Danny’s neck chain.  Danny had been trying to yell, but only that gurgling sound came out.  He had passed out, and the guy had let him back down onto the floor.  “I think next time you need to play a little with his nips, cock and fingers.    He’s being let out of his pain too quickly.”

“Okay.  Good point.  Better to have some fun first.”

“Want to play a little with one of the slaves?”

“Sure.  They need to get some exercise.  Let’s bring them all out to play with.”

“One at a time, though.”

Chris had regained consciousness and heard this, as did the other slaves.  He saw them open one of the cages to take the guy out.  His hands were kept cuffed behind his back, and they locked a metal collar around his neck.  It was one that had been made for a woman’s neck, so it was a very tight fit.  The guy was already starting to make choking sounds.  They attached a chain to a ring at the front of the collar and start bringing him out.  His feet were already cuffed together, so they dragged him.  He was making sobbing sounds.  They got a metal hood which had a metal tongue suppressor built in and locked that on his head.  He saw them bring out an ice pick.  Chris couldn’t watch any more.  He didn’t want to watch what they started doing then.  Even with the tongue suppressor holding his tongue down he could hear the poor guy.

After a while they came back for another.  The two had unzipped their pants and had cocks sticking out hard.  Obviously they got off on torturing guys.  Chris looked over to see what this second sub would be looking like, knowing what he’d just seen and heard.  He was surprised to see the guy had a look of expectation, a smile on his face, and a hard-on.  One of the guys came over to Chris and said “this will be part of your training on how to handle pain.  Take a lesson from Serge here.  He’s been here the longest, and he’s finished his training.  Notice how he’s looking forward to it.”

The torture the two did to Serge was different, but no less intense.  But Serge seemed to enjoy it, though he was yelling.  Chris couldn’t understand how anyone could enjoy what he was seeing the pair do to Serge.  After a while they came back for another.  This one was not looking forward to what they were going to do to him.

There were a total of six slaves, and they all got brutally tortured.  Some of them got raped, as the guys would get their rocks off after the torture they were inflicting had gotten them hard.  After the two guys finished, they returned the six to their cells.  The two guys returned to Danny.

Danny had recovered consciousness when they were torturing the first of the slaves.  He got to see all that the two did.  When they came over to him they said “now it’s your turn to have some fun.”  Danny was shaking and trying to get out of his chains, which was obviously impossible.

First they removed one of the big clamps from one of Danny’s tits.  It took some seconds for the blood to come rushing back in.  Danny tried screaming, but no sound came out of his mouth.  The two got a big smile on noticing his reaction.  They went over to the long spikes which were projecting out from under his fingernails and started moving them a little.  Danny just kept on doing his silent screaming.  They came back and removed the big clamp from his other tit.  More silent screaming.

One of the guys took Danny’s head in his hand and, looking straight at him, said “whenever Vincent wants something, you’re going to give it to him.  Right?”

Danny was nodding his head up and down as quickly as he could, given the position it was in.

“I hope you’ve learned your lesson.  I wouldn’t want us to have to do this to you again for a longer time.”

Danny was shaking his head back and forth as vigorously as he could.

“You know, Arturo, I think we may have gotten through to this guy.  I think we’ll keep the clamps off his tits.  But we’ll keep him here another day until Vincent comes back.  Letting him go back home will have to be Vincent’s decision.”  Danny’s eyes were wide and wild-looking, as the two left the dungeon, turning the lights off, plunging the room into darkness.

Outside in a parked car, the guy with the earphones on said “Jesus, Joe, I don’t know how much more of this I can listen to.  We’ve got to go in and get those guys out.  Are you sure that we’ve got to wait?”

“Our orders are to wait until the Captain says to go in.  Chris and the others are going to have to put up with another day.  But it looks like we need to change reels again.  This one is almost out.”

The Captain had been listening to the reels as they were brought in to the station.  He decided to wait until Vincent returned and released Danny before he moved in.  This happened the next night.  The cops quietly went into the place when they were hearing Vincent and the two guys in the dungeon starting to release Danny, went up to that thick metal door leading into the dungeon, and waited for one of them to open the door to exit.  With the door open, they went into the dungeon with guns drawn and arrested the three, releasing the slaves.

For Chris, it was the end of a two month long assignment.  He had been recruited by the local police department specifically for this assignment.  He was more than happy to be able to provide evidence against Vincent, Arturo and the other guy.  But both he and Danny needed some time to recuperate.  After he had finished the paper work needed after the end of his assignment, he was given some leave time.

But Chris’ life had been changed.  He had experienced something that he very much enjoyed, something that he now missed.  He spent much of his recuperation thinking back on those happy times with Danny. He was looking at two possible paths for his future life to take.  Finally he decided to see if he could pursue the one he preferred to take, the one he was happiest with, the one his cock wanted him to take.

It had taken Chris a month to make his decision.  In preparing to see Danny again, he was concerned about whether Danny would associate their relationship with the horror of what he’d been put through and not want Chris back.

When Chris went to Danny’s place and rang the bell, Danny was at first surprised to see him.  Chris said “miss me?”

“Very much so.  Miss me?”

“I enjoyed my life here with you.  But we knew you would eventually take me into contact with Vincent, who would want to own me as his slave, which is why I was assigned here.  It looks like Vincent’s going to be put away for many years, since his slaves have finally decided to tell what they know and testify against him.  He had been out on bail, but now he’s back in and not allowed out on bail.  That, combined with your evidence, should make it safe enough for me to resume my life here as before, assuming you’ll have me back.  In this past month I’ve realized that this type of life is what I want.”

“You mean that after your work assignment here, you now want to return here voluntarily, unrelated to work?”


“I’d been wondering whether you were really drawn to me, or whether that was something you were ordered to do.  When I didn’t hear from you I figured it was something you were ordered to do.”

“Initially it was something I was ordered to do.  But as I got to know you, I was drawn to you.  That’s why I’d like to return.  It was a life I enjoyed.  It is a life I want to have again.  It took me the last month to realize this.”

“What about your life as a police officer?”

“If you’ll take me back, I’ll give that up.”

“In that case, you’ve made me an offer I can’t refuse.  Welcome back.  Go take care of resigning from the force and bring your things here.  After you’re moved in, we can resume our interrupted relationship.  But it would probably be best if you didn’t tell anyone you were coming here, and didn’t leave a forwarding address.”

Chris resigned his job, which didn’t entail much since he was on leave anyway.  They expressed regret at seeing him leave, but with the publicity that this assignment produced for him, he wasn’t going to be able to do such assignments again, and he didn’t fit in with the other officers for anything else.  He didn’t tell them where he was going, and they didn’t ask.  He checked out of his rented apartment, giving notice to the manager, also not telling him where he was going, packed his things in his car, and drove to Danny’s home.  He didn’t leave a forwarding address to send his mail to, either.  And he figured he wouldn’t need to renew his driver’s license or give them his new address.  Chris had cut all ties.  After unpacking his belongings into his room, Chris was ready to resume his role as Danny’s slave.  He resumed his position, kneeling in front of Danny.

Danny took Chris to his dungeon and told him to strip naked and kneel.  After Chris and removed all his clothes, Danny cuffed Chris’ hands behind his back.  He locked a spreader bar to one ankle, spread Chris’ other ankle apart, and locked the other end of the spreader bar to it.  Danny then also cuffed each of Chris’ wrists into one end of a handcuff.

Danny got the leather penis gag he always kept in Chris’ mouth when he didn’t have his cock in it, and strapped the gag on, putting a padlock through the back but not locking it.

He brought out a short length of chain, putting one chain link end through the padlock at the back of Chris’ gag, then wrapping it around the top of Chris’ neck, forced Chris’ chin up with one hand while he pulled the chain tight with the other, and finally getting the other chain link end as tight as he could, putting it through the padlock at the back of Chris’ gag, finally clicking it closed.  Chris’ cock was not in chastity, and it was now erect and hard.  Chris was also having a difficult time breathing, his face starting to turn red.  He was starting to get a bad feeling about what Danny was planning to do to him.

Danny walked around to the front of Chris, took a good look, and said “that will do until I can get you hooked up.  I’ll be attaching that chain around your neck to an overhead chain I’ve had installed.  And I’ll be spreading your ankles and wrists apart like I was kept, attaching them as well like mine were when I was in Vincent’s dungeon.

In order to put that experience behind me I need to relive it.  It’s either that, or forget it, which I can’t do because I think about it constantly.  Your moving in here has provided me that opportunity to relive it through you.  You’ll be providing me the greatest service by doing that.  I can’t move on with my life until I’ve gotten that behind me.  You’ll now be kept like I was in Vincent’s dungeon until I’m able to put it behind me, which may take a while.”

Turning to look at the wall, he continued “I’ve still got some other preparing to do.  I need to get three of those big clamps, as well as some of those long spikes.  I need to get your stomach red with beatings.  To keep you alive I’ll at least be emptying you each morning, feeding you three times a day, but three times a day I’ll also be pulling the chain up for you to be suspended by the chain around your neck until you pass out, like I did.  And I’ll lock myself in one of those little cages on the other side of the dungeon, cuffing my hands behind my back in such a way that I’ll be able to get out of them and the cage later.  On evenings after work, and on weekends, I’ll just sit there in the cage watching you as you were watching me.  I’ll spend my time looking at you, thinking about what it was like.”

While Chris was hearing this he was shuddering with what he was hearing.  He could see that Danny was determined to do this.

Danny walked out of the room, coming back with some chains which he started hooking up to some recently installed attachments on the side of the dungeon wall, getting up on a step stool to do so.  Soon he would have Chris installed as he had been.

Chris had not expected this.  He realized that Danny needed to get passed his horrific experience, but he didn’t expect Danny to do it this way.  Now he was going to be the one to be strung up and tortured like Danny had been.  Chris knew his life was no longer going to be the enjoyable one he’d had before, the life he thought he was coming back to.  Instead, it was as if he were back in Vincent’s dungeon again.  And having severed all ties before moving in with Danny, this time he had no way out.

Chris’ cock was hard, leaking pre-cum, as Danny was dragging him over to the chains.  He was yelling into his gag, but Danny ignored that.  Chris realized that he had offered himself unconditionally to Danny, and Danny accepted him, doing to him what Danny believed he needed to do.  Chris had made Danny an offer that Danny couldn’t refuse.  And with Danny’s acceptance of this offer, Chris would pay dearly for it.  Chris had chosen to be Danny’s slave, and his job was to serve his master.




Mister-X / Spartan will return soon to the Prison Library with a brand new series, called “Another Bondage Fantasy World Client”



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