Inmate jumpsuit and police belly chain

I wore this out in public a couple of times over the past week:

Metalbond_Halloween_2013-a Metalbond_Halloween_2013-b

Last Saturday I went to a couple of bars, including The NYC Eagle for NYBOL’s Frat Night party. I ran into a bunch of old friends and new acquaintances, including Neil the Erotic Hypnotist, “the Twink,” David Stein, londonslv and of course my favorite bartender — Gregory (who now has is very own Tumblr feed, check it out!).

It was fun to see people’s reactions. I rode Citibikes everywhere and got all sots of comments from passers-by and motorists. On the way home last Saturday I ran into a very hot Clark Kent, who said he liked my “jailbreak city” outfit.

I also wore this to my gay bowling league, but I was the only one who dressed up for that.

Anyway, if you’ve ever wanted to walk around outside in a prisoner uniform and handcuffs, Halloween is the perfect “cover” to get away with it.

Happy Halloween, everyone!




11 thoughts on “Inmate jumpsuit and police belly chain”

  1. You’re lucky you didn’t get locked up for being an escaped convict. Don’t try the costume in Florida. There are so many escaped cons here that they wouldn’t believe you if you said you weren’t one.

  2. If you’ve got trick-or-treaters, you might want to consider doing what I did this year. I was at Travis’ “hunting lodge for rich weirdos” in the Sacramento area. He had hundreds of trick-or-treaters. I got the funeral urn he had, filled it with candy, and had the kids reach into it to get their candy. So many of them were scared to put their hands into the urn, not being able to see what was inside. But finally their desire for candy overcame their fears and they did. I had a lot of fun doing that. Travis had a hearse with a purple coffin parked in his driveway with candy in the coffin. He had fun with the kids, too.

  3. Unfortunately it is still illegal to possess handcuffs in NYC, so the cuffs rather than the outfit could get you in trouble.

    A guy I know was questioned for 10 minutes about the handcuff key on his keyring when he got caught up in one of the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk operations.

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