By Marknorth

I laughed the first time someone called them aquariums.  I had always thought of them as display cases but, since the occupants were alive, I guess “aquarium” fit better.  I wouldn’t have argued too much anyway, I never wanted to offend any of my clientele – especially in the VIP rooms.

In recognition of the “aquarium” comments, I renamed the VIP lounge “Aqua” and rebranded it entirely. I had to do that from time to time to make sure I kept them fresh and exciting.  There was plenty of competition in town for the high-end money, and I had been successful in keeping a lot of it in my club.

We were setting up for the “Grand Opening” which was coming up on Friday, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well the design changes looked.  The walls were washed in blues and greens reflecting to mimic water and the theme was carried throughout the rooms.  The old bar had been ripped out and was now a glass and light extravaganza with a new “aquarium” on the back wall.  Overall, the theme was really calming and gave off a great vibe.  These rooms were always mellow and reserved – in harsh contrast to the pounding techno-beats and laser shows in the main club.  I much preferred these rooms and the upper-crust cliental over the tweaked-out twinks on the other dance floors.  But those twinks were a prime recruiting opportunity both for the go-go boys out front and the more-refined servers in the VIP rooms.

The new aquariums were better built for display, as well.  New high-tech lighting effects and numerous ways to set-up the interiors would make them a big hit.  Thinking of that made me realize I was late for some interviews.

My floor manager had the twinks all lined up outside the office when I got there.  There had to be over thirty of them.  It continued to amaze me how many of these guys wanted nothing more than to flail around in a go-go cage hanging from the ceiling of a blaring nightclub, but every time we put the word out dozens more would show up.

As soon as I got to my desk my manager started calling the guys in – he was a great guy and ran my place like a military officer, which was exactly what I needed (I tended to run around kissing high roller asses).  My club manager, my bar manager, and I had two sets of guys we needed – the go-go’s and bar fodder for the main club and the special talent for the VIP rooms.  The former was easy but the latter was always a challenge.  We had to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, and then have a more formal one-on-one with the “special talent” potentials.

Even as I get older I never get tired of looking at hot, young, well-built, guys in speedos and jocks.  I love the business because I get to do that for a living.  As the guys file in we have a quick conversation, have them do a few dance moves, flex a little and have them slowly spin around to get a feel for their proportions.  Then the three of us give thumbs up or down – and if they might fit the special talent pool – then send them on their way (out the door or on the Human Resources – yes I have an HR director!)  It goes quick; we’ve worked together for years so we rarely disagree on a guy.  We ran through the group in a little under two hours.  Had 12 go-go’s and 3 potentials for the back rooms.  The rest were given a gift certificate for a few drinks and sent home.

I always interviewed the guys for the VIP rooms alone.  I knew what I was looking for and my managers were happy to not have to deal with it.  The first guy was already on my “in” list – all he had to do was not be a complete idiot – and he had the job.  He was about 6’-2”, well-toned, tanned, blonde (a big seller lately) and smart enough.  He hesitated only a minute before dropping his trunks so I could see all of his assets.  Just about right – he was in.  I think he was one of the most perfect specimens that I had seen in a long, long time!  I asked him if he was free for training right now and he said yes, he lived alone in the city and didn’t have anything else to do.  A bonus as far as I was concerned.  I called one of my guys and to came and escorted him to the training rooms.

The other two weren’t quite so perfect.  I dismissed one right away – too much attitude and too little brains.  The other made the cut and, like blondie, was free as a bird.  I had him taken to the training rooms, as well.

Of course, these guys weren’t being trained to dance – I had enough guys for that.  These guys were being broken down to the lowest level to serve in ways that they would never have imagined.  There was always a steady stream of unattached young guys that moved to the city and then seemed to disappear – many of them were locked in my “training rooms.”

As I made my way down to the cells, for that is what they were, I recalled how I used to feel about having these young guys tortured, raped, and locked in brutal bondage until they were broken and able to serve as needed – it had bothered me, it didn’t anymore.  The stable of hot studs that I had on lock-down was my gravy train.  No one else in the city could figure out how I was able to keep the high-end clients coming back time after time.  These slaves were the reason.  For a price my clients can satisfy just about any sexual fantasy – no blood, no brutality, no one under legal age – bit otherwise, almost anything was on the table.

With the grand opening only a day away I knew we wouldn’t have time to break blondie, but I wanted to get him on display for future bidding.  As I walked up to the stand-up cage that he had been locked in a few minutes ago I could see the fear in his eyes.  That always got me hard – that and knowing how much he was about to suffer.  I loved my job!  I think he was trying to scream, but the gag we had locked on him was effective.  When they were in their holding cages I wanted them silent.  The screams and cries were fine when we were breaking them, but I preferred the silent fear that I always saw in their eyes.

On Friday afternoon a half-hour before we would be opening Aqua for the invited guest party I had the guys that I had selected brought up to the room.  Blondie and the new guy were still gagged and shackled – they were still too new to have accepted their fate.  The rest meekly followed instructions.  The hottest ones were taken to the aquariums that lined the entrance tunnel.  Each of these cases was equipped with a set of handcrafted pillories that allowed us to lock the guys in place standing.  Their heads and hands upright in the upper section and their ankles locked in the lower.  The effect exposed their gorgeous bodies (we always kept them toned and healthy) and cocks to full view.  One by one they were locked in place, six total, three to a side.  Once in place the lighting to each aquarium was turned off – they would be automatically illuminated as people entered the room – the effects lighting was a real eye-catcher that drew the clients in for a closer look.

While blondie and the other new guy continued to watch, we staged the other guys in their respective aquariums.  Most of these were larger, so we had two or three guys in each.  We set them up so they were locked in various bondage positions or gear.  Some leather, some heavy irons, some rubber – whatever suited the scene.  Each guy was locked in position so they couldn’t squirm around too much – we had found it was the best effect, let the clients get a good look before deciding to bid on any of the guys on display.  It was also meant as a menu of sorts, these are the samples – many more available.

Finally I got to blondie.  He and the new guy were going to be showcased in the aquarium on the back bar.  Prime location, but far enough away that the cliental wouldn’t see the fear in their eyes.  We had set the box up ahead of time; we knew we were going to have to man-handle the guys into position, so we wanted it as easy as possible.

Blondie was pulled in first.  I had him in a slight crouch leaning forward with his ass impaled on a dildo which was mounted on a translucent rod that was lit from within.  I left him gagged as the guys lowered his ass unto the dildo, he was screaming and fighting all the way, but he was overpowered.  Once on the dildo we had a clear plastic strap that ran around his waist locked to the rod – preventing him from pulling off.  His ankles were locked to straps on the floor and his hands were cuffed behind his back with some translucent cuffs that we had made especially for tonight.  The effect was stunning when the lights were turned on.  Leaving him for a minute we dragged the other guy up into the case, as well.  Having just watched what happened to blondie he struggled pretty hard – but a few slaps and some muscle power got him in place.

He was on his knees in front of blondie.  His ankles locked to the floor and a set of translucent restraints just below his knees making sure he was firmly in place.  We removed his gag and he started to swear and scream but a few more slaps shut him up.  His head was pulled down and blondie’s dick was stuffed into his mouth – a gag of a different sort.  A clear strap was put in place around the guy’s neck and attached to the one around blondie’s waist – making sure that he couldn’t pull his head off of blondie’s dick.  We cuffed his hands behind his back with the same style translucent cuffs.

I took a few steps back and had them illuminate the aquarium with all of the effect lighting – it was perfect.  The reveal would be the hit of the night.  Blondie was glaring at me as I had his gag removed.  I was expecting him to scream, but he was silent for a moment.  “You are the biggest asshole that I have ever met.”  He said.  “How long do you plan to keep us all here – I don’t mean in this case, but here at this club?”

“As long as you can still bring me money, you stay at the club.  When none of the clients wants you anymore, I sell you off to some overseas buyer who needs slaves of some type or another.”  I replied.  “Do I need to put that gag back in for the rest of the night, or are you smart enough to keep your mouth shut?  Not that anyone can hear you through the glass, but I don’t want you to look unhappy in there.”

I knew from his look that he was smart enough to deal with it.  I had the guys lock-up the case and drop the swanky curtain that would open later to reveal the artwork inside.  Blondie just continued to stare at me while it closed.

The night was a huge success.  The clients all loved the new décor and the “aquariums” filled with hot studs made them drool and open their wallets.  The private rooms were booked all night and almost all the guys in the stable got to earn their keep.

When we revealed blondie’s case about midnight the crowd was awed.  The whole effect of the “living bondage art,” the lighting, and his beautiful body were mesmerizing.  I had some very high bids for him – the guys putting their money down now for when blondie was fully trained and ready to serve.

The crowd thinned out as the morning hit.  Everyone was gone by about 4:00 – the studs were all let out of their aquariums and taken back to the cells.  My crew cleaned up while I had a scotch at the bar just staring at blondie up there in that case.  He was a specimen, indeed.  I knew he would make me a fortune before I sold him off.  His gaze never wavered from mine while I watched him.  I was anxious to get his training under way – I think I’ll do it myself.  I haven’t trained one of the guys in a long time, but blondie was intriguing to me.  I was looking forward to the challenge.

Both of them must have been sore from being locked in those positions all night.  The guy’s jaw with blondie’s dick in his mouth was probably in pain.  I wondered if blondie pissed in the guy’s mouth or got hard.  I hadn’t noticed the other guy choking at all, but I hadn’t been watching all night.  Either way, the guy was lucky to have another guy’s dick in his mouth for hours on end – I had guys who paid for that service!

I was having another scotch when my lead-bouncer asked, “You want me to pull those guys out and put ’em in their cells, boss?”

I thought about it for a minute, still staring into blondie’s eyes.  I toasted blondie with my glass and told the bouncer.  “No, leave them there just like that.  Make sure everything’s locked up and head home.  I’ll let you know when you can release them after you get back for work tonight.”

I hit the button and watched the drape slowly close in front of blondie.  The anger and fear in his eyes as the curtain closed made my dick hard as a rock.

Yes, it had been a good night, indeed!


The End


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  1. This is a cool story! Although all of the “action” is implied, I like the set-up and the whole idea of a VIP club like that.
    Great writing!

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