Caged – a true story

By Paul

Hi Metal, I thought I’d share this with ya, something you might enjoy. I’ve recently just came home from a vacation in Los Angeles and while there I got to experience some cage time. Not much, granted, but some.

The first was at the Rough Trade store, they have a cage at the bottom of the stairs on the ground floor, and I was able to sit into this. WOW!! What a rush!! Once the door was closed over (it wasn’t locked), and I could take in the whole environment, I found it a very thrilling and very arousing experience.

This cage was solid, it doesn’t disassemble. Being a six foot six giant, I was concerned about how much room I’d have in it but I was pleasantly surprised once I was in. I couldn’t sit up fully in it, but it was big enough for me to comfortable in, while small enough to keep me confined. I spent about two minutes in it and I loved it!!

The only thing that killed it a bit for me was that this cage had a neck brace in the roof of it. There were two sliding round neck supports there and while I couldn’t fit through the hole, I didn’t like having this big round hole above my head, it broke the flow of the cage structure. I did open these and popped my head through to see what it was like, but I didn’t like it. I think a cage should be just that, a cage, solid straight bars with just a food bowl slot and that’s it. But still, for my first time in a cage, I loved it!!

My second chance happened at Stockroom store. Their puppy cage was upstairs. Their cage comes in pieces, it can be disassembled, and I have to admit that that was a turnoff for me. I felt the cage wouldn’t be secure. I was wrong!!

Once I sat into it and the door was closed and secured with a clip (no lock sadly), I found this cage very solid and sturdy. Size-wise, it was simular to the one in Rough Trade, big enough for me to sit into and small enough to confine me. Even though this model was bolted together, it was solid! There was no movement in the struture. And now I like this type of cage because it can be easily packed away when not in use. And having this door secured with a clip allowed me to push against the door and feel my confinement. This cage also had no neck brace, it’s a proper steel puppy cage, bars all around, no big round hole in its structure, just a food bowl hole on the door. It was a major turn on!! I stayed in this for about five minutes odd. When the Stockroom store owner came up to check how things were going for me, to have him standing over me as I was caged really aroused me!!

So finally I’ve had some cage time, granted only about seven minutes worth, if even that. And I was clothed and wasn’t collared, shackled, cuffed, or anything like that, but just to be able to sit into a cage, to experience the environment, WOW!!! This is definitely a fetish item I can see myself investing in for my own personal pleasure in the future. Now if only I could find a guy with a cage who would strip me naked and lock me in proper!!

All the best,



Metal would like to thank Paul for sharing this true-life tale.


One thought on “Caged – a true story”

  1. Hi Paul

    I have had the pleasure of around six hours in a cage. Naked cuffed and alone.

    He came back to change the butt plug that was inside me, for a bigger one which was uncomfortable and took some time getting it in me.

    It was an anyplace to be, I felt secure and safe but the butt plugged was a constant reminder of the man who locked me up.



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