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The New Cadet – Chapter 4

By Chain Slave

Once I was strapped down on the table, Basher asked Steve what he wanted to have done on me. I thought about begging Steve not to, but he must have read my mind as he grabbed a big open-mouth gagg and stuffed it between my teeth and locked it in place. He pulled out a used tattoo stencil, the letters were about 4 inches tall and bold — “SLAVE.” I tried to scream, but drool was pouring from my mouth. Before I knew it Basher was getting to work and placed the stencil between my shoulders. It did not take long and the deed was done.

Basher looked at his work and asked Steve about payment. Steve got an evil grin and said, “OK, you can use him till the morning, just make sure he is in his leathers at the station in the morning.”

Basher loosened the straps holding me down and cuffed me tightly before dragging me outside, still gagged, and lifted me into his pickup and drove off.

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The New Cadet – Chapter 3

By Chain Slave

Steve ordered me to tidy up the dungeon I had found as he sat back and lit a cigarette and inspected a couple of the other items around the place. He picked up a bag and placed a couple of items into it before I had finished. The tight leathers felt very restrictive and made a noise as I moved around. I undid the top two buttons and tugged at the steel collar that was locked tightly around my neck. It’s what I had always wanted, but now that it was on I realised how visible it was and started thinking how was I going to hide it?

I finished up and Steve said we should be heading back to the station and home. He dropped the bag and ordered me to bring it up as he climbed the stairs with me following.

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The New Cadet – Chapter 2

By Chain Slave

I arrived in Columbia a couple of hours early so decided to go and have my hair cut. As usual the barber was a talkative person who worked as he spoke. Being new in town it soon came out in the conversation that I was assigned to the precinct there. Before long my head was shaved on the sides and back in a neat tight military style.

I arrived at the precinct on time for the afternoon shift change and was shown into the meeting where the day’s cases were to be discussed. All went smoothly as can be expected. I was introduced to the guys in the shift. Steve, the officer running the meeting, said he would be partnering me on the first few shifts to assess me. I was naturally nervous as I slid into the squad car. The officer climbed into the drive seat and as we took off he said, “My brother said he would be sending me a hot one.”

I felt myself turn red and glanced at him. I could see the similarities in two brothers. The shift went smoothly and we had about an hour to go when a call came through to attend to a house break. We arrived on the scene as most of the other police were leaving. We took a look around the scene and decided to leave as everyone had already gone. As I stepped on one of the floorboards I heard a hollow sound and stopped.

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The New Cadet – Chapter 1

By Chain Slave

I had just turned 18 and finished my schooling. I was determined to get away from my abusive parents however did not have the means. It was always Matt do this Matt do that. One of my friends fathers suggested that I join the police force. Little did they know that I had a fascination for cops and their uniforms. I was a strong, well-built guy and never struggled to get attention from the ladies. I acted straight but deep down knew i was different and attracted to men in uniform. Perhaps this was a way that I could live true to myself.

I downloaded the required forms. Did the necessary medicals and sent them off. I was expecting to wait a month or so before I got a reply. It was only 4 days before I had a reply. I was instructed to report within 2 days. That was it my folks were not home, I packed a rucksack with my toiletries pulled on a vest and jeans. Laced up my prized boots and headed off after leaving a short note to my parents saying they can be happy now as I was out of their lives.

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