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The Prison Writer – Chapter 20

By Joshua Ryan

***This is the second to last chapter***

Three years had passed since I saw Steven on the Maskawa ferry, but I’d looked at the pictures maybe a thousand times, and yeah, that was him.  His head was bald, but his lips were still thin and his nose was still the kind I used to see on all those guys in prep school — long and narrow, as if it wanted to look down on everything.  And eyes never change.  The eyes looking at me were the same eyes I saw in the picture on the back of my first Steven Meres book.

The rest was totally different.  The body on the bed was packed into its uniform like a shell in a cannon.  Every inch was filled with muscle.  When he stood up, you could see the ripples moving under his white tee and the flex stretching his denim thighs.  Hot, very hot when combined with the little pointed chin and the intelligent brown eyes.  Which looked me up and down.  I remembered meeting a guy in a bar who gave me his address and told me to come over in an hour from then.  When I got there, I was met at the door by his boyfriend, who was packed exactly like this guy and was giving me the same look.

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One Year – Part 11

By Taurus

Part 11 – “Listening”

The torturous regime of flogging, meal, workout, meal, and back into the cage continued another two days.

James begged for mercy, to be let out of the dungeon in order to work out or maybe even breathe some fresh air on the outdoor sand track.

He was heard, but not in the way he might have liked. His pleas fell on a pair of intently listening ears, ears of a person who responded earnestly with myriad lashes.

Well, like the old saying goes, the flogging must go on. (This may be wrong, I advise against quotation.)

The only difference between these two days and the first was the absence of getting cum on himself, something he really did not want to happen again. He may be hot, but the dungeon was hotter, and because he marinated in sweat and drool and cum, he stank.

Smelled real bad.

More cum just means more suffering.

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The WORC Program – Part 11

By Joshua Ryan

What kind of lover did he make? What kind of lover did I make? What do I know? I’m just a stupid workie. We were a thousand times better than Mike and me — how’s that for an evaluation? Because Ace was totally solid. Whatever we were doing, he was totally there. He never talked; he just did it. If I shied away from him, he did something else. Then he came back. He also had a way of waiting for me to do something, then going all in on it himself. If we were doing something, we had to do it together. He had to do it, and I had to do it. That was his idea. So we did.

I always knew what was going on in the barracks. I knew there was sex. Everybody knew. There had to be. But I didn’t hear any talk — any except jokes about what’s always “gonna” happen, where everybody accuses everybody of everything. But when I got up to take a piss at night, I always noticed there was a bunk that wasn’t filled, and another bunk that looked heavier than normal. I didn’t go looking for evidence, but Boss Web’s rack was always way heavy, and everybody knew it was Chico, the little Mex dude. I would’ve liked to fuck him myself.

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Training Week at the Campground: A Novel – Part 15

By AlphaMetal

Day 8, Evening – The Colonel and the slave

It had just begun to get dark and the Commander and the man Cody thought of as “the Colonel” were relaxing in the living room of the Commander’s trailer after supper. Each had a glass of bourbon and they were smoking cigars to celebrate the officer’s successful week at the camp. The Commander was incredibly proud of his old friend and his friend was proud of himself as well. It was an experience that would make him an even better Dom and give him greater confidence about taking charge of a boy. It was getting time for him to settle down, after all, and having just retired from the Marine Corps as a major general a few weeks ago, after a long career in the service, he finally had the freedom to complete that part of his life.

The Commander and his old friend drank their whisky, smoked their cigars, and discussed old times, and began comparing notes about Cody, Wrestler, and Pretty Boy.

About an hour later there was a knock at the trailer door and the Commander said, “Come in.” The slaveboy entered the trailer and saw the man on the couch with his glass of whisky and cigar, the man whose sore muscles the slave had massaged. He noticed the man’s black boots and his heart skipped a beat. He was thrilled to see the boots.

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Side Effects – Chapter 1

By GratDelay

male bdsm storiesHow dumb did my best friend think I was?

“If it has ‘unfortunate side effects’, why do you think I would let you dose me with it?”

“I mean ‘unfortunate’ like I won’t be getting a bonus this year. It’s just as safe as the other analogs we’ve been testing… well, if you get comfy before you take it.”


“The lab’s not going to be able to market it. No way the FDA will pass it, and if they did, almost no one would buy it.”

“Dude, I’m really not interested in your company’s bottom line — or your Christmas bonus. Tell me why I should take some un-tested drug from your lab.”

“Oh, it’s tested. That’s how it got cancelled. And it passed all the usual safety trials. It won’t make you sick or elevate your blood pressure like the original peptide. It won’t give you a weird splotchy tan or a tomato-red face. Etcetera etcetera.”

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Scenes from FFPD: The Fist Fuck Police Department

Detective Tony Orlando is back in the precinct to interrogate Sherman Maus, who’s found himself in the crooked cop’s jurisdiction once again. The two strike up a deal to ‘take care of each other’ and Tony sinks to his knees to suck off the fugitive in cuffs. The deputy makes sure not to miss an inch of Sherman’s cock and balls before bending him over his desk to open his law-breaking hole with his tongue. With Sherman still bent over the detective’s desk, Tony begins to work his fingers into Sherman’s tight ass until his entire fist is gaping the criminal’s hole. Sherman spreads his ass cheeks apart to let Tony work his trigger finger in and out of his hole. Switching it up, Tony tells Sherman to lie back on his desk so he can fist punch his hole. Tony relentlessly drills his ‘long arm of the law’ deep into Sherman’s crack until Sherman pops out a thick rosebud for Tony to taste. Sherman needs to cum and gets up to squat down on Tony’s gloved fist. He rides the cop’s hand while jerking his thick cock until he spills his load out onto Tony’s hand. With Sherman’s hot cum in his hand, Tony bends him over one last time to shove the freshly shot load straight back into Sherman’s busted hole.

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Actors: Tony Orlando, Sherman Maus

Title: FFPD – Fist Fuck Police Department

Fist Fuck Polce Department

Officer Brian Bonds of the FFPD

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In this episode, Officer Brian Bonds brings in Josh Mikael for masturbating in the park and indecent exposure. Brian asks his sarge, Dale Savage, what they should do with the habitual offender. They agree to ‘handle it,’ and the cops strip down to get their cocks sucked by Josh. Cuffed and on his knees, Josh does as his told and gags on both of the officers’ thick members. Brian wants a taste of cock himself and joins Josh on his knees to gulp down Dale’s fat cock. Now Dale wants some meat down his throat so he sinks down to devour Brian’s cock down to the balls. Brian sits back on the desk to let Josh bend over to suck his cock while he takes Dale’s fist from behind. Dale alternates each fist in and out of Josh’s hairy hole while he keeps his mouth full with Brian’s rod. Dale and Brian switch spots and now Brian is doing everything he can to stretch Josh’s ass to its absolute limits. With Dale’s cock down his throat, and Brian’s hand up his ass, Josh enjoys being spit-roasted by the cops. Taking it up a few notches, Brian and Dale get behind Josh to take turns alternating their fists into his ass. The cops test Josh’s limits when they each work one of their fists into his ass together, before punching him out vigorously. Josh switches on his back to continue letting his hole take a brutal beating from the fists. Josh grabs ahold of his cock and stokes it while Brian keeps his hand planted firmly in his hole until he shoots his jizz all over himself.

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Fist Fuck Polce Department

Welcome to the FFPD – the Fist Fuck Police Department

Fist Fuck Polce Department

After busting out his prisoner’s hole, officer Luka Sage wants to see how much his ass can take. The filthy ‘pig’ lets Josh Mikael undress him until he wraps his convict lips around Luka’s thick meat. Once Josh is done priming the front, he turns Luka around to bury his bearded face deep into his corrupt ass. After eating out the cop, Josh lubes up and works his hand deep into Luka’s hole. It doesn’t take long before Josh alternates fists while he stuffs the ‘pig.’ Luka takes every plunge from the criminal as he gets his hole punched deep. Luka wants the fists at a different angle and lays back on his desk with his legs in the air to let Josh stretch out his hole with both fists. The cop wants to cum and hops up to ride Josh’s fist until he jacks his load out all over the criminals forearm. With a spent cock and a busted hole, Luka locks Josh back in his cell.

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Title: FFPD – Fist Fuck Police Department

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