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Buying Love – Part 5

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90 bondage storiesSputnik shuffled from one hoof to the other, grinding the bit between his teeth. His mind was racing, his thoughts all blurring together. The grainy remnants of a sugar cube clung to the back of his tongue stimulating his salivary glands, and the aphrodisiac already doing its work on his achingly stiff cock.

“Easy there, stud.” Ian gave his butt a gentle tap with the crop. “You’ve been doing well, this is just going to be fun for you! Just… Hold your… Horses.” Ian chuckled unable to keep his intended deadpan delivery. Sputnik rolled his eyes as his handler doubled over in a breathless fit of giggles.

“Nervous much?” Rich poked his head through the door, the cheery twinkle in his eyes betraying his cool demeanor. “Pull yourself together, it’s showtime. Here you go, Sputnik.” Rich stuffed another sugar cube past the stallion’s bit and ducked back through the door from whence he appeared.

Sputnik gulped the sweet grainy treat down. That was the third energy-boosting aphrodisiac-laced serving he’d been given in the last five minutes. Guess they didn’t think he was horny enough. He huffed in frustration.

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The Drone – Part 4

By FirefighterSir

After the weekend when Jax and his drone had appeared unexpectedly at the camp, grunt’s life had passed back into routine. The young blond muscle jock had departed after grunt’s punishment whipping and there had been no other visitors.

Days passed quietly, waking at dawn as cool pine-scented air filtered down through the forest. Preparing the Captain’s gear and food for the day, opening the gate when he drove off to a chorus of barking dogs, turning to the list of chores left behind. Each item was assigned a time limit, and grunt’s day was dictated by the clock and by the shifting patches of shade he took advantage of to leaven the heat of the summer sun.

Each evening the Captain would return in a rumble of truck tires on the steep dirt road. The dog pack would stir and begin to bark and howl, jumping around eager for attention. The slave would already be waiting at the gate, and it would swing away at the precise moment the truck turned into sight. Then grunt would stand momentarily at attention, head bowed as the bearded master opened the driver door. Often he would briefly acknowledge the slave and indicate items such as fresh food to be fetched out.

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Risk – Part 03

By lthr_jock

Mike screamed and yelled into the gag. All sorts of possibilities were going through his mind and his fought hard against the restraints causing the bed to jump and bang against the wall. Gordon stood watching him grinning at the sight. Although he had promised nothing sexual would happen to Mike, he enjoyed the sight of the muscular, restrained male fighting to break free. Gordon let Mike go on for a couple of minutes and then he took his hand and placed it over Mike’s mouth and pushed down. Mike felt the ballgag pushed further into his mouth completely blocking it. As it did, he had to breathe through his nose and he then realised that Gordon had blocked his nose as well. He stopped yelling as he fought for breath. As soon as he stopped, Gordon removed his hand and Mike gulped in the air again.

“Alright, Mikey, calm down. Nothing has happened to you.” Mike opened his eyes and stared up at Gordon . “I promised, didn’t I? You got drunk and passed out. Jan did this to you – his sense of humour I’m afraid. But I made sure nothing else was done.”

Gordon looked at his watch. “Right. Time for me to go. Jan usually sleeps late after a session like that, so you can expect to be for another couple of hours – unless, you want to stop?” Mike stopped still. Looking down he could see that his cock was now fully erect. He shook his head.

“Good then – and look, those pictures will be nice souvenirs for you.” Gordon tousled Mike’s hair “See you soon.”

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The Edge – Chapter 12 – Matt the Demo Boi

By Steellock

Matt lay on his bed and thought about how his life had changed over the last few months since he left the Marines to become the Demo Boi at the leather and rubber BDSM store by the harbor.

In some ways the change was total but in others it was strangely similar.

The bed he was lying on was virtually the same; a narrow steel framed bed with a thin, slightly lumpy mattress.

What was different was what he was wearing. Instead of cotton shorts they were made of thick rubber with rubber belts locked around each thick, muscular thigh. A rubber pouch at the front held his cock and balls and it was zipped up each side with padlocks joining them to the thick rubber waist belt. Which was also locked.

At the back his butt was filled with a steel plug behind another locked zip.

Instead of military Commando boots he was always wearing tall, heavy black leather thick soled boots that had 20 tidy tight lines of red lacing up the front. The laces tucked under the top of his red socks that were neatly folded down.

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Never Done This Before – Part 4

By Hotch Rider

The night went on. With every passing minute, my shoulders were aching more. I tried moving them but that limited motion was not helpful. My feet were starting to hurt and they were also cold from the concrete. But the worst part was the space heater. That damn heater. At first the warmth was nice, it relaxed my muscles a bit but now it was just another source of pain. My skin was red and wet. I had been sweating all over and I was thirsty. I could see the sky getting brighter and knew Jack would be in any minute. Those minutes didn’t pass and I really needed some water.

“Jack! Hey Jack! I’m thirsty man. Can I get some water? … Jack? It’s really hot here.” As expected, there was no answer.

“Jack, please! My shoulders hurt. I’m thirsty. Please come!” There was no answer.

“I don’t want to do this anymore, please! I need… I need water Jack. Please!”

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Gimp Training, Week 5

Unowned in NYC

It’s been over a month now since my sub became my gimp. While I’m on the job, or out with my buds, the excitement of knowing where he is and how he’s bound, and that he’s not moving until I got home, still keeps me hard through the better part of each day. But the intensity is lessening a little bit, week by week. It’s a relief for me, in a way, because my dick was getting chafed from stepping into the port-a-john to jerk off five or six times a day during those first couple weeks. The other guys had started razzing me about it — was I getting old man’s prostate?  Going to jerk off again?  If only they knew that’s exactly what I was doing.

That first week, the gimp was on my mind practically every second of every day.  Horned up beyond belief, but tempered with a strong dose of concern.  Maybe he’d overheat, or there’d be a fire or a gas leak at the house.  Maybe he’d completely freak out and I’d come home to a zombie gimp, mentally broken beyond the point of what I wanted.  Maybe some freak accident would clog up the air tube in his gag.  The gimp and I had talked about all these dangers and more, in those last couple months leading up to his transformation.   As far as he was concerned, the chances were so remote for any of these possibilities, that  it was a no-brainer.

The potential risks were well worth the reward of him being allowed to truly live as my object.   He didn’t have to twist my arm.  I had just wanted to make absolutely sure he was aware of what he’d be getting himself into, and that he wasn’t off in a fantasy world, unaware of certain realities.  By the time I’d decided I really wanted to do it with him, I wanted to be sure we weren’t going to get a few days or a few weeks into it just to have him try to get out of it or negotiate for something easier.

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The New Cadet – Chapter 3

By Chain Slave

Steve ordered me to tidy up the dungeon I had found as he sat back and lit a cigarette and inspected a couple of the other items around the place. He picked up a bag and placed a couple of items into it before I had finished. The tight leathers felt very restrictive and made a noise as I moved around. I undid the top two buttons and tugged at the steel collar that was locked tightly around my neck. It’s what I had always wanted, but now that it was on I realised how visible it was and started thinking how was I going to hide it?

I finished up and Steve said we should be heading back to the station and home. He dropped the bag and ordered me to bring it up as he climbed the stairs with me following.

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Chastity Agreement

By Leatherboston

I am about to enter into a chastity agreement with a friend who is willing to be my key-holder and be strict and adhere to the conditions I list in a chastity agreement. See draft agreement. Just curious if you or your readers have any suggestions for additional stipulations for the contract? I want it to be realistic but also challenging.



This is an agreement dated __________ and between ______ , herein referred to as the caged male and ______, herein referred to as the key-holder. This is a consensual agreement between two adults of sound mind and body for chastity control and key-holder services. Both parties enter into this agreement freely and openly, and without coercion of any kind.

The contract will enter into force immediately on the date signed by both parties and will remain in effect for thirty days, self-renewing period, plus any earned penalty days.   After which time the contract will be satisfied and the key-holder will let the caged male go free. The caged male agrees to be locked in a chastity device for said contract period plus any penalty days earned during the contract period.

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