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Mike’s torment continues at Hard Up Straight Guys. He is still tied up as he deep throats a dildo, gagging and choking. Then he gets fucked in his ass with two dildos while he moans and grunts, kicking his long, sexy legs, so dejected and degraded with his face in his tormentor’s crotch. He ends up with horse’s tail butt plug in his ass.

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Title of this shoot: Bound, Fucked and Cum Fed – Part 2

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The Rules of the Game – Chapter 02

By Jackson Amacher

[Earlier that day…]

At Dawson Military Academy, before graduation seniors take part in a massive wargame. What it involves, no one knows. Only that it is an honor to be picked.

There are three teams, each led by three cadets with the three highest scores on an exam. Those cadets pick the other players. Less than half the senior class is selected. Anyone who makes it through gets a silver medal on their graduation uniform. Anyone on the winning team, gets gold.

One cold morning the senior class reported to duty, as instructed, in the school’s parking lot.

They all wanted gold.

Good friends Dylan and Mark laughed and nervously chatted with each other.

“I can’t believe you didn’t make the cut for captain. So unfair,” Mark told Dylan.

“Yeah, it sucks. No prize for fourth place, though,” Dylan said.

The lists of students on each team were posted.

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Male BDSM: Bound, Fucked and Cum Fed

Mike is 26, a former high school baseball and football player with a nice toned body, but he seems very shy and nervous. After he gets tied up for cash, he’s forced to suck a dildo on the wall as if it were a glory hole.

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Title of this shoot: “Bound, Fucked and Cum Fed – Part 1”

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Wanna get tied up bro?

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Blond, blue eyed, 6-foot-1 and heavily tattooed Keith has recently moved back to Philadelphia and in need of cash to get settled, so he’s willing to do anything, even get tied up! He gets tickled silly, and acts like a giggling bitch. Then he has to lay on his back, legs spread in the air, while getting a cleansing enema.

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Title of this shoot: “Keith – Part 1”

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Mike is tied and humiliated while strapped for cash

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Still hogtied, Mike is made to suck on a dildo. He gags and is told he’s going to learn how to suck a dick right. By now, he’s very uncomfortable with the bondage as he struggles to cope with the rubber cock in his throat. Then, kneeling with his hands tied behind his back, he gets his virgin hole fingered as he struggles, grunts and moans in shame.

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Title of this shoot: Mike – Part 2

male bdsm and humil

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Naked humiliation and bondage for a construction worker

Poor Mike is a 26-year-old, sexy, unemployed construction laborer in desperate need of cash. He kneels and humbly states his need, then gets stripped and gets his cock and balls squeezed and twisted while he flinches in pain. He then gets hogtied as he writhes in pain and humiliation.

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Title of this shoot: “Mike – Part 1”

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A straight guy allows himself to be hogtied for some extra cash

Corey is a construction worker who is between jobs in a move to another state and willing to do anything for the cash he so desperately needs to resettle. He has a firm, muscled body built through hard, physical labor. He has to assume and hold a humiliating position on his back with legs spread in the air. Then he gets hog tied while sucking a dildo, deep throating it until he gags.

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Title of this shoot: “Corey – Part 1”

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