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Procedure 10

By Dr Mad Max

General Notice to Readers of Dr. Mad Max’s Procedures:

The Revised Dr. Mad Max Stories may include variations in images and story line from the original.

Dr. Mad Max is written as an entertainment to Bondagezine readers. Understand that the Dr. Mad Max stories allow a flow of bondage ideas that are captured in photos of real situations. However, the reader must understand that the story line depicts activity that is based on both fantasy and fiction.

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In the Drum

By Max Cita

Part One

Life’s not always a barrel of fun!

1993, late Fall in a small country place in Northern Ontario, Max (had not yet attained the Title Dr. Mad Max) had decided to take in a weekend bondage event where there was lots of mud to play in. The other guys who might attend as well, were into ‘who-knows-what’ but it was a little bondage, rubber, leather and a lot of drinking. In retrospect it was a perfect weekend and the pleasures had not been revisited since.

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Dr. Mad Max – His younger days

By Max Cita

Chapter 1 – Rubber, mud, bondage and sex

A few times each year, usually late Summer or Fall, Max would travel four hours Northwest from Ottawa. He would visit friends at their not too remote rural farm. Farm? Well it was 25 acres of swamp, clay, rock, bears and gazillion black flies in the Spring. The mud, ahh yes, the swamp and high water had wonderful silty mushy, gooy, clean clay.

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