Dr. Mad Max – His younger days

By Max Cita

Chapter 1 – Rubber, mud, bondage and sex

A few times each year, usually late Summer or Fall, Max would travel four hours Northwest from Ottawa. He would visit friends at their not too remote rural farm. Farm? Well it was 25 acres of swamp, clay, rock, bears and gazillion black flies in the Spring. The mud, ahh yes, the swamp and high water had wonderful silty mushy, gooy, clean clay.

The higher bits of land amidst the marsh and Swamp Alders was terra firma, at least on the top 3 feet. Under the loam and root laden layer was the oozy, unstable, mushy clay that could easily be displaced with a couple of energetic pushes with the boots. Then you could get stuck waist deep.

The farm was right on the main highway, leaving the house and partly-cleared lot around it, visible to the frequent traffic passing by. So for modesty we did play or act out fantasies several hundred feet from the roadway hidden by the tall Alders and bush. The whole idea of the visit was to really get into wet and messy bondage play. The wet bog and gooy surface clay made the sensation of rubber boots now sucked into the mud, and the pressure of goo hugging the legs, all sexually arousing. Within minutes of the Friday night arrival, the hosts and Max were trudging through the swamp looking for a great play area for the Saturday and Sunday intense play. Daylight was fading fast.

There were no rules of play as such. All loved getting stuck in the mud. At ankle deep the suction could easily pull a hip wader off, so chest waders were deemed ideal. A belt around the waist, suspenders to hold up the wader, and then a bicycle inner tube cut to length was tied tightly above each knee to help keep the foot in the boot of the waders. It was very annoying to have your foot pull free of the boot, then getting it back into the boot was nearly impossible as the mud quickly collapsed the boot. Minutes would be spent trying to pull the boot from the mud, handicapped with the foot and leg trapped in the upper part of the wader. Funny at times but maddening when it interfered with keeping the sensual and erotic parts going while the rest of the guys were playing.

Max preferred the mud play as a serious escape challenge. He would ask the others to tie him up with rope, in whatever manner they chose, and then bury him in the mud, well at least up to the neck, and sometimes more. This time, it was a new challenge that he made. He wanted to be tied up, stuck in a hole, fill the hole and then see how long it would take for him to escape. The challenge seemed easy, enough rope and no one would get out, at least the challengers saw it that way. If Max escaped well the reward was just that, the escape. If he lost, a devious suitable punishment would have to be dished out but no doubt it would be some form of sexual depravity. All of this discussion about the escape/mud/challenge peppered the Friday night conversation. All got very horny, and agreed a short midnight walk would help release some of their horny sensations.

The evening play was a little of this and that, to make that part of the story short, is to say that three knee high boots got lost somewhere out there in the blackness as three guys wrestled each other in the wet loam and clay. Two on one would trip up and push the third as deep as they could into the mud. More than a few times a face plant successfully had the unlucky one eating mud. But then it was all fun for everyone. Faces in muddy crotches and groping hands made for a happy threesome.

The Friday night ended, well actually early Saturday morning, in anticipation of a longer more intense play that would go on through Saturday night until it was time to leave late Sunday.

Saturday began late, breakfast was leftovers from the night before. Max had got up long before the others to get the escape site ready. If he wanted the challenge, then he would have to do most of the work. Max wanted an escape challenge that was realistic in terms of no-escape, in other words no illusion, trick or hidden gimmick that would set him free. The others knew that, but still, they had yet to keep Max tied up for more than a few hours. Max seemed to always leave just enough out of the equation that he would find a way to escape. He really enjoyed being buried in mud unable to move, then trying as he might to free himself. The exertion itself got him very horny, And, equally he would cum more than once in the bid for freedom. Max still wanted to know his own reaction to being tied up and unable to escape, isolated, unable to call for help even if he needed it. He hoped today would be the day. Was this a fantasy or could it be a reality. He insisted to himself it was doable. Now to convince the others.


Chapter 2 – Holy Ground


The concept of sinking and being sucked up by mud, fed by imaginary situations in the movies, does little to convince some, that sinking in mud is virtually impossible in the real world. At the most, you can sink to your waist and then no matter how hard you try sinking further, is futile. Add water, now the thinner clay can allow you to sink to your shoulders by pulling up with your arms. But fun as it is, remaining still, in a matter of minutes, you are out of the mud and floating on the surface.

Well this does not work well for escape challenges. Max had done the escape in watery mud several times. His challengers unaware that left alone Max would pop out of the mud. Then he easily manipulated the rope bonds to free himself. These guys knew all about that, so a hole that was dug in the soft mud would be a different story. At this farm the clay was soft and plastic, but was not soft enough to liquefy when disturbed.

Safety was discussed. Would they need to have a guard in case Max got in trouble? What happens if? Max wanted a moderate risk event, no guard, complete isolation for a predetermined time, that being 8 hours. It was decided that a preliminary challenge would be needed to see if the challenge was realistic, not only to Max but his challengers as well. Some safety was essential for the challengers to feel comfortable, even though Max was confident of his own stamina.

By now another friend had dropped in for the day. He would offer assistance to the challengers efforts.

Back to Max, earlier that Saturday morning. With shovel in hand Max had gone through the bush and swamp about 400 feet from the house. Here it was, the night before they decided here would be the place of challenge. The clearing was no more than 10 feet by 12 feet, surrounded by 10-12 foot high thick Swamp Alders and thorn bush. The clearing had a little grass but mostly rotted branches and wood stumps covered the surface. Max had dug a hole to one end of the clearing. The first foot or so was through surface roots and grass. The hole was oval, guessing at about 30″ by 18″. Reality was: it was two shovels wide and 3 and a half long. From experience Max knew his 5.5 foot long round tip shovel could easily reach a depth of 5 feet in a hole of this diameter.

The surface digging was annoying, roots and grass seemed to make it hard to get a clean shovel full of dirt. Eventually the roots were trimmed to the sides of the hole. Now the soft clay below was easily removed to about three feet down. Beyond that the walls of the hole would curve in and need to be shaved back. The clay would need to be excavated from the bottom in small amounts, because the angle of the shovel, now mostly vertical, was hard to hold on to the bits of clay. In an hour, the hole was just over 4 feet deep. At first test the hole was too narrow for the hips to slide down. It was widened and the debris removed. After further tests the hole was just wide enough for Max to stand fully upright with his arms in front. The mud around the feet was very soft and would easily give way. He guessed he could stamp his feet and gain another foot of depth. The hole was ready. He was horny. He was tempted to masturbate before he found the others, but resisted the urge. More time for that later.

Max washed the surface mud off the chest waders in the shallow water near the clearing. It was most likely 0900 when he finished, the sun was hidden by a haze, a chance of rain was forecast, but otherwise a cool 18C temperature and light wind. He loved being in the mud while it rained.

At the house, it was still quiet. Max went out to his car and began to lay out the rubber for the challenge. He had a pair of rubber stocking waders, amazing the rubber was on the inside, and green nylon finish on the outside. He would put these on first. The rubber next to the skin was the best. On top he put on a neoprene wetsuit top. He knew it would get very cold if he could not escape and really had to spend 8 full hours in the ground. Over top of the stocking waders and neoprene top he put on a one piece rubberized motorcycle rain suit. It would keep him warmer, had the extra feel of yet more rubber and sealed him in so his waist and back would not get exposed to the cold.

The hip waders were Red Ball brown rubber on the outside, nylon on the inside. He used a plastic belt to hold the waders up and support the suspenders. He decided not to add the inner tube over the knees as it could impair circulation. That is always a problem in burial, loss of circulation. By sealing the waders with the belt a certain amount of air is trapped inside. When the dirt is filled in around the legs some air will remain to insulate and protect against the weight of the dirt compressing the legs to the point that circulation could be impaired. Max could not afford a lot of stuff so the waders, now 3 years old, were still in good condition. He used rubberized U.S.Army rain pants and jacket to protect the rubber waders from tears and damage from thorns, brush and rocks. The pants easily fitted over the waders. They did up with a drawstring and velcro waist. The pant leg has a drawstring too that was tied tight against the waders. The rain jacket was hooded, and long, with a drawstring hem that could be pulled tight below the butt. The large hood opening could be reduced to a one inch hole by pulling tightly on the drawstring. The sleeve openings could be adjusted with velcro closures. This helps keep the mud from getting into the gloves, when the mud is cold this is a good idea.

By now some noise could be heard in the house. Life had returned to the sleepy ones. Max wanted to get started the sooner the better. The boys were late risers, and no amount of pushing or prodding would get them going until they had several cups of coffee in them. They were not surprised to see Max walk in with his rubber wear already to go. Eventually they turned their attention to the challenge, some safety issues still remained a concern and threatened the whole challenge. Concern was for the unknown – would the burial cause circulation problems? Would the cold ground cause hypothermia in 8 hours? And would the rope cause painful pressure points once in the ground and buried. Isolated and no monitoring for 8 hours. Was it too risky?

A decision was made, a compromise that actually made it much more exciting for Max.

First the rope bondage would be tested and checked one hour after Max was put in the hole. If that was okay then they would fill in the hole and start the scene from that point.

Second the unobserved bondage over 8 hours was too risky. They decided that a physical check must be made every hour. But to make it seem like Max would be totally isolated for the full 8 hours, barring any difficulty, Max would be wearing a thin rubber hood and ear plugs to reduce ambient noise, then a second padded rubber hood would be worn over top. The combination would block the outer ear and make the ability to hear vastly reduced. The hoods had no eye holes, just mouth and nose holes. The challengers could check on Max and not be heard or seen as they approached or left. If Max needed help shouting would not work, he wouldn’t be able to hear either, so a visible safety cue would be used. Max would be buried but if he needed help, he could push and knock over a red stick that would be placed close to the side of his head. If the stick was knocked over or severely bent then that would signal he needed assistance. All was set for stage one, a trial run.

Chapter 3 – Roping techniques from the book of Granny Knots


Wake-up coffee had poured through the veins of the sleepy challengers. Moaning about the timing of the challenge so early in the day, (almost noon) the four trudged out to The Spot. Max noted the conditions for the challenge test. Rope him as they would for the real thing, it would save time by not having to do it a second time, (provided he did not escape in the trial.) He would have his hands tied in front, this would reduce the risk of cutting off the circulation. He would be hooded but not gagged so hearing was reduced as planned. He would be standing vertical in the hole, and would knead the mud under his feet so that his neck was even with the top of the hole.

Ready to go, Max put the ear plugs in then pulled on the latex hood. Adjusted for easy breathing at the mouth and nose, the outer padded rubber hood was put on. It too had nose and mouth openings. The zipper at the back made it easier to get on than the pull on thin hood. Insulated from most sounds Max stood, no longer able to see or hear. The outer hood had a leather collar attached to it. The collar had four d-rings, not only for looks but for attaching rope and restraining the head without choking. Max wondered if they would use the d-rings to hold his neck against the ground. He hoped so.

The three challengers looked a little sheepish, No rope. They forgot the many pieces of rope they had left back at the house. While one of them ran back to get it, the others put the thin rubber gloves on Max’s hands and pulled the sleeves of the army jacket over top. One of the three smiled as he pulled out his pocket a partial roll of duct tape. Nothing in the rules about the use of duck tape. The tape was peeled off and wrapped around the wrist of each sleeve and the rubber gloves. The challenger told the others quietly that he had seen Max escape before by simply pulling the gloves off with the rope over top. This way he could not escape that way. He was very proud of himself.

Taped on, the gloves were there to stay, but Max also had a pair of heavy rubber electrician gloves to be put over top. These gloves had a long gauntlet up to the elbow. The tight fit over the thinner gloves and duck tape convinced the challengers there was no need to tape these on. They thought the tape on the outer gloves might interfere with the tightness of the rope they wanted to use. Max needed the gloves to keep his restrained hands warm.

Two bags containing all sorts of rope appeared. They tied Max’s wrists first, in front, together. They used lots of rope around and between the wrists. It certainly looked tight. Rope was tied around the elbows and chest to keep the arms close to the body. They calculated that even if his hands got free he would not be able to reach the rope on the elbows given the tight space of the hole and limited range of motion.

Max was pushed down. He sat. His ankles were tied, then around the legs just below the knees. The challengers tied the knots at the back out of reach of the hands should they get free. To the challengers this looked good. Max nodded his acceptance and was slid into the hole. His shoulders were about a foot above the hole, he needed to get further into the mud. The challengers shouted at him to push his feet into the mud. He started to pump his feet alternating pushes. Since his feet were not tied, just the ankles it was pretty easy to do this. The ooze gave way. He could feel the mud creeping over the top of his boots. Lifting each foot he could feel the suction get stronger as he went deeper in to the mud. The mud had curled around his ankles and really held on to his feet. The challengers were satisfied this would do. Max was really horny.

Like kids in a candy store, the challengers were hyper rushing to feed a long rope through the d-rings on Max’s collar. They were convinced Max had met his match. No more escapes. Another idea they came up with, was to tie a rope through the d-rings of the collar then the rope ends would be tied to the bushes well out of reach of Max’s hands. With 4 ropes one for each d-ring on the collar, and those at 90 degrees to each other, the rope would hold Max in the hole with no way to undo any one of the ropes. He was trapped. This would be a no-escape challenge. Max would be there for the day for sure, they thought, whether he got his hands free or not the rope on the collar could not be undone by Max.

A light rain started, the boys seemed satisfied with the double check on Max’s condition. They patted Max’s hood and shouted they would return in an hour. The last thing Max thought he heard was: “Sucker, you’re going to get screwed, big time.” Well that was a nice thought to end the day, if it was meant literally.


Chapter 4 – Ho hum, When Will They Learn


Max welcomed the silence, he bent his knees a little and felt the soft mud on the walls of his new home. He pushed his feet further into the mud. It was a very erotic situation at this point. Horny was an understatement. With his tightly bound wrists in front it was easy to rub his very stiff parts. As the erotic sensations increased he pushed harder into the soft clay. He tested to see if he had sunk further by moving his hooded chin forward. He was trying to feel the edge of the hole. Nothing. He rubbed his crotch and pushed further into the mud. By pushing the heels in first then pushing with the toes he sank fractions of an inch further into the hole. His next test of depth, he was very pleased to feel the edge of the hole just under his chin. He got really horny imagining himself sinking right out of sight.

He continued on trying to get deeper. He now tried to wedge his butt and knees into the walls of the hole and then push down with his legs to get further into the hole. He was so horny he decided he would not try to escape until he had cum. The erotic sensation of mud against the rubber drove Max to work harder at getting further into the hole. It was several minutes before he checked to see where he was at with his deep sinking. Now, he noticed that he could not move his head very well, there was a restriction in the movement. He tried to bend his head and get a feel for the edge of the hole but something held him back. He moved his body in the hole, as much as the inch or two of space would allow. He could then feel the d-rings on the hood were held by something.

“Ahh, they roped the collar.” Max noted. It only added more sensational horniness to the situation. He bobbed his head around and thought he felt the edge of the hole at his eye brow. He wasn’t sure but it was great, buried this deep, tied up too. He rubbed his crotch, he contracted his butt muscles and bent his knees all to a rapid pace of his bound hands rubbing across the hard crotch. Max thought it took less than five minutes to cum. His knees shook for several minutes. He was panting from the energy he used to cum. Under so many layers of rubber it was hard to stimulate things to the point of orgasm. It sure felt good.

All this energy did not go to waste. In a few minutes Max was relaxed, comfy and warm. He started methodically twisting the wrists and hands to see what he could do with the restraints. Even though he had two layers of thick gloves and the mud caked on the gloves he felt a loose bit of rope. He got a finger on it and grasped it with his thumb. He could feel that it was one wrapped between his wrists. The wrists seemed to not be all that tight. Working the wrists in opposite directions Max felt that a few more tries and the rope around both wrists would be loose enough he could pull a hand through. He did. One hand out then the other. A long way to freedom, but Max was grinning from ear to ear under the double hoods.

Max found that the extra push into the hole had wedged his legs from the knees down into the walls of the hole. He felt like he was really wedged in. He tried moving a knee, but couldn’t. He tried standing as straight as he could. This time, he felt the wet sticky mud pull away from the butt part of the rubber waders. That felt good, He did have some room to move.

The hands were free but the elbows still tied together meant he could not reach the top of the hole or his hood and collar. He didn’t try. He made fists with each hand and wedged them into the soft walls of the hole in front of him. Then he tried straightening his arms at the elbow. He was doing this to push himself out of the thick mud below. Bit by bit he could feel his legs move. He could now wedge the knees a bit and then use his feet to push against the firmer mud and get a little further up. It took several minutes. He was able to freely move his head and once again his chin was above the top of the hole.

Now to get the arms mobile. Max knew he did not have the strength with ankles and knees tied to get out of the hole without the full use of his arms. He tried to reach the rope holding his elbows tight against his body. The wet muddy rope was slippery. It was hard to hold on to it with just the tips of the thick, muddy gloved fingers. There was no knot or rope ends within reach of his hands. He thought they would have tied the rope in the middle of his back. That would make sense. The only way he could reach the rope was with one hand touching the rope in the middle of his chest. It was really tight and hard to bend the tied up elbows. He did not have enough strength to pull the rope to try and twist it around so the rope ends would be in reach of his fingers. However, experience in this situation before, told him to hold the rope with his fingers and then twist his back along the wall of the hole. This allowed the rope to stick to the mud on the side of the hole, this done, twisting his body allowed the rope to slide around his back and arms. He knew that they had not tied the elbow rope between the arms or at the collar. About ten tries were needed. Then fingers detected a knot. A muddy, knot was not easy to undo, especially in thick gloved fingers.

Max noticed the outer gloves seemed loose, he thought that they had taped them on. He now realized they had not. “Easy stuff now.” The gloves pulled off. He could now feel the cool mud through the thinner gloves. It took less than a minute to undo the knot, but the rope did not let go around the elbows. Shrugging his shoulders several times and working on the rope at the elbows Max visualized the caked on mud was keeping the rope tight. It finally slipped. His elbows released, Max felt upwards for the top of the hole. It was at chin level. He could now easily free his ankles and feet from the last few inches of tenacious goo. He tried to lift himself out of the hole. OOPS!

He forgot that the collar had ropes tied to it and could only move up a foot or so out of the hole. The head and shoulders clear of the hole he got his arms out and felt the rope attached to the collar. There was no knot to undo. How would he get out? He felt the rope again. “Stupid guys!”

Simple. The rope was certainly tight holding the collar and Max centered in the hole with collar only able to move a little above or below the opening in the ground. But! What these stupid challengers forgot was laughable. Each rope was tied to just one d-ring. Max reached around, unzipped the hood, pulled it off including the collar. He was totally free and popped out of the hole in an instant.

At first Max felt triumphant, he won. But then he realized the whole day would be spoiled. He did escape when he didn’t want to. “Shit!” He pulled off the thin hood and now could see the damp gray skies. He had a lot of mud caked on his outer rubber. The joy of freedom was replaced by disappointment. Two days of being buried in the mud lasted only a few minutes. Months of anticipation of a fantasy come true was gone.

Dejected to a degree, he washed the mud off of his rubber rain wear. He went back to the hole and undid the four ropes tied to the brush. He coiled up the rope and left it at the side of the hole. He cleaned the hood, the gloves and carried them back to the house. He lost interest in the sticky mud on the side of the path.

Instead of triumphantly going straight in to the house to raze the others, he quietly went around to his van and peered in to see that he had lots of rope in the back. Then sitting on the bumper he tried to think of what he wanted to do? Would he forget the whole thing, and just play some light bondage games? Or, would he try some gangster role play, that the others liked? He really wanted a long term burial in the mud. And he wanted to be tied up comfortably, but so restrictive there would be no way he could get free. If he told his challengers how to tie him up, that would spoil the fantasy of being overpowered and tied up by bad guys. It would be too technical, it wasn’t as sensual or erotic to tell people how to tie you up. The result was too predictable.

He must have been thinking deeply, when he looked up one of his challengers was standing behind him. The challenger was not too surprised. He was smiling at Max. Max was oblivious to him talking to Max the Zombie. Oh,” Max came to: “Sorry I was thinking about how easy it was to escape.” His challenger noted it was less than 20 minutes, he was impressed. Max explained that while he was pleased with the escape at first, he now realized how disappointing this was. The day would be lost and the no-escape would have to wait until another time.

What will they do? Would Max get another chance?


Chapter 5 – Max Gets Cross


Max was dejected. His escape was not what he really wanted deep down. The challenger suggested Max take a break and see if there was something else he wanted to do. Max said nothing. The challenger returned to the house. Max wandered around the perimeter of the open yard. The yard area was built up above the swamp and rock to allow for solid grounds around the house, and to have not only a lawn but also long driveway. It was quiet except for the odd car or truck heading down the highway.

It must have been 30 minutes later Max returned to the house to get a coffee. The others were in the living room and invited Max to join them. They marveled at Max’s escape, they also understood his disappointment at being able to, yet again, easily escape. They apologized. They didn’t need to apologize said Max, and asked what they were going to do for the remainder of the day. It was decided already that they were going to do a gangster scene. They would role play. They would all be bad guys, but they wanted to capture a mobster, tie him up and then drop in the swamp with concrete galoshes. Max had played that one before. Everyone would get so horny they would end up having sex before they would get to drag their captive into the bush for a pretend drowning. Max said he would play.

The mobster role play was carefully orchestrated, complete with rehearsals, costumes and scripts. The others knew the creek water was very cold and suggested that they would need wet suits under their costume. Max thought that was okay but would they ever get that far along in the scene, before sex overwhelmed the horny guys. The others asked Max to go get his wet suit and bring it in, including boots and hood. Max noted his wet suit was all one piece so that was the only way it could be worn. Off he went.

He left his car keys on the kitchen counter and went down to the basement, he could hear the others there, no doubt getting dressed. He turned the corner into the rec room and was playfully grabbed from behind. He stayed relaxed; they were always horsing around. The others took Max’s wet suit and pulled his hands behind his back and handcuffed him. Max smiled and asked if he was going to be the mobster thrown into the creek. Yep. Was the reply, so he thought that was great and went along with the pretend struggle.

The others stripped the rubber off Max. They were delighted to smell the body odour and stale mud as they pulled off the waders. Max was naked below the waist, the handcuffs prevented the neoprene top from being pulled off. The others struggled to get the 7mm scuba wet suit over the feet. Max suggested they use lots of powder. They agreed. Without any notice, the challenger holding his arms reached around and stuffed a rubber glove in Max’s mouth. Another took duct tape and secured the gag. “Shut up for once Max.”

The rubber glove was one of the thin ones but still it was a real mouthful. Max had no choice at this point. Yes, they powdered Max and the inside of the wetsuit. The haze of powder in the air had two of the challengers sneezing several times. The wet suit took ten minutes to get on up to the waist. Max had put on weight and it was hard doing it to a restrained person any way. Max was still standing while they pulled the suit up to the crotch. Max was displaying the hard pleasure of the exercise. A thin rope appeared in the hands of a challenger he made a loop and captured the cock and balls pulled on it gently and tied a knot, he then wound the remaining ends between each ball and around the ball sack. His genitals were captured in rope bondage, not tight to stem blood flow but enough that the rope would not come off and keep a semi erection. The genitals stuck out with the bondage completed. The others joined in, to pull the wet suit up above the waist. It took some adjustment to position the stiff dick and balls so that it was not painful inside the wetsuit Someone put a choke hold on Max. Max snorted to try and get some air through his nose. He was held firm while the handcuffs were removed. Max’s arms were shoved into each sleeve. Max’s head was pulled back enough to get the hood on. They stood him up and then closed the cross-the-back zipper. The zipper slider had a metal pull ring. A small padlock slipped over the ring and then through a small d-ring put on the suit. Max’s had put this device on to lock himself into his suit. He liked that and would go to work with the wet suit under his work clothes. The key left at home. He worked outside so that was not a problem, but it did get very hot if the sun came out. There was no convenience zipper. The fluids drained into the boots or simply he let it leak out with his boots off. It would stink when he peeled off the wetsuit when at home.

His arms were pulled around his back and again his wrists were cuffed. They told him to sit on the floor. He did. It was much easier now for the others to pull on the stocking waders over top of the wet suit. Then they put a long pair of old wool work socks over his stocking waders. Next came the one piece rubber rain suit and it was pulled on each leg. Max realized this was weird. If they were doing a mobster scene why were they not putting an old black suit and black shirt, white tie on him. He was puzzled but happy to be hot and in lots of rubber. He was helped to stand up. The stocking wader straps were pulled over the shoulders, then the one piece suit was zipped up and the velcro cover sealed the zipper.

It took a lot of effort, and comments about: “hey should have done it first.” They rolled back the sleeves of the wet suit, enough to put the thin rubber gloves on. It took a lot of fidgeting to get the cuffs of the wet suit back over the gloves without lumps. The friction of the nylon wet suit materials would make it impossible to pull off the rubber gloves without rolling up the sleeves. The challengers decided they had built up a beer thirst and took a brief break. Several minutes went by, a challenger returned with beer for the others. He had also gone out to Max’s van to retrieve the hoods used earlier in the day.

The challengers pulled the wet suit hood off Max’s head, then ripped the duct tape off and pulled the rubber glove gag out Max’s mouth. Immediately Max started to ask what they were doing. The response was nothing more than: “We are having a beer, shut up.” They gave Max some beer. Then two of them worked to get the thin hood over Max’s head. With luck the holes for the nose and mouth lined up the first try. The wet suit hood was pulled back up over the latex hood. The neoprene and now air tight latex covering Max’s ears made hearing much less. Max got another long sip of beer. He was then asked to drink some water. It seemed to be a never ending glass. He had more than enough but was told to drink more. He had no choice. This done they gagged him with the rubber glove, but did not tape it.

Holding Max steady, the Brown Red Ball waders were fitted over his feet. The socks made it tricky getting the foot to go into the boot. They had to stop, take the wader off. Then with a plastic bag over the socked feet tried again. It went on easily. Then the other foot the same way. The waders pulled up and fastened. They did not use the belt for the waders, instead they took a length of rope, tied it around Max’s waist with the knot in the back. The loose ends of rope were symmetrically passed between the legs and then around each thigh, coming back to the knot in the back. These loops were pulled tight and tied at the knot. There was still lots of rope left. The rope was then crossed over either shoulder, crossed in front and then each rope was passed under the waist rope, a knot tied. The configuration made a rope suspender but included the thighs. The loose ends of the rope were passed around to Max’s back and once again knotted in the back with the other knots. Max with hands cuffed behind could feel the large knot and wondered what they were up to.

A challenger explained to Max the rope was to keep the waders from coming off. (Another trick that Max had revealed in other successful escapes was to slide out of the waders and the rope around them. So, even though he had been tied up with the rope knotted at his feet. He slid out of the waders and deep mud to freedom.)

Next came the army pants. They were wet and smelled of swamp. The pants done up, then the rubber hooded rain jacket. Max was getting very warm. The big electrician’s gloves were next, thought Max as the handcuff on one wrist was removed. No, it wasn’t. They were putting on his wet suit mitts instead. They pulled them on easily, having used lots of powder first, but they did not put Max’s thumb in the thumb of the mitt. Instead they pulled the mitt up with thumb and all in the finger part of the mitt. The same for the other hand. Max tried to protest the position, but the only response was a slap in the crotch and a “Gotcha this time.” Max relaxed, he knew he could get his thumb in the thumb hole with a little work.

The wet suit gloves had a long neoprene sleeve. They were a commercial glove used for cold water diving. The wrist sealed perfectly with a suit, and no matter how much you pulled on the glove it could not come off unless the cuff was peeled off the wet suit sleeve. Despite the others knowing this, duck tape was used to marry the gloves to the wet suit. But what Max had not counted on was the duct tape now being wrapped around the thumb and then the mitt! His hand was now trapped and there would be no way to get the thumb out of the finger part of the mitt. Max thought the play was going to be pretty intense if they were doing this to him. He was getting horny at the thought of what they would do to him.


Chapter 6 – Max Wrap


Max could not see, nor hear that well, while his wrists were not tied he could go nowhere unable to see or use his hands to grasp on to things. The challengers stood Max up and helped him up the basement stairs and out the side door. They guided Max around the house and back to the rear of the detached garage. Max could hear lumber being moved and the challengers voices directing something. Max was grabbed and pushed forward until he felt a piece of wood pushing on his thighs. They stopped him and turned him around. His right hand was pulled forward. He could feel rope being wrapped around his wrist. This time he noted that with each wrap around the wrist they knotted the rope. He counted 6 wraps of rope and 6 knots. He would need to remember this for his escape. They let go of that hand and did the same to the left arm. He was expecting that they would try and tie his hands behind him, guessing as to whether this was to be a hog tie, or would he be tied to a tree.

Max felt a boot kicking at his ankles. That was the cue to put the feet together, He did. Someone was at his ankles tying them with a long rope. He counted 8 wraps around his ankles. Then it took a few minutes as the rope was wrapped between the legs and pulled tight. He thought this was great and began to lose the feeling of his earlier disappointment.

Next he felt rope being wrapped around his legs, just above the knee. Only 4 wraps this time, but still it was cinched between the legs pulling the legs tightly together. Max felt them knot the rope behind the knees. Nice touch he thought. They did the same with rope just below the knees too. Max had his wrists tied with rope but they were not anchored to anything yet. “What are they doing?” He actually mumbled to himself. The challengers heard Max make a noise. They stopped momentarily to ask if there was a problem? Max indicated no. The challengers continued.

Max now felt his right hand being anchored at the side of his waist. In fact they had tied the wrist rope to the rope around his waist. Max took a mental note and decided that this was going to be a moderately easy escape, if they tied the other wrist the same way. They did. He moved his wrists and could sense that a double knot held his wrist against the waist rope. It was easy to escape by rotating the wrist so the fingers could reach the knot, loosen the knot to get some slack and then slip the rope off the wrist. Once one loop was off the other knotted rope would easily loosen off. “No big deal, an hour and I am out.” He thought given he had been in this situation several times before.

Next he felt 3 wraps of rope around his biceps. It was knotted. The same for the other arm. “Hmm, what are they doing?” Max turned the mental imaging up a notch to try and visualize what was going on. Max would mentally picture each rope and knot, even though he was blindfolded he could tell what it would look like. Then, the challengers threaded another rope through the 3 coils of rope around the biceps of one arm then the other. This rope was then pulled tight, very tight in fact. His biceps were pressed against his body and pulled back too. Now his wrists and hands were immobilized. There was no slack at all to move the wrists or the hands. Max tried to picture what was being done: they were doing the biceps rope up in the middle of the back. Now they were criss crossing the ends of the biceps rope across the shoulders around the neck, through the armpit. It was being tied off in the middle of the back but high up. Max considered that it would certainly be out of reach of hands, if he could get them free. Limiting the mobility of the elbows and hence upper arm makes escape very difficult.

Max began to wonder if he could escape now. It would be luck depending on what more they would do. Max had no knowledge of what was going to happen. He trusted these guys. He knew each very well and had played intense risky games with each of them. His trust was absolute, he trusted less his own ability to not panic.

It seemed that an hour had gone by since he was first captured. Indeed it had and was actually an hour and twenty minutes later. Max was still standing leaning against the edge of something. He felt one hand on his shoulder, but heard none of the others. A few minutes later Max detected a faint shuffle of feet and the characteristic snap of beer cans. Now he felt hands on his head. The padded rubber hood was now being put on, then off. They forgot the gag and pulled it out. Max said nothing despite the freedom. The hood took a little time to fit over the thinner hood, the wet latex would stick to the other hood. Positioned and comfy it was zipped up. He felt the army hood being pulled up and over the latex hood. The drawstrings were pulled, the opening adjusted and then the strings were pulled again. Max could feel them pulling the drawstrings tight to close over the face opening of the hood. When they were done only a one inch hole was left to make an airway through the two inner hoods. No gag this time. The drawstring was long. Max felt the knot being tied tightly in front to make sure the opening did not loosen. Then the drawstring ends were pulled to the back of Max’s neck and knotted.

Max was surprised when he felt another collar being put around his neck. “What was this for, he thought?” He guessed they had pulled out his 2 ” leather collar from his toy bag. He could then feel them threading the hood’ s draw string trough something and then knotting to the rear collar d-ring. In fact they had passed one end of the drawstring through all the d-rings and then tied it off. Undoing knots in thin rope needed finger dexterity and patience. Max would not get the collar or the army hood off unless he had bare hands to work the tight knots loose.

Now another rope was felt being threaded though each of the 4 collar d-rings. This time it was knotted in the back. A leather collar is safer against choking than rope. Even though rope was used it would be less likely to choke the person being passed through the rings and just held against the leather collar. Still it seems unusual to Max to go to this tedious exercise just to make sure he couldn’t escape. Max realized that they were going to try a no-escape bondage. Well better this than nothing Max thought.

(Tedious as it was with all the rope and knots, the challengers seemed to enjoy their rope work. They were horny too, knowing what they had planned for Max, even though at this point Max thought he had missed his chance for the burial.


Chapter 7 – Max Crossed


Max felt the hands of a challenger supporting his shoulders. Now they let go. Except for the wood piece felt on his leg, he was unsupported. He did not hear the boys’ cameras clicking. Max was startled as he felt several hands grab him roughly. They lifted up, swung him horizontally and plunked him down on top of a the bench he had been leaning on for so long. He was rolled on his side. He could feel long lengths of rope being pulled out from under him.

Someone pulled him by his feet. It was only a foot or so. Now he felt rope being wrapped around his feet. Then passed between the feet and pulled tight, It took several minutes to tie this rope to the ankle rope. Max sensed there was still a long length of rope unused. Max tried to visualize why they had used such long rope. They had lots of short ropes that would have done the job in less time.

Max felt tugs on different positions: the ankles, knees wrists, biceps, even the collar. The challengers were doing something with the rope but what?

Max felt the rope that had just tied his feet being pulled. His heels were being pulled against what felt like a post. Since he was lying on a bench he assumed they were going to tie him to it. He had no real idea. Interesting? They continued to work with the rope at his feet. He could feel the back of his boots being immobilized against something. There was rope now being wrapped around his ankles again, and then tied off.

The same was happening with the rope above and below his knees. He was lying on his side but could feel himself pulled against a solid object. He wasn’t sure what it was they were doing exactly. He guessed at being immobilized to the bench in some way. After the knees came the wrists. He could really feel the rope on the wrists being pulled tight behind him. The pulling movement brought his butt up against the solid object. The biceps were done the same way. But now his back was against the solid object. Max now knew it was a post of some kind that he was being tied too. He could feel the movement from his feet right up to his back. “Wow, this is really great, I hope I do not need to get out before they are done?” Max considered.

Now some new rope bonds were being made. He could feel rope being passed through the armpit and tied around the upper arm. They rolled him over and did the same to the other arm. Then that rope was pulled tight. The pressure of the post was now felt against the shoulder blades.

The challengers pulled Max’s head forward then pushed it back. He now felt something padded against the back of his neck. Rope at the collar was pulled tight. The neck was immobilized against some padding between the neck and the post. Another rope was being fed through the collar. Max wasn’t sure how, but this was really looking like a no-escape scene. The rope was knotted under the chin between the front two d-rings, then Max felt that rope being knotted in front of his eyes. That done an end of rope went around each side of the head and was tied off behind around the post. That was Max’s best guess. Now he could not move his head, sideways or front to back. He was truly immobilized. He could wiggle his toes and flex his muscles. He realized that he was very horny and had been undulating his torso to feel the sensual friction of the wet suit and rope against his genitals.

Well Max was not tied to just any post. He didn’t know that. He did think that being tied to a post could be escapable especially lying down. All he would need to do is try and work himself down or up the post and slide the ropes off. Well he guessed wrong, and would not find out the right answer until much, much later. The rope tying activity stopped. He was still lying on his side. Someone yelled to lie still, they would be back soon, and not to escape. Max could do nothing but lie there. It was 2-1/2 hours now since they had started this exercise. Now this was some bondage scene. Max was tied to a cross but his arms were not out to the sides. Now in reality he was tied to a cross arm used for hydro wires. Not just a wood post. Now the cross arm for telephone or hydro poles is thick heavy wood with holes drilled through every 8 inches or so.

The challengers had not wrapped the rope around the post as Max speculated. They had in fact taken each rope threaded it through a hole in the cross piece and then knotted it. That way there was no chance of rope slipping or sliding off the post. Not only that, these challengers really wanted to prove to Max they could do the impossible, a no-escape. Each rope was pulled tight, knotted through the hole and then the rope ends of each rope were tied off through the holes near Max’s feet. That way no matter whether the hands got free or not, Max would not be able to bend over to reach the knots around his ankles. All of the ropes: the collar, the head, the arms the knees, every one of the rope ends was tied near the feet. Now that was really a no-escape challenge for Max.

Max lay waiting for the next sign of activity. It was pretty quiet. Time passed, slowly very slowly when he was tied up and couldn’t move. He must have dozed a bit because he came too hearing some faint voices getting louder. The boys were around him again. Max answered a bunch of his challengers’ questions. How was circulation, any pain, pressure points, breathing? The standard checklist for safety was gone down. All was fine with Max except lying on his one arm was making it a bit sore. They understood but did nothing. Rubber gloved fingers penetrated the hole in the army hood and then through the two rubber hoods. Max licked the gloved fingers, which were now knuckle deep in his mouth. This was very pleasurable.

With some shoving and pushing Max was pushed to one side of the bench. He could feel the clothing of his challengers pressing into him as they bent over to do something. The gloved hand returned to his mouth. One finger then two, three. Someone else was rubbing his crotch another his head. It was pleasurable soothing massage making him very horny. The fingers disappeared and was replaced by something much nicer. Someone had a hard on and was pushing it through the layers of hood and into Max’s mouth. Realizing the object Max sucked all the harder. This pleasure lasted maybe a minute no more and ended abruptly.


Chapter 8 – Stations of the Cross


Max could hear what sounded like a wheel barrow brought up beside him. “What?” He really didn’t expect that. It was so out of context with the moment. This thought was broken with him being shoved then turned on the bench, his feet and the post dropped down to the ground. He was inclined against the edge of the bench. Not for long though, as he felt two arms wrap around his ankles and lift him up. Four hands grabbed his shoulders. He was lifted up, then his head plunked down in what sounded like the wheelbarrow. It started to move. He was being moved. The trip seemed long, over rough ground. Twice he thought he was going to get thrown out of the contraption when someone tripped or lost their balance in some way. Funny the things you note thought Max. He could no longer hear the cars and trucks passing on the highway. He was being taken into the back swamp where he had dug his hole earlier that day.

Finally the trip ended. He was lifted to the ground. The murmuring Max heard seemed to be a discussion of some sort. Simultaneously the three challengers shouted “YES!”

Max had no idea what was next, but so far, it was a lot of pleasure over the past three hours. He was comfy, warm and totally immobilized.

He was dragged a few feet then he felt the hands on either side. He was now vertical, his weight held by all the rope. His feet were not touching the ground though. He guessed the pole was extended past his feet. He guessed right. “Fantastic!” Max screamed. It just came out of his mouth. At the same moment of realization he came. They were lowering him into his mud hole. He said nothing further, just overwhelmed with the realization that his fantasy was really happening. At long last. “Hurrah.”

Only for a fleeting moment did Max wonder how they would get him in the hole. But they did. He could feel the muddy hole on his chest. He was lifted up again, maybe two feet he thought. Before he considered further, he was dropped. Three cheers were heard. They wiggled the top of the post. Someone hit the top of it with what Max thought was a sledge hammer, when in fact it was a piece of wood. The challengers were gone, nothing. Happy Max was still feeling the muscle spasms from his orgasm. He heard nothing and felt no one near him for a long time. (While Max lay on the bench, the boys went to the hole and enlarged it, to hold both Max and the cross he was tied to.)

Max had neither dozed off nor did he do any out of body dreaming. He was mentally high on the realization of his fantasy. The challengers’ footsteps could be heard near him. Max, so happy yelled out to them. “This is so fantastic, thank you, thank you… thank you!” He finally stopped when fingers prodded his mouth. Max was asked the serious safety questions, it had been an hour, how was this and that. Max replied that everything was perfect.

The challengers took up shovels and dug into the sloppy clay surrounding the hole and started to fill it in. They were cautious, checking with Max to make sure there were no problems. It was fine, Max was careful to make sure it really was. The mud flowed into the hole, Max felt the top of his boots and then his ankles covered. The calves were covered and that was the first sense of pressure against his rubber cocoon. At the thighs the mud created a lot of pressure, it was even and comfortable. Max was warm and that was important. Max tried to move but just couldn’t other than the wonderful feel of rope and rubber against his really hard dick. The shoveling stopped.

Max felt boots and legs scrapping against his chest and stomach. One of them was sitting with their feet in the hole. Max felt the fingers once again prodding his mouth. This time the rubber fingers had a coating of clay, he licked it off and spat it out. He really liked sucking the gloves. His pleasure for sure he could suck rubber gloves for hours. He could feel the army hood draw string being undone and the face of the hood opened. He was commanded to open his mouth wide . He expected a dick but instead bare fingers poked through the hoods. Fingers deposited what Max knew as plastic molar guards. These were used by dentists. A plastic H shaped clip could be fitted over the back molars. This would allow the jaw to be hyper extended without tiring the patient and causing muscle spasms to the jaw. Max’s mouth was now wedged wide open. It couldn’t close. The fingers job was done.

Max felt the weight of the challengers body pressing on his chest and the boots sinking into the clay that had just been shoveled into the hole. Max felt the other’s body pressing against his immobile head and open mouth. Of course the challenger stuck his dick in Max’s mouth. Max could do nothing except lick the delicious end, suitably covered in rubber. These guys liked rubber not just for looks but in every respect for safe sex. The dick was thrust into Max’s locked open mouth. The back of the hole supported the challenger as he thrust his dick in and out. It was so easy, sex and mud and nothing to stop it. A fantasy come true for the challenger and for Max. The dick got harder, Max gagged a bit but the challenger made no allowance, it continued. What a pleasure for both challenger and Max. It seemed the reward to the challenger for the no-escape was being accepted early, and with pleasure. It took little time for him to cum. The challenger let his dick return to normal size still pressed into Max’s face.

Spent the challenger struggled to get his ankles and boots out of the wet clay. The struggle although brief put a lot of friction against Max’s crotch, it was heavenly. Max thanked them again and again. The others said nothing. They picked up their shovels and filled in the hole. Max felt the pressure around his chest. It was tight but he could easily breath. It sounded like the loam and loose soil was being thrown in around his upper chest. Then more clay. The clay was cool as he felt it around the base of the neck. More wet clay was added again, he felt the dirt on the back of his head and against his ears. The dirt was patted level with the top of his chin. Max’s army rain coat hood had been done up as before. The dirt was just an inch below the opening. It was packed. Max could not move a muscle other than mentally contracting the big leg and butt muscles. There was silence for a period, but not too long, maybe 15 minutes. The challengers checked with Max. Max said all was well and kidded them that he wanted them to jerk him off now. They laughed. Max was happy and well. A period of solitude followed.

The voices and footsteps returned, Max could more or less feel rather than hear with the dirt around his head and all. He checked out as fine and happy. The challengers were satisfied. Kidding about escape occupied the topic of discussion for many minutes. Max could easily hear what they were saying. They were teasing him. Max knew there was no hope this time, and once once more he didn’t even want to try. He was horny, the pressure of the wet clay against his hard dick was so very pleasurable. He could flex his muscles a little, and in so doing could massage his hard dick just a little. He was so close to cuming, he would at some point but when, he didn’t care. This was heaven.

The voices continued. Footsteps were felt a few inches from his head. Max was annoyed, he wanted total isolation, no noise. He wanted to endure panic, fear, cold whatever happened, but he wanted it to happen without interruption for at least 8 hours. He guessed he had been buried for at least two hours at his point. Then he thought. This started at 1300h it was 3 hours later they put him here and now 2 hours. It would be 2000h now. It would be dark soon.

The footsteps and activity around his head was brief. Max did not know what or why but he had a funny sensation. As he breathed in and out he felt his breath come back against his face, like the sensation of his face against a wall or when they played breath control games and would put a bag over his head. He wondered if they were going to play with his breathing? He could not guess, but focused on breathing slowly and trying to listen.

What Max could not see or know until later was somewhat simple. The challengers had taken an old metal garbage can, one of the tall ones and turned it upside down over Max’s head. The edge of the can had been sunk into 4 inches of clay around the hole. The can had several holes in it, air exchange was not a problem. Then to anchor it there, because after all, animals like raccoon and fox would be around, maybe a bear, they put three concrete block on top to hold it down. It was not in place long before it was removed. They said nothing about it to Max, but did tell Max it was time for a drink. A warm sweet drink was passed through a funnel and hose. Max sucked it back. It did taste good. At first Max thought they would do a drinking piss thing, which really was not a good idea in this situation. Without Max knowing, the garbage can covered his head again, and was anchored. It was silent.


Chapter 9 – Camp Fire Time


The next sounds Max heard were the footsteps and shouts. He felt the ground shake and heard wood being dumped near him. Several minutes later he smelled smoke, then heard the sounds of wood burning. He panicked and screamed. The challengers banged on the can and told Max to shut up. Max was relieved to know the boys were there, Up to that point he thought they had left and something caught fire. Max could sense the footsteps around him, it seemed they were sitting right on top of him. Maybe they were sitting on the top of his bondage post?

The sounds and smells of the fire went on for some time. Max was perplexed at this situation. He wanted 8 hours of isolation, that was the plan. But inside the can and underground, it seemed these guys were having a party. They were, they were cooking supper, having a beer and planning some gangster fun later in the night and maybe Sunday. Max could not know that. Max was comfortable, surprised that it was as warm as it was, and no problems, other than total immobility. He knew that a person immobilized lying down would soon have fluid building up in the lungs. It could cause suffocation. He was fine so far.

The challengers spent a few hours around the fire, the talk of gangster stuff had one coming back from the house with some rope and toys. They tried some technical positions out to see if it was true what the books said about how the gangsters tortured their victims. About midnight they packed up and left, It was quiet. Max found the night noises eerie and a bit fearsome. He knew there were bears here, he had seen the tracks. He had not expected to be left out at night, he grew anxious, this was unexpected. Now he wished the guys were here, Maybe this was his 8 hours of isolation. In fact it was and more.

Max dozed little, he could not move, he was feeling a bit sore, a few times he had tried to cum. It warmed him up and he grew hard, but just could not get over the edge. He was not bored, not unhappy. More than few times he grew anxious hearing what he thought were animals right by his head.

Max heard birds. It was morning already? He spent the night buried. Yes he had tried to test the restraints but he could move nothing. He could feel only the wet cool clay against every part of his body. His toes felt cold or numb he wasn’t sure. He fell asleep.

He awoke much later feeling his head was much warmer than the rest of him. It must be sunny he thought, there was no light to see around the covered head. He wished for just one hood. Then sometimes he could see daylight come through the nose holes. There was no light. It was black.

He got horny and really tried to exert as much friction as he could against his dick He got warm, his dick got hard but he couldn’t tell if he had cum or not. The skin was overloaded with sensations: pressure, rubber, warm, cool. So much sensory overload disguised his orgasm more than once. The warmth around his head remained. Max was surprised that the sun’s radiant heat would not be felt more on one side of his head than the other. He still had no idea about the can.

Max must have dozed off again, he woke up and wondered what time it was. If he was given his 8 hours of isolation, and guessing at the others leaving him alone at 2 or 3 in the morning, then, by 1000 they should be back. He could do little thinking, he couldn’t concentrate. Max tried to estimate time. It just confused him. He drifted in and out of dreams. At one point he really did float and looked down at his covered head sticking out of the ground. He saw himself flying over the swamp. He saw the birds, the frogs, the flowers. It was real to him.

His next remembrance was feeling cold. A tinge of pain, poor circulation was felt with rigid knees and ankles. His back seemed to be aching now. He tried to warm up by contracting his thigh muscles. Instead he got a severe Charlie horse like spasm. It gripped him in pain he could do nothing to stop it. It took his breath away. It was many minutes before it subsided. He could feel a knot in the muscle. He dared not try that again.

He was a bit impatient, now bored and waiting for his release. He believed he had met his 8 hour limit. Where were the boys to set him free or when? He realized that he was sighing. That is, breathing slowly and deeply, in an unnatural sort of way. Max knew this sign as one the body was getting anxious, he would get cold, and start to shiver soon. Then a deeper breathing and anxiety would set in. He didn’t call out, that was wasted precious energy. He wanted to be released so badly. He tried to move his head, only the squeak of rope on wood was heard. Movement impossible. He sighed some more and fell into a dreamy sleep.

He woke to the feel of something in his mouth. a rubber hose. He was being patted on the head. He only said ” I am cold and numb.”

The response Max heard was “Drink.” He did it was almost hot, sugar and lemon and orange tastes flooded his mouth. The sensation woke every aching muscle. Max alert to the fact the end was near sucked back as much as he could. Not a lot, he soon discovered the burial had compressed his gut, there was little room. Still the warmth inside revived him. He was shivering as he spoke. Max made no attempt to understand the conversation around him. He needed out now.


Chapter 10 – Yet Another Problem


Twenty minutes passed. Max seemed less anxious and more alert. They had made no attempt to remove his hood. Max wondered at that but thought they were dragging out the event as long as possible. The challengers stated that Max would get out, but first he needed to realize that the consequences of not escaping were due. At first they tried to stuff their dicks in Max’s mouth, but it wouldn’t work. His head was buried upright in the ground and would not move. Sit or lie the dick was inches from his mouth. Just as well. Max was cold, sex was not a pleasure or suitable punishment. He needed out.

Now when a concept fails to mature in every respect sometimes the obvious gets forgotten. So intent where the challengers to guarantee themselves and Max of this no-escape scene they overlooked the obvious. What goes in the hole has to come out. Or another way of stating it is: What is stuck in the hole will have to be dug out.

The challengers had it all figured out. They had a steel pipe about 6 feet long. They slid it into one of the holes of the hydro cross and they would grab each end and pull post and Max out of the hole. OOPS! They only succeeded in bending the pipe. The post remained fixed.

They fed Max more hot drink. One of the challengers went back to find two more shovels. They started to dig. Digging a small hole such as the one Max did in the morning took about an hour. Now these guys had to dig around Max and the post a hole that was 4 or 5 feet round. They had a lot of work ahead of them.

Another realization came to light. There was no way to untie Max as they dug down. All the knots were at the very bottom of the post. Oh boy! What a job!

Safety was now an issue, how was Max doing? The warm drink felt good and restored some energy but Max was in pain. Get going with the digging. With two shovels it took 20 minutes to reach his ankles. They did not try to dig around the post itself. The relief from the intense pressure of wet clay caused a surge of pain and warmth to the released torso and legs. Max felt warmer, he ached but the shivering had stopped. He wanted more to drink. Some coffee would be nice. Two continued digging while the third went back for coffee. The digging was hard, they sat on the edge of the hole and shoveled out what they could. A few times the shovel hit Max’s shin. It hurt, but no more than the ache from head to toe.

When they reached Max’s boots they figured it would be easy to lift him out. The three pushed the post and Max trying to twist it free of the mud below. It would not let go. Max made it clear to the others. In clay the suction is so strong that unless you can release the underside of the post it will not come free. They knew it! Screwed. This was serious work. They offered to cut the ropes with a knife but Max warned them against it. In the hole with mud, cutting blind was a bad idea.

30 minutes of more digging passed this time around the back of the post. The challengers worked the soft clay. They dug down the side walls, what they were sitting and standing on earlier as the lip of the hole was now slipping and oozing into the hole. By the time they finished digging around the back of the post, Max’s ankles were buried in mud again. They dug again. It took the better part of two hours of digging to reach the bottom of the post. The weight of Max, the post and now the mud clinging to both made for very heavy lifting. The one challenger in the bottom of the hole grabbed the ropes around Max’s boots to grip and lift. He quickly discovered the lifting effort sunk him to his knees in mud. More digging.

The next attempt was more correct. Max suggested they pry the bottom of the post up using a shovel. That would break the suction. Then clean as much mud as they could off Max and then lift him out. The one challenger stuck in the mud was enjoying the feeling and made no attempt to get himself unstuck, he concentrated in wiping the mud off Max. Next he tried to undo some of the knots around Max’s ankles. The caked on mud made that impossible. Once again they tried to lift the post and Max. At least with some effort the post was unstuck. The challenger still in the bottom of the hole tried to lift and push the post out as the two above pulled. It worked. Max was out,

The challenger in the hole noticed his delightful predicament, All that pushing had squished him into the mud. He was waist deep in mud and couldn’t free himself. Not only that the side walls of the hole were migrating. He started to dig himself out while the other two looked after Max. Max felt like he was still encased in clay. The mud had made the rope like iron. The knots would not undo, a knife would not cut through at all. The two decided Max would be dragged back to the house, hosed down and then the ropes could be undone. It was the only way.

The challenger stuck in the mud thought this was great, got horny and tried to rub his buried crotch, it really felt good he told us later. Much later. He dug around his waist and legs but just could not reach the tops of his boots. He knew he had to do that before the boots would come free. He rested a minute noting the late night darkness coming on. He grabbed the shovel, but it didn’t move. The shovel was buried half way up the handle. It took many minutes to free it. The challenger horny with his waist high prison found that his earlier digging was filled in and he had to start again. The first shovel full came free. In a matter of minutes he would be free. He shoveled around his waist and got below his crotch he rubbed himself between the shovelfuls of clay. He really needed to cum. He stopped the digging unzipped his jeans and a minute later was released. The intense orgasm felt so good. He tried to zip the pants up but could not the mud got in and jammed it. As he tried he noticed the sensation of being pushed from behind. A slurp and slosh of liquid plastic clay buried him to his shoulders. He panicked. The shovel was buried and it looked like he was about to die. He worked his arms to the surface and then tried to pull himself out. His arms seemed to just sink out of site while he remained fixed in the mud. He rested. Panic was something new, He was really stuck. Not tied up as Max had been with no chance. But he was stuck and couldn’t free himself.

Panic subsided and reality clicked in. Little movements, gentle exertion to float up. If the boot are stuck let them go to free yourself. The urge to panic was so close. He tried to focus. He was shaking with fear. He tried the calm and steady movements upwards. It was and did work, and it did not take hours either, About 30 minutes. The challenger found his way back through the darkness to the rear yard – no boots – no pants. He was cold.

Max and cross had been leaned against the outdoor bench. A lawn hose was stretched from the house to the bench. The challenger hooked it up to the laundry tub so that warm water could be used. Max was hosed down, not very gracefully. By now he was warmer, laughing and totally exhilarated by the experience. One by one the ropes were released. Max fell off the post and tried to stand. His legs were so sore he couldn’t. They built a fire in the fire pit near by. Max crawled over and sat there still in all the rubber. He took more soup and coffee. He was okay.

The naked, bootless challenger appeared from the darkness. The others could only laugh unaware of the seriousness and risk of what just happened. He disappeared into the house

There was no way Max could go home that night, He would need to wait until Monday. He felt weak but the endorphins were still raging. He still felt great. He questioned them about the duration. It was now 2200h Sunday night, the event had started more than 30 hours earlier. The challengers had an easy answer. The burial was to be not less than 8 hours. Not exactly 8 hours. They watched Max and checked often, they waited until Max started moving his head and heard his noises under the can, then they knew it would be time. They had not counted on it taking almost three hours to get him out. It bothered them, they missed the obvious excavation problems.

The evening finished inside with a free for all horny session. Max fell sleep where he lay on the floor. What a memorable experience. That was nine years ago.

Would he do it again? Yes, maybe with a little safer means of exit. But then the three challengers did discover some new ways to keep Max from escaping. But that’s another log to relate another time. Max is still challenging rope artists. He still escapes, well mostly, not always, good fun. Anyone want to try your skill at tying him up. And what is the reward to be for your success?

I am Dr. Mad Max




The End


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