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New workshops with Sir Dart, Sir Bart and Master Zack

Sir Dart and Sir Bart return to London during Fetish Week 2018 with their famous workshops, this time with a special guest, Master Zack.

Sir Dart and Sir Bart


“One Knot, Many Possibilities”

Rope bondage does not have to consist of overly elaborate knot tying. Too many people shy away from learning bondage for fear they have to learn something “complicated.” More possibilities can be had when you start with something basic that can be modified into something very devious and multi-functional. That’s the motto for this basic bondage class in which Sir Dart and Sir Bart will teach some very easy but very practical rope ties for wrists, ankles, and whatever else one might like to cinch on their victim. There will be ample opportunity for practicing the variations, as well as exploring all the ways the techniques can be modified — opening up many possibilities for the rope top. This is a hands-on class, so please be prepared to move. If you have rope bring it — or you may borrow what we have.


“Scene Flogging”

Flogging workshops will often cover the mechanical basics of the skill, but rarely do they delve into the deeper realm of flogging as a more personal “scene.” Many people can wield floggers with beautiful precision and theatrical flair – which is fascinating to watch! But, what happens when we take our floggers home from the bars and workshops and into more private settings, a more intimate feel and allow a deeper headspace than can be achieved in a public space? In this class we’ll examine some of the techniques of focused flogging as a more intimate scene. What makes this form of flogging different? How are our headspaces altered? I will encourage a group discussion where you are welcome to share your thoughts and experiences as well as being presented with a few ideas you may not have considered. Please bring your floggers and be willing to share their stories – every flogger has its unique qualities and has a specific role in the owner’s hands – what does your flogger do?


The workshops will be held in The Rag Factory, just a short walk from Aldgate East underground station, on Saturday 14th July from 1pm.

More information is available here.

Video: Kink talk with Dan Savage and Pup Amp

Are you in a relationship with someone who isn’t kinky? Or maybe your partner has different kinks that you have? In this video, sex and relationship advice columnist Dan Savage speaks with Pup Amp of Watts the Safeword about “kink discordant” relationships. Check it out:


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There is a difference between consensual bondage and abuse

A number of readers got in touch about a particular two-part story I recently posted. Thank you for the feedback. I wish to express my apologies for those who got turned off with that one. That story features a dark fantasy that one writer wanted to share — but many readers pointed out that it went too far, especially in the second part, crossing the line from consensual play into abuse. It’s definitely not something that should be done in real life. I thought about deleting the story altogether, but I have since gone back and added a warning message to both parts of the story.

UPDATE: After receiving more comments and emails from concerned readers about the story, I have decided to delete it from the Metalbond site. If the author posts it elsewhere I will share a link.

This offers a good opportunity to point out that while men are depicted on this website being bound, restrained, tied up and dominated — everything depicted here is presumed to be consensual. The stories are for fantasy and jerking off, not to be carried out in real life.

When engaging in bondage, S/M or any other sexual activity, always remember that there is definitely a difference between fantasy and reality, between consensual bondage play and abuse. Here’s a helpful graphic to help you spot the difference:

the difference between BDSM and abuse

There are a number of articles available online about the difference between healthy BDSM activity and abuse.

A really good place to start is the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.

Also check out Psychology Today (where the graphic above is from) and verywell.com.