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Simple Torture Game

By BondageChallengeGames

My friend Riley and I have started adding little torture/interrogation games into our bondage sessions that have proved to very fun, and I thought I pass some of them along! While most of my kinky relationships keep any power imbalances or sub/dom dynamics specific to a short-term scene, I’m sure those of you in longer-term scenes, or in dedicated 24/7 D/s relationships could use these as well.

While we’ve tried a few variations, all the games have had the same core. The sub sets their phone lockscreen passcode to some four digit number and gives their phone to the dom. The sub is restrained however the dom sees fit, and then the dom proceeds to torture the sub until the sub breaks and tells the dom their passcode. Once the dom has gotten into the subs phone the game is over. The (true) passcode acts as an instant stop to the torture.

Back in early February I got to be a test dummy for this game. My friend Riley stripped me naked and tied me to a chair in his kitchen. After about 15 minutes of nipple torture, hot wax, and electric shocks to my thighs and stomach I broke and gave him the password. He unlocked my phone, took a picture of me to send to himself, removed the nipple clamps from me, took off the electrodes, and left me tied to the chair for a good thirty minutes to rest before returning to face fuck me.

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