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Virtual Power Dynamics

The Desert Fetish Authority will hold a “virtual” group meeting of its Power Dynamics Group monthly discussion meeting this Sunday, April 19, at 3 pm via Zoom Teleconference. Attend with or without video. Available via laptop (windows or mac), tablets, android and apple cellphones, and ordinary telephones.

Desert Fetish Authority

The Power Dynamics Group is a group of men who are engaged in or have an interest in any connection between men that involves the exchange of obedience for responsibility, as in a Master/slave, Daddy/boy, etc.

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Cam cleat for self-bondage

In response to this post about a device that can be used for self-bondage, Metalbond reader Markus also recommends a cam cleat, available in boating stores!

Markus writes,

“You can go to a boating store and buy a cam cleat. You will have to come up with a base plate on your own. The difference is that unlike the Everlast product these usually come rated with SWL (Safe Working Load) and Breaking Load. You release the rope by puling UP and OUT of the cleat:

cam cleat for self bondage


Markus continues:

“Generally speaking you will find lots of ‘pervertables’ in boating stores, usually made with high-end materials (all that salt water, you know) and at reasonable prices. And the sales people are usually very knowledgeable and will gladly help finding a solution when you describe them a non-boating problem. Just be aware that they usually will know what you plan to do with the stuff you buy, even if it’s not mentioned loudly!”


Thanks, Markus, for the information!

Handy self-bondage gadget

Check out the information and pictures sent in by Metalbond reader POW. He’s figured out a clever way to do self-bondage with a gadget you can get online. See below.


Handy self-bondage gadget


Bondage and sex are similar in that they are both better with a buddy, but still plenty of fun to do on your own. Sadly, tying yourself up effectively can be tough. You want to get the ropes tight enough to be worth the effort, but not so tight that you can’t get yourself out later. That last point is worth emphasizing: You do not want to die slowly and helplessly in a trap you put yourself in. Play safely. You can’t eliminate all risk from anything, but you can minimize and mitigate it by planning.

The Everlast #90 Line Tightener helps with that. It’s available from the manufacturer’s web site and also from Amazon. About $10 apiece at the time of this writing, it has the key feature that it can be easily operated one-handed. Buy two, one for each wrist.

The device allows rope to pass only one way through it. Fix your wrist to it with one rope (see photo), making sure to position it close to your palm so that your fingers and thumb can reach the release handles. Then slide the device along another rope. Pull all you want — you won’t be getting free. The manufacturer claims it can support 100 pounds of force, so don’t use it for a suspension, but it’ll hold fine against general-purpose struggling.

Then, when you want to set yourself free, squeeze the two handles. This opens the jaws that hold the rope and now the device will readily slide back the way it came.

self-bondage gadget


Some possibilities for use:

If you have two sturdy fixed objects at least eight feet apart, like support pillars in a basement, then you can put yourself on a medieval rack. Tie or chain your feet to one end and loop a rope around the other. Use the line tighteners to gradually inch your wrists further and further away from your body, stretching yourself out until you feel the strain in every joint. Then stretch yourself just a little further. When you feel you’ve suffered enough, squeeze the handles and set yourself free.

If you have a bed, you can spread-eagle yourself on it. This works best with a queen-size, but can work on a twin or king as well. Tie your ankles and knees in place by either fastening them to the feet of the bed or passing a rope under the bed (or under the mattress if you have a platform bed) and using it to pull your legs outward. Loop a rope around the headboard. When you’re ready to secure your hands, slide the line tighteners onto the headboard rope, then tie the headboard rope ends together so that it has only a little slack (see crude sketch). Slide the tighteners outward, using your left hand to hold the rope steady while your right hand pushes outward and vice versa. When your body adapts to the stretch, slide them out a little more. Then a little more. Lie there, feeling the slow burn in your muscles. Let the electrobox or the vibrator or the milking machine do its work on your dick while your hands are restrained far from the action. Or, if mechanical stimulation is not an option, lie there feeling the urge to stroke yourself off and the frustration of not being able to do it. And when it’s time to undo the bindings, squeeze the handles.

Use them for a self-inflicted hogtie: Secure your wrists and ankles separately, then pull your ankles toward your wrists with the line tightener. Keep them there for as long as you can stand it.

They can also be used during with-a-buddy play. If you attach the line tighteners to the wrists further away, out of the reach of those grasping fingers, then you’ve got a convenient way to tighten your victim’s bindings more and more as the scene goes on without having to undo and retie knots. And he won’t be able to do a thing about it.

Again, if you do play alone, be safe about it. Don’t put yourself into a position you can’t escape. Plan and practice your exit before committing to something irreversible, and once you’ve prepared — relax, suffer and enjoy it!

self bondage setup


Metal would like to thank POW for the pictures, information andideas!

The device is available from directly from Everlast Pulleys or from Amazon.

You can read stories by POW in the Prison Library or on his own website, located here.

Do-it-yourself restraint equipment: Multi-functional Bondage Stool

Check out this bondage stool in use, as seen on bdsmboy26’s awesome website, Bondage Predicaments.

bdsmboy26 website Bondage Predicaments

On his site (which is free), bdsmboy26 offers a how-to manual for this and many other pieces of restraint equipment that you can build!

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NOTE: Viewing the site does not require registering for basic features, but registering gives you so much more, and it’s free and easy to sign up. Highly recommended!