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The Cheap-O Chastity Experiment

An odyssey into the mysteries of eBay and

By Squirm

The Cheap-O Chastity Experiment by Squirm

Note from Metal: In honor of today (January 14) being International Male Chastity Day, Squirm of the RubberZone site has generously allowed me to share this article and pictures of how he built his very own custom chastity belt! See below.

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Version 1.0 – September 22, 2023
Originally posted to RubberZone.com

This article is also available as a PDF download: RubberZone_CheapoChastityExperiment_v1.pdf


I’ve been modifying some inexpensive “generic” full chastity belts that I’ve purchased from an overseas eBay seller. After some amount of success, I thought that others would be interested in this process and could apply some of these techniques to their own chastity devices.


This section is a bit long and explains my experience with chastity and how/why I came to do these experiments. If you just want the how-to’s, please skip to the next section.

I’ve had fantasies about chastity since my sexual awakening (I was into bondage even before that). Over the years, I’ve tried various devices, but haven’t had much success.

I think this is largely due to my own body. My balls are a bit above average in size and have a wide range of “travel” depending on temperature, and I’m definitely a “grower” not a “shower” when soft. My taint and scrotum are also very sensitive.

This makes wearing ball-capture devices (such as the “Holy Trainer” or “CB3000”) difficult, in terms of sizing and security, but most importantly in terms of pain. Nighttime erections would tug on my balls (this is expected) but also create a tight spot on my scrotum that would feel like searing, burning pain, and would not subside for a long while if the device was adjusted. And, when in bondage (as I often am), not being able to touch or adjust the device would mean intense scene-ruining pain. No drifting off to dreamland in bondage while also chaste.

I used to think I was a “wuss’, and that clearly people online were having great success with chastity. I once tried wearing a ball-capture device for 10 full days without removal, hoping to build up a tolerance. In fact, the opposite happened, with the pain being so intense even during the daytime when I could shift things around, that I gave up.

Over 10 years ago, at a play party, someone let me try on their full belt. It was a “Reinhold” belt (unfortunately no longer available), and it did not entrap the balls, and it fit me very well. I wore it for a couple of hours at the party and experienced no discomfort. (Also unfortunately nobody at the party took the initiative to exploit my predicament. Oh well!)

Around that same time, another friend let me try on a “Latowski” belt. This one was way too loose in the waistband, so I could get out of it, but the silicone encased cock/ball area was very comfortable.

Based on those two experiences, I had high hopes that a full chastity belt with waistband and everything could work for me.

But, there were still hurdles. Most full belts at the time were very expensive, and most had little adjustability and my weight and waistline were fluctuating a lot. And, frankly, when I weighed more, my belly/love-handles would overhang the metal waistbands and feel uncomfortable or sticky.

In recent years, I’ve gotten my weight under control (it’s still not quite where I want things, self-image-wise, but my waistline is at least stable), and I’ve on occasion been in a position where I could purchase a full belt without feeling too much financial pain.

Still, there were problems. One well-established vendor who makes premium belts just wouldn’t return emails with simple pre-sale questions. This has in fact happened at least three times in different years when I’ve decided to make a purchase.

Another more recently established well-known vendor provided me with two belts and some custom options, such as a made-to-measure cock tube that doesn’t need a ball capture ring. But I just can’t wear their belts long-term. I appreciate their customer service and everything arrived as advertised, so I won’t name them, as others seem to have good results with their designs and the point of this article isn’t to be a belt review.

The problem with theirs isn’t the waistline, it’s the design of the cock tube, which is not a true tube but more of an open frame with various welds. Even though the welds are polished/smoothed, the shape of the frame creates various pinch points that lead to chafing. Once again, I’ve tried this belt on various 7-to-10-day “build a tolerance” periods, only to have to remove it when sections of skin on my cock shaft began to get raw. (I even got scarring one time that took two weeks to completely heal.)

And, having an open-frame “tube” might help with hygiene and temperature control, but it also means that urine goes everywhere. Now, it can be part of the chastity fantasy knowing that you always have to sit down on the toilet, but I still want the urine to go generally “down” and not create a clothes-wetting surprise shower at random times.

That experience pretty much put me off my quest for chastity for awhile.

Then, the pandemic came. For many of us, that meant spending a lot of time stuck at home, and not having rubber/bondage play with others. (I am partnered, and we do play together, but we both have other playmates for more intense fun with our respective fetishes.) As I was also a caregiver to a loved-one during this time, I didn’t want to risk picking up anything from a playmate and bringing it home.

And, for many of us, being stuck at home for extended periods meant a lot of online gear shopping and fantasizing. I decided if I wasn’t “getting any” on a regular basis, I may as well try being locked and seeing if I could solve my chastity-related issues.

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Achieving Hands-Free Climax: Estim Penis Techniques

The following article is by Lock The Cock

lock the cock male chastity devices discount code

Chastity enthusiasts love finding new ways to punish their penises with restriction, ruined orgasms, slaps and whips, or even spikes. But a new contender has been growing in popularity in recent years, giving these slaves a new kind of punishment to try and endure.

This fetish is electrostimulation, and it’s one of the more interesting BDSM practices to explore.

What is Electrostimulation?

Just as the name implies, electrostimulation is the use of electrical impulses to stimulate specific parts of the body. Often this is used in forms of muscle therapy to treat pain or help heal injured muscles. For BDSM fans though, electrostimulation can be used for pleasure or pain play.

Zapping your own penis might sound like a bit of a nightmare, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. The shocks used in electrostimulation play are quite tame, and often described as tingly, which can be quite pleasurable. If you’re into pain play, the intensity might go up, but it will never be enough to cause serious pain. At worst it might feel like a short, sharp jolt, which should teach any slave a lesson when they misbehave.

Bringing Estim Into Chastity

It’s incredibly simple to start exploring estim: all you need is an estim cage! These devices are just like regular chastity cages, but they usually include small metal plates on the inner surface to deliver the shocks. Some models will require wires and a TENS unit to function, but newer devices such as the Sevanda Nautilus are designed to be an all in one solution that makes electro play simple.

estim chastity cock cage Lock The Cock


Debunking Estim Myths

While electrostimulation has become more popular in recent years, like many fetishes it is surrounded by myths and misinformation that can push people away from the practice. Let’s dispel some of these.

The biggest misconception most people have with this kind of play is the pain element. It’s not uncommon for people to even refuse to try, purely because they worry it isn’t safe.

Like all BDSM play, electrostimulation needs to be approached carefully. Always make your play safe, sane and consensual, and if you push your limits you should do it gradually. Don’t go from a small tingle to 50V, or yes, you will hurt yourself. With the right attitude though, this kind of play shouldn’t ever hurt unless you want it to, and even if you are a pain-seeker, it should never be dangerous.

Another common misconception is that electrostimulation isn’t a fetish. This is very similar to many of the more unusual fetishes, where more “vanilla” people simply won’t believe that someone can enjoy or take pleasure from the practice. But we can definitely assure you that people do enjoy electrostimulation, and if you ever need to convince your friends or partner, then point them to this page.

Finally, let’s talk about orgasms. The myth of a hands-free orgasm is a bit like a holy grail for men. All of the pleasure with none of the effort, who wouldn’t want it?

So is it possible to orgasm from electrostimulation alone? Well, kind of.

We’ll be honest with you. Finding real evidence of someone having an estim orgasm is difficult. There’s porn, but we all know that can be staged. There’s descriptions and instructions throughout the internet, but there’s also plenty of people who tried and failed. Similarly to prostate orgasms, you’ll have to experiment and probably shouldn’t make it your main goal, but enjoy it if you get lucky.

For those who do claim to have experienced the elusive estim orgasm, it isn’t exactly what you’d expect. The electrical currents stimulate your nerves and create reactions in your body. So when you orgasm from this stimulation, it isn’t because it feels good on your penis, but because you’ve sent the right signal to your brain to experience pleasure. Kind of a brain orgasm.

Understanding Types of Electrostimulation

If you’re interested in this kind of play, then it might seem a little overwhelming at first to start exploring the kinds of estim devices you can use. Even within the umbrella of electrostimulation itself, there are several different kinds of devices that can deliver different kinds of stimulation.

We won’t cover all of them in detail, because they’re mainly used for medical purposes, but you may see the following:

  • EMS – Electrical Muscle Stimulation
  • NMES – Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation
  • IFC – Interferential Current Electrical Stimulation
  • FES – Functional Electrical Stimulation

Essentially each of these provides electrical shocks to your body in different ways, and they treat different kinds of illnesses. For the purposes of pleasure, though, there’s only one we’re interested in: TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation).

TENS units are, generally, the least powerful and least functional of this kind of unit. But we’re not medical professionals giving treatment, we’re using them for pleasure, so this is exactly what we want.

The type of electrostimulation isn’t the only factor you’ll need to consider. You’ll also need to think about the kinds of shocks you’re providing (or receiving). Now we’re going to keep this brief, because most of you will find it quite boring, but you need to consider three elements of the shocks:

  • Frequency – How often the shocks are delivered.
  • Intensity – The intensity of the shock.
  • Waveform – The “shape” of the shocks. You often see waveforms used to show the pattern a vibrator will use.

If you’re interested in this kind of play, we strongly encourage you to look into these things more, as they are very important to the kind of sensations you can feel while using estim devices. Essentially, though, you’re going to want to experiment with all three to see what you enjoy most, just like you would with any other sex toy.

The Science Behind Electricity and Pleasure

The topic may have been a little dry so far, but we’re finally getting to the good bit: pleasure.

How on earth could an electric shock provide pleasure? Let’s break it down.

Transcutaneous (the T in a TENS unit), means passing through the skin. So the shocks applied move right through the skin to make contact with the nerves inside your body. When the shock touches your nerve, it sends a signal to a specific part of your body or brain. Think about the old-fashioned doctor hitting your knee to see if your leg moves. Estim works like that, but with shocks.

When you figure out how to target the right nerves with shocks, you can produce a specific result. For example, targeting the right nerves in a painful area can desensitize it, reducing the amount of pain you feel. For pleasure, we want to target the nerves that send the correct signals to the brain to make it think we’re having sex. Basically tricking it.

It’s important to remember that electricity can only move through conductive materials. So if you’re wearing a full rubber gimp suit with just your penis uncovered, most of the electricity will be lost as the rubber absorbs it. To get the most out of your estim play, you need to make sure you’re well hydrated. Water is a great conductor and will help the electricity move throughout your body.

Nerve Pathways in the Penis

So which nerves do we need to simulate to have a chance of a hands-free orgasm? If you’ve ever looked at a diagram of the inside of the penis, you’ll see there’s a huge variety of nerves running both along the shaft, into the testicles, and deeper into the pelvic region. For electrostimulation, we only need to focus on two of these: the dorsal nerve and the perineal nerve.

The Dorsal Nerve

The dorsal nerve runs along the top of your penis, from base to tip, and carries messages from the glans (the head or bulbous part of the penis) to the brain. When you masturbate or have sex, the friction between your penis and the hand or a partner’s body parts are felt by this nerve, sending the messages of pleasure to the brain.

If you use electrical shocks to stimulate this nerve, the feeling will be mostly focused in the glans of the penis.

The Perineal Nerve

There are actually two perineal nerves in the pelvic region: the deep perineal nerve and the superficial perineal nerve. The deep nerve runs from the inside of the pelvic region to the inner end of the penis. Here it splits into both the dorsal nerve, and the superficial perineal nerve.

The superficial perineal nerve runs behind your scrotum, from your perineum (hence the name), and into the scrotum. If you’ve ever stroked your perineum, then you can easily imagine how estim could feel nice on this nerve.

Depending on the type of estim product you use, you may have small pads, which you can arrange to stimulate these nerves, or a cock ring, which you can place around both your scrotum and testicles to cross both nerves. If you’re using an estim chastity device, though, you won’t need to worry about this as the plates that provide the shocks are built into the cage.

Prioritizing Safety in Estim Play

As we touched on earlier, safety is of paramount importance when trying this kind of play. There are some simple rules you should always follow:

  • Always discuss everything you plan to do with your partner before starting any play.
  • Make sure your play is safe, sane and consensual.
  • Take your time when exploring electrical stimulation. Never rapidly increase the intensity of the shocks, but go up in steps.
  • Never place electrodes above the waist, or attempt estim on a body part above the waist. Putting an electrical current into your chest or brain can be fatal.
  • Always be sober when practicing estim.
  • Choose a safe word before starting play. This should be a word you aren’t likely to say during play, and if either partner says it, you immediately stop play.
  • Only use water-based lubricants while practicing estim. Other kinds have a risk of burning your skin.
  • Check your TENS unit for any damage before use.
  • Don’t place any electrodes on any injured or damaged skin.
  • Don’t exceed the recommended voltage level for your TENS device.
  • Only use electrostimulation devices designed for use with the body.

Do not practice estim if:

  • You have any medical implants like pacemakers.
  • You are pregnant.
  • You have any heart defects, epilepsy or experience seizures.
  • You use any EKG monitors or alarms.

That’s a lot of rules, but it really is vitally important that you follow them. Practicing estim improperly is dangerous and can cause permanent damage or even death.

Another thing to watch out for is overstimulation. As you begin to apply shocks to your nerves, they will gradually become desensitized. This means you’ll need to increase the intensity of the shocks to maintain the same level of stimulation. If you have a particularly long session of estim, it’s easy to keep upping the voltage and end up with a much higher voltage than you intended to, so you need to keep a close eye on the TENS unit to make sure you don’t overdo it.

Using Your Estim Device

When the time comes to finally indulge in some electrical stimulation, the process is usually quite simple. If you’ve bought your estim device from a reputable vendor, then you should have everything you need to get started. The TENS unit should have several buttons that let you control the intensity and waveform (sometimes just called the shock pattern).

After you first turn on the device, it will usually provide a continuous stream of stimulation at the lowest power level. You normally won’t feel it though, as the intensity is too low, so gradually start increasing the intensity until you start to feel it.

Once you’ve found the lowest level of stimulation that you can actually feel, try out the different waveforms the device can produce so you can get an idea of the capabilities of your device.

If you’ve got the hang of the basics, feel free to start experimenting. Try different intensities and patterns and find what you enjoy. Try switching between different types of stimulation that pushes you closer and further away from the edge.

There’s really no hard and fast advice here. We’re all different so you’ll need to experiment and find out what works for you.

Potential Side Effects and Aftercare

Electrostimulation can carry side effects, so it’s important to pay attention to your own body. If you experience any of the following, stop using your device and take a break. If you regularly experience any of the following, then electrostimulation may not be the best kind of play for you.

Side effects:

  • Dizziness.
  • Muscle Spasms.
  • Headaches.
  • Pain.

If you’re already experienced with BDSM, then aftercare should be something you are already familiar with. When playing with estim toys, aftercare is a vitally important part of the process.

Firstly, spending some time discussing what you did with your partner, and going over the bits you enjoyed or disliked, can make the next time even better. It can also help the partner who was subjected to the pain (if you took it that far) have the time they need to decompress and talk through any difficult emotions they felt during the play. Sometimes all it takes is a hug!

Physically, electrostim can be quite draining. It’s a good idea to drink plenty of water and eat or drink things that will restore your electrolytes as they will be depleted by the play. You might feel some ghost tingles in the spots that were stimulated, but this is normal and should clear up in an hour or so. If they don’t go away, or if there’s any residual pain from your play, then you should seek medical attention.

Additional Tips for Estim Enthusiasts

It can be difficult to truly let go and enjoy the sensations of estim as it’s quite an unusual experience. Adding in some of your other sex toys can be a great way to take your mind off the shocks and really start to enjoy yourself.

Another tip we touched on before is not to focus too much on having a hands-free orgasm. While it can happen, it won’t always happen. If you’re focusing too much on having an orgasm, you won’t actually be enjoying the play, so you probably won’t orgasm. A bit of a vicious cycle.

We’ve said it several times, but we’ll repeat it again: take your time! Build up intensity gradually. Start with shorter sessions and gradually make them longer. Don’t jump in at the deep end!

Communication is also vital during your play. You should always be actively talking to your partner while the shocks are being delivered, and regularly checking that they are okay and can handle the stimulation. If at any point they ask you to stop, then you need to stop immediately. Due to this need for good communication, we don’t recommend doing estim play with anyone you don’t know well or trust completely.

Try Estim Now For a Shocking Experience!

We’ve covered a lot of information, but estim is a large and interesting topic. It does come with risks, though, so make sure you read all the information thoroughly and approach your play safely. When you do though, you can experience a range of feelings that no other sex toys can provide!

NOTE: The information above is presented for educational purposes only. If you choose to try electrostimulation, please research the topic thoroughly and ensure you know what you’re doing before starting. We are not medical or electrical experts and accept no responsibility for any harm caused by your electrostimulation play.

Metal would like to thank the folks at Lock The Cock for this article!

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Male chastity health and safety concerns

Have you ever wondered about the health and safety concerns involved with wearing a male chastity device? If so, you are not alone. There’s a helpful article on this topic available at Total Chastity — a site with plenty of useful information, as well as a wide selection of chastity devices for sale.

Male chastity health and safety concerns


Article on male chastity health and safety concerns available here

The main Total Chastity website is here

Male chastity health and safety concerns

How Permanent Chastity Can Enhance Your Life

Today’s article about male chastity is a collaboration with Total Chastity.

Restriction, discipline, self-control. Male chastity has all the hallmarks of a practice that can completely change the dynamic of any relationship. But what if you made it permanent?

For many men, permanent chastity is the pinnacle of a submissive-dominant style relationship. Complete restriction, every hour of every day with no end in sight. But is it really like this?

One of the most common misconceptions is that permanent chastity means a man will be caged 24/7, and never experience any sexual release. While this can be true for some couples, it often isn’t like this and if you never allow the slave his sweet release then you could be missing out on many of the benefits of this kind of relationship.

Permanent chastity offers all the same benefits of a regular chastity relationship, but amplified. Physical and mental aspects intertwine to give the slave a new sense of self, bolstering their self-control, discipline, vulnerability and trust while the master can explore the sense of complete control they have over their partner.

Discover the many ways permanent chastity could enrich your lives in our frank and honest look at what it entails.

Psychological Benefits of Permanent Chastity

Making chastity a permanent fixture in your relationship brings a whole host of mental upheaval. For the slave it can be easy to be overwhelmed with anxiety and fear as he’s left wondering “when will the cage come off?” or “how long will I be free for?” Meanwhile, Masters can quickly succumb to the temptation of abusing their newfound power and must be careful to use chastity in a way that augments the existing dynamic.

When the right balance is found, though, permanent chastity can lead to a whole host of psychological benefits.

“I was initially apprehensive about the physical effects, but the emotional and psychological benefits have been incredible. It has opened up new avenues of intimacy and self-discovery within my relationship.”

—David, 23, Montana

The first area you’ll start to notice changes is in your self-control and personal discipline. While a chastity device does a good job keeping a man away from his cock, it’s not foolproof. If he really wants to get out then he will, even if it means bolt cutters. He might beg, he might plead, he might even bargain, but it’s up to the Master to maintain a strong will and not to give in to his slave.

This dynamic encourages both partners to exercise their own kind of self-control. Succeed, and not only will your chastity relationship get stronger, but you can start to apply the same skills to other aspects of your life.

As the pledge becomes more of a normal thing, you’ll both become more comfortable with it. Any initial reservations will fade away, and both will become better at resisting temptation. But then what?

Most couples will at this point start to push their boundaries. Staying locked up for a week wasn’t that bad, so why don’t we try a little bondage? How about some pain play, or electrostimulation. The empowerment you’ll feel from succeeding at chastity will empower you to try other things and be less hesitant about them. Again, this will feed into other areas of your lives and help you focus on doing the things that really matter to you.

And what comes with all these empowering psychological feelings? Well, you’ll feel good! Most couples who practice chastity find that over time their moods improve as they succeed in more and more aspects of their lives.

Permanent Chastity’s Impact on Relationships

Alongside the things you’ll personally feel on your journey into permanent chastity, your relationship will also change and grow. Letting someone have complete control over your pleasure (or taking control of someone else’s) is a big commitment, after all.

As you’d probably expect, this kind of relationship takes a lot of trust. There are plenty of examples of abuse that are thinly veiled as a kinky power dynamic, and plenty of dominants that are willing to take advantage of the situation. But if you do things right and work together, you’ll find that you have a much stronger, more trusting relationship.

To reach this point, you’re going to need the big C. No not cock, communication! Before, during and after any kind of chastity play you need to be having frank and honest chats with each other. What’s allowed? What isn’t? How did that make you feel? Did you like this?

“Embracing permanent chastity has brought a new level of intimacy and connection to our relationship. It has challenged us to communicate openly about our desires, boundaries, and fantasies, leading to a deeper emotional bond.”

—John, 34, Utah

It might seem awkward at first, but as the relationship develops discussing these things should become second nature, and over time you’ll find it much easier to communicate with each other. This communication should lead to a deeper understanding of your partner, which will help you keep a stronger, more intimate bond.

But let’s talk about what you’re really all interested in. How’s the sex?

One of the most common misconceptions about male chastity is that the slave never gets orgasms, you never have sex any more, and only the Master gets pleasure. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Through careful manipulation of the amount of time locked up, how you act around each other, and how committed you are to the chastity dynamic, you’ll find that feelings like desire and anticipation will start to build. As your emotional connection strengthens, you’ll want each other to enjoy pleasure more and more. So when the time finally comes to fuck each other’s brains out, you’re going to have stronger, more intense orgasms and a lovely emotional high afterwards.

Not bad for a little chastity device, huh?

Long-Term Side Effects of Permanent Chastity

chastity device for long term wearWe’ve painted a rosy picture, but nothing’s perfect. There must be some kind of catch, right?

Well … sort of. There can be some side effects from wearing a chastity device long-term. Buuuut, they’re all temporary. After you remove the cage and keep it off for a while, you’ll find that any changes you had noticed go back to normal.

The most common changes you’ll notice are a bit of cock shrinkage (which some people might think is a benefit) or changes to the sensitivity of the penis. There can also be a slight odor problem as cages can get quite sweaty, so it’s important to remove the device for regular cleaning.

“The physical changes have been noticeable, but they have not diminished my sexual satisfaction. If anything, the heightened anticipation and intensity make the release all the more pleasurable.”

—Michael, 29, Ohio

Some men can also experience changes to their behavior, such as becoming more feminine, less assertive, or generally quieter. It’s hard to classify these as side-effects though as some dominants want their slave to behave this way, and all of these things can be achieved without chastity being involved.

Getting the Right Device for Permanent Chastity

We’ve talked a lot about emotions, feelings, and activities, but we’ve neglected the star of the show! If you’re going to start a permanent chastity pledge, you’re going to need a chastity device to enforce it.

There’s a whole host of different choices, but whatever style you go for you’ll mainly be choosing between a cock cage or a chastity belt. A cage covers the cock and prevents it from getting erect, whereas a belt covers the entire pelvic area (like a metal pair of pants) and prevents access to any genitals at all.

Generally men will go for a cage as their long-term chastity tool, as these are much less restrictive when it comes to clothing and using the bathroom. They’re also lighter and more comfortable, which can be a consideration when you’re wearing it all day.

Measuring for a Chastity Cage

The first step at a comfortable long-term device is taking the right measurements. This is a quick and simple process that you can either do with a soft tape measure, or a piece of string (if you use string make marks on the string at the appropriate points, then measure it next to a ruler).

  • Make sure your penis is completely flaccid and about the usual size.
  • Measure from the base to the tip of your penis. Hold the tape measure against your pubic bone and lay it along the top of your penis while you hold it with your other hand. This measurement will tell you which tube size you need.
  • Measure the circumference of your penis and testicles. Place the tape measure all the way around your shaft and scrotum, against your pubic bone. Divide this measurement by 3.14 to find the ring size you need.

Once you know which size you need, the world is your oyster. There are a huge range of cages to choose from, so you can find one that suits your style. Most slaves opt for either a silicone or metal device for long term wear, as these tend to be the most comfortable.

Silicone cages are softer and more lightweight, and these come in a variety of colors. Metal cages are firmer and heavier, but these tend to have more style options available.

Don’t be disheartened if the first cage you choose isn’t right for you! Most slaves will go through a few options before they find the one they want to wear long-term.

Permanent Chastity: Is It Worth the Effort?

We’ll leave you to decide if permanent chastity is the right thing for your relationship. While it does have its challenges, there are definitely rewards that come with it. If you’re going to give it a try keep your eyes on the prize and remember the benefits we’ve discussed every time you start to waver.

You can do it!


Why Choose Male Chastity? A Comprehensive List of Benefits

Today’s article about male chastity is a collaboration with Lock The Cock

Why Choose Male Chastity?

A Comprehensive List of Benefits

Michael and Ethan have an undeniable synergy in their relationship, where their connection appears effortlessly seamless. What everyone doesn’t know is the secret behind their success, the special ingredient that fuels their deep connection and unbreakable bond.

You might think this is the start of a soppy love story, but the true answer is much more intriguing. The strength of Michael and Ethan’s relationship doesn’t come from destiny, compatibility or luck, but a small cage and a pledge not to cum. Welcome to the world of male chastity, and the host of benefits it can give you.

Why Do Men Enjoy Male Chastity?

It sounds strange that men would enjoy putting their cock away and leaving it alone, after all most of them can’t stop touching it. But male chastity is widely enjoyed around the world, sometimes behind closed doors and sometimes loud and proud.

But what makes it so good?

To understand this, you’ll need to understand what male chastity truly entails. It isn’t just about denying one partner pleasure. It’s a bond that’s built up through trust and understanding. It’s a choice to relinquish control to your partner and let them provide for you.

All of these things combine to make a chastity pledge something rewarding that enhances the lives of both partners, and their joint relationship. Plus the sex is great too!

The Benefits of Male Chastity

So we’ve painted a nice picture, but what are these mysterious benefits we keep talking about?

“Male chastity has brought a new level of discipline and focus to my life. By relinquishing control over my sexual pleasure, I’ve found a heightened sense of purpose and self-awareness. It has strengthened our power exchange dynamic, making our connection stronger and more fulfilling.”

Ryan, 36, Rhode Island

As you begin to practice male chastity on a regular basis, you’ll start to notice various physical benefits and psychological benefits. These may include:

  • Increased sexual stamina.
  • A better understanding of their limits.
  • Better control over their body.
  • Heightened senses.
  • Less awkward erections.
  • More self-discipline.
  • Finding it easier to focus.
  • Being more willing to experiment with new things or push boundaries.
  • An uplifted mood.
  • A stronger sense of who they are as an individual.
  • More self-confidence.
  • More resistance to temptation.

While some benefits may only apply to the slave in the relationship, there are still plenty that will also apply to the Master. Over time, this will mean that both will become stronger and more well rounded, and each be able to contribute more to a healthier overall relationship.

Chastity and Enhanced Pleasure

Let’s be honest though. Most of you aren’t as interested in these benefits as the effect on your sex life.

First off, we’ll dispel the biggest myth: Couples in a chastity relationship still have sex!

“Exploring male chastity has completely transformed our relationship. The act of wearing a chastity device has created an electrifying level of anticipation and desire, making every release a truly euphoric experience. It has deepened our emotional connection, fostering a level of intimacy we never thought possible.”

Simon, 32, Oregon

But just how does caging your cock make sex better?

male chastity devices discount codeTo answer that we need to understand a little bit more about the chastity dynamic and how Masters will use the cage. He won’t just simply lock it up and forget about it. He’ll use it to tease his slave. Sometimes he might touch it, or just look at it, or even mention it. He might even talk about unlocking it, just to get the slave excited.

All of these simple acts will build up the anticipation over time, getting the slave excited and dashing his hopes again. He’ll become more and more desperate for his release sometimes even begging for it!

Alongside this mental torture, there are various physical elements at play. Many men find that as their penis is kept caged, it becomes more and more sensitive to even the slightest touch. Any edging and denial play will gradually start to build up his endurance, so he lasts longer during the big event. Some Masters won’t even let their slave cum unless they give the command.

Each aspect works together in tandem, building up to an overwhelming and intense crescendo when Master finally deems his slave worthy of release. These are some of the most intense orgasms a man can have, all made possible by that tiny little cage.

Chastity and D/S Relationships

While you can slot chastity into basically any relationship and see some benefit, where it really shines is in the dominant and submissive power dynamic. Each element of a D/S relationship can be further empowered, improving the experience for both partners.

“Exploring male chastity has been a revelation for me. As a slave, the act of wearing a chastity device has reminded me of my commitment to my Dom and our power dynamic. It has allowed us to establish clear boundaries, enhance communication, and strengthen our trust. The denial and longing have intensified our experiences when we do engage in sexual play, and I have found a profound sense of fulfillment and purpose in serving my Dom’s desires. Male chastity has truly enriched our BDSM journey and deepened the connection between us.”

Chris, 27, Texas

Every D/S relationship revolves around one simple idea: power exchange. One partner hands over power to the other and allows them to take the leading role in the relationship. Most of the time though, this is all done mentally. One partner simply does as the other says because that’s how a D/S relationship works.

Male chastity takes this a step further. Not only are you giving over control in an abstract sense, but you’re also giving over something physical: your cock. Each time you see the cage or feel it in your pants, you’ll be reminded of your submissive nature and of your dominant’s power.

This constant reminder will strengthen the dynamic of a D/S relationship, but there are also plenty of other aspects that overlap with male chastity. D/S relationships rely on a lot of trust between the two partners, open communication, and a giving of consent for any activities the couple want to do together. Male chastity formalizes many of these aspects, often in a chastity contract.

The chastity contract will typically go over when a man will remain caged, anything that is expected of him, anything expected of the Master, and anything that is off limits. When creating their contract, couples need to be completely open with each other and handle any potential consent issues. Having all of this in writing reinforces the trust between both partners as it is completely clear where they stand.

While most of these things are dealt with at the beginning of the relationship, there will still be a growing bond between both partners while using the cage. Each release will be a loving gift from Master, and to earn it the slave will go above and beyond to make sure Master’s needs are met. The relationship will become stronger and more intimate, in turn strengthening the D/S dynamic.

It’s because of this that chastity relationships are often the most successful kind of D/S relationship.

Male Chastity: The Relationship Enhancing Expert

No matter what kind of pledge you make, or what kind of relationship you’re in, it’s clear that male chastity can provide a whole host of benefits. As an individual, you can become much stronger through the personal growth that being caged can offer, while as a couple your bond will be enhanced with each passing day.

If you’ve never tried it before, there’s no better time than the present. Grab a cage and start exploring the exciting world of chastity with your partner, you won’t regret it.

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