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Fun with rope

Check out this information about Rope Bondage Starter Pack 1 and the Rope Bondage Starter Pack 2 available from Mr S:


Once you have that rope, you can tie up a guy (a bonus if your guy is as hot as Jon Shield!):


And be sure to take care of your rope too!


Rope Bondage Starter Pack 1 available here

Rope Bondage Starter Pack 2 available here

TONS MORE rope and tape from Mr S available here




Bondage workshops in London

Sir Dart and Sir Bart come to London with their famous bondage workshops.

They will be held in The Rag Factory, just a short walk from Whitechapel Art Gallery, on Saturday 16th July from 1pm.


“Cause and Effect” Bondage — The Joys of Predicament

Tying up a sub in a situation where their movement or struggles will have a dastartly effect makes the play more interesting and makes for some great entertainment for all parties involved.


One Knot—Endless Possibilities

Rope bondage does not have to be complicated. Learn how one simple knot can be used for all manner of devious possibilities. Bring your own rope if you have some, though some will be available at the event.


Refreshments will be available in the break between the two sessions.

A few volunteers are needed for the predicament demos.





Bound Pics website here

Sir Dart’s site here