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Prisoner Shackles Used by Aliens From Outer Space

By Master Margarita

The story I have written here is 100% Fiction and written to give a sensational experience of an event that never actually occurred.

For those of you who do not believe the stories of an Alien Ship crash landing in the Nevada Desert and a Top Secret Military Base in the area where the Alien Ship crashed (better known as Area 51) never existed, I am able to tell you from my personal experience that many of the stories about it are true. You see, I was one of those working for the United States Government at the Top Secret Military Base. The Base had always been considered Top Secret; however the Alien Spaceship was never intended to be the initial purpose for the base.

My story starts with a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) entering the Top Secret Military Bases Airspace. Any Aircraft, regardless of what it is that does not have authorization within this Restricted Air Space would be shot down. On October 21, 1971 an Alien Spacecraft entered into the Top Secret Military Bases Airspace. The Spaceship was cigar shaped and appeared as a large object, about three times the size of a football field. Military Protocol was to immediately take out anything invading the Restricted Air Space, so that is exactly what happened. A large missile that operates on stealth technology was launched. The UFO was at about a half mile in height and distance from the ground when the missile made a direct hit on the Spacecraft.

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