Prisoner Shackles Used by Aliens From Outer Space

By Master Margarita

The story I have written here is 100% Fiction and written to give a sensational experience of an event that never actually occurred.

For those of you who do not believe the stories of an Alien Ship crash landing in the Nevada Desert and a Top Secret Military Base in the area where the Alien Ship crashed (better known as Area 51) never existed, I am able to tell you from my personal experience that many of the stories about it are true. You see, I was one of those working for the United States Government at the Top Secret Military Base. The Base had always been considered Top Secret; however the Alien Spaceship was never intended to be the initial purpose for the base.

My story starts with a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) entering the Top Secret Military Bases Airspace. Any Aircraft, regardless of what it is that does not have authorization within this Restricted Air Space would be shot down. On October 21, 1971 an Alien Spacecraft entered into the Top Secret Military Bases Airspace. The Spaceship was cigar shaped and appeared as a large object, about three times the size of a football field. Military Protocol was to immediately take out anything invading the Restricted Air Space, so that is exactly what happened. A large missile that operates on stealth technology was launched. The UFO was at about a half mile in height and distance from the ground when the missile made a direct hit on the Spacecraft.

The missile exploded upon contact of the Alien Spacecraft; however the material of the spacecraft appeared to be too dense for the missile to penetrate thru the craft. The missile was however powerful enough to throw the Alien Spacecraft out of control. Within thirty seconds the Alien Spacecraft crashed to the ground, breaking up into several pieces. All of the sections were within a file mile radius and within the Military Base confines, which made it easier to collect all the debris from the craft. Large warehouse hangers were quickly built to house the debris of the Alien Craft. I heard rumors there were Alien survivors, however may not have survived long due to their injuries or our inability to give them the medical treatment they would need.

My assignment was to examine items that were collected from the Alien Spacecraft. The initial tests were done requiring us to wear radiation suits and other protective gear. The object under my investigation appeared to be one for handling and transporting prisoners or possibly even slaves. The object looked to be an elaborate set of transport shackles with leg and wrist manacles and a collar that were all tied together with a chain like material. The design and layout appeared to be made for a human adult male. There were no keyholes on any of the components, and the manacles and collar could be opened and closed without any ability to lock them. The lengths of the Alien type of chains were long enough to connect the ankle manacles to waist height for wrist manacles and extending to neck height for the collar. The separation between the ankle and wrist manacles was only about a foot for each, making the taking of large steps or reaching impossible to the wearer who would be locked into this devious device. The material of the transport shackles was denser than any other material known to man. X-ray and spectrograph testing indicated the material was made from elements that could not be found on our planet. The material was so dense; the X-ray could not penetrate the surface. We used every technology known at the time and could not identify any of the material components of the transport shackles.

When we were comfortable the items did not pose a significant safety risk, we were able to examine items without the radiation suits or other protective gear. The transport shackles continued to be my primary investigation. The outer material of the shackles was harder than anything known to man. We could not find anything that could cut thru the dense material. The inner material was more fascinating as it was soft like foam rubber and covered with what was like a leathery material. The leathery material was also made from nothing known to mankind. We came to the conclusion the transport shackles were designed for the wearer to be in them for an extended period of time, as the soft leathery material protected any surface area that would cause the transport shackles to be in contact with the wearer. I spent weeks examining the transport shackles, trying to identify how they worked, how they could be locked and unlocked, to no avail. I have to admit, touching the leathery, soft and cushy material was a bit of a turn-on for me. I was imagining how it would feel to be locked into these things. Going back to reality; I was starting to believe the shackles may have been damaged when the Spaceship crash landed.

Another group was working on deciphering what appeared to be books and manuals. One of the manuals appeared to be instructions for operating the prisoner transport shackles I was investigating. Since the objects appeared to be related, we were assigned to work together to decipher the instructions and determine how the transport manacles worked. The problem was the instructions were so cryptic; it took weeks to translate each step of the operations with guesswork being part of approach. We had pretty much deciphered the documentation and translated it to English. The instructions as we understood them read as follows:

“Human Prisoner Transport Shackles. These Shackles are designed to allow the transport of Humans without risk of harm to others. The Shackles are designed for long-term wearing and could remain on the human for as long as needed. The shackles can only be locked when all five pieces (leg manacles, wrist manacles, and neck collar) are closed onto the prisoner. The shackles are locked using the special key by bringing the key close to the wearer’s neck. Upon expiration of the Human or if determined the Human is no longer of value, the transport shackles may be unlocked using the same key by bringing it close to the wearer’s neck. The shackles are escape proof, and only the key makes it possible to remove the transport shackles.”

We submitted our reports to our senior staff. They were able to identify an object discovered in the wreckage that could quite possibly be the key to the prisoner transport shackles. We were issued this object in order to investigate the transport shackles further. When placing the key near the collar with the shackles all open, nothing happened. We tried closing all of the manacles and collar and tried the key again and the shackles made a strange sound however did not lock. We then tried placing the shackles on a manikin, closing them all and trying the key and received only the same strange sound without them locking.

We made our reports to our senior staff. After reviewing all of the information collected, it was determined the transport shackles may only work on a real Human being. With all the information collected, the senior staff felt it would be safe to try the shackles on a member of the staff. We had deciphered instructions on how to both lock and unlock the transport shackles. I had been selected to try on the shackles. I was a bit excited and nervous with the idea of trying on the prisoner transport shackles. Even though we deciphered the instructions, I was worried; what if the shackles cannot be unlocked?

The next day we set forth on testing the prisoner transport shackles. I was asked to be dressed only in my underwear. The leg manacles were closed around my socked ankles and wrist manacles on my wrists, with the collar now being closed around my neck. The feeling was they were tight, but comfortable to wear. My working partner placed the key near the collar as we had previously tried and the collar made a different sound, however the shackles still did not lock. We tried a number of different approaches, however none of them worked. Then I believed I figured out what the problem was; maybe the manacles had to make direct contact with human skin. I was wearing socks throughout the testing process and never made direct contact with my skin on the manacles. I removed my socks and my work partner proceeded to close the manacles on my ankles, wrists, and collar on my neck. He then placed the key near my neck as he had done so many times before, only this time we could hear a series of clicks.

We checked the collar; it was now locked around my neck. We checked the wrist and leg manacles; they were all locked too. I was excited and scared at the same time. My imagination wondered as to what it must be like to have to wear this prisoner transport shackles for the long-term. I had to admit, the soft leathery material made them rather comfortable. The short chains between the ankles made it impossible to run or take large steps and the wrist manacles kept my arms close to my side. I could feel the neck collar that covered most of my neck being tight around my neck, however not too tight, allowing me to breathe and swallow. Whoever had to wear these things had to be assisted by someone else for their daily tasks; as I was not able to reach for anything on my own.

My working partner documented our findings before it was determined it was time to release me from the transport shackles. When he had it all written up, he took the key and placed it near my neck. We heard a funny sound; however the shackles failed to unlock. My working partner tried placing the key in different areas of the collar and shackles; however nothing seemed to work to release the locking mechanism. I began to worry about how long it was going to be before he was able to unlock the transport shackles.

Next thing I knew, we had a large team working on my situation. I was trapped in Alien Human Prisoner Transport Shackles and we had not figured out how to unlock them. My associates kept going thru the deciphered instructions. Nothing seemed to work. It was getting late and I came to the realization I would be spending at least the night in the transport shackles. Though the shackles restricted my movement, they were not entirely uncomfortable. Though they were rather tight around me, they did not chaff my skin. Regardless, I did not get much sleep that night.

The next day, we had a larger number of resources to help free me from the Prisoner Transport Shackles. A group went back to the original deciphered instructions. The information was so cryptic; they had to basically start over translating the instructions. One of the guys on the team mentioned that several other people had been seriously injured and even died as a result of testing the Alien equipment, and we needed to heed caution to prevent anything from happening to me or a member of the team. In the meantime, other cautious approaches were being tried to unlock the shackles. Nothing was working. I was now stuck in these shackles for a whole week.

The second pass for deciphering of the instructions for unlocking the prisoner transport shackles was now complete. I was asked to meet with senior staff alone. There I was told the original instructions were not deciphered correctly. The first time they were deciphered them it read:

“Upon expiration of the Human or if determined the Human is no longer of value, the transport shackles may be unlocked using the same key by bring it close to the wearer’s neck.”

It was assumed the same key used to lock the transport shackles was used to unlock them. A section of the instructions was misread and that portion of the paragraph should have read:

“Upon expiration of the Human or if determined the Human is no longer of value, the transport shackles may be unlocked using the special key found only on the Alien’s mother Planet. The Human would need to be transported to the mother Planet where an authorized entity would unlock them by bringing the unlocking key close to the wearer’s neck. The shackles are escape proof and only the correct key makes it possible to remove the transport shackles. Any attempt to remove the shackles without the correct key would result in termination of life of the human wearing them along with those near them at the attempted removal.”

My heart sunk as I heard that I would most likely spend the rest of my life locked in Alien Prisoner Transport Shackles. I could feel the soft material of the shackles tightly around my ankles, wrists, and neck; however the shackles never seemed to chaff my skin. Days turned into weeks, weeks, turned into months, and months into years. Very few attempts were made to try to unlock the shackles for fear any approach would result in certain death.

I have now been locked in these Alien Prisoner Transport Shackles for over forty years now. The United States Government put me on disability and relocated me to a secret camp where others who also can no longer be a part of the general society. Despite my ordeal, I have to say they treat me well and I have a good life

The End

Note: This story by Master Margarita is used here on the Metalbond site with his permission. It is from his collection of stories posted to the Deviant Art site – link here.

Metal would like to thank Master Margarita for granting permission to share this story!

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  1. I remember reading this story for the first time on his DeviantArt page; it is still just as hot as it was then!

    Will you be sharing more of his excellent stories?

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