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Florida Trap – Part 08

By Johnny Utah

Based on a suggestion by MetalbondNYC

I got in my trailer. I dropped the boxes with the butt plugs and leg irons from Sgt. Stiles on the kitchen table. I got out of my boots, dropped my shorts, and yanked off my shirt. I picked up the leg irons. I could do put them on no problem. The butt plug was another thing. I decided to try, after all Sgt. Stiles had given it for me to try. I went into the bathroom. I did have some KY gel. I got into my bedroom and hit the bed. All I had on was my socks and my collar. I locked the leg irons on. I admit they felt good. It brought back so many good memories. The restraint of the chain was reassuringly safe.

I had second thoughts about the butt plug but then decided to go ahead. I lubed up the plug. I used a finger to put some lube on the outside of my asshole. I laid back, tried to relax and slowly inserted the plug into my hole. It took a little pressure to get it in my hole, but it went in up to the base easily enough. I switched my concentration to the letter.  I opened the letter carefully, so I didn’t rip the outside of the envelope with the address on it.

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Derek Da Silva gets water tortured

Tony Buff, Tober Brandt and Derek Da Silva

Fear” from Titan takes the darker side of man-on-man sex and brings it to the light of day. In Fear Scene 1, Tony Buff and Tober Brandt hunt down Derek Da Silva in the wilderness. When they finally get him, they tackle him to the ground, tying his arms behind his back. They viciously throat-fuck their eager servant so hard he gags several times until he finally throws up on Tober’s thick, hard cock. This hardly deters Derek, as he takes a deep breath and goes down for more intense face-fucking. After fucking, pissing and cumming on him, Tony and Tober are just starting to have their way with Derek, who’s eager to be used and abused by these rough, tough-talking tops. “You’re in for it now!” Tony warns Derek as he hoists him upside down over a pool of icy water. He’s completely naked and completely bound up with rope with his arms tied behind his back, as he tenuously swings over the pool, Tober and Tony pissing on him and punching him like he’s some sort of human pinata. Despite hard punches to his balls and stomach, Derek’s cock remains rock hard though out the entire scene. With the skill of a true bondage master, Tony lowers Derek head first into the water! Still suspended and bound, Tony jerks Derek off until he cums, with his juice streaming down his bound body and into his own mouth. Then Tony and Tober shoot (again) all over their willing captive.

Tony Buff and Tober Brandt hunt down Derek Da Silva in the wilderness

Models in this shoot: Tony Buff, Tober Brandt and Derek Da Silva

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With the skill of a true bondage master, Tony lowers Derek head first into the water

The Vacation – Part 06

By Rubrpig

4798 stood in the middle of the 4 men who were now his personal tormentors.  As a prisoner who was locked in the Supermax wing of the Ferguson Correctional Centre, he knew he had no rights and now it was confirmed.  Total control of him had been given to these men by the Warden of the facility, Captain Ferguson.

The men stood quietly looking at their new piece of property.  One of them said he needs to be cleaned up as he is a filthy pig.  The others nodded and 4798 was quickly cuffed in the hinged cuffs and the lock box on the cuffs that were standard issue in this wing of the prison.  Two of his guards grabbed him by his biceps and he was marched or dragged down the main cell block to the shower room.  There he was sprayed down with liquid soap, scrubbed down by one of the men using a long handled brush and then told to stand under a shower head while he was rinsed off.  His beard, now grown in thick and dark as it had been weeks since he last shaved dripped water down his chest.

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Sex in prison

The Slammer. A correctional facility where each day is a struggle for power between the savage inmates and corrupt officers as they use gritty mansex to battle for domination over each other. A sinister Warden (played by Dred Scott, in a role he was born to play) administers discipline and punishment over his minions in the Slammer with an iron fist and rock-hard dick — giving new meaning to the term “penal institution.”

Dred Scott, Billy Wild and Jon Galt sex in prison

In Scene 3 (pictured), the Warden has more in store for Inmate Sunshine. He feeds him to a more senior inmate, Jon Galt, who, in a filthy prison kitchen, continues Sunshine’s initiation by working over his hole with his prying, eager tongue and fingers. After they shoot their loads a rough-handling Corrections Officer takes Wild back to his cell, leaving Galt to service Scott. By the end of their marathon session, each has cum twice.

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Dred Scott, Billy Wild and Jon Galt male sex in jail

Bog – Part 1

By ty dehner

ty dehner bondage storiesThe soft muddy soil spreads out beneath the tall cypress trees that have been growing over the decades in these wetlands that sit just east of the big modern city. There is a shallow layer of dirty water, looking like glass, settled between the wild grasses and mounds of dirt. The calm breeze makes the moss slowly sway, providing a calmness in this area with no direct sunlight.

These bogs sometimes have stories shared by locals about happenings that occur when the weather is right. Most just dismiss them to the art of telling a scary story during a stormy night or for a party during Halloween. Few people ever venture deep into bogs, preferring to stay safe and warm in the open areas that they can see what might happen. But for a rare few, the bog provides an escape from the world we live in today. Here a person can be who they want, no one to bother them, no one requires them to follow the rules. Just be alone, content, and maintain their life as they want to.

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Folsom Undercover

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Tony Buff, Eduardo, Darius Falke, Dean Flynn, Dirk Jager and Rick van Sant

A private fraternity has businessmen living second lives, relieving their stress through sexual aggression as they indulge their deepest desires. Four scenes bring you more than 2.5 hours of unforgettable action, half of it shot in the beautiful outdoors. It is led by 11 stunning men: including TitanMen exclusives Tony Buff, Eduardo, Darius Falke, Dean Flynn, Dirk Jager and Rick van Sant. Tyler Peter is the lucky pledge at the mercy of three dominant tops: Tony Buff, Dirk Jager and Frank Philipp, who ram their cocks down both of his holes in a memorable gang bang. Also featuring hot candle wax play and stroking muscle stud Titus, who watches from above.

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Tyler Peter is the lucky pledge at the mercy of three dominant tops

Bad Conduct

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gay leather sex

Follow your impulse and abuse authority with “Bad Conduct,” featuring TitanMen exclusives Dean Flynn and Will Parker, who find themselves in sticky situations with only one solution — crossing the line. Being bad never felt this good, so watch as self-control surrenders to steamy sexuality. Clad in leather for his photo shoot, handsome David Dirdam follows the direction of equally muscular photographer Gio Forte. The heat gets turned up as desires erupt in a passionate flip fuck.

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gay leather porn