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Birthday Surprise – Part 04

By mclioncub

The transformation (Part 2)

Once completing the process of cleansing, I was allowed to rest. Still chained to the toilet, I felt used and exhausted. I was starting to understand the concept of being broken and lifted. As I sat there, at this point defeated, I felt a sense of enjoyment. Kevin was truly taking me as his slave. No matter how much I wanted to fight it, it was happening — SHOCK VALUE!!

When Kevin returned to remove me from the toilet, I was led to the bondage chair. When we arrived at the chair, I immediately noticed the plug sitting in the middle of the chair. Kevin noticed my hesitation and explained, “As my slave, your ass belongs to me and I will do with it as I please.” He then turned me around, ordered me to step up on the foot platform and sit. As I began to lower myself onto the chair, I could feel the plug start to invade my asshole. With every inch the plug began to stretch me and fill my ass. Moments later, I felt the strong hands of Alpha push down on my shoulders and I was thrusted on the plug. The deeper it invaded, I could feel my ass being filled with the invader. Then all of a sudden, my sphincter muscles responded and I felt the plug seat itself inside me and my butt was now firmly sitting in chair.

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Birthday Surprise – Part 03

By mclioncub

The transformation (part 1)

Once the ring was installed, Kevin grabbed my balls. He began caressing them and making me horny as hell. He then reached over and began sucking my dick. Holy hell, was he actually getting me off?? All of this put me in euphoria and I thought for a moment he was allowing me to cum. Little did I know, he would bring me to the point of exploding and then stop immediately using the ice to cause me to shutter and my cock shriveled with no relief.

Kevin continued this ritual several times. Each time, I was begging him to let me cum but just as I thought that would happen, he hit my dick with the ice and I was brought to reality. On the 5th go around, I was brought to brink of cummimg, I wanted to release so badly. He had my balls so full and hard. Just when I could feel the desire to cum, I was hit with the ice. Within seconds of reacting to the cold on my cock, he lubed the cage and slammed it on my dick. He then took a lock and methodically put it in place. As he slowly clicked it closed, ensuring that I heard it locked in place, he commented, You like the feeling of release but it is now mine and Starting NOW you will never have that opportunity. You will endure permanent chastity. If and only if I decide, you will get that luxury.

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Birthday Surprise – Part 02

By mclioncub

Here is the next part of the story …

Master Alan and Kevin walked over to me, and Master Alan said that I must really be confused with everything. I shook my head to the affirmative. Kevin explained that he had not filled you in on anything so I know this is all a surprise to you. Let me bring you up to speed. Kevin approached me a few months ago and wanted to give you a very special birthday. It started off as just a week’s stay here in my dungeon, but over the coarse of the last few months it has become much more than that.

When he first came to me he told me that he was not into the whole bdsm scene but wanted to learn about it so he could participate in your bondage week. Well it turns out, Kevin has found the whole Master gig as a real turn on and he absolutely thrives on taking control and he has blossomed into Master Kevin. I immediately turned my stare to Kevin and he confirmed everything Master Alan had stated with a solid nod and the look in his eyes. Master Alan then said that it was time for Master Kevin to finish explaining things.

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Birthday Surprise – Part 01

By mclioncub

It had been a year since I first met Kevin. I was at a bar with several friends and Kevin entered the room. He was dressed in tight jeans and tight white T-shirt. His physique and piercing eyes had me captivated from the beginning. He was perfect in every way and could only hope he was my birthday gift. By the end of the evening, Kevin and I were an item. How more perfect could my birthday be? In addition, Kevin was very intuitive and we seemed to mesh on so many levels.

During the past year, Kevin and I had gotten close. So close that we talked about all of my fantasies and fetishes. Everything from being bound to being turned into a slave… none of which interested Kevin. Although he was not into my fetishes, he loved that I talked about it because it made me hard and made for great sex. We had a great vanilla relationship. He was my man, and I loved it. Little did I know what he had planned.

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