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Weekend at Garrett’s – Part 05

© 2023 Bostonleatherman

…You have a bit of a pissgasm and let yourself enjoy the afterglow.

Thoughts of nothingness fill your mind, and this is the most relaxed you’ve been since you arrived at Garrett’s. You sag and let the padlocks that are holding you against the wall give you support. There’s some tension in a few places — Adam’s apple, armpits, gut, and crotch, it’s a nice feeling. Well, not exactly nice. Different. And that’s a nice feeling.

The light comes on and the door opens. You squint again at the light but not nearly as long as the last time. How long were you drifting? You ‘stand up’ again and look at Garrett holding a full glass of what you know can only be piss.

“I thought you might be thirsty. Gotta enforce the contract, right? And after you empty this, I’m gonna let you fill it so I can feed it back to you. How you doing?”

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Weekend at Garrett’s – Part 01

© 2023 Bostonleatherman

There was no way you were getting out of this now. The anchor points on the wall were placed exactly where they needed to be – right next to each of the six D rings on the straightjacket. Three on one side – shoulder, waist, hip – and three on the other, plus one on either side of your neck and one for each ankle. The padlocks connecting each D ring to the eyebolts left no room for movement and when you tried, all that happened, really, was the sound of creaking leather.

There was a little more leeway with the locks that held the ankle cuffs to the wall. But not much. And the leather straps that Garrett used to tie the D ring on the front of the straightjacket’s collar to the eyebolts on either side of your neck were very secure. You could not move your neck. At all. His final touch was to shove your ring gag in, buckle it tightly and lock it on with a small padlock. The lock is probably overkill at this point you thought.  Bound like you were, there was no way in hell you would be able to remove it. Still, hearing the click as he fastened the lock gave you a rush. Just like hearing all the other locks securing you upright to the wall did, when he snapped them into place.

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Sadistic tickle master Captain Ryan torments Matt

Matt signed the agreement, and now he’s at the mercy of sadistic tickle master Captain Ryan! The big man knows how to fully control and torment a chubby captive like Matt. With his ankles and arms strapped down to the bed, there’s no chance to escape as Captain’s fingers explore his near-naked body. Things soon escalate, and before long Matt is delirious with giggles!

Sadistic tickle master Captain Ryan

See the VIDEO at Ticklish Chubs

Title: Delirious With Tickle Torture!

Sadistic tickle master Captain Ryan

10 – A Chastity Story

By boyryan54

BoyRyan54 chastity storiesI pull off his rubber isolation hood, looking into his watery and bloodshot eyes. His eyes are pleading with me, and I can barely hear the muffled begging coming from his tightly tape gagged mouth. But I will not sway. He knows what the deal was, and how much I compromised to take him on.

Back when we met seven years ago, he was so cocky and full of himself, 25 years old and convinced the world was at his feet. He was constantly playing with other “doms” and tops, getting very pushy and getting his way when it came to play. After all, he viewed it as an honor for others to enjoy his body. Things changed a bit when he met me. He knew I was different and wouldn’t cater to him. In fact, I never approached the topic of play with him. I knew that if I withheld my passion for the bdsm lifestyle from him, it would drive him crazy. In his eyes, no man would ever refuse him.

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First Time? – Part 02

By slavebladeboi

I sat looking into my empty coffee cup listening to the gurgle of the machine on the countertop that was making the coffee to go into it. I was feeling very unsure about the present contents of my basement. I told him I’d hold him to the agreement he’d signed, but I could see he was totally out of his depth there. Looking at the screen, where I could see him hanging limply in that spread eagle, he had diminished in size almost, certainly he wasn’t looking like the gym-fit stud that I’d carried in. Dejected and lost would sum it up. If I went through with my threat then he’d live, he’d be in pain for a lot of the time and arrive home sore, but he’d get over it in a few days, physically. Not so sure mentally. Would that experience put him off for life? Would he feel unable to cope and maybe turn his back on what could be the best thing he had in life for the future? Difficult to know, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to test that theory. So I planned something different.

I opened the door and slammed it behind me in one noisy move. He jumped enough to make those taut chains rattle. Walking up to him I stared straight into his face and waved the contract under his nose.

“This! This is your contract. You wrote some of it, you signed it and you swore it was correct. Well? Didn’t you?”

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Be careful about signing up to participate in a medical research project

In a video at Serious Male Bondage, a gullible young man volunteers to be the subject of an unknown experiment for $50 cash. He becomes a little nervous when he’s strapped down to the table. He admits to the researcher that he didn’t actually read the contract word for word, he only “skimmed” it. But it’s too late! There’s no turning back!

male bondage with medical research project

See the VIDEO at Serious Male Bondage

Title: The Experiment

Dart Tech medical research project

Island Paradise – Part 2: Chapter 10

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 10: So Long!

That was on a Friday, so maybe that’s why I didn’t hear from SLPOUTREACH until Monday.  Which is when I read:

“SLP Participant Barlow:  You have completed Step 4.  Permission to proceed to Step 5 will be transmitted within the next three weeks.”

I was all serious serious serious when I opened the email, cuz I expected to see some big heavy statement, and then I felt like, “Oh.  OK.  What do I do now?”  I didn’t really have anything to do except to keep going to school, which at least got me out of seeing my parents.  I read in a book about some guy that was gonna be executed, and they gave him X amount of time to “put his affairs in order.”  But I didn’t have any affairs; I just went back to school.

I knew that the SLP would come through with my orders, and I would do what they told me.  Maybe you’re wondering, hey, you’re an American, how could they, like, enforce this commitment you signed?  I mean, how could they come and get you, if you changed your mind?   You’re right—they couldn’t.  I had time on my hands, so I looked it up.  Under “extradition.”  The only way they could get me was if I actually went to St. B.  But that’s what I’d agreed to do.

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Best Buddies – Part 01

By convict 975468


Dave and I have been friends since high school.  We went away to college but would get together on holidays, so we never lost touch.  After college, we came home, and after a few months decided to become roommates.  We are both gay, but we never got it on with each other, which was OK – we just seemed to be attracted to different types of guys.

Then we hit the jackpot – literally!  We won the lottery – millions.  We were very excited – partied for a week.  Then the trouble started.  Everyone – I mean everyone – wanted our money.  Friends and relatives became so much more friendly – being gay was OK now.  What was worse was the endless solicitations.  Lawyers, accountants, investment advisors, just to name a few. No one would leave us alone.  We had to do something.

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