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Kangaroo Court – Part 3

By PrisonCub

I was guided into a concrete block room with a cubicle made of the same metal as the toilet in my cell.  A black phone receiver was connected to a metal cord that fed into the wall.  A shelf stretched across the cubicle and in the middle of the shelf was a metal ring that was bolted to it.  On the floor directly under the shelf was another metal ring except this one was bolted to the concrete floor.

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Kangaroo Court – Part 2

By PrisonCub

If sitting in the little cage was part of a plan to scare the living shit out of me, it was working.  The room had ten of these fucking little cages.  No windows that I could see.  Florescent lights mounted to the ceiling and of course one was failing so the thing was flickering and humming.  I just sat there in stiff prison denim and restraints.

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