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A Left Turn at Albuquerque – Part 12

By Hunter Perez

You might be familiar with the saying “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” I don’t know who originated that observation, but it could have easily been me. Having somehow unlocked Merrifield from his immobile silence through the most ridiculous manner imaginable, I suddenly found myself wondering how to proceed further. Holmgren pretty much tossed me into this situation without advance planning and I had to think fast about what to do next.

Since Holmgren was supposed to be bringing us dinner, I figured I could keep entertaining Merrifield with my favorite songs until our meals arrived. I was starving, but somehow I found adrenalin to fuel me through the absence of food. I was also trying to recall songs that sparked positive reactions from my past which could be translatable into my current bizarre situation.

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The Prison Writer – Chapter 14

By Joshua Ryan

A month later, on a dead Sunday afternoon, I was lying in the cell when I was told that I had a visitor.  The idea was incomprehensible.  No one had written; no one had come.  Why would they come?  And why would I want them to come?  For what?  To view an exhibit of the once promising author who was now a convict?  To laugh at me in my bald head and my convict suit, and go back and pity me online?  Basically, the only visitors willing to come that far were the ones smuggling some “business” in or out for some convict, and that wasn’t me.

But now I was being taken to the Visiting Room.  It’s a place in that Victorian castle that juts out from the front of the Pen, and it looks like it hasn’t changed since the 1890s.  There’s a high ceiling, marble floors, big windows, and a large collection of cast iron bars.  In the center there’s a long, wide table, and in the center of that is an ironwork grille running up to the ceiling.  Visitors and prisoners sit on separate sides and enter from separate doors.  Visitors sit on chairs with arms; prisoners sit on little wooden stools.  On that Sunday the room was unusually full.  Ten or twelve people on each side.  I mean, ten or twelve visitors on one side, and ten or twelve convicts on the other.  During the time I’d been at Maskawa, I’d never heard a convict being called a person.

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The Prison Writer – Chapter 10

By Joshua Ryan

Something woke me.  It was the bus slowing down as it took an exit.  There was nothing around but trees.  Tall pine trees.  I knew we’d been going north, but I didn’t realize how far we’d got.  This was the fucking forest primeval.

“Where are we?” I asked.

Junior was awake and looking out the window.  He nodded toward something coming into view.  It was a sign with an arrow pointing to the left.


Ferry 12 m.

“Maskawa,” I said.  “That name sounds familiar…”

“Worst prison in the state,” he muttered.  He didn’t say it like “I don’t give a fuck.”  He said it like, “fuck, this is bad.”

Then I remembered.  Dean said that too.  He said it was the toughest prison in the state.  When he said I wouldn’t be sent there.

“Maybe we’re not stopping there,” I said.  “Maybe they’re taking us someplace else.”

“Ain’t no other joint up here.  Maskawa’s the end of the line.”

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Rikk is ticklish everywhere from head to toes

At My Friends Feet, Rikk is back! He also did a prison-themed two-part scene with Angelo. Rikk was ticklish everywhere from head to toes. He hardly made any sense when interviewed afterwards, because he had been laughing so hard. What do you think of this hot man’s tickling treatment?

He also did a prison-themed two-part scene with Angelo

See the VIDEO at My Friends Feet

Scene Title: Rikk

Scene Short Description: Rikk York Tickled Naked

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Update on Hale Pa’ahao – Old Lahaina Prison

The loss of life due to wildfires on the island of Maui this past August was tragic. The fire took approximately 100 lives in and around the town of Lahaina. It also damaged much property, including many historic sites, as well. Hale Pa’ahao — the “Old Lahaina Prison” — was among the many structures damaged in the fires.

Update on Hale Pa’ahao - Old Lahaina Prison

Update on Hale Pa’ahao - Old Lahaina Prison


I had the opportunity to visit the historic prison back in 2009. I did a blog posting about it, available here. I do hope that the site can be restored. More information about the ongoing restoration efforts for all of Lahaina is available on Facebook. Official website is here.

Of course, the human toll to the disaster is the most difficult part of all.

The Prison Writer – Chapter 05

By Joshua Ryan

I realized that I’d wanted something new to happen to me, but I had no idea how quickly it would happen.  As the man says in “Heart of Darkness,” “the changes take place inside, you know.”  Which means that they can happen at the speed of light.  When we got back to Jerry’s house I wasn’t walking in as a guest; I was walking in as a prisoner escorted by an officer of the law.  It was hard for me to talk.  Everyone else seemed freer and looser than they’d been before.  Dean seemed to be talking and smiling even more.  When people started to leave, I was amazed that they could get through the door without permission.  When I left, it was like I was sneaking away before the guards could catch me.

I spent the next few days huddling in the condo — which had never been mine and now felt like some illegal squat.  I got drunk and jerked as if that was my true profession.  Ten days later, I was riffling through my junk mail and found an envelope that was long and heavy and return-addressed to a PO box that looked decidedly official.  It had been mailed to somebody named Meres Steven Curtis.  Oh, shit.  That little drive with Dean hadn’t been a daydream after all.

I ripped open the envelope and yes, it was a message from the


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