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What happens in jail

These are shots from “Hard Time” at Hot House.

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As soon as the officer on duty heads off to make his rounds, Sam Barclay reaches for JP Dubois’ huge uncut cock. JP puts up a fight at first, but as soon as he feels Sam’s hot mouth on his thick meaty dick he can’t resist. Soon both inmates are naked and JP has backed his juicy bubble-butt up against the bars so Sam can get his tongue in there and lube him up in preparation for his big cock. Sam takes his rock hard cock, shoves it deep in JP’s ass, and power-fucks him while JP strokes his hefty cock. JP rolls over and opens his hole even wider so Sam can continue to fuck him through the cell bars. Both sexy prisoners stroke their giant uncut cocks and blow thick white loads.



Models in this shoot: JP Dubois, Sam Barclay

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The strip search procedure

strip searched in prison

The sadistic guard takes real delight in cruelly mocking this defenseless naked prisoner. The tough young criminal does his best to comply and obediently strips his clothes and pulls open his stinking arsehole. His cock and balls shamefully bounce around as he exposes himself, but he unclenches his hole as the embarrassing onslaught of scrutiny hits him. It’s sexual embarrassment and physical discipline like this that allows the guards to maintain their absolute authority in a prison filled with rebellious thugs!

bend over and spraed em

See video at Strip Search Hell

looking into his butt cheeks

A Game of Chance – Part 05

By Robmacz

Six weeks later Tom was sitting on his bunk in the cell he shared with a guy name Mitch. He was waiting to be called to the visitors’ room to meet with Chris. Mitch had already been called down there to meet his wife and boy, on whom he doted. Tom had been incarcerated for only a tiny fraction of the time he had to serve, but he had already gone through a long series of emotions. He arrived at the prison having been chained up for several hours in a plane and then in a van.

As the van pulled up outside the intake area of the prison Thompson leapt out and shook hands with one of the guards. He signed some paperwork and the guard opened the door and ordered Tom out. Thompson and Peel had delivered their package and only followed Tom and the guard inside in order to retrieve the chains that Tom was wearing. As they took them off Tom was ordered to put his hands on his head. Peel and Thompson left immediately, without a word to Tom.  They had spent the last six hours with him, but he was a package, not a person.

Tom, having arrived on his own, was processed on his own. He had to strip off and put his clothes in a plastic box that was put in front of him. He was now getting used to this humiliation, but as his dick leapt to attention as he pulled his boxers down he hoped he would be able to control himself and not shoot a load as he had done at the role play jail. For here he knew he would be getting a cavity search.

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Sex in The Slammer

Billy Wild, Ben, Josh O’Hara and Papi Moreno sex in the slammer

The Slammer. A correctional facility where each day is a struggle for power between the savage inmates and corrupt officers as they use gritty mansex to battle for domination over each other. A sinister Warden (played by Dred Scott, in a role he was born to play) administers discipline and punishment over his minions in the Slammer with an iron fist and rock-hard dick — giving new meaning to the term “penal institution.”

male on male sex in prison

In Scene 5 (pictured), Billy Wild finds himself in a cell with Josh O’Hara, and quickly decides to show him who’s boss by taking advantage of the young pup’s tight ass. Then, Corrections Officer Ben catches wind of Wild, throws him into an adjoining cell, and takes over the ass-reaming. Officer Moreno enters Wild’s cell where the two officers each have their way with the obedient prisoners in an explosive fourgy finale.

Video of The Slammer is available here

male rape in prison