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i am His

by pwnedpuppy

When i fly out to visit Sir, my servitude really begins before i even leave.

The clothes Sir orders me to wear for the flight are pretty simple and remain the same regardless if its freezing cold outside or we’re in the middle of a heatwave. In a way, it’s my uniform.

Plain white t-shirt, 501s, white socks, no underwear. A pair of plain black Vans slip-ons. No hoodie, no jacket, no alterations to the prescribed outfit. i am unremarkable in my appearance.

In my backpack, a simple haul – an envelope containing the chain and collar Sir has sent which i’m to wear after clearing security. No key. my wallet minus my photo ID (which i need to get on the plane) is put inside an interior pocket of the rucksack. So is my cell phone. They are not to be removed for any reason. That’s it.

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The Adventures of Pete and Gunner – Part 2

By pwnedpuppy

Getting Ready for the Move

It was late Thursday night as the train pulled into the station.  my phone buzzed – it was Pete.

“you can ride up front,” He wrote. (And, yes – the you was lower-case.)

As i left the platform, i could see Pete’s truck off in the parking lot.  He flashed His headlights to let me know He saw me.  i scampered over quickly, able to move nimbly since i had absolutely no luggage with me.

Visiting Pete on weekends was really an exercise in minimalism. i spent most of my time at His place naked, and anything that i would be allowed to wear was stored there.  All i had to bring was myself, my ID and my phone.

i got to the truck, opened the door, and saw Pete sitting in the driver’s seat in the glow of the golden interior light. He looked great as always.

Pete’s dark brown hair neat in a high and tight, with a week’s worth stubble covering the lower part of His face. His square jaw shined in the gleam of the overhead light. An unzipped black leather bike jacket hung from His big, broad shoulders, covering His torso. He had a tight black t-shirt on underneath.  Wranglers hugged His bubble butt, and He was wearing those goddamn riding boots that i’ve given a tongue bath to too many times to count over the last couple years.

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The Adventures of Pete and Gunner – Part 1

By pwnedpuppy

This is a sequel to Truckbound

It’s been a while since i’ve had a story to tell since “Truckbound”, but i wanted to catch everyone up on how things have been going with Pete and i.

In case you forgot, i’m Jeremy… well, “Gunner” is what Pete calls me – these days it’s whether we’re in a scene or not.  Still five foot seven, still about 160 pounds of lean muscle. i still work IT, although the job market isn’t what it once was.  Laidback bro out in public, putty-in-your-hands sub with a pup streak in the playroom.

Pete still towers over me at six foot two.  He’s till working construction (although He owns His own business now). He’s bulked up a little – still all muscle, but has taken a bit of an interest in some amateur powerlifting.  Still drives a big pickup, still plays a little rec hockey now and then, and still in to totally owning my ass when i come to visit on weekends.

i’ve been Pete’s pup for two years now.  About six months ago, He collared me full-time with a gorgeous piece of stainless steel chain and a matching padlock.  A little liquid weld went into the keyhole of the lock, so the only way this is coming off is with a bolt cutter.  It’s been a great turning point in our relationship.

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By pwnedpuppy

“Fuck,” Pete grumbled as he slammed down the phone.  I could tell something was awry – his boots thumping as he came back downstairs to the playroom where I was locked up in the dog cage.

“Well, this is fucking great,” said Pete as he looked down on me.  “Some prick went and injured himself doing renos on his place last night,” he explained, “and now they’re calling me in to cover his shift.”

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